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Originally incepted as Managing Services, Inc. (founded in 1999), SevenL Networks was branded in June of 2003. maintained ownership of SevenL until June 1st, 2007 when it was incorporated and branched out on its own under private ownership.

SevenL's data center is owned and operated exclusively by us and is located in Toronto, Canada with direct fiber optic connections to Canada's premier data hotels. We provide facilities and server infrastructure for mission-critical online applications, websites and ecommerce companies. Our clients our worldwide and love our service. SevenL's size and core group of highly experienced employees allows us to maintain cost-effective server solutions and the direct customer interaction often sought but not found in a hosting provider.

Toronto Canada

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Sequoia 11 Jun 11

Been with sevenl 2 years+ and find them to be very responsive. The sales staff are good, honest people, which is difficult to find elsewhere. Customer support is also good and the technical staff are very knowledgeable. I did have a problem with a hard drive once. Luckily they provided raid 1 so my data was not lost and they replaced the drive fast! No harm done. All in all a positive experience and I recommend them to my collegues often.

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Jean Claude JAMET 15 Feb 10

very reactive, good support, easy to work with, only good things :)

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Marcus 13 Feb 10

Never had connection problems. Once my server had a problem on the weekend, no ping or connection via ssh anymore. I opened a ticket and they rebooted the machine within 20min. After that my machine was up and running again. This was a software problem (my fault). No charge whatsoever...

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