Oh dear web hosting industry, how low can you go?

Sat, 22nd September 2007, 03:43

Every so often we get an interesting request from a web hosting company or vendor. Some of them really just make our day though. Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong industry - this one seems to be filled with scammers & spammers.

This specific request is one from Kaumil Patel of Vistapages, who happen to have an awful lot of very unsatisfied web hosting clients. It's no wonder that the Vistapages team is offering to pay us to remove the bad web hosting reviews about their company!

Vistapages is dirty

This stuff just writes itself, comedy gold. VistaPages is another web hosting provider based out of Toronto, Ontario. They have been in operation a number of years but ethics don't seem to be part of their offerings.

Most companies tend to just post completely fake reviews rather than trying to pay us off to remove them. Neither method works though, we've got more ethics than this industry will ever have.

About Vistapages

VistaPages' goal is to provide a low-cost web hosting solution that is easy-to-use, and is customer service oriented. At VistaPages they value our customers and recognize their need for quality service and outstanding customer service.

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  1. Hostjury Admin Icon David Says:


    In the case of exploitation it's normally the result of:

    1. old exploitable scripts that need ugpraded.

    2. perhaps someone cracked your password or really was out to get your site.

    At least they left your database intact. My recommendation would be to 'reinstall' your script and reimport the existing functional database, keep more frequent backups and always ensure you're using the latest version of the software.

    It's highly unlikely this is vistapages' fault.

  2. Robert Says:

    My site was hacked this week. Everything was erased. Indexed page was replaced with hacker page. However mySQL database entries was untouched. Vistapages says it is my fault, but no one else had password.

    Has anyone else had this problem.

  3. happy customer Says:

    I too made the mistake of signing with

    When I had problems, they told me that my account was in the process of being moved to new IBM servers. I was happy about this until I found out that they have been telling this to customers for over a year!

    I have noted service has been down or irratic in last month on the following days:

    March 1, Feb 25, Feb 20, Feb 5. Hardly the 99.9% upime advertised!

  4. anny Says:

    Good work on exposing these criminal scum. Good work for not being for sale.

    However, beware of a different type of sin- hubris. There's more than one way to drag yourself into the gutter.

  5. John Says:

    David, I just wanted to give you my support on this one. In the world we live in today, doing the right thing seems as if it were the wrong thing. The moral ethics of the world today has completely gone wrong. Good work on catching the ridiculous actions of some web hosts and letting people know about how the company really is. You have my support, no matter how many people will bash you for doing the right thing.

  6. Hostjury Admin Icon david Says:


    Well, I must admit I don't enjoy having my own ethics called into question by someone who doesn't know the meaning of the word.

    We provide an outlet for users to post reviews about their providers. The majority of sites out there (including a number operated by VistaPages & Hostingplex) don't offer an unbiased view, don't allow input & sort hosts based on affiliate payouts.

    We're one of the few that don't. Of course, we moderate reviews when they're suspicious and that gets us trashed -- such is life, I'm totally welcome to being trashed for disallowing fake reviews.

  7. Jasper Says:

    Wow, this cracks me up :) All the bad mouthing about you (Dave) on WHT turns out to be one pathetic show from a more pathetic web hosting provider.

    Great post!

  8. Hostjury Admin Icon david Says:


    This post was originally made back in September, I'm not going to remove it after the fact...

  9. Jason Smith Says:

    I was a client of this Kaumil clown for around 6mths. They offered a LOT of disk space, and I thought this would come in handy, especially for the low price they had. So I signed up. I have never been treated as rudly by a host as I was by this clown. The server was constantly down or really slow and when I contact their support, I would get some barely english reply saying there's nothing wrong with the server and that it must be my ISP to blame. My domain is now safely hosted elsewhere, and I won't even bother asking vistapages for a refund. I am just glad to get the heck out of dodge. They're a very cheap host, and it's like what they say, you get what you pay for. My current host charges a lot more, but the difference between the two hosts is like night and day. Lesson learned and I hope by posting this here, it can serve as a warning to others out there thinking of hosting with this clown. Stay away, stay very far away!!

  10. Cody Salter Says:

    I agree completely with Ross.

    If this is what you want people to see of you, then go ahead and keep this going. But bear in mind it is going to attract negative attention for both parties. Especially you because you are being immature about this. As far as I am concerned, and what I can see, VistaPages runs a great business, and so like I said above, it is a personal attack and you are making his business look bad because of a spiff you and him had.

  11. Ross Says:


    I would delete this post as it is pretty pointless and childish. The ongoing battle between you and Vistapages is just a he said/she said arguement that is never going to end.

  12. Cody Salter Says:

    "It's no wonder that the Vistapages team is offering to pay us to remove the bad web hosting reviews about their company!"

    No, it's that you are removing the positive reviews.

    Why don't you remove the negative reviews? Can family not have a negative experience?

    This is a personal attack at VistaPages. And David you are acting like a 13 year old. Grow up.

  13. vistapages Says:

    "Neither method works though, we've got more ethics than this industry will ever have."

    Deleting positive reviews and boasting your own company (fusednetworks) doesn't really quite sit well with what you're saying.

  14. kkk Says:

    haha, these vistajunkers are shameless morons.

    you guys rule! hi5 to y'all

  15. Hostjury Admin Icon Streaky Says:


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