Escape from iPowerWeb: How to leave iPowerWeb

Fri, 28th December 2007, 13:09

Escape from iPowerWeb: How to leave iPowerWeb.

After countless hundreds getting in touch with us over continuing iPowerWeb problems, we decided it was time to write a thorough guide on how to cancel an iPowerWeb account.

The success of our free ipowerweb transition program hasn't gone unnoticed, so we're still continuing it.

Below, we'll document the movement process step by step! It's a surprisingly simple process and the only arduous part of the journey is actually cancelling with iPowerWeb. If you follow the guide below, you should be able to get over to a new web hosting provider within 24 hours.

Choosing a new web host: The first step

The first step of getting out of iPowerWeb is to choose a new web hosting provider. In order to have a place to move your content and domain name, you'll need a new web host. Given the thousands of reviews Hostjury currently has from real clients, you've come to the right spot.

You can check out our web hosting reviews to help you select a new provider. There's a number of companies that clients moving away from iPowerWeb have had success with including:

You're certainly more than welcome to research your own though on our site. There's more than enough information here to get a good idea of who is who in the web hosting industry. Remember to thoroughly research each web hosting provider that you're considering -- after all, you don't want to be stuck with another iPowerWeb. There's a number of other companies out there actually owned by the same folks at Endurance International Group as well including PowWeb, so be very careful!

Here's a list that we know of:
Dot5 (Dot5 Hosting)
iPowerWeb (iPower)

Avoid the above companies like the plague!

Try testing the companies support prior to signing up. The more testing you do, the higher the likelihood you'll end up with an excellent web hosting company. Once you've selected one.. you're ready for step two!

Retrieving your domain name

This step only applies to those clients who have registered their domain name through iPowerWeb. If you haven't, you can skip this step entirely and move onto the next one. If you have, the information below should allow you to get the access details to manage your domain name.

The first step to retrieving your domain name is contacting the OpenSRS Compliance Officer. OpenSRS is a domain reseller system owned by Tucows. It's also the system in which iPowerWeb sells domain names through so you'll need to get in touch with Tucows to retrieve it.

The compliance officers' contact details are:

You'll need to explain that you've exhausted all methods of retrieving your domain name details & that you're just looking to move at this point. The provider will give you what are known as 'OpenSRS' login details or at the very least -- they'll resend them to the original e-mail on file. You may need to provide them with some additional information in order to verify your identity, but as long as you're the contact on file you should have no trouble with Tucows.

Unlike iPowerWeb, they're a great company.
Once you've retrieved your login details, you'll be able to access their OpenSRS system through the following link:
iPowerWeb Domain Management Panel

Inside you'll find all sorts of goodies including the ability to manage your nameservers / DNS. As long as you can modify your DNS / Nameservers, you can change hosting providers fairly easily. Now, onto step three!

Moving your content

Now here's where things might just get a bit tricky. In fact, that's why we have our free ipowerweb migration assistance program for users who need help moving. A number of the providers we have on our review list probably won't hesitate to assist you move though, so don't be bashful and forget to ask! It might save you a lot of hassle.

Moving your content itself though is essentially as easy as reuploading your data. If you have your new account details, you can FTP your information using them & that should just about sort everything. One step that a number of users may need to take though if they have dynamic sites like forums & other content management systems though is 'backing up your database'. Backing up your database through iPowerWeb can be done via your control panel.

Once inside your iPowerWeb control panel, you'll see a mysql or database management section. You'll need to login using your databases' login details (Contact us if you don't have them, this part could be tricky!). Once inside follow the directions at this site for backing up and restoring databases from phpMyAdmin. That part isn't necessarily going to be a cakewalk, so if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact us at and we can try to help.

Once you've moved all of your content, you're ready to point your domain name!

Pointing your domain name

By now, you should have received an e-mail from the Tucows Compliance officer about your domain name if you registered it through iPowerWeb. If you have access to openSRS, these changes can be made via the 'nameservers' panel there. If you've registered your domain name elsewhere (you smart cookie, you!) you can manage them through your specific panel.

You'll want to switch the nameservers over to your new providers' (the one they've given you) only after you're sure that 100% of your content and databases have been copied over. You'll also want to ensure that any e-mail accounts you require have been created ahead of time to avoid any e-mail loss. The rest, of course is history!

Once the switch takes place there will 'potentially' be some availability of your domain name for DNS propagation but that's almost ancient history these days. If you change your dns and still can't see your new site, try clearing your DNS cache on your local computer.

For windows uesrs, it's simple:
1. start, run, type: cmd
2. ipconfig /flushdns
3. try reloading your site!

For the rest of you, google it!
Once you're done with that, bravo. You've escaped from iPowerWeb.

The remainder of the steps are fairly easy.

Cleaning up with iPowerWeb!

The last few steps are just insurance of sorts. The first thing you'll want to do after escaping from iPowerWeb and seeing your site back up and online is cancelling with iPowerWeb. Cancelling is surprisingly easy and can be done via phone. On average it takes about 30-60 minutes to cancel so be sure to have some free time before sitting down.

“In order to discontinue your services we will need for you to contact our billing department at 888-511-4678 or 602-716-5399. Our billing department is available 24/7.”

Be sure to have your customer ID, mother's maiden name, city of birth & last 4 digits of your credit card number available before calling. They'll help you through the process fairly promptly. Note that a number of users have experienced 'rebilling' from iPowerWeb even after cancellation in the past so keep an eye on your credit card payment logs.

After cancelling, you'll want to transfer your domain name to another registrar. I'd personally recommend using the one with your provider or Namecheap. The only information you'll need to perform a transfer is the AUTH or EPP code from your OpenSRS panel. The information is readily available there & Namecheap and other companies should be able to provide you with instructions for transferring.

Enjoy the new provider, thousands of others already are.
Escape from iPowerWeb

110 Responses to “Escape from iPowerWeb: How to leave iPowerWeb”

  1. David Kao Says:

    I am trying to escape from ipower too. Just contacted ipower. They said my domian provider is set to and I should contact tucows. But tucows' web site says they don't povide domain service to domain owners like me and I should contact the domapn provider ipower from which I purchased the domain registration.

    I just need to change DNS/Nameserver for my domain so that my domain can be hosted by a new web hosting service. Basically ipower points to tucows to get the change done by tucows. But tucos syas ipower is the one that registered my doman and is the domain provider and I shold contact ipower to get it done.

    It looks like ipower is trying to prevent me from leaving them. Isn't this another reason why people should steer clear of ipower?

  2. Angie Kowalsky Says:

    Has anyone experienced Ipower continually charging for Domain Privacy and Site Lock after they have been asked not to?

  3. Liz Says:

    This is interesting. I honestly never looked up “Ipower Sucks” or “Ipower Problems” until they screwed me over, and THEN I find out how angry people are. I’m currently in a battle to get my domain name back.


    Over a year ago, my friend called to tell me that my site was down. As in completely down, nothing there, all gone. I called Ipower. They claim to have sent me emails regarding my expiration for hosting. Those emails were not in my inbox, anywhere, at all.

    So I curse and grumble, but I pay them- approximately $300 to get everything back on track and get hosting for 3 years. Was my mistake to let my service lapse, right?

    Log back onto my site, and discover I have no files. At all. They’ve wiped everything out. So I paid $300 and all my stuff is gone. After more cursing, some tears, and 5 different customer service people telling me I have no choice but to rebuild and I was dumb for not making backups (a process that takes FOREVER with their system) some random techie finally “found” my files. He put everything back for me, but was unable to restore any of my databases, rendering my forums and gallery useless. During this snaffuu I made sure to UPDATE MY EMAIL ADDRESS.

    I go to restore my gallery, only to find out that the free software they provided as part of their hosting incentive is now something I have to pay for, and it’s not even the same version. The old version is nowhere to be found. So my website sits, unused for about a year.

    I finally find a free gallery system, only to discover a snag- my databases aren’t working! On 12-8-09 I called tech support. First guy says there’s nothing they can do, and it’s clearly the gallery I’m trying to install- and since the gallery isn’t supported by ipower they won’t help. Second guy I talk to looks at my account and says “nothing I can do about your gallery- but might I recommend you purchase domain name privacy? It’s only $8.99 a year!” “Sure,” I say, “why the hell not.” Domain privacy purchased, receipt in my email box, and the third guy I talk to actually installs my gallery for me (the free one I found on the internet). I think “Finally, some service from Ipower, these guys are great!”

    Between the 8th of December and 1st of January I'm happily going about my business uploading new files, getting my gallery in order, and emailing my friends to go see the new gallery.

    January 14- friend calls. “Hey, your site isn’t there.”


    I call Ipower. They tell me my domain name expired on 12-1-09, and since I didn’t renew my registration within 30 days of expiration I have to pay a $160 domain redemption fee.

    My service ticket is currently on “Work in Progress” status, after it has been marked “Resolved” twice. I am absolutely livid that 1) the domain renewal emails were not sent to my current email, 2) multiple Ipower associates failed to mention anything about my domain being on expired status on 12-8-09, at which point I still could have renewed for $9.95, and 3) the fact that I paid $8.99 for domain privacy on an expired domain (the person asking if I wanted this service at the very least had to have known my domain was expired.)

    I honestly think this may be the last straw, and I will probably be moving elsewhere. Should anyone be curious, I am more than willing to provide documentation for this fun little series of events.

  4. Indian Voice Says:

    I would like to tell you guys including Melissa and other that I am using Ipower services for quit a long time and never had any problem in web hosting service or domain registration. Yes its true that they purly a web hosting company and domain regs they offer isnt a part of their main course.

    Als oone person below figuredout about how to manage your domain using open srs subusers. I suggest to move before they expire.

  5. Melissa Kip Says:

    Wow, so I just hit the wall with iPower and foundt this site and many others dealing with the horrible iPower issues. Thanks for all the info, I feel more prepared for the battle now.:)

    I checked them on the BBB site and there is a list of all Endurance's business's, a few which are not on the list above so I thought I would post the list from the BBB site here:

    Business Contact & Profile

    ID: 76863

    Business Name: The Endurance International Group, Inc.



























    Here's the link to the listing:

  6. Amanda Allen Says:

    I started with iPower in about 2000. The customer support was so awful that after a couple years I switched my sites to ICDSoft (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE and they are SO HELPFUL and SO FAST and reliable). Unfortunately, one of my domain names was close to expiring so I couldn't switch that one at that time. Alas it has been at iPower ever since.

    Recently I tried to transfer it. iPower gave me an EPP code but the domain transfer request was denied twice. Needless to say, customer support was not helpful. You are supposed to be able to log into openSRS with your vDeck credentials, but that didn't help me because long ago, iPower used to use onlineNIC and I finally figured out that onlineNIC still manages the domain. I opened up a ticket with onlineNIC and I hoping that this works.

  7. Canon Says:

    The way petition mentioned is helpful, thanks for that I managed to getout from ipower domains using this.

    They were not replying to my queries and I update contacts, got transfer mail and done - thats it.

  8. Petition Voice Says:

    I forgot to mention about creating a sub user in your opensrs account, so in case if ipower disables your primery user then you will be able to manage through the second user (sub-user you created)

    Dont forget to give all rights to the new sub-user.

  9. Petition Voice Says:

    I have registered domain name from iPower just for their free domain with hosting. And after reading all these complaints I decided to check.

    But I tell you I am able to login to openSRS control panel with my ipower credentials and can manage everything from their.

    So its better to manage domain name via opensrs instead of trying from ipowwer interface.

  10. Former Ipower Customer 2000 thru 2007 Says:

    Ipower sends email notifications. On more than one occassion they sent me an email that infected my thunderbird client and trashed my folder of saved message. Unfortunately my avg didn't catch the message when it came in, but after the fact found it was a malicious mail worm. Make sure that if they send you their stupid e-newsletters you get them to stop, otherwise they could bombard your emails with worms. I don't believe they did this purposefully, but probably just because they didn't secure their mail servers against viruses properly.

  11. Simon R. Says:

    Thank you. Especially for the list of companies owned by Endurance International Group.

  12. My Sister Says:

    Help...I wasn't as lucky as most of you. I have been emailing and calling IPOWER for a year and a half to receive reimbursement for a service they never provided me. I have lost almost $1000 for nothing. Do any of you know how I can contact a higher being at IPOWER to get some answers. A few months ago, I was promised my money back but then that manager disappeared or was conveniently off that day. I have spent so much time trying to get a hold of someone who knows what the heck is going on. I have to explain my story 10000000000 times to 20 different people. I just want my money back. Instead, recently they charged me again for (I have no idea what???) without my authorization. I am so extremely pissed right now. When I refused to pay for that unauthorized charge, they canceled account I had pre-paid for 3 years. Can you believe that. Ugh. I need some advice, or some direction. I am so upset. I really want my money back. Can we all get together and have a legal action against this company? Is this company legal?? How can they be allowed to operate and scam so many of us intelligent, hardworking professionals???

  13. techietype Says:

    Dot5 is also part of the endurance group.

  14. Tess Elliott Says:

    Am learning a lot from all of you. I have my art portfolio online with ipower, and it was hacked and malware added. They pirated all of my art, text, etc. and installed a bogus website called which redirects people to sites that insert malware and viruses. I have written complaints and so far Google search pops them up every time, and my real website not at all! How long does it take, when you have registered complaints for about a week? This is really hurting my business because two customers have been infected. They remembered my name and used google search.

  15. Aida L. Irizarry Says:

    Thought you'd like to know my latest ordeal with ipowerweb. Because of security concerns I finally took my account,, away from this company. I called them because I needed to get a password to change the dns nameservers. After humoring me, I get an email asking me to prove that I own, and you know why? Because the contact email was different from the one that I've been using! Oh, yeah, never mind they've been emailing me there, and that I changed this info with billing, they now must have an ID issued by the state, my signature, etc. Well, I sent them the information yesterday, August 1, 20008, let's see how long they will take to identify me. Chances are that they will ask me to show more proof since I use my maiden name, and not my married name. By their way of thinking. I can't be Irizarry-Santa, just Irizarry, as Irizarry-Santa is someone else! I tried to cover that base: sent them copy of my college degree which bears both names.

    Will I succeed? I will. I have warned ipowerweb that they either "proclaim" me owner of that domain name, legally under my name, and give me the password I asked for it, or I'm going directly to the Attorney General of their State.

    Stay tuned.

    Aida L. Irizarry-Santa (a novel)

  16. Hostjury Admin Icon David Says:


    Excellent idea :)

  17. Sarita Says:

    iPower is evil; thanks for this info!

    In order to avoid rebilling, I changed the expiration date on my credit card info with the company before canceling. Now if they try to charge me in the future, the card will be declined.

  18. Aida Iriz Says:

    Why no try the suggestion here:

    Get in touch with iPowerWeb

    One of our readers found the corporate phone number for Endurance International, the company that owns iPowerWeb. If you want quick, prompt service in getting your cancellation, domain name details or anything else give them a quick call: 1-866-897-5421

    I did that and not only were they most courteous, everything was worked out within a matter of days.

    Do not call the number liste on the ipower website. They don't do anything,and sending mail through their console gives you nothing but headaches.

    Let's put it this way, it took me one month to solve a problem because I got conflicting opinions from those on the other of the console mail. And all I wanted was to get a password for a site that doesn't work.

    Finall, I gave up, and wrote to billing. And guess what? That worked.

    In any case, I'm glad I chose I've had another site with them over three years and never a problem.

    And, yes, they answer quickly and are eager to help.

    Want more? They charge your MONTHLY, so you have no contracts. Also SET UP is FREE!

    Try them out. You'll be glad you did.


  19. Ipowerhell Says:

    I am in iPowerHell with the rest of you. Let's all go to Google and click a few dozen times on iPower's sponsored links!

  20. Ken Says:

    I discontinued my hosting service with Ipower in January 2008, yet in June 2008 they hit my credit card again with a hosting fee.

    Even after charging me for a service that I no longer wanted, they failed to renew my domain registration and of course, my web site is offline.

    I have sent numerous e-mails to ipower and all I get is "Sorry for the inconvenience . . ." and no results.

    I paid them a registration fee and a "domain credit" fee, received a receipt that my renewal has been processed, yet the site is still offline.

    Can't anyone do anything about these people? It seems that possibly this is a hosting company operating out of the back of their '68 Volkswagen.

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