Hostingplex acquired by Millenium Data

Wed, 20th August 2008, 10:54

Millennium Data Systems announced it has acquired the assets of  Toronto based managed hosting provider Hostingplex (

Hostingplex is the third acquisition of Millennium this year.

”We believe that Hostingplex is a great fit for the organization and look forward to serving their 5,000 small medium business customers”, Matthew Saunders, COO of Millennium Data Systems stated.

“Its been a very busy summer for us with acquisitions”, noted Tony Di Benedetto CEO of Millennium Data Systems. “In total we have added 12,000 business customers to our Network, expanded our data center capabilities and introduced many new managed services and offerings to our customers”, added Di Benedetto. “Our focus remains to fortify and build upon our managed services platform aggressively by acquiring accretive and highly synergistic managed service providers”.

Management expects Hostingplex assets to be fully integrated by September 2008, with no disruptions to Hostingplex’s 5000 clients.

We reported on the botched transfer of clients after the acquisition of Hostvector by  Millennium Data Systems, that resulted in days of downtime.

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About  HostingPlex

Since 2000, HostingPlex has been providing mission critical web hosting solutions to businesses, both in the public and private sectors of today's marketplace. HostingPlex is a service of Inverdigm, which is a privately-owned,  IT-related services company located in the City of Toronto.

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3 Responses to “Hostingplex acquired by Millenium Data”

  1. Joseph M Says:

    I loved hostingplex but hate the support since they have been sold. I am having problems getting help, then told their server is being attacked and theres nothing they can do to help me get my emails or to send emails and I will have to wait. What the heck!!!! Thats terrible but it will take 2 to 4 days to switch to another host with my website offline. Pick your host wisely.

  2. Tbone Says:

    I’ve been a Hostingplex customer since 2005. Why? I’m not sure. It used to be because they were priced very low. That’s not the case anymore. They’re pricing is average for the market. It’s just not worth it any longer. The service is horrible. The occasionally reply to tickets and when they do there is little to no help. I’ve recently sent 3 emails and left a voice mail over the course of a week before I received a useless email reply. They’ve had a multitude of server problems which last for weeks. Many items on cPanel don’t work and they have no intention of fixing them. I am done wasting my time. Moving away from Hostingplex as quickly as I can.

  3. Appointment Calendar Guy Says:

    I am looking at the new clustering option. I have had pretty good service with hostingplex. They work well with SemioLogic

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