U.S. Web Hosting Firms Face Backlash from NSA Spy Programs

Fri, 26th July 2013, 14:52

A new survey suggests that the revelations of the huge amount of data being collected by the NSA may be having a greater implications than just the Russians reverting to manual typewriters for their important data. A survey done by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has found that 10% of 207 officials at non-U.S. companies have canceled contracts with U.S. Cloud hosting providers.

The survey by the 48,000 individual member non-profit alliance also found that 56% of non-U.S. respondents are now hesitant to work with any U.S.-based cloud hosting company.

The online survey wanted to gauge the potential impact of Snowden's disclosures on U.S.-based hosting companies and was conducted using SurveyMonkey from June 25, 2013 to July 9, 2013. More than half of 456 responses from companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia said they are less likely to use American cloud hosting providers because of concerns over U.S government access to their data.

pie chart of respondent views to prism/NSA survey 

Snowden disclosed that Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other large tech giants had been heavily subjected to FISA court orders. While the companies are demanding that they be allowed to disclose more details about such requests, at present the providers are prohibited from disclosing any information. As the survey focused on cloud hosting providers, it is less clear whether similar attitudes exist towards the small and medium sized US based web hosting firms offering more traditional shared and dedicated server web hosting. (editor's note.. cloud hosting also uses servers..somewhere)

The CSA says that the numerous open-ended comments provided by the survey respondents indicate that this is a highly charged issue, which will likely evolve as more information is gained about the facts of government programs. The CSA is still studying the respondent comments and will publish insights garnered in the near future.


The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing, and to provide education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help secure all other forms of computing. The Cloud Security Alliance is led by a broad coalition of industry practitioners, corporations, associations and other key stakeholders.

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A Cut Above: President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush Join Patrick's Pals

Thu, 25th July 2013, 13:53

Former US President George H W Bush shaved his head to show support for a boy who has leukemia. A Secret Service agent in his security detail has a two-year-old son who is losing his hair as a side-effect of treatment for the cancer.

The 89-year-old Senior Bush got his close shave earlier this week at his coastal home in the state of Maine. Apparently Mr Bush acted after he saw other agents in his detail had shaved their heads. Mr Bush and his wife, Barbara, lost their second child, four-year-old Robin, to leukemia almost 60 years ago.


Picture of secret service agents and George H W Bush with shaved heads showing support for Patrick's Pals


Earlier this spring, Patrick was diagnosed with Leukemia. While his prognosis is very positive, there will be many years of treatment ahead. The security detail have launched a website to help pay for Patrick's medical treatment. Naturally I was curious to see which web hosting company would be chosen to host a website for a group of black suit secret service types!

Patrick's Pals

Although my initial guess would have been one of the numerous Texas based web hosting companies, Domain tools in fact shows that was not only registered using Arizona's based domain register Go-Daddy, but also uses Go-Daddy for the web hosting. Testing the website using GTmetrix returned a grade of A with the homepage loading in 3.48 seconds. The Yslow grade came in slightly less with a C.

The 1st Annual PATRICKS PALS Motorcycle Benefit Run will take place in Kennebunkport Maine. Enjoy ocean and countryside views on a 50 mile ride while supporting a most worthy cause! Who knows, maybe the motorcycle enthusiast founder and former CEO of GoDaddy Bob Parson could show up! (no this editor is definitely not in the loop!)

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WP Engine's hot new web hosting deal

Wed, 24th July 2013, 14:08

WP Engine

Special Offer from WP Engine

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Limited Time Offer Expires August 19, 2013.



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French webhost OVH suffers data breach.. again

Wed, 24th July 2013, 12:25

French webhost OVH is urging customers to change their passwords after attackers were able to compromise the company's European customer database and gain access to an installation server in Canada.

OVH, the largest webhosting company in France disclosed that they've suffered a multi-stage attack that started from their offices in Roubaix. OVH says that the attacker was able to obtain access to a system administrator's email account, and then used that account to gain access to another employee's VPN credentials. Once the VPN connection access was established, the attack compromised a second administrator account, which handles the internal back office.

OVH summarized in the post stating:

After our internal investigation, we assume that the hacker exploited the access to achieve two objectives: 

  • Recover the database of our customers in Europe
  • Gain access to the installation server system in Canada

The European customer database includes personal customer information such as: surname, first name, nic, address, city, country, telephone, fax and encrypted password.

The encryption password is "Salted" and based on SHA-512, to avoid brute-force attacks. It takes a lot of technical means to find the word password clearly. But it is possible. This is why we advise you to change the password for your user name. An email will be sent today to all our customers explaining these security measures and inviting them to change their password.

No credit card information is stored at OVH. Credit card information was not viewed or copied.

Earlier this year OVH warned that its back office functions had a security breach allowing customer ID password changes via a rather complex procedure which included brute force.


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Host Europe Group aka 123-reg, Webfusion, Host Europe & Heart Internet Acquired

Mon, 22nd July 2013, 17:28

Host Europe Group, which became the largest privately-owned hosting group in Europe by swallowing up web hosting companies, has announced that it is the one being acquired today by private equity firm Cinven.

Headquartered in the UK, Host Europe Group is a provider of hosting and domain services to small and medium enterprises, with around 600 employees. They offer an end-to-end product suite including domain registration, application hosting, cloud hosting and managed hosting through their many brands that include 123-regHeart InternetHost EuropeWebfusion, Domainmonster, RedCoruna, Domainbox, Donhost, and Brand Fortress

Cinven is a leading European private equity firm, founded in 1977, with offices in Guernsey, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Luxembourg and Hong Kong. The firm acquires successful, high-quality companies and works with them to help them grow and develop, using proven value creation strategies. 

Commenting on the purchase, Thomas Vollrath, CEO of Host Europe Group, said:

We have more than 16 years’ experience in the web hosting industry, and the Host Europe Group is renowned for providing high quality hosting products with comprehensive technical support to our many customers in Europe. We have grown significantly through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions – all of which have extended our customer base, hosting capabilities and industry expertise. are. We look forward to our new partnership with Cinven which will enable us to further dominate the European market and consolidate our Group strength.

David Barker, a Partner at Cinven, added:

Host Europe operates an attractive business model enjoying double digit growth rates and very high levels of earnings visibility. Its market position has been secured through investment in its infrastructure, marketing and the leadership team, and these features, in combination with strong structural growth in its markets, makes Host Europe a compelling investment opportunity.

HostJury want to give you, the user, the ability to recommend and review your web hosting experiences to other users and to share your real hosting reviews. Review pages can be found at the following links:


Host Europe


Heart Internet




Possibly heat stroke.. WebHostingBuzz Summer Deals!

Thu, 18th July 2013, 19:32

Except for those lucky few hiding in cool, damp caves somewhere, pretty much everywhere is suffering through this Al Gore induced heatwave. As with any heat wave, people start doing crazy things! Looking at these summer web hosting deals suggests the air conditioning is possibly broke over at the WebHostingBuzz office! So if you are just sitting in your cave thinking 'I always wanted to start a website where people could complain about the heat.. or the cold', now may be your chance to start that website for less! 


WebHostingBuzz Wordpress Hosting

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Need the power of a Dedicated server. They got that too!

UK Dedicated Servers

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WebHostingBuzz Shared Hosting

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Not to be outdone Hostgator's hot summer deal!

Fri, 12th July 2013, 02:40


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HostJury compiles discount web hosting coupons, vouchers, promotions, and other special offerings by various web hosting companies. As always we recommend that while price may be a consideration when choosing your web host, it should only be one of the many factored into your research. Page load speeds, additional features, good communication, and a fast knowledgeable support team will always top saving a few cents per day... And as always, HostJury makes no recommendation or endorsement of any web hosting providers.

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Thu, 11th July 2013, 16:55

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Canadian Web Hosting updated website is actually coherent

Thu, 11th July 2013, 15:20

Canadian Web Hosting revamps cloud hosting services website highlighting new cloud hosting services with new service options, increased compliance features and enhanced support options to deliver exceptional customer support.

Web host and infrastructure provider Canadian Web Hosting has launched  a new version of its Canadian Cloud Hosting services website The design and layout emphasizes Canadian Web Hosting’s primary service areas for its cloud hosting solutions including integration of an OpenStack powered public cloud this summer that will deliver features similar to Amazon Web Services but allow Canadian and non-Canadian customers to control how their data is stored and meet strict corporate governance requirements.

screenshot of the revamped CA Cloud dot com website 

The goal behind the launch of the new website was to improve a visitor’s experience as well as better showcase the cloud hosting products and services through easier-to-use navigation, provide a consistent look across devices and platforms and integrate product groups that let users quickly find the services they are looking for. A significant component of the new website is the increased visibility of available cloud server options and to help customers identify the appropriate solutions for their needs.

Matt McKinney, Director at Canadian Web Hosting says:

In releasing the website, we wanted to layout an easy to use framework for all businesses, developers and individuals to access the cloud and make it easier than ever find a cloud hosting solution that fits their requirements. Whether it is auto-scaling, high availability, or migrations from Amazon Web Services, our new CA Cloud website puts our cloud hosting services and solutions out front and demonstrates both the ROI and technical features they need.  “CA Cloud gives companies a range of solutions that are highly scalable, provide real-time provisioning including pre-built servers, customizable resource pools, 100’s of templates and the ability to integrate legacy environments with a click of a mouse.”

At the core of Canadian Web Hosting’s web hosting offerings is the ability to customize services around unique business requirements and continue to deliver cloud hosting that is reliable, highly repeatable and highly scalable. Customers have a choice of web hosting clouds including options for Xen Cloud, Hyper-V Cloud and a VMware cloud solutions and when you combine it with Canadian Web Hosting’s comprehensive compliance services including it's SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 certification, enterprises and individuals alike can align cloud hosting services to their needs.

For a limited time get CA Cloud free for 30 days using the promotion code TRYCACLOUD  

Clients of Canadian Web Hosting including the CA Cloud brand can share their experiences with others by writing a review here.


Since 1998, Canadian Web Hosting has been providing on-demand hosting solutions that include Shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and IT as a Service for Canadian companies of all sizes. Through the use of innovative technologies and experienced support personnel, they continually focus on helping each customer by offering configurable solutions that are tailored to their exacting business requirements. Canadian Web Hosting is also SSAE 16 Type II ensuring that their processes and business practices are thoroughly audited against industry standards. Canadian Web Hosting guarantees a 100% network uptime, and a total money back guarantee that backs everything they do


Another Web Host Acquisition: intergenia grabs internet24

Wed, 10th July 2013, 17:10

Web hosting and server solutions provider intergenia is the latest web host to announce an acquisition. The target was German managed hosting provider internet24 GmbH.  intergenia hopes to strengthens its position as one of the leading providers of managed hosting in Germany. Founded in 1997, internet24 GmbH is headquartered in Dresden and has 35 staff members.  The company specializes in providing managed hosting services in German-speaking countries. internet24 says it currently has 20,000 customers including a number of global eCommerce companies.

Jan-Jaap Jager, CEO of intergenia:

We have known the internet24 team for a long time and are glad to have them on board as part of the intergenia group. The combination of intergenia's managed hosting brand PlusServer with internet24 will help our managed hosting business unit to become one of the leading providers in German-speaking countries.

"For some time we have been looking for the right partner to help us put our business development strategy into practice," said internet24's CEO Heiko Heerwagen. "Hence, we consider the acquisition by intergenia as an important step towards implementing our strategy. Together with intergenia, we will be able to provide our customers with the best technology and price-performance-ratio."


About intergenia

intergenia trades under four different hosting brands - PlusServer, serverloft, and Server4You, and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany. The group owns data centres in Strasbourg, France and St Louis, USA. It hosts more than two million active websites and around 40,000 servers. intergenia has a geographically diversified customer base, composed predominantly of SME customers, and is one of the German market leaders in providing dedicated hosting to SMEs. In November 2011, Oakley Capital Private Equity acquired 51 % stake in intergenia; the remaining 49 % is held by intergenia's founders.


About internet24

internet24 GmbH is a premium hosting provider based in Dresden, Germany. The company primarily serves business customers, ranging from small businesses to globally operating enterprises. Since it was founded in September 1997, more than 20,000 customers have chosen internet24, including companies like AOK PLUS, Melitta, TUI, Netto Marken-Discount and AMD. The company's core business, in addition to classic web hosting and server solutions, is the design, implementation and ongoing support of individual server solutions. This includes high availability Internet applications and complex server clusters.

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MyRedis Hosting Acquired by Garantia Data, owners of Redis Cloud!

Wed, 10th July 2013, 13:14

We are excited to announce that we have been acquired by Garantia Data. Garantia Data runs Redis Cloud, the most advanced Redis hosting provider out there trumpets the MyRedis homepage. Miles Smith, the soon to be former owner summarized briefly how the change would affect existing users of the service:

MyRedis will stop functioning as a service on July 30th, 2013. We are going to ask that should you wish to keep your Redis instance, please move your dataset to Redis Cloud before July 30th, 2013.

(editors note... can't help but wonder if Miles was calling the competition the most advanced Redis provider before his company was acquired!) Garantia Data provided a slightly more indepth announcement on their website.


Garantia Data Acquires MyRedis

Garantia Data, provider of the enterprise-class Redis Cloud service announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire MyRedis, a deal that will strengthen the company’s foothold in the in-memory NoSQL database market. 

MyRedis offers on-demand, low-latency, production-ready Redis instances for Web applications, through the Heroku and AppHarboon platforms-as-a-service. With the addition of MyRedis, Garantia Data further illustrates its commitment to Redis customers and dedication to becoming the company of choice for enterprise-class Redis services. This deal fuels the growing trend of market consolidation within the NoSQL database industry, which includes the recent Rackspace acquisitions of Exceptional Cloud Services and ObjectRocket.

“We are excited that users of MyRedis will now be able to take advantage of the high-availability and auto-failover capabilities of Redis Cloud, as well as its infinite seamless scalability and stable top performance,” said Miles Smith, CEO and owner of MyRedis. “Our plan is to deliver a seamless transition so customers can immediately benefit from hosting their Redis datasets in the cloud with Redis Cloud.”

“We remain committed to providing an enterprise-class service to businesses and developers for all of their Redis databases,” said Ofer Bengal, co-founder and CEO of Garantia Data. “With the acquisition of MyRedis, Garantia Data is now well-positioned to emerge as a leading player in the Redis database market.”

About Garantia Data

Garantia Data offers enterprise-class Redis and Memcached in fully automated cloud services. The company’s Redis Cloud and Memcached Cloud deliver top performance in a highly-available, infinitely scalable, predictable and stable manner. These services completely free developers from dealing with nodes, clusters, scaling, data-persistence and failure recovery, while providing true auto-scalability and instant failover. Privately held and backed by a group of super angels, Garantia Data’s team of software veterans combines over 100 years of aggregate experience in high-speed networking, application acceleration and cloud computing with a proven track record in transforming innovative ideas into viable and valuable products.

Web Hosting

Root Level Technology chalks up another one. Acquires SemoWeb

Mon, 8th July 2013, 15:38

Root Level Technology has announced the acquisition of yet another web hosting provider saying in a blog post that they have added SemoWeb to the Root Level family of brands. The acquisition is expected to expand the Root Level Technology hosting suite and reflects the company’s commitment to best-in-class solutions for hosting and development.

The SemoWeb website claims that they are not just another web host and strive to provide the best hosting possible and maintain great customer satisfaction. They also claim 24/7 phone support, daily backups, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Lofty aspirations perhaps but striving and achieving are not necessarily the same. Eric Sengbusch, President of Root Level Technology feels more can be done:

One area that Root Level Technology prides itself on is continually enhancing customer service and support, and to achieve this goal, plans have already begun to increase customer satisfaction levels. Root Level Technology is adding U.S.-based staff to handle the requests of a growing client base and to reduce ticket response times. With Root Level Technology, all customers are taken care of as if they were family, which is the same for all our brands.

Randal Burns, Vice President at Root Level Technology adds:

Acquiring SemoWeb has always been a goal of mine. Watching SemoWeb grow into a large company on several forums and to still maintain a home grown feel is really important. I personally feel a connection to each company that we acquire for several reasons and SemoWeb fits well into our family of brands

The acquisition of SemoWeb brings to eight the number of web hosting companies snapped up by Root Level Technology so far this year.

Other companies in the Root Level family of brands include: 

  • Host&Store: a provider of Wordpress Hosting, Development, & SEO Services.
  • ServerSavior: offers enterprise quality services for larger needs.
  • DediFrance: offers France based servers.
  • Budget Virtual Servers provider
  • Budget host K-Disk Networks: K-Disk offers a wide array of services that are easy on the pockets.
  • ReliaBox

Clients of these fine web hosting providers can review their services here.


About SemoWeb

SemoWeb offer valuable account options and 99.99% uptime. SemoWeb is not just another web host but strive to provide the best hosting possible and maintain great customer satisfaction.

Need Room To Grow? 3 Great Plans


Pace Work Web Hosting. Now new and improved!

Sun, 7th July 2013, 19:03

The press release touts the new and improved Pace Work Web Hosting Solutions as a retooled, relaunched version of Pace Work Technologies. Upgraded available options include a wider range of web hosting packages with something for users needing enterprise hosting, Virtual Private Servers, or dedicated server hosting.

The press release also states the old Pace Work Technologies offered affordable web hosting for a number of years, with packages starting as low as $3.98 US dollars a month. Possibly the new improved Vancouver Canada based Pace could have circumvented the dastardly plan by the Canadian gobermint to phase out pennies by continuing to utilize the US coin. Instead it appears they have opted for an easier fix, rounding pricing to the nearest nickel. Pace, the old one, focused on providing entrepreneurs and small businesses with reliable, cost-effective web hosting, but Pace, the new and improved one, will ensures that all companies and enterprises can save on their hosting.

Ensuring your press release is stuffed with keywords is great for SEO value and the new and improved Pace Work Web Hosting Solutions doesn't miss the opportunity to repetitiously state in the third paragraph what they have already stated in the first two.. that they offers complete packages for Virtual Private Server hosting, dedicated server hosting, and enterprise hosting, and the expansion of their hosting packages enables them to provide better service to a wider range of companies.

No rebirth of a company could be complete without a face lift to the new and improved Pace Work Web Hosting Solutions company website and the company does deliver despite a sluggish pageload speed of 2.72 seconds (tested with GTmetrix). The new homepage appears quite easy to navigate. The press release did promises that within minutes a customer will be able to select the hosting package that suit them best.. unless of course you have a visual impairment. Testing using the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool found 93 errors and 377 Alerts.

The reason for the re-brand isn't clearly stated but I'm hedging my bets it may be related to some You Tube promotional videos produced by Pace Work Technologies... simply horrible! So does your web hosting company have a press release you'd like us to share with readers? Use the contact button at the bottom of the page!

About Pace Work Web Hosting Solutions:

Pace Work Web Hosting Solutions is a world wide website hosting company headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Pace Work offers competitive prices for monthly hosting fees, starting at $3.95 US dollars a month, and provides easy-to-use website templates customers can use to launch professional-looking business or personal sites within minutes. In addition, Pace Work Web Hosting Solutions gives their customers 24/7 customer service and support for all technical issues.


(mt) Media Temple's slew of new product offerings

Thu, 4th July 2013, 14:06

Web hosting and cloud service provider (mt) Media Temple recently announced a slate of new products and services designed to further enhance customer experience and provide time-saving solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs and enterprises. The pitch displays all the typical hype expected of such pronouncements, extolling the VPS platforms as next generation, high-powered, incredibly fast, and loaded with features.

While maybe true, the platitude arousing my curiosity centered on a summation attributed to (mt) Media Temple president and COO Russell Reeder:

In response to the rapidly changing technology and expansion of cloud technology, we are constantly improving our hosting products to meet customer expectations and demands, whether it is a Fortune 500 company or an individual entrepreneur that wants to bring an idea to life.

When you combine our enhanced DV platform with the premium technical support you get with CloudTech, it's easier than ever to run a successful digital business. We are innovating on digital infrastructure so our customers don't have to.

While webhosts lending out their tech support to dig around someone else’s code isn’t a novel idea, the circumstances and complexity surrounding any particular request will often determines the willingness to partake. Anybody working around the web for any length of time has heard their web host’s tech department reiterate that support is not provided for third party applications . Maybe Media Temple debut of their CloudTech™ Premium Support deserves at least more than a cursory glance.


Technical Support as a Service

The new CloudTech™ Premium Support service is described as a one-of-a-kind technical service platform that provides customers solutions by certified CloudTech engineers at the application code level and includes a state-of-the-art 24/7 multi-channel support system. the company is providing CloudTech as a deeper, more in-depth level of service and access for issues and improvements beyond the wide-ranging scope of services the company already provides.

The marketing speak uses commercialese to describe what is in essence, pay to play tech support with an usual twist. The VP of Customer Support at (mt) Media Temple Robert Gregory does a little better at the plain english:

Third-party application-level support is risky business. Our customers trust us to provide support at the server level and now they can trust us to handle the complex issues that could slow down or even crash their applications.

This level of comprehensive end-to-end technical support is the foundation of what (mt) Media Temple calls "Technical Support as a Service" (TSaaS™). TSaaS helps (mt) Media Temple take the burden off of its clients by going beyond just identifying the issue, but also offering a solution.

Okay so they don’t actually say they'll fix it!

Musing the concept of TSaaS, I wonder how the product will be perceived by the many developers and tech types attracted to (mt) Media Temple’s product lineup. Competition towards their own services, or possibly indifference... a better them getting the call at 3am rather than us attitude?

Media Temple clients can subscribe to TSaaS on a per instance basis as the need arises, or on as an ongoing perk. Media Temple hasn’t responded (yet) to an email regarding the costing of TSaaS.


Onto the VPS Platforms.. What's new without faster!

Media Temple has simplified their VPS product line by consolidating and eliminating some things. Superficially they removed the parens () ornamentation and got rid of the version numbers. The VPS products formerly known as (dv) and (ve), have become DV. (editor’s note I have no clue what the acronym DV stands for.. possibly Deja Vu!) 


DV Managed

The DV Managed is the latest iteration of (mt) Media Temple's VPS hosting platform and brings affordable managed hosting to those who need it most – small and medium sized businesses, start-ups, and innovators looking for a digital infrastructure platform that allows them to focus on their ideas, not their servers.

On the technical side, LAMP applications run 25% faster than the previous version and backups and maintenance complete 10X faster as well. DV Managed is pre-loaded with the most popular software packages, including CentOS, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Postfix, YUM package management, and Plesk Panel 11 from Parallels.

From the managed perspective, DV Managed comes with a generous service level agreement (SLA) that may set the standard in the industry – the (mt) Media Temple 20/20 Uptime Guarantee – promising 99.999% server availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Along with the SLA, DV Managed customers, during the first 30 days of launch, will also receive the CloudTech™ KickStart pack (a $237 value) – a 1:1 CloudTech consultation, an Advanced Performance Analysis, and a comprehensive Security Audit – to ensure that their platform is running optimally. Pricing for DV Managed, including all upgrades, guarantees and promotional CloudTech services, remains the same starting at $50 per month with no commitments required.


DV Developer

DV Developer, formerly known as (ve), streamlines the DV platform for speed, performance and efficiency. Packed with the same upgrades as DV Managed – 25% increase in LAMP performance, 10X increases in backups and maintenance, and industry leading software packages including Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, and Debian – DV Developer also provides rebootless updates - upgrade kernel and reboot without downtime, improved stats using vSwap, and unlimited scalability by removing the previous 20 service limit per account. DV Developer customers will also benefit from the new (mt) Media Temple 20/20 Uptime Guarantee. Pricing for DV Developer, including all upgrades, remains the same starting at $30 per month with no commitments required.


DV Enterprise 

Rounding out the DV lineup is DV Enterprise, formerly known as (dpv) Nitro. DV Enterprise is a high-powered, incredibly fast single-tenant VPS hosting solution available with Plesk Panel 11 or without. Pricing for DV Enterprise starts at $2,000 per month with no commitments required.

"We are on a mission to make things more simple for our customers," said Demian Sellfors, co-founder and CEO of (mt) Media Temple. "We now offer managed services so businesses can focus on what counts most, and we also now offer streamlined platforms that allow developers to reach their goals faster. Our new DV is the most efficient digital infrastructure we've ever built."

(mt) Media Temple clients can provide their feedback here.

Media Temple Premium Wordpress Hosting


WebHSP hosting package targets WordPress users

Tue, 25th June 2013, 07:31

Web HSP is the latest web host to announce hosting packages targeting WordPress users. In a press release, Web HSP says its now offering a premium hosting solution that includes optimized web and database servers capable of providing lighting-fast page load times for even the busiest WordPress websites.

“We have several hundred clients using WordPress to power their websites, and we’ve realized their need for a hosting solution that addresses the software’s heavy database read/write activity,” said Doug Davis, Founder and CEO of Web HSP. “Our clients now enjoy extremely quick page load times, no matter how much traffic their website is receiving. We have also upgraded our ability to quickly provision new high-performance dedicated servers that are reliable and secure,” added CEO Davis.

WordPress has become the number one content management framework for websites in the world, powering over 60 million websites. Over 25% of all new websites use WordPress for their platform. The software’s theme-based architecture enables website operators to easily add features like calendars, contact forms, or photo galleries. WordPress is also used by many large companies to power their corporate websites.

While Web HSP terms of services does appear straightforward without the double speak, potential users will want to pay attention to the backup section outlined in the ToS, as there could be restoration fee involved for those misfortunate enough to find themselves in need. The WebHSP control panel does provide the tools for users to generate their own backups.

Web HSP’s WordPress hosting plans start at less than $75.00 per year for a small-business account. Clients of WebHSP can review their services here.


LeaseWeb responds to MegaUpload tweets

Thu, 20th June 2013, 05:14

Kim Dotcom has taken to Twitter to vent his anger that one of the web hosting company used by Megaupload has wiped 690 servers of user data, allegedly without warning. Dotcom called the deletion by LeaseWeb "the largest data massacre in the history of the Internet caused by the US government, the Department of Justice and Dutch web hosting company LeaseWeb.


LeaseWeb Responds 

Alex de Joode (LeaseWeb's Senior Regulatory Counsel) responded to Dotcom's Tweets in a LeaswWeb blogpost. 

On Twitter today we saw Kim Dotcom tweeting some statements saying LeaseWeb wiped data from dedicated servers formerly in use by his storage service MegaUpload. I think this calls for a reaction.

First of all, we appreciate the long period of time MegaUpload has been a valued customer. Secondly, we hope Kim Dotcom will succeed in copying his success and his innovative business ideas to his new storage market initiative.


630 dedicated servers

Having said this, let me explain what happened in the last couple of months. Although we didn’t mention the client name before officially, we now feel we have to respond. When Megaupload was taken offline, 60 servers owned by MegaUpload were directly confiscated by the FIOD and transported to the US. Next to that, MegaUpload still had 630 rented dedicated servers with LeaseWeb. For clarity, these servers were not owned by MegaUpload, they were owned by LeaseWeb. For over a year these servers were being stored and preserved by LeaseWeb, at its own costs. So for over one whole year LeaseWeb kept 630 servers available, without any request to do so and without any compensation.

LeaseWeb has 60,000 servers under its management and more than 15,000 clients worldwide. The storage of the 630 servers – while a relatively small burden – must serve a purpose. During the year we stored the servers and the data, we received no request for access nor any request to retain the data. After a year of nobody showing any interest in the servers and data we considered our options. We did inform MegaUpload about our decision to re-provision the servers.


MegaUpload didn’t respond

As no response was received, we commenced the re-provisioning of the servers in February 2013. To minimize security risks and maximize the privacy of our clients, it is a standard procedure at LeaseWeb to completely clean servers before they are offered to any new customer.

We absolutely regret the setbacks Kim Dotcom has had since MegaUpload was taken offline, but we hope he as an entrepreneur will understand our side of the story and the decisions deliberately taken. (end)

Kim Dotcom responding to the post says

There was no warning before the data was zapped. Petabytes of data have been destroyed including crucial evidence for the Megaupload legal defense in the secondary copyright infringement case that he and three associates are fighting. 

Dotcom denies receiving notice from LeaseWeb that the servers were going to be wiped clean. "I have not received any such notice from LeaseWeb. Our legal team has provided LeaseWeb with several data preservation demands in order to prevent the destruction of evidence and to keep user data safe. What LeaseWeb has done is just wrong." 

Web Hosting


Sago Networks acquires Pennsylvania hosting provider Razor Servers

Wed, 19th June 2013, 13:22

Managed hosting, colocation and data center provider Sago Networks announced it has acquired Pennsylvania hosting provider Razor Servers for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition is the latest move in the company’s ongoing expansion strategy.

Founded in 2005, Razor Servers operates a 26,000 square-foot data center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, from which it offers a comprehensive suite of dedicated hosting, colocation, and cloud based services. Razor Servers is a leader in providing self-managed dedicated and cloud hosting services and are well known in the industry for providing fast and reliable services to their clients. “Acquiring not only the clients of Razor Servers but also their staff gives us a group of hosting professionals who can continue to bring their broad knowledge of the industry to the Sago Networks team” said Miller Cooper, Sago Networks President and CEO.

Sago Networks will integrate these services with its own operations while migrating all clients to their 200,000 square foot world class data center located in Atlanta Georgia. The Sago Networks data center, which is situated in one of the most well connected areas of the United States, provides direct access to many transit providers as well as peering. In addition to the facility improvements, Razor Servers clients will now benefit from 24/7 telephone support through the Atlanta and Tampa NOC locations staffed by Sago Networks.

Sago Networks acquisition of Razor Servers is strategic to its expansion plans, and strengthens its connection in to the world of dedicated and cloud based hosting solutions. The 200,000 square foot Sago Networks data center is SSAE 16 Type 2 compliant, is strategically located in the hub of the Southeast, and features virtually unmatched power and cooling capabilities in addition to its diverse carrier offerings.



Rackspace Response to Cloud Privacy & Government Surveillance Concerns

Tue, 11th June 2013, 12:37

The recent revelation that major tech/telecom firms are willfully participating in the U.S. government's vast and warrant-less surveillance of citizens may have web hosting clients speculating whether their particular web hosting company have also allowed warrant-less access to user data including email by governments.  Claims of valuing a customer's privacy, as bestowed in the Privacy Policy touted by the Terms of Service (ToS) of most web hosts, is certainly suspect as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, and the many other companies now under scrutiny, all claimed similar protections.

In-spite of the hypocrisy being demonstrated by certain firms, the importance of web hosts and network providers clarifying their stance regarding this behavior can't be understated.


Rackspace response to Cloud Privacy & Government Surveillance

By now practically everyone has heard about the so-called PRISM program run by the NSA and there has been a lot of discussion among lawyers, reporters, bloggers, academics and others about whether Internet companies can be forced by the government to access and disclose data which is stored by its customers in their cloud or dedicated hosted environments. This statement is intended to explain Rackspace’s view of the law, and our approach to the issue.

Rackspace has been in the hosting services business since 1998. We have a lot of experience with law enforcement requests for customer data, and we have an evolved approach to dealing with law enforcement requests for customer-owned content stored in the cloud at Rackspace.

Our primary guiding principle for responding to requests from U.S. law enforcement agencies (“LEA”) is the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution which states that “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Further, we are very familiar with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (“ECPA”) which controls how stored data is treated by providers.

Based on our interpretation of the Fourth Amendment and ECPA, we are of the view that Rackspace is prohibited from accessing and turning over customer data stored on a customer’s server or other storage device in a U.S. data center without a properly issued, lawful request ( e.g. search warrants, court orders, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Orders) from a U.S. court with appropriate jurisdiction over Rackspace and the data sought. This view applies to all LEA requests, including those under the PATRIOT Act. Rackspace’s interpretation of the law is based on the specific relationship that Rackspace has with its customers. By contract and in practice, Rackspace’s customers have full control over their servers and any data that may be stored on those servers. Rackspace does not have that control.

By agreement, our customers own and are responsible for the protection of data they store on their Rackspace servers against exposure and loss. This includes allowing them full control of the servers, including the ability to lock Rackspace out of the servers, control passwords used to access their data, and maintain the security of the data stored on those servers to the exclusion of others. Because of this, we take the view that, in legal terms, Rackspace has neither “possession” nor “care, custody and control” over customer stored data, and that we are legally prohibited from accessing that data on our own. It is also our position that we can’t give any customer data to third parties other than in compliance with a proper search warrant. Our experience over the past dozen or so years working with law enforcement, lawyers and our customers gives us a great deal of confidence in our position and approach. We have never been served with a blanket warrant, or anything close to it, that requires us to give data owned by multiple customers. This is true for all of our businesses. If we were served with such a warrant, we would fight it because it would be, by its very nature, overreaching and, given our business model and cloud architecture, nearly impossible to comply with. It just wouldn't make any sense.

That takes us back to the Fourth Amendment. A blanket warrant covering thousands of customers cannot possibly comply with the Fourth Amendment. Maybe that's why we have never seen one. We have seen a number of warrants over the years. All have been precise, directed at a particular, identifiable customer environment, and very clearly based on probable cause. Our dealings with LEA have been straight up and we have found them to be reasonable and respectful of privacy laws and our customer agreements. It has been distressing for us to read about the wholesale collection of data, because we think that stretches the Fourth Amendment in a particularly dangerous way. We hope that the White House and Congress will take a hard look at what has happened and how data is collected to ensure that our constitutional rights are protected.

Alan Schoenbaum

SVP & General Counsel for Rackspace Hosting

IBM to acquire SoftLayer

Tue, 4th June 2013, 16:57

DreamHost picked a very bad day to announce their new Managed WordPress Service. In what is sure to be the biggest web hosting news story of the year, IBM is confirming earlier rumors surrounding an acquisition bid for Dallas based web hosting company SoftLayer Technologies.  IBM  feels the acquisition of SoftLayer, considered the largest privately held cloud computing infrastructure provider,  will strengthen IBM's leadership position in cloud computing and help speed business adoption of public and private cloud solutions.

Erich Clementi, Senior Vice President, IBM Global Technology Services says:

As businesses add public cloud capabilities to their on-premise IT systems, they need enterprise-grade reliability, security and management. To address this opportunity, IBM has built a portfolio of high-value private, public and hybridcloud offerings, as well as software-as-a-service business solutions. With SoftLayer, IBM will accelerate the build-out of our public cloud infrastructure to give clients the broadest choice of cloud offerings to drive business innovation.

The press release states IBM is acquiring SoftLayer to make it easier and faster for clients around the world to incorporate cloud computing by marrying the speed and simplicity of SoftLayer’s public cloud services with the enterprise grade reliability, security and openness of the IBM SmartCloud portfolio.

SoftLayer serves approximately 21,000 customers with a global infrastructure platform spanning 13 data centers in the U.S., Asia and Europe.  IBM says these clients will benefit greatly as new enterprise grade functionality from IBM emerges for SoftLayer customers, who will then have a unique opportunity to incorporate it as their business grows.

Lance Crosby, CEO of SoftLayer says:

SoftLayer has a strong track record with born-on-the-cloud companies, and our move today with IBM will rapidly expand that footprint globally as well as allow us to go deep into the large enterprise market,” said . The compelling opportunity is connecting IBM’s geographic reach, industry expertise and IBM’s SmartCloud breadth with our innovative technology. Together SoftLayer and IBM expand their reach to new clients – both born-on-the-cloud and born-in-the-enterprise.

Following the close of the acquisition of SoftLayer, expected in third quarter of 2013, SoftLayer will be combined with IBM SmartCloud into a new Cloud Services division. IBM expects to reach $7 billion annually in cloud revenue by the end of 2015. Financial terms were not disclosed but a number in the vicinity of $2 Billion dollar has been speculated.

SoftLayer is majority held by GI Partners, which purchased all of the equity in a partnership deal with SoftLayer management in 2010. After the deal, GI Partners merged The Planet and SoftLayer.  

Magical summer promo – City Network Shared hosting

Mon, 3rd June 2013, 19:31

City Network have discounted 3000 shared hosting packages to $1 USD for the first year. The offer is valid until all 3000 shared hosting packages have been sold or until 2013-08-31. This really is as good as it gets and you´re invited to check it out!

Image showing Countdown on how many packages remain  

Campaign terms

  • No setup fee 
  • New and existing domain customers can take part in the offer
  • New customers order via City Network homepage
  • Existing domain customers upgrade via control panel
  • Price is valid for anual payment only.
  • Domain is not included
  • Offer is available until 3000 packages have been sold or until 2013-08-31!
  • From the second year our ordinary price list is valid

Check out their magical offer after you check their reviews!

These promotions are for a limited time and will end August 31, 2013.


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Gimme me a break... 1&1 USA discount coupons Expires 6/30/13

Thu, 23rd May 2013, 17:03

Web hosting provider 1and1 USA recently unveiled a set of new inclusive features for its popular MyWebsite instant website package. The features add functionality to 1&1 MyWebsite and are designed to enhance both the appearance, and capability of a small business website. Looking for a way to quickly create your own website?

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Richard Swanson's Dream Tragically Ended

Thu, 16th May 2013, 01:54

Richard Swanson, a graphic designer and avid soccer fan from Seattle, Washington, had a dream of an amazing adventure. On May 1st 2013, Richard began to live that dream of dribbling a One World Futbol from Seattle to São Paulo, Brazil. The trip from Seattle to Sao Paulo, through 11 countries, and close to 10,000 miles, was expected to take over a year to complete. He hoped to arrive for the first game of the 2014 World Cup.

On January 7th Richard registered the domain The website, built on Wordpress, utilized the services of web hosting company Web Hosting Hub.

Richard began sharing his plans and seeking sponsors for what he described as as the “trip of a lifetime where I will push myself further than I ever thought possible”.

In a YouTube video uploaded in March, Swanson explained that he had lost his job in graphic design, after switching from a career as a private investigator. He was having "a hard time" finding another job and it had given him time to "think about what you want out of life". He said he'd always wanted to go to the World Cup and instead of just walking there, he wanted to honor the tournament by dribbling a football. Having no mortgage, no career and two grown up sons meant that "all the pieces seemed to fit" for making the trip, he said.

Swanson aims included raising money for the One World Futbol Project. One World Futbol donates durable footballs to kids in developing countries.  

Richard Swanson tweeted from ‏@BreakawayBrazil on 14 May

Read about my rainy day in Lincoln City at the Newsguard by Jeremy Ruark. Hey, Jeremy, can you send my team a...


Tragically just two weeks into his trip, Richard Swanson was struck by a truck in Lincoln City Oregon. His football was recovered near his body.

Picture of Richard Swanson from his facebook page 

A statement on Swanson's Facebook Page announced Swanson's death and said: "His team, family, friends, and loved ones will miss him and love him dearly. You made it to Brazil in our hearts, Richard." 

Update from "Team Richard" as he kept calling us):


We want to express our most sincere gratitude on behalf of Richard's family, friends, and Team Richard for all the condolences, love, and continued support that the world has given to Richard Swanson. We are sure he is smiling down at all the posts, kind words, and love being shared.

He was so thankful for the generosity of each person he met along the way. He not only shared his excitement in his daily posts, but he always made time to tell his team how much he loved meeting each person along the way and how you all touched his life. He was excited everyday about his continued growing support. If he could see his page now! We are so proud of him.

We wanted to share a couple of updates with all who love him. Richard is donating his organs. He would appreciate that his super x-ray vision and beautiful blue eyes will give new life to someone and give them super powers too.

Seattle: We would like to have people gather at Die Bierstube, 6106 Roosevelt Way NE, in Seattle this Sunday, May 19th (Richard's birthday) from 1-4 p.m. to celebrate the life of Richard Swanson. We are hoping to pack the establishment with people who loved him and was inspired by him! Please join us to celebrate the start of Richard's Journey to Brazil.

Team Richard 

Help us continue the dream

Donate to Break Away Brazil using paypal and Richard’s email address ‘’  

A very inspiring man who in a very short time walked his way into many lives. Our thoughts are with his family.


Like a game of musical chairs for clients of web host K-Disk and VMPort

Tue, 14th May 2013, 15:41

Clients of the web hosting companies K-Disk and VMPort must be starting to feel like pawns on a chess board. After being acquired by FTNHosting in a 2012 deal, Root Level Technology has now announced the acquisition of FTNHosting, along with its web-hosting brands  -, K-Disk Networks and

Randal Burns, Vice President of Sales, Root Level Technology states: 

We really felt that the FTNHosting brands had a great customer base behind them and a lot of great history behind it. I personally appreciated that the original owner of the company was a soldier like myself and was headed overseas when his country called upon him, and it just felt right returning from my service in Afghanistan and being able to step into the role. When we acquire a company of this size we really do look for the companies that have a strong foundation. Since we have begun, our mission has been to build a family, not a company and this was a great addition to our family. Now it’s our turn to show you what it means to be part of the family.

The acquisition expands the Root Level Technology hosting family and reflects the company’s commitment to best-in-class solutions for hosting and development with the following additions:


  • – a premier hosting provider offering web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and Windows RDP hosting
  • K-Disk Networks – a pioneer and industry leader in providing the best hosting solutions for web hosting, reseller hosting, and managed VPS hosting
  • – a recognized name in the virtual server industry... 

(Editor's note on maybe not so recognized as GoDaddy has it on a parked page with a "NOTICE: This domain name expired on 05/13/2013 and is pending renewal or deletion.")

In the near term, all FTNHosting brands will continue to operate individually and no accounts will be merged with any other brand, but it was revealed that plans have already begun to increase customer satisfaction levels. Root Level Technology is adding U.S.-based staff to handle the requests of a growing client base and to reduce ticket response times. 

Web Hosting Clients of this big happy family can review their experiences here!


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UKFast pushes Manchester as next UK digital hub

Tue, 14th May 2013, 13:13

Manchester-based cloud hosting specialist UKFast has announced that they've inked a deal with wireless technology provider, Metronet (UK).UKFast will house 24 racks for the business, in its MANOC 4 data centre. Working with UKFast will help Metronet grow its network and, ultimately, its business.

UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones said: 

I'm passionate about boosting speed, innovation and connectivity in the North West, and working with clients who share that passion is what drives me every day. Building our clients' businesses and helping them to grow is the core objective of UKFast, and I'm excited to help Metronet (UK) expand its network and push Manchester forward as the next UK digital hub. 

Metronet (UK) CEO, Elliott Mueller, said: 

Metronet (UK) is very pleased to have expanded our core connectivity to include UKFast's data centres. Their infrastructure significantly contributes to Manchester's increasing importance as worldwide technology hub and provides an excellent platform to help us meet our growing co-location requirements. 

"UKFast are an excellent partner and, in addition to also being a great Manchester success story, share our commitment to meeting customer requirements and providing the highest standards of customer service. 

Metronet (UK) specialises in providing wired and wireless technology to extend the power of dedicated leased line connectivity beyond the reach of traditional fibre. This technology delivers services 10x faster than traditional fibre and copper-based solutions. Providing the top service level agreements and customers support in its field, Metronet (UK) shares UKFast's obsession with speed and customer care.


Plan to secretly take control of becomes pain for clients

Wed, 8th May 2013, 22:44 has sent an email to customers regarding a potential security breach. The compromised data was said to potentially include usernames, email addresses, encrypted passwords, and encrypted credit card data. Name,com is hosted by But that is just the beginning... just try following this one!


According to a blog post,

A group named HTP claimed responsibility for accessing Linode Manager web servers, we believe by exploiting a previously unknown zero-day vulnerability in Adobe’s ColdFusion application server. The vulnerabilities have only recently been addressed in Adobe’s APSB13-10 hotfix (CVE-2013-1387 and CVE-2013-1388) which was released less than a week ago.


Now HTP's version of events from Hacker News...

HTP ("Hack The Planet") is a group that likes to break into things. Another (unnamed) group of people impersonated a third group of people ("ac1db1tch3z") and tried to cause trouble for HTP.

The impersonators located HTP by examining one of HTP's botnets (a collection of compromised computers that are used to launch things like denial of service attacks). Botnets have to receive instructions (e.g., targets to attack) from somewhere, so it's likely that the impersonators followed the path taken by commands to the botnet, and found the network(s) that HTP uses to organize themselves.

HTP realized this, and wanted to get back at the impersonators. They found out that the impersonators used an IRC channel (chat room) hosted on a network called SwiftIRC. If HTP could break into SwiftIRC (which is hosted on Linode), they could cause all sorts of trouble for the impersonators. So HTP decided to break into Linode, so they could break into SwiftIRC, so they could break into the group of impersonators.

To break into Linode, HTP broke into their domain name registar ( They planned to secretly take control of, and replace it with a version of would look and feel and work correctly, but had one additional feature -- it would collect the login information that people typed in. HTP probably hoped to gain the login for SwiftIRC directly, or collect the logins for Linode admins and obtain SwiftIRC's login from there.

But, before they enacted the domain takeover (a maneuver that would likely be somewhat difficult to employ without being noticed), an HTP member discovered a new vulnerability in ColdFusion, the server software used by Linode. The ability to discover a new exploit on demand implies a high level of skill within the group. Using this exploit, HTP obtained direct access to Linode. They proceeded to gain access to SwiftIRC, as well as other sites hosted on Linode, including a well-known security site,

The FBI apparently had a mole in HTP, and they alerted Linode that HTP had access to This posed a bit of a problem for HTP: if it became public knowledge that they had obtained access to Linode, then perhaps they wouldn't have time to go after the impersonators using their newfound access to SwiftIRC. So, HTP tried to strong-arm Linode into staying quiet until May 1st. HTP had obtained the customer information and credit cards of all the Linode customers. HTP threatened to widely publish all this sensitive information if Linode didn't stay quiet. If Linode complied, then HTP would just delete all the info.

Linode, though, was forced by the FBI to announce that they'd been broken into. HTP told Linode to just publicly acknowledge that HTP was the group that broke into Linode, and they'd delete the sensitive info. Linode did so.

HTP conducted an internal investigation to determine which group member(s) were working with the FBI and kicked the mole out of the group.

Remember, this is the story according to HTP... but it is sweet!


The official email notice from recently discovered a security breach where customer account information including usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords and encrypted credit card account information may have been accessed by unauthorized individuals. It appears that the security breach was motivated by an attempt to gain information on a single, large commercial account at stores your credit card information using strong encryption and the private keys required to access that information are stored physically in a separate remote location that was not compromised. Therefore, we don’t believe that your credit card information was accessed in a usable format. Additionally, your EPP codes (required for domain transfers) were unaffected as they are also stored separately. We have no evidence to suggest that your data has been used for fraudulent activities.

As a response to these developments, and as a precautionary measure, we are requiring that all customers reset their passwords before logging in. If you use your previous password in other online systems, we also strongly recommend that you change your password in each of those systems as well.

We take this matter very seriously. We've already implemented additional security measures and will continue to work diligently to protect the safety and security of your personal information.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If you need any additional assistance or have any questions please email We’ll continue to be as open and honest with you as possible as additional important information becomes available, so keep your eye out for a blog post or additional emails.

The Team

Liquid Web Fully Managed Web Hosting