HostMDS clients enduring problems

Fri, 12th December 2008, 14:50

It isn't often that I take the time to write about issues going on within the hosting industry, we tend to leave that up to clients and end-users to add their hosting reviews but in scenarios like ipowerweb or buyouts I often can't help myself.

HostMDS drops the ball, but can they even dribble?

The most recent situation has arose where the firm Millenium Data Systems has purchased a slew of web hosting providers, namely Hostingplex, Vistapages & Hostvector. The former two were rated under 30% here on Hostjury for the longest time and Vistapages even once made our horrible web hosting providers list with gusto. 20% isn't saying much -- but over 53 users have reviewed both hostingplex and vistapages, that's a lot of negative commentary. Now, to even begin to describe what's happened since the purchase would be depressing.

Not only have the clients been frequently without email and their websites for days on end but HostMDS (the name of the new firm Millenium Data Systems created to house the brands) even went as far to outright remove their public forums. Note, they're still accessible at but I recommend bringing eyebleach before heading there.

Clients aren't the only ones left in the dark

A difficult situation seems to have turned for the worse though, not only are the HostMDS clients being left in the dark for days (The HostMDS support emails seem to disappear into the void) but Kevin Moonlight, previous owner of Hostingplex seems to have run into a substantial amount of issues as well. On the Inverdigm blog he mentions, and I quote:
Quickly it was found that in fact the owners of the new business did not share the same vision that I personally had, which led to irreconcilable differences, resulting in termination of my employment agreement in October 2008, which of course did not include any form of severance or buyout, I had not even been there 90 days.

- Kevin Moonlight
Source: Inverdigm

After perusing the content further it does mention that the business deal for the Hostingplex acquisition was quick, thorough and almost seemingly without any solid agreements: Kevin seems to be left out in the cold as well, "I did not receive any money and do not hold any equity share in the new company, the sole basis for this decision was that I did not have the resources to continue to where I was trying to take it, and being acquired by MDS would give me access to the resources to fully execute my vision."

A sad situation, dismal at best. I'm not certain what the future holds for Hostingplex and Vistapages' clients at HostMDS but it looks awfully bleak.

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13 Responses to “HostMDS clients enduring problems”

  1. Steve Thornton Says:

    Just miserable. Go to: to read my tale of woe.

    Stay away!!!!

  2. Lysle Says:

    I am STILL Having troubles with HOST MDS since VistaPages was bought out by them. They recently deactivated my site for breaking their TOS although since I come from VistaPages I am operating under the VistaPages TOS as agreed in a previous ticket. But as we email back and forth they still have not put my website back online. My site goes down at least once a month and I need to submit a ticket for various things, it has been incredibly frustrating. They never contact me, they just take the site down and wait for me to ask what happened. Often its for going over the bandwidth limit, although my limit is SUPPOSED to be unlimited.

  3. Wedding Photographers Gainesville Says:

    I recently tried out HostMdS and didn't have any issues but then again I never dealt with their support team

  4. Chuck the Carpet Cleaner in Naperville Says:

    We originally had our site hosted with HostMDS but switched after one month even though we lost some money in the deal.

    Their service was not good.

  5. Peter Says:

    I've been tolerating HostMDS since they took over Vistapages. Excessive downtime and unhelpful tech support always left me on the verge of looking for another host, but recently things have become much worse.

    As I write this my sites have been down for almost 60 hours. Initially, tech support responded several times to tickets with the usual apologies, but eventually they stopped responding completely and I still have no idea what the problem is and when or if my sites are going to be back up. Customer service in HostMDS is absolutely non-existent.

    I've been left with no choice but to find another web host. It can't happen fast enough. Stay away from this mob.

  6. Nancy Says:

    HostMDS is quite possibly the rudest, most incompetent group of morons I’ve ever had the unfortunate pleasure of being thrown into. I was at Vistapages (which wasn’t too bad; the occasional outage here and there) and was thrown into HostMDS without knowing. Buy outs happen all the time, what’s the worst that can happen?

    My website and email have both been down for 1 month and 1 day now. They say they are working on the issue and are “restoring data manually” from a corrupted server. I guess they’re moving every 1 and 0 by hand.

    They should be reported and banned from existence.

    S-T-A-Y A-W-A-Y!!!!!

  7. website performance Says:

    I tried HostMDS one year ago and they were generally not bad. I left them before things got worse, however even then the support seemed completely incompetent and unhelpful.

  8. Atlanta SEO Says:

    I am Totally agree with Chiro, I have also a bad experience with HostMDs and i really hate them. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Chiro Says:

    HostMDs is the worst thing that has ever happened to web-hosting.

    I was a previous customer of HostVector for years, and even before that I was with Even-Host which was bought out by HostVector.

    Currently, HostMDs will NOT let me cancel my account, they have already charged my credit card once even thought I sent them multiple tickets in regards to cancellation. Judging from web-reviews, I am not the only customer with this issue.

    Does anyone know what we can legally do against this? Its an absolute theft!

  10. Steve Hall Says:

    These people are the worst. Not only are they a pathetic service - they are incompetent. My webite has had problems ever since the bought Hostingplex - and now has been down for over a week - they claim they lost all data from server14 - no backup - data unrecoverable - just gone. Any 'support' has been ridiculous - if you would even compliment it that level. This company should not be in business- so save yourself a ton of aggrevasion and find another web host. DO NOT sign up with HostMDS is my advice!

  11. Ryan Says:

    HORRIBLE hosting provider. I went through my 30 days with no problems, now that I'm out of the 30 day money back guarantee. I get outages once a week, sometimes more. I've probably been with HostMDS for 3 months now, and I regret it.

  12. Tony C Says:

    I'm having service issues too with HostMDS from around the same time as the switch over.

    After 2 years of uninterrupted service with Hostingplex, HostMDS lost the majority of my db's and lost 2 years worth of work.

    Where does that leave me?

    I've tried ringing, sending letters, submitting tickets and got nothing.

    My sites were offline for nearly 1 month and with no explanation as to why or not even an apology.

    My issues are still ongoing.

    This morning after switching on my machine they're offline again......

    This HostMDS sucks.

  13. gl Says:

    Glad to know me and the other dissapointed customers of hostingplex arent alone here.(i cant even call myself a cusotmer of hostmds as that would imply that they are somewhat of a service provider).

    So much changes were made without warning, they disabled so much stuff on my site and my users are without service and it looks bad on me. I always wanted to switch from hostingplex but they always at least would troubleshoot the problem with me.

    HostMDS however is a huge joke and now i have no other chice but to switch.

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