Founded in 2000, 7HOST delivers complex managed hosting solutions and high-end application services to a broad spectrum of businesses.

This includes highly profitable companies who make the fiscally sound decision to outsource, instead of maintaining a large scale IT department.

Based in Chieti, Central Italy, 7HOST has its own highly secure datacenter in Naples which includes a state-of-the-art network,and total fiber optic connectivity for high-speed reliable service.

7HOST's highly knowledgeable and multi-lingual staff enables us to serve clients worldwide,with the majority of 7HOST business in Europe, North America and Far East.


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condef 27 May 14

My initial interaction with sales support of 7host was great, as well as others. Important factor of webhosting choice for me was location, so I have decided to use Italian datacenter for my targeted audience. Since they helped me move and setup my websites everything is working smoothly. I find their technical support truly skilled, all my daemons are working without errors. So far downtime has never happened and pingdom uptime monitoring shows 99.97%. Network is what I looked for with low ping to my users, so it is perfect.Support team is working impressively. If you will ask me to rate their service I would give them 8/10, because nothing is perfect in our world. Sure everyone have some issues with functioning, but they fix them in an instant. Summary I am glad to find 7host company, their service remains to be top level.

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hglee 18 Mar 14

Just want to show my appreciation to 7Host for their killer services. I have had nothing but a great time with this company. I've started not long time ago, but everything has been excellent so far. 7Host is a tremendous value with stable servers, lots of space, and a wide variety of features. 7Host provides excellent hosting. Network connection is fast and control panel is user friendly. The reaction speed of the after-sales support is very fast. Their technical support is best ever I have seen. They have been exceptional to work with and I've been more than satisfied.

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Guilerme 13 Nov 13

I am now a loyal customer of Using their shared hosting plans and have no complaints.

I am on windows plan and don't see any difference in performance or stability comparing with linux.

Support staff is great. They are answering in approximately 20 minutes and always give detailed solution of any my issue.

When I need assistance I know that I can simply ask for help from technical team. That is great to be assured in your company and their workers.

Uptime has never been a problem. My sites are online all the time and I get stability as guaranteed.

As for performance of network and servers it is rather good. Sometimes I got slow working ftp and packet loss, but it was a trouble from my side according to tracert.

All services which are included to plan are working fine. I heard some people are getting troubles with e-mail delivery or DB performance, but mine is working at highest level of stability.

Overall I'd like to thank to all the team. You are bringing quality service high level customer care.

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Marius 22 Sep 09

After several months of being a client of, I think I am ready to thank them for a great service they provide, being one of the most attractive hosts is the EU, and offering money-saving billing with number of features and discounts.

7host is a very professional team which makes me forget about any troubles I had before with other hosts. Their support works fine and I recieve answers shortly after sending tickets, but in fact I still made no tickets connected with problems with accessibility, only common questions.

The uptime, as you may see, gladdens: during all the time I am with 7host site was always up and running fast.

They charge a lot, but having annual billing I rather save than waste funds. Anyway, I pay reasonable price for reasonable service and recommend it to everybody.

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