GeoTrust launches campaign aimed at GoDaddy SSL... Really!

Mon, 8th November 2010, 20:53

Geo Trust fired another volley in the low-cost market for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, GeoTrust slashed its SSL prices in half and launched an aggressive new campaign aimed at attracting SSL customers of Go Daddy and other competitors. (this one appears targeted to Go-Daddy customers)

The Marketing Hype

"Through a new GeoTrust campaign, Go Daddy customers can trade in their Go Daddy SSL certificates for equivalent GeoTrust SSL certificates at no charge. Customers of other competing certificate vendors can take advantage of GeoTrust’s new, dramatically lower pricing when their SSL certificates are up for renewal. For these customers, GeoTrust slashed the original prices of its SSL certificates in half, with QuickSSL Premium domain validated protection starting at $149 per certificate. Switching to GeoTrust SSL is fast, easy and now inexpensive, with domains validated and most certificates issued in just minutes."

The Sad Reality

Go Daddy's regular priced offering is fifty dollars less for what appears to be a superior product. (Correct me if I am wrong with a comment)

Go Daddy's warranty also appears to be for 250K compared to Geo Trust's 100K. Additionally, Go Daddy offers a  two year special for a dollar more than Geo Trust's one year offering. Icing on the cake is Go Daddy's Exclusive offer for Open Source projects -- get a FREE 1 year Standard SSL Certificate!

So much for the hype