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AN Hosting, Inc. was born in early 2001. Within the next four years it would grow from a no-name company based out of a small Chicago suburb to a multi-million dollar web hosting company. Now, even with three offices in two countries, roughly 30 employees and thousands of customers (in over a hundred countries,) AN Hosting has never forgotten its roots as a startup.

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Eliot 9 Jun 11

AN Hosting is very reasonably priced and offers all the functionality I've needed.

Reliability is decent - my server has been hovering around 99.7% this year. Performance is also quite good - better than most people seem to experience with shared hosting.

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Kimberly 14 Sep 08

Features and price are excellent. Support tends to be good with very few exceptions. Problem - reliability. My site seems to go down at least once a week or so for short periods of time. I know this because I have ads on my site and I get an email each time they aren't working correctly. I'm currently shopping for a provider that is more reliable.

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Mark 4 Jun 08

Lately some downtime, but hardly a big deal. The only reason I notice is that I monitor my sites. Outages do occur, however AN is very upfront and even post them on their blog.

Price is exceptional for what you get.

Service is good. They are responsive and for the most part knowlegable.

My only complaint is that I can't have separate domains, I have to have one domain and all oter domains are configured as subdomains. Other than that, they are a great value.

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Edward Uken 25 May 07

They are great when they are up. But lately I've had quite a bit of down time. To count so far in the three months I've been with them I've had three major outages. Their servers are fast, and my pages load way quicker than, but their reliability sucks!

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