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1and1's goal is to be first to market with innovative products at competitive prices without compromising strength and reliability. 1and1 started as a pioneer and they've never stopped working this way.

From convenient domain packages and feature-rich web hosting plans to virtual private servers and powerful dedicated servers, 1&1 offers a complete range of web services for every need, skill level, and budget. With newer products like MyBusiness Site, small- and medium-sized businesses can design and execute a professional website without any experience in web development. All 1&1 products have been designed to provide the ideal combination of features and affordability, with no pricing gimmicks or hidden costs. You simply won’t find a better value for your money!

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Spence 28 Feb 16

Be careful, this lot appear to be a little underhanded when trying to cancel. While trying to do so yesterday it looks like I’ve extended my contract rather than cancelling it.

I’ve been with 1&1 since 2003 and not really had cause to complain bar sometimes being slow and a (improving) clunky interface but have looked around for cost reasons. So yesterday after making a decision to move away I selected the cancel “Entire Contract” option, this then threw up a retention offer to beep my business, it said 50% off for the next 12 months, there were two options “Save Offer” or “Continue” (with cancelation I presume). The offer was intriguing and not having the full details I selected “Save Offer” thinking it would do just that, save the offer for my review. However it did not, the next screen said “thank you for choosing to extend your contract”, I also immediately received and e-mail saying the same.

Now this is wrong! I did not accept the offer I merely tried to saved it, two different things in my mind. There were no further chances to confirm I accepted it – unlike when cancelling (I did so with a domain a couple of days ago) where you have to accept two or three confirmations and then confirm an e-mail notification.

Of course there was no one available to help me on the phone; the cancelation department only works weekday office hours.

Just be careful of this.

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Shiva 12 May 15

Clunky proprietary web design programs that force you to result in the type of coding familiar ca. 1989.

Tremendous lack of features. Expensive if you want more than six pages. S-l-o-o-o-w access.

When designing crashes frequency.

I have to use five different browsers (iE, Safari, Nightly, Opera and Chrome) to design web pages as feature set behavior is totally inconsistent as is display across browsers.

Review Rating
Christine 20 Jun 13

I was with 1&1 for a year and the service went down hill after a month.

I would wait a long time for replies to tickets. I was billed automatically and sometimes find that my card was billed twice.

I moved to a new host about six months and could not be happier.

Review Rating
Ian Carter 5 Apr 12

Never had a problem with them, all upgrades handled and implemented perfectly. Takes a while to get to grips with, but worth it.

Review Rating
Larry 12 Mar 12

The worst Company I have ever had to deal with. 0/10 They are not a UK company and every call goes to the Asia. Total Crooks

Review Rating
antitheft 25 Feb 12

1and1 must employ the metally ill, because going on four months now they have totally screwed up my seven domains.

I transferred my domains to them (unfortunately), and paid by paypal. Three days later, they refunded my payment and locked access to my domains. Once again, I paid by paypal and three days later, they refunded my payment and locked my domains due to non payment. This has been going on over and over for four months. The most recent email to them seemed to resolve the issue by paying with a credit card...they refunded my credit card payment, plus $4.95 to my paypal account and locked access to my domains once again. Not only did it cost me $35.00 (wow, what a discount) to transfer my domains to them, but then I had to wait 90 days with the domains constantly being down and pay another $50.00 to transfer them away from these scamming thieves.


Review Rating
John Smith 10 Oct 11

I regret the day I ever fell for the slick ads from 1&1. Their domain and hosting services are fine until some issue occurs, then you see who you are dealing with.

When I cancelled my credit card after my wallet was stolen 1&1 sent me to collections without any notice when their automatic renewal charge didn't go through. They then refused to accept payment, correct this error or release my domains to a reputable registrar.

Check with the BBB and the State of Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office for the criminal complains against 1&1 for their business practices. Thank goodness ICANN finally helped me retrieve my domains. Their contract says it eliminates your ability to sue and regain your domains through the courts, they believe themselves untouchable. Dealing with 1&1 felt more like dealing with a criminal organization than a legitimate business. Run, run away fast.

Review Rating
John Mike 27 Sep 11

I have been with 1and1 for several years. I like the product and the pricing but I would not recommend them to anyone because their customer service and technical support. It is way beyond bad - it is health damaging.

In common with many others I cancelled some unwanted domains and was then charged 2 years worth of fees for the cancelled domains. 1and1 try to make you believe that this is your fault for somehow not completing the cancellation process correctly.

This does not wash. Why would you invoice for a domain once the cancellation process has been invoked and why have so many users apparently made the same mistake - answer because 1and1 know most people will give up trying to get a refund. They will blank you, stall you, misrepresent the truth and accuse you of making mistakes everything to make you give up and go away. I stuck with it and got my refund. Lost 20lbs and had a minor nervous breakdown in the process but on principle they weren't going to get away with it.

I urge everyone that falls foul of this domain cancellation scam to contact Nominet and Ofcom make sure that they know what 1and1 are doing.

Secondly also in common with many others my details have erroneously been passed by 1and1 to a third party debt collector. In my case for an account which did not even belong to me. All my accounts are and have always been fully paid up and in good order. As you can imagine I have found this distressing and very stressful. Again I urge all users who find themselves in this situation to contact trading standards and the information commissioner.

For my part I am still with 1and1 partly out of fear that if I cancel my remaining accounts I will be charged 2 years extra for everything and partly because I am not yet sure if there is an alternative.

The message from me is that as a user I want integrity and honesty from the host provider not to be viewed as a cash cow to be ripped off at every opportunity.

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kevin Boff 6 Sep 11

‎1and1 Internet Ltd of UK address is worse internet hosting company ever we have had dealings with. A technical 24 support which is crap !!

static business Ip address blocked for 30 hours , we are now on 3 blocking of the IP in 4 days and lost hours of work !!!

Review Rating
Daniel Boutros 29 Aug 11

Utter, utter shite. Worst service ever, and when I cancelled a domain, they charged me for it and claimed that they'd contacted me to nuke it.

Total B$. Cowboys. Avoid with great haste.

Review Rating
Allyn 19 Aug 11

If price and reliability are your only concerns, then 1and1 are not so bad, but if you actually need to speak to someone who understands your issues and speaks english, do NOT use 1and1. If you care to use one-click installs for apps like WP and Joomla, do not use 1and1. 1and1 has been a major disappointment, and has cost me and my company tons of time.

Review Rating
Ray Britton 18 Jun 11

Never had a problem with their service, their supported answered my question instantly. The site has never been down.

Review Rating
Scott 29 Apr 11

Over the years I have had several customers that used 1&1 hosting, never impressed. Servers are slow, and configured strange. Support is awful, I spent 20 minutes once trying to explain what a mime type was and why I needed it to display Flash! The fact the tech barely spoke English didn't help.

Recently I purchased a couple domains through them on a 50% off sale. Mistake. Figured how bad could it be to use them for just a DNS? Pretty bad. Changes took forever, tech support was no help, even though issues I was having were well documented in their forums. No tech support presence in their forum, just a bunch of users fending for themselves. The Domains were transferred out to NameCheap as soon as the 60 days was up.

Review Rating
Jen Kaufman 1 Mar 11

Aside from some technical glitches with WordPress and .htaccess configuration to support PHP5, 1&1 has offered great service. We started with the 6 mos. free package & are just entering our 13 month of service with them.

Review Rating
Alan Sosa 28 Dec 10

Good web hosting service in general terms, nonetheless, their support service leaves a big hole within the excellent features provided and the quality of the overall product.

Review Rating
Ryan 4 Aug 10

If I had to sum it up in 2 words, it would be these: It sucks. 1and1 has awful support, and they renewed my account and 3 domains without even asking, even though I specified not to renew them! Then tech support always redirects me to someone else, who redirects me to someone else, who redirects me to someone else, and so on until I'm back where I started from! Not to mention any changes are deployed extremely slowly; it took a full 24hrs just to create a subdomain, and transferring my domain took 2 weeks for them to release it! Never go with 1and1. Never.

Review Rating
RogerF 28 Jul 10 have been my provider for 15 years - first as a basic package; then as a business package and later with a virtual Windows server.

I had a few odd problems with the virtual server when it was a new service. Otherwise the control panel has been fabulous; great (and useless) features have been added and my pop/imap email accounts have run faultlessly. Tech support, have always delivered a solution - even the overseas people. I have high expectations like many professionals and I have yet to find a reason to knock this host.

Review Rating
ron ateah 16 Jun 10

My sites have been down for 18 hours. For scheduled maintenance? With no notification? No idea when it will be up again? It is possible I am not a happy customer.

Review Rating
salvador mtz b 5 Jun 10

withdrawal said, is a company that sells over the account. I was disappointed with his service after two years, I switch to another. Very slow FTP, revenues to the control panel.

Review Rating
SQ 11 May 10

Unless you are a total masochist, do NOT register your domain name, or set up web hosting with this company!

Trust me, I have been in the web design business since 1995 and have never, ever, experienced such poor customer service as "provided" by this company. is a prime example of a company that loves your money, but who has outsourced all of the tech support to India, which means that they all gave themselves American names (Jetfrey Vasquez...with a thick Indian accent????), but still can't speak our language, and were just given scripts to read from, without ever doing anything to resolve your problems.

I wasted over 30 hours in the last week, dealing with these inept people, just trying to transfer a domain name registration to

The people at lied to me, repeatedly, and weren't even sorry when I caught them in their lies. Because they were reading from scripts! They are NOT there to help you, that is for sure!

The only way that this domain registration transfer finally occurred was (within hours) by my filing a complaint with ICann.

If you are in the US/Canada, do yourself a favor and, before signing up for domain name registration or web hosting, ask what country their tech support people are in. will not outsource their tech support to third world countries, and I recommend them for domain registrations, but not hosting (until they remove all of the unnecessary advertising/marketing/confusing crap from their website and make their website user friendly).

For web hosting, I highly recommend, based in Utah, with their own servers, and 24/7 US-based tech support. They couldn't pay me a million dollars to have anything to do with them ever again. I know know that if any of my clients have domains registered with, or web hosting via, I need to tack on over 30 hours of my time just getting these people to do what they are supposed to do. does NOT care about their customers...they only care about your payments!

Review Rating
LiTe 17 Apr 10


Review Rating
Desiree Lee 8 Jan 10

I would give 1&1 a negative number if I could for the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with! They were charging me for 2 accounts for over a year and I had no idea! The only way that I did find out is that I renewed my credit card on the account I was using and they were sending me messages to update my information. I finally called them and discovered the double account issue! How did they help me resolve this you ask? Transferred me to all sorts of people who couldn't or wouldn't help me and then finally to a VM where I left a message and a number and have heard no response! I did receive an email however to which they told me that my unpaid account went to collections. They owe me over $100 in fees and they sent me to collections! I had to call again just to make sure this account was canceled after the first time I called and got upset about it even existing! Guess what? It was never even closed! Why? Because that's a different department. I get the feeling that it's all done out of the country as well. Clueless! The end result is me canceling both accounts and never having anything to do with them again.

Review Rating
Robert 25 Nov 09

1&1 dedicated servers are extremely reliable. Be wary of their shared servers, the server infrastructure may be on its way out.

Review Rating
Andrew Luecke 3 Nov 09

Absolute rubbish. Their 90day "refund guarantee" isn't a guarantee at all, and their servers have such a low PHP memory limit, they often cannot run Drupal (and no way to override the memory limit).

AVOID AT ALL COSTS! I've used 5 or 6 hosts so far, and this one is by far the worst.

Review Rating
upset 22 Oct 09


1&1 seems to be about getting more customers. Not about the one's that they have. I am very dissapointed that they only have online support for there affliate program. But no tech support? What the heck?

Review Rating
Kurt Rein 14 Oct 09

CHeap, tons of features, but if you want your website to be "UP" more than 93% of the time look elsewhere. I have had 1and1 for 6 years and I dread having to switch, but 10 times I have not been able to pull up my website. I am holding back how much I hate them right now as I type this.

Review Rating
Gimeti 18 Aug 09

I have used 1and1 for a while now, I really don’t have a problem with their hosting plans, they’re cheap and reliable, a lot of space and bandwidth, their MySQL limit to 100MB is not cool but it’s something you can live with if your site doesn’t have a lot of content.

Few days ago I registered this domain and it took good 4 hours before I could use it. Then as soon as the domain was availble I changed the DNS settings to use name servers and that took almost 24 hours to change. That’s what my issue with 1and1 is. They are very slow to apply DNS changes.

One might say it’s not up to them when changes take effect. Maybe. I registered the same domain with .net extension through and that domain was available in less than 30 minutes. I even had a chance to setup DNS settings during registration.

The bad news is I have few domains with 1and1 and I need a plan to yank them away from them, set them free.

Yesterday I switched the DNS settings back to 1and1 default settings and as of right now domain is still unavailable. I am writing this blog offline if you’re wondering and I will publish it hopefully soon.

Review Rating
Couldnt Takit Anymore 30 Jun 09

We depend on our website to bring in sales. we have 4 sales persons to answer the phones and 8 people processing orders and running the company. 1&1 was excellent for the first two years. Then they moved our site to another server. After that, nothing was the same except the bill. Their sales staff in West Chester, PA is the rudest bunch of jokers unless they are trying to get your business. The service staff in the Phillipines tries a little bit to help out but they have neither the talent nor access, nor authority to make a difference. After several day long outages which we had to send our employees home, we moved our site. We are glad to never do business with them again. I hope our competition signs up with them.

Review Rating
Matt 22 May 09

Overall their uptime is pretty good. I have been with them for around 9 years or so. Prices are very reasonable. Support is ok but they do treat you like crap and have very little knowledge of the services they are providing and will not bend over backwards to help you.

Another issue is their email servers. It seems alot of other ISP's block 1&1 or automatically think it is spam because i think alot of people have hacked 1&1 and used their mail servers for spamming. I guess thats what happens to big companies.

Review Rating
Vishal Arora 1 Apr 09

I've been with 1&1 for 3 years now. I've had very little troubles with them. Service is always fast and friendly. They give me all the features I need.

The servers are in Germany so there is some latency when viewing in the US, but that's to be expected.

Overall, an above average host.

Review Rating
Austin 11 Feb 09

No problems with the service, server or database, quick response for issues, 24 hour phone service (even if its a horrible speaking....)

Review Rating
Gabriel M 29 Jan 09

I'd been a happy 1&1 customer for a long long time, but recently there have been outages for 2-3 days at a time. My clients were furious. I found this totally unacceptable, and even though I gave them an earful, they offered me nothing as compensation, and had no useful advice as to what I could do to prevent this from happening in the future. So basically I'm at their mercy, which is an awful feeling, considering my web design business relies heavily on reliable hosting.

I'm moving to Hostgator shortly, primarily because they will give me a dedicated IP, something 1and1 doesn't do. What's the difference, you ask? Well, having a dedicated IP means I can keep my DNS with a 3rd-party service (like easyDNS) and point my domains to whatever host I choose. If there is a server outage, I can point at an alternate host, instead of waiting and hoping the server comes back online.

I won't be going back to 1and1.

- gabe

Review Rating
ahren 21 Jan 09

I'm not internet savvy. The first time I discovered 1and1 was in France I just wanted a little site and I bought a whole bunch of domaine names from them. 8 months into my client-ISP relation with them I decided to transfer all my domaines to another ISP.

BAM! Without warning and overnight, they deleted my websites which isn't as horrifying as their deleting my e-mail account along with all my e-mails - with all my important records in it - internet purchase receipts, bank statements...everything! I called them and they said that I can reinstate them as my provider again if I want the sites up again, but that my emails are not retrievable.

Mind you, I didn't cancel my hosting which I had paid for up til July 2009 - I only transferred the domaine names.

At anyrate, though it would appear that there is no law against ISP's deleting your email account and all its content - in mine eyes I consider this practice criminal.

Imagine if you had entrusted all of your snail-mail letters and paper documents and records to a safety deposit service and they decided to burn all of it simply out of spite or other?

I am today waiting for a response from 1and1 headquarters - which I just recently learned is in LA, USA.

Review Rating
RW 6 Jan 09

Even sites that are moderately sized will find the 100 MB limit on MySQL databases unacceptable. Even the most basic of host these days do not require such an unrealistic limit. Also, you cannot have any ad tracking or logging which you might need if you want to run your own software.

Nonetheless, I stayed with 1and1 for a full year due to the annual agreement. When I voiced some problems with my site uptime and that I would be leaving the support staff merely replied that I had a 1 year obligation and so I couldn't leave. No help and no support. Earlier poster is right, don't trust any hosting company that doesn't have a flexible month-to-month policy (unlike cell phones) there's enough competition out here where you shouldn't lock yourself into any contracts that alleviate the support team's responsibility to good service.

When looking for a host, make sure that any limits on your database is connected with how much space you have on your account. Also, check to make sure what kind of web apps you can run. If you have a blog or affiliate program running, it may be against 1and1's terms of service.

Review Rating
Ken 2 Jan 09

I've been a 1and1 customer for over a year. The reason why I was a customer for a year was because I was held to a 12 month agreement. Never trust hosting companies that aren't willing to bill you month to month. Overall the shared server handles spikes in traffic relatively well. Uptime is usually good, but my site has been down for hours at a time with no explaination in the past. Support is every bit as bad as people claim. Sales support is misleading... they'll tell you anything is possible just to get the sale. Tech support is just plain incompetent. This company will attack your credit immediately if you miss a payment, say you cancel your credit card and don't update your billing info. They will put your account in collections for $6.99 -- that's why I'm leaving them.

Review Rating
Kim 15 Dec 08

My six sites have never been down cause of my host. I've been hacked several times in the last year and was very thankful for the backups provided free by 1&1. And the price is GREAT at 3.99 per month for all the storage, email addresses and traffic I need. I see no reason to go anywhere else.

Review Rating
James 9 Oct 08

We had our domain name registered with 1and1. We transferred our domain over to APLUS.NET. 1and1 SPITEFULLY turned our next year's fee over to a collection agency to harass us and put a bad mark on our good credit history. Do NOT trust this dishonest business.

Try APLUS.NET for domain name registration, never had a problem with them

Review Rating
Tanaka 24 Sep 08

Downtime King. My business package goes down every other week, I already have these guy's phone number on speed dial because I have to call so often regarding down time. Absolutely horrible customer service and its unacceptable.

Review Rating
Alex 19 Sep 08

Good for a basic site. Great prices and very good uptime, but lacks advanced features and support. If you're just doing a small personal site, they're pretty good. (And their free software package is great.)

Review Rating
Robert 17 Sep 08

Worst hosting provider I have EVER used. Support is non-existant. 5 days since signing up and still no site! "We appollogize, there is an error on our server"

Review Rating
djh 12 Sep 08

Their billing dept. is horrible. They just don't know what customer service is. We are an isp and everyone knows email must work 99% or better. They make NO attempt to resolve issues quickly. Mistakes can happen but when they do you put in a little extra effort to resolve it. 1&1 just dosen't care.

Review Rating
Jack 8 Sep 08

I have right now the same exact problem as BOB PROBST. I don't know what to do i called them about 2 million times and still they send things to old email, they still haven't changed my email at the registrar.

Someone help, worst company ever please don't use.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review Rating
Adam J Parton 28 Jul 08

I have been with 1and1 internet on the Business package since October 2007, and so far I've enjoyed the services.

The hosting platform (admin area) can be quite tricky at first, but after a little learning on how to use it, it can be very useful and better than the standard cPanel & DirectAdmin. The speed of their server's is unbelievable, I think it's the best speed yet from other host's I've tried.

I would recommend 1and1 to anyone who's looking to open a small personal site, but due to their limits on SQL etc, I wouldn't recommend it for large sites such as forum's or businesses.

The package I have, the business package, is perfectly suitable for my site, and work's perfectly with WordPress (self installed, not preinstalled).

Review Rating
cereal 21 Jul 08

Been with them for about a year now without problems, good support with quick email and call support. Lack of backup system sucks but otherwise downtime and bandwidth are great and a very affordable price...

Review Rating
Chris Allen 13 Jul 08

While I had contacted support and the outsourced tech manual was a bit off it seemed, I've had no downtime with 1&1 and they offer good price for their hosting.

Review Rating
BOB PROBST 23 Jun 08

they were sending all correspondence to I explained that that was an inactive email address and that they should send responses to

my request was not followed up on so I called them again. I asked them what email address they had and was told I told them AGAIN do NOT send to that address IT DOES NOT WORK!

Still not resolved I called again they're still where using I again asked that they change the managing authority email address to

Finally this person told me that I had to send a request to them with proof of my identity and that they would send me a confirmation code by email. I asked them what email address they would send it to and, guess what?. They gave met the address. I told them AGAIN do NOT send to that address IT DOES NOT WORK!

So I send the information to change the managing authority email to Two days later I email them to see why it is not done... NO RESPONSE.

I email them on day 3, still no response. I email Illinois and on day four the whois managing authority is changed.

So I start waiting for my confirmation code that is needed to authorize the change of registra. after the second day I call your outsourced helpless desk support team for the code. They told me it was sent. I asked them to whom they sent it and, get this,

I was paralyzed with unbelief.


After a long scripted response of possible excuses the real problem with using outsourced support became apparent.

They do not think ahead.

Do not anticipate.

Do not think about how to be helpful.

Do not think outside the box.

Do not have an inkling of anything beyond what their scripts say.

The reason why they still were sending to is that I never explicitly asked for them that they need to change my 1 and 1 account email address!!! Apparently telling them




is not asking "Please tell me where I can get a form that I need to fill out and fax in order to change my accounts email from to"

Review Rating
John Henderson 19 Jun 08

1&1 are an average host technically and performance-wise, however they are completely attrocious when the time comes for some sort support or billing irregularities resolution. NEVER AGAIN with them! Google "1&1 complaints" and see the results of 1&1 business practrices. 1&1 hosting at your peril, I've been there and live to regret it!

Review Rating
Allen 19 Jun 08

Nasty support people, incredibly hard to understand. They treat you like dirt. They will remove domain names from your control panel without prior consent from you. They will try to make you think you are talking to an American by using fake American names - yet the language and grammatical errors are common to all email communication from them. There's random downtime and if you ever happen to delete one file/email by mistake, you can say BYE BYE! They have no backup system in place. You can backup your own files (ftp,ssh), but not your email. If you are an administrator with 400 email addresses they expect you (this is an actual piece of advice given to me by one of their supervisors - Daun, badge number #0607-02, ext. #3712) to backup your emails by using a gmail account. That is just outrageously stupid if you ask me, since NO ONE would set up 400 email accounts (for which you should not have access to passwords anyway since you're just an administrator) as externals on a google account. Imagine having 1.3 GB per email account. That is simply unacceptable. You are not informed of the backup policy (or lack thereof) until you actually try to get back a file/email you lost - basically until you ask them about it. Apparently it is stated under 2.1.8 in the TC. Who knew?

Review Rating
Patrick 16 May 08

Hosting: Reliability was poor. If you're doing real, custom development: avoid. If you're doing simple personal blog type stuff where frequent outages don't matter, it may be OK. (At one point they had 2 instances of the cron daemon running... no explanations as to causes of outages, etc.)

Support: Not great. Support staff appeared to be in a far-off land, and over-worked. (To be fair, 1&1 probably has their reps frantically handling multiple support calls/chat sessions at once.)

Control panel: Good, I liked it.

On the up-side: as a Domain Registrar, they appear very good. FREE private registration is nice. Good control panel, and they make your domain AuthInfo Codes easily available (in case you want to transfer). Simple to transfer in domains to 1&1.

After cancelling my hosting package with them, I actually opened a new account to use 1&1 as my registrar. (Unfortunately they don't allow you to cancel a hosting package but keep registered domains... so I had to transfer away my domains to my other registrar... but had some ready to expire, hence opening a new 1&1 account to hold them.)

Review Rating
Andy 12 May 08

Do not buy a 1&1 hosting account if you want serious MYSQL database that will support a busy website. The limitations of this 100mb database is really in the resources.

With 1&1 they offer multiple MYSQL databases but the problem is if you have a busy website that uses too much of their valuable resource they shut you down. So a warning if you intend using Mambo or Joomla or any other php/mysql website - don't get very busy or they consider it a an abuse of their system resources.

After my experience of them shutting off my main site without warning and prior to that a Scouts website for goodness sake.

Good in all other respects if you want a basic HTML website with nothing complicated but support is terrible and until they sort out their MYSQL miserly ways I would avoid them like the plague. I have heard they are difficult to cut loose too and keep billing people. Beware of this one.

Review Rating
Migs 4 May 08

I've never had a second of downtime. Connections are very fast (ISP allowing!) and always reliable.

I've had to contact support on 2 occasions, and had e-mail replies within 1 hour, both times.

The only place they lag behind the opposition, for me, is the restrictions on MySQL database limits.

I highly recommend them.

Review Rating
Matt Ford 16 Apr 08

Like it, gives it me what i want, for a fair price.

Review Rating
Daniel 10 Mar 08

This is an amazing host! I have NEVER had any problems within the 3 years I have been with them. The only problems were a DNS mix-up on my part, and a scheduled server update. Great prices, for the space they give you, alot more bandwidth then most other hosts.

Excellent host, would recommend to anyone.

Review Rating
Joseph Machalani 26 Feb 08

Well, I decided to use 1&1 Internet Service to host my review website and overall, i am really pleased about the service.

The Good: The price is very good and i even got 2 Domains with my package. You even get the "Click and Build" apps like Joomla, phpBB Forum etc... are great. The online e-mail service is good too, they even have an app where you can login directly from your desktop. The overall Admin interface is really simple to use.

The Bad: First, the FTP transfer speed is quite slow when you have a lot of content to Upload. Second, the app to login from the desktop eats some nice quantity of memory for the low functions they offer. Third, somethimes I can't access my e-mail and it says 500 Unexpected Error and happend 2 times I really needed it...

Review Rating
David Zatz 14 Dec 07

Support unable to do simple tasks. Downtime surprisingly high. Terms will come back and bite you. Unnecessarily complicated systems that tend to be incompatible with other software. VPS went down periodically. Reboot requests required considerable persuasion though they only took a few seconds after 20 minutes of delay tactics by ignorant support people. DO NOT fall for the Premium Software package -- it requires a full-year contract and then they end up demanding that you return everything when you cancel! There's a catch to EVERYTHING at 1&1.

Review Rating
miri 3 Dec 07

Well, my mailservers for all my domains seemed to be blocked by this service (I use 1And1 for all of my hosting, as they are cheap and reliable). It is the customers of the company using the service that is suffering. I'm simply unable to reply to their requests for customer support (we are a games developer). I can only assume that some of 1And1's customers spam or someone uses their servers for relay, or most likely, someone reported them maliciously (as people tend to do). We, of course, never send out unsolicited emails and this is the first time my email has been blocked. I ask 1and1, after 48h, I receive email from support:

we have received several complaints concerning Spam mails being sent through

this mail account belonging to your contract:

Please protect your account against unauthorized usage from third parties.

If you arranged the sending of the concerning mails by yourself, please note

that you have to use a so called "confirmed opt-in" system for your newsletter

subscriptions to ensure that E-Mails are only sent out to recipients who

explicitly agreed to receive them.

When using confirmed opt-in the subscription process looks something like this:

* Somebody asks for an address to be added to the list of recipients

* The system sends an E-Mail to that address with a verification link or code

* Only when that (unique) link is clicked or the code mailed back the address

is allowed to be added into the database

You can find further information for example at:

Please be advised that we have to disable your mail account in case the

problem persists and we receive further complaints. Thank you for your


After six day its working again.

Thank you 1 an 1 hosting.

Fantastic support.

Review Rating
salvador mtz b 28 Nov 07

Una excelente compañia, pues las anteriores se sobre cargarba el CPU o el acceso al panel de control. estaba "fuera de servicio" y aqui tengo accesos ssh, telnet y escritorio remoto! las demas son con un costo muy muy extra. y por 2 años! de las 4 compañias que he usado, me quedo con 1&1.

Review Rating
JOHAN 10 Nov 07

We have a professional package with 1and1

However, they unilaterally, without any notice took our website off.

we have tried for 3 days (and counting) to get it back up but keep on getting through to a bunch of incompetent people in a remote call center in Indonesia who are not capable or enabled to help us

IF you are serious about your website and its important I advise to stay very far from 1and1 - lots of fancy features but totally useless support

Review Rating
creamers 22 Oct 07

Their support sucks so bad Ive sent about 50 different cases to them and only 1 time i got a answer the first time. Their control is OK not the best you cant even name your ftp right mine were u44111552-etc

etc is what i wanted to name it. In there MySQL you cant even name your databases either. Im switching this week for sure and problay going to Site5.

Review Rating
Jonathan 3 Oct 07

Ordered a server from them a while ago and it took four months to set up. But they kept charging me for the server they hadn't set up yet! It broke within a week of me having it and wasted another two weeks for them to try to fix it. Terrible host and I couldn't recommend even if my life depended on it.

Review Rating
MarkC 26 Mar 07

I have used 1&1 for many years but recent events have forced me to look elsewhere. They have downgraded their support and charge for support calls (before I could chat online with someone but they closed that service) My site has been down for 6 days, they know it has issues on their side but have failed to sort it out. I am now looking for someone better.

Review Rating
TAN 27 Feb 07

1&1 is a stable website host, and is rarely down. My site, after a year, has only been down once. There servers are fast and they have fairly good prices for what you get.

Review Rating
Don Swords 29 Jan 07

I for one, LOVE 1&1. I suppose Support is the 'wildcard' of any hosting organization, but 1&1 Support has always answered my questions. Not many host have a 24hr phone number! Pricing, uptime and features are also very hard to beat.

Review Rating
BiGRob 29 Oct 06

Everythings great except the customer service, the price point is one of the best I've seen in 5 years. The support is slow and almost useless.

Review Rating
Hal Adam 24 Sep 06

When I needed to contact them via their phone number they hung up on me due to high call volumes. Their web server was DOWN and I needed to tell them to get it up right away! NOT impressed so far.

Review Rating
Provisions International 15 Sep 06

Great Hosting! They Are So Nice With Customer Support, Though There Was This One Person That Had An Attitude But That Was Solved. So They Are Recommended, Though There Control Panel Is Confusing To Use At First.

Review Rating
Dville 12 Jun 06

Great Equipment

Great Backbone

But even with the best machines they tend to crash, and do funny things. . .even if it's just every now and then.

Don't expect to get a reply to your email for at least 4-5 days. And I do say least. Normally you get a reply within 8-10.

You can call and get phone support. . .but even there you wait on hold for at least an hour. . .normally 2 hours.

Review Rating
dissatisfied 22 May 06

Thier email server are known for transmitting SPAM and viruses. A client of min never received my emails because they would bounce back as undeliverable becuase the server was a known virus sender. This alone made me leave their company as a customer.

Review Rating
Pat H. 2 Mar 06

I have a dedicated server with them, but I also have a shared hosting account with them and I must say that their support simply sucks. The price is right, they throw in free software and domain names... just don't expect much from the support department, they are cluebies.

A big thing that I hate is how they handle spam. You can set it to high or low, and if you set it to high when you receive spam, they don't delete it... no, that's too much. Instead, they email you it but the subject says *** SPAM ***. It's the stupidest thing ever.

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