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In 1999 IX Web Hosting began hosting customers on a server in someone's living room, and since then have grown into a company with over 110,000 clients hosting over 470,000 sites.

At IX we decided that we wanted to provide the best and most exceptional customer support in the industry. When you sign up with IX Web Hosting, we assign you your own support agent that you can contact directly with any questions or issues you might have.

Every webhost offers a 30-day money back guarantee and many also offer an anytime money back guarantee, but who offers completely free hosting? We do. For a full week, you can kick the tires, take her out for a spin, and see how she handles in the straights - for no charge. Seriously. We won't charge your card until after the 7 day trial period, and if you cancel before it's up - you will never be billed. No fighting for refunds, no fine print.

Part of the Endurance International Group.

Endurance's (EiG) other brands include A Small Orange (ASO), Apollo Hosting, Arvixe, BigRock, BizLand, BlueDomino, Bluehost, Dollar2Host,, DomainHost, Dot5Hosting, Dotster, easyCGI, eHost, EntryHost, FastDomain, FatCow, FreeYellow, Globat, HostCentric, HostClear, HostGator, HostMonster, HostNine, HostYourSite, HyperMart, IMOutdoors, Intuit Websites, iPage, iPower, iPowerWeb, IX Web Hosting, JustHost, MyDomain, MyResellerHome, NetFirms, Networks Web Hosting, Nexx, PowWeb, PureHost, ReadyHosting, Saba-Pro, SEO Hosting, Site5, Spry, StartLogic, SuperGreen Hosting, USANetHosting, Verio, VirtualAvenue, VPSLink, WebHost4Life, Webstrike Solutions, and Xeran.

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IX Web Hosting's overall review score

Hosting Reviews for IX Web Hosting

Mohamed Nawareg 28 Apr 17

I appreciate IX service very much, specially their customer support. They really are the best. I would like to thank ixwebhosting for that and I want to recommend their service for all people.

Review Rating
Nora Krug 31 Mar 17

OMG! Dmitriy Movchan is so professional with a lot of patient helping and guide my fix the problem piece by piece, Dmitriy is definitely the best representative I have ever talked with. Thanks to Dmitriy and IX

Review Rating
Herschal Hill 23 Mar 17

Now that they all have recovered from the relaxing rest they had last week, I want to thank IX for their hard work to get us back up. I especially want to complement those who were on the firing line dealing with irate customers. You handled it with great professionalism, I would like to have heard what wan't said, or maybe not. I do hope things were learned to prevent this from happening again but, my thanks to all of you.

Review Rating
Michael Rodriguez 28 Feb 17

Great service with their rep, they were able to help me figure out the problem and work with me until I had it up. I appreciate the great support from IXWebHosting!

Review Rating
Garret Corbett 17 Feb 17

I just wanted to say that I recieved excellent customer support from Artem Matvienko and my problem was solved quickly and without any issues. Thank you IX for all of the help!

I have been with IXHosting for about 2 years now I believe. For some reason I am always managing to mess things up and IX guys are always there to quickly help me in any way that I need. I have worked with clients who have bluehost and godaddy before and I assure, THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THEM! guys are extremely exceptional with their customer support and I like to do all that I can to show how much I appreciate their help. I am a web developer and my main website is Thank you ixwebhosting again for all of the help! You, Artem, and the rest of the staff at IXwebhosting is the reason why I stay and why I will always recommend you guys to anyone else who is interested in web development!


Review Rating
Rachel Ecker 19 Oct 16

Awesome customer service and I cont, to be very happy with this company

Review Rating

I feel I am obliged to thank IX Webhosting and tell them that after following their advises I managed to upload my files correctly. How ever it was easier after changing an ISP. Thank IX very much for their support.


Review Rating
Avi Harel 24 Nov 15

IXWebHosting charge for faked purchase orders.

I have been with IXWebHosting for about 15 years. A month ago they sent me a link with misleading text, proposing to try a site builder they sell. The title of the message was "Quick Facts About Site Builder", and the text was "Want a tour of the product or more information? Check out our page about it here ... ". This was a trap. After clicking the link, I received a message, thanking me for purchasing the product. When I asked them about it, they refused to cancel the faked order and to refund me, arguing that I chose the "one-click option". Only after repeated protests I was refunded.

I suspected that the incident might indicate that IXWebHosting have financial problems, and eventually they might be subject to chapter 11, ending up in bankrupting. Therefore, I thought of changing the host. However, being aware of the efforts required to get used to a new system, I hesitated. Before deciding to change the host, I asked their customer support for explanations about the incident. I wrote to them that I expect to receive a message apologizing for the incident and explaining to their customers how it happended. Subsequently, a technical supervisor called me twice by phone to assure that he is going to acknowledge my concerns to their upper management. Today, a month after the incident, I still did not receive any message from the IXWebHosting explaining their wierd behavior.

Today I finished the transition to a new host.

Review Rating
Matthew McMaster 12 Oct 15

"I love the support of IX. I am an advocate for trying new technologies and having a diverse number of vendors to choose from. While I do have domains with other service providers, I have selected IX for my major up and coming Linux based projects because of their support.

The guys at IXWebHosting are awesome."

Review Rating
Chris Taeni 1 Sep 15

I've been using IX Hosting for 5+ years now and they never miss a beat.

Their hosting is easy to use, reliable (more reliable than other hosts I

have used) and their support is quick and gets everything right every time!

I'd recommend IX hosting to anyone looking for cheap, reliable hosting

without headaches!

- Chris Taeni (founder at Better Solar Power Quotes)

Review Rating
Bazzel Baz 1 Dec 14

The advertising states unlimited storage, I uploaded 64 gig and was shut out of my account until I removed files to reach 12 gig.

Told lies that there is unlimited storage.

Do NOT use this service

Review Rating
Alex Zwiggelaar 3 Oct 14

Only bad news about IX webhosting. Last year I had several problems, and it takes forever to respond to my tickets. The price also went up every year. If you need something extra, like a 303 redirect, you can't find it. One day my site was down, and they told me it was working fine. The next day same problem, 2 hours later still no response to my tickets, my website still offline.

Another redirect didn't work, and the list goes on. Stay away from IX webhosting, 100's of bad reviews and only a few good ones. Enough providers to choose from, but don't use IX webhosting.

Review Rating
Damian C 18 Apr 14

One of the sites I was looking at was hosted by them. I was curious and checked them out as a possible switch from my current long term host for low cost sites. They had reasonable prices. But you know the challenge, low cost requires some due diligence to determine if you are getting nothing for something or reasonable hosting for reasonable payment.

When I called and asked technical questions that sales should know, I got a lot of babble and eventually 'don't know' non-answers. Tricky things like: how much memory, how many processes can run, what is their control panel like, how many email can I set up... When I asked for them to look it up and get back to me, the sales person said just test it out with a trial month. If you don't like it, nothing lost. I normally don't like that approach, but they were very pushy. I set up an account (of course not moving my real sites over) and then went to tech support to get real answers. Seems I should have been able to ask the questions directly, but at least I would know what kind of support to expect down the line. Couple of weeks later after no answers (and repeated asking and escalation), I asked for a refund. 'No Refund' - trial is full pay plus setup fees. WHAT?!?!?!? But I was told trial was no risk (maybe I misunderstood that the lack of risk was on their part, not mine).

Hours and hours of phone and email where they admitted I never logged in to my account while waiting for tech support (he was on vacation, 'so sorry') they never refunded me my money. So I got to pay three times.

1) initial cost to set up site ($112)

2) Wasted time to ask questions to determine they were a bad fit

3) Wasted time repeated explaining I was told it was a trial, only to have a different definition of trial. Their definition is YOU pay. They might answer your questions some day.

In short, don't trust them. They LIE!

Review Rating
Noel Ivon 26 Feb 14

Got a call from Sasha where she informed us that server up-time is not possible as you have promised on website.

We do understand 99.9 % might be too much for you to achieve.

We were informed that server downtimes will continue - and we should consider some RECOMMENDATIONS.

I personally informed Sasha that we are not in position to invest more in recommendations , while she kept asking me about how much money we make .....

This was strange- IX WEBHOSTING calling clients in 2014 and informing them that you can not deliver what you have promised while making us clients.

And those promises are still on your website.

If you have changed your policies and can not assure us services- please inform us.

Friends , it has been over 7 hrs. and no one has responded to my ticket- I think I should elaborate a little more on what we were made understood today.

1. Inquiries about our business- how much money we make. Even asked for how much is Himalayan package charges. Which I think is not professional, not ethics , and certainly dont went in good taste.

2. We were informed that 99.9% uptime is unpractical - when I said what about 98%, 97%, 96%...answer came in negative.

3. We were informed that if we dont pay more or 'recommendations' server downtime will continue on our websites.

4. We found this conversation - arms twisting tactics and we feel that ixwebhosting now giving us hint EITHER PAY MORE OR MOVE .

If this is so - kindly let me know.

I am also putting up this conversation for use of public- so that it could be understood and debated well in public domain.

Review Rating
Jeff Huckaby 30 Aug 13

Do not use this hosts cloud services. They are unreliable. The portal tools to do simple things like reboot fail. When asked basic questions (what disk system do you use, what is the network port speed), you cannot get clear answers.

If you are serious about your business, find another host.

Review Rating
Noel Ivon 28 Mar 13

A full day of down websites- half of the day has gone in support ticket - still and calm ixwebhosting support seems to be meditating. Phishing attacks are coming due to old versions of wordpress- this was told to us. They we are given list of domains where we were supposed to upgrade wordpress- and we found they are down !!

Where is Lune Fay ? Support ...its more than half day solution...or once again you will say sorry ???

Review Rating
Loyal cust unloyal host 5 Mar 13

I am done with this company. I have been a customer for over 10 years. I have had zero issues with them for 9.5 years. I added a gallery to my site and got shut down for using too much bandwidth. Alright, I'll slow down a little. Now I'm getting the email that my UNLIMITED account is over the LIMIT of 20gb. Please, please, please DOT NOT USE THEM FOR ANY REASON. Something has changed over there and now they are useless.

Review Rating
ED Klyne 24 Jul 12

I have been with IX since 2006 with unlimited plan. I supposedly had 3 free sites but that disappeared.

I have had my sites blocked twice this year due "Your home folder was limited to FTP access only due to excessive CPU usage."??? I got this strange reply "Unfortunately when overloads such as this occur, it affects hundreds of other customers on the server, so we must take immediate action to stifle the source of the overload."

What??? How many hundreds of hosting plans are on a single server??

I think it is time for me to part ways with IX and give them room for another 50 or so.

Review Rating
Odcad 30 Apr 12

In 2009, I started my web site hosted by this company. It was ok with very little problem.

Since 2010, the site cosntantly down. I was told it was due to band width issue. The site had loading problem from time to time. The link to MySQL could not be connected almost every day. The service guy always says the server is ok.

In addition, they indirectly increased price since 2010. It used to be free of domain, then later I was asked to pay more than market price later. I will transfer my site to other host this year.

Review Rating
Oscar Nogueira 20 Dec 11

Big and Frequent Outages, very Unstable server. Since 2004 IX has big outages (2 up to more than 6 hours each). After the servers migration, last November, less long outages, but now, all day long, everyday, hundreds of constant short outages (2/4 min. each).

I myself see this and have monitoring reports by Internet Seer, Siteuptime and Panopta. The new servers and are very unstable. Nobody there does nothing. I think they should monitor each server. And replace the bad ones. So simple!

In the tickets and chat, from Ukraine, responses are almost all useless, automatic, redundant. Some chat persons are very kind, others abandon you up to 50 minutes.

I already had my IX account invaded by hacker, they said it was an FTP problem. I never use FTP. The Google alerted my site was dangerous, and due that I saw alerts against my site in my Web groups. So I lost lots of visitants more.

My daily views and Adsense money have decreased terribly. I paid the hosting plan in advance, until 2013. Avoid!


Review Rating
Steve Gunn 25 Jul 11

I used to really rate them but the spam issue flooding servers is now so common I have to send emails to webmail accounts to check if the delivery time is minutes or even hours or days which is more common as time goes on.. They say they monitor the servers but each time I go through the process it seems a shock to them and then they fix it.. Have decided I have to move I have no options anymore - all down to this email situation

Review Rating
Abitha 2 Mar 11

In the beginning, I moved all my sites to IX web hosting hoping that everything would go fine. And now to my expection everything is going on good. Happy about it.

Review Rating
Doug Leary 22 Feb 11

My experience pretty much agrees with Max's review, except that he didn't mention the extremely slow server response time. I think I've given IX quite a fair chance; I've been hosting with them for almost 2 years, for a couple sites that use SQL Server databases and several that don't. I've found customer support to be pretty responsive though not expert, but I'm a .Net web developer so I can solve most of my own problems, which is why I use a discount hosting service. Customer support is the most expensive cost in providing a hosting service. A lot of people who write these reviews seem to be expecting linen tablecloths at McDonalds prices.

Two things I really like about IX support are the live chat feature and the user-updatable support ticket system. If I discover more information about a problem I can go in and update the support ticket. Hosting multiple sites on the same account is also great, and I like using Sql Server Management Studio for database work is great too.

The one thing I can't get around is the super-slow server response time. When I've contacted support about this their reply is always that they just tried hitting the same pages and are getting fast response. Yes, that's because IIS caches recently-used pages for a while. But wait a few minutes for the page to fall out of the cache and hit it again, and you're back to 20-30 second response time, even for pages that don't use a database. Sometimes my pages time out completely. Reluctantly, I am in the process of moving my sites to another service, specifically because of slow server performance. Other than that my experience there has been fine.

Review Rating
Douglas Wollison 17 Oct 10

I have only been with IX for about 6 months now, and compared to my previous host, they're almost a godsend.

However, my main problem is their uptime. I don't mind getting notifications from uptime robot saying my site's down for an hour or so in the middle of the night, but on a number of occasions (including a recent outage for 5 hours), I've found my site down for several hours in the afternoon/evening.

I had the same problem with my previous host, but unlike them, whenever I contact support at IX, they actually know something went wrong and tell me what basically happened. They even have a status blog you can subscribe to for notification of any maintenance or outages that occur.

I wouldn't bother with their "live chat", I've had times where I'm supposedly the only person waiting, and still can't get through, plus I'm fairly sure it's a cheap AI I'd be dealing with.

If their uptime was significantly better, I'd recommend them in a heartbeat, sadly, I'm now trying to find a more stable web host with less server glitches.

Review Rating
DRPU Software 18 Jun 10

I was really very happy when i moved my major websites to ixwebhosting after relying on their uptime guarantee etc.

I had to wait for almost one week for the VPS to get ready and after that the hard time of my websites started. Hours of downtime and major losses... I had to move my hosting in just 2 months as they failed to help.

Review Rating
Mike 18 May 10

My main problem is that IX webhosting is slow, their page response time went to a crawl, it was taking between 15 and 30 seconds for any page using a database to load! and their eastern bloc tech staff is another bad story, I have suspicions that they (foreign support staff) were rsponsible for hacking my site, the hacking came from the eastern european block each time, same area the support staff is from, these folks probably get paid peanuts,you dont think someone in there could be influenced to participate in nefarious activities? dont use IX webhosting..PERIOD!

I am now at a new host and what a difference, page loads are quick and responsive, all staff are in the paying a little more but it is worth it!!!

Review Rating
Cyrus 14 Aug 09

We are seeing a lot of SPAM messages slipping through. Both our web shops, one still in testing phase are several times a day not responding at all - server could not be found. Support only copies and pastes prewritten keys into the text area, since all of them seem to be sitting in Eastern Europe! I am beginning to really hate this ISP!

Review Rating
Che de Bruin 21 Jul 09

My number one problem with IX is SPAM! I have been with them for months, then suddenly, one day, out of the blue, my accounts started receiving spam, and a lot of it! Somehow the they have managed to not secure the mail server properly and have allowed spammers to send mail directly from IX's mail servers to my account. I later found out that their mail server were never setup to authenticate who was sending mail to and from the servers, allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry to send mail. Well needless to say, I now have multiple emails have become useless and thousands of dollars of letter head and cards that might need to be reprinted because those emails address that where printed on it.

After multiple attempts of trying to resolve this issue, they have informed me that this is something that will take a couple of months to fix. A couple of months! WOW, I could have rebuilt there whole system in that time. Also keep in mind that they told me this 2 months ago and the project time for fixing this now is, guess what, another couple of months.

If you are going to use them for just hosting, great, have at it. But if you plan on hosting email with them as well…. Well run, run away fast.

Just as an FYI, according to IX terms and policies they are not going to grant me a refund on the time lost due to spam, because they don’t consider that as down time.

Review Rating
Max 30 Apr 09

I am amazed at the bad comments posted below. I've been with IX for 2 years and besides the move of the datacenter which they accomplished seemlessly to my opinion, things have been going fine.

A friend of mine has his site hosted at IX too, and he did get hacked into. I don't know why my sites didn't.

The cpanel interface is definitely ugly, but who cares because they give you the most features you can dream of: a hosting account can host as many domains as you want separately which is a great feature. Pretty much unlimited emails, standard FTP and access to all DNS records. I am a happy customer

I tried to move to hostmonster in december because I was getting tired of the old look & feel of the interface, and after I moved an account there and realized that hostmonster does not let you host several domain names from one account, I quickly moved back to IX.

My daily emails are popped from their mail servers. It's been very reliable. All my websites are running fine, and the version of scripts on the system are fairly recent.

One word of advice though: this is not a hosting company for the beginners, you have to know the limits of what they do. One stigma I have with them is that when I asked about getting php5 enabled, they told me they had to create a new cpanel account on the new servers and caused me to recreate all my account settings on the new cpanel: all password, email boxes, websites, etc. Thank god I only had a few sites there, but this could have been a dramatic experience.

At the end of the day, they have more features than anyone else, and you ARE paying for a very cheap hosting company - so I recommend them for advanced webmasters only.

Review Rating
Blake 18 Jan 09

I am totally and completely disgusted with IX Webhosting. It used to be a great host and I recommended it to everyone I could. But something has changed. I believe they got sold. Since then, we have had nothing but endless trouble with this host...

Last year, they proudly moved to a new Data Center. Of course this caused us problems for several months. They kept apologizing, but the problems persisted. After a very long period, things calmed down and remained that way until November...

Without prior warning, IX moved our site to a new server in November. After 60+ hours of calling, using Live Chat, and using the ticket support system, they finally worked out most problems. I felt like I had to beg to get IX to help resolve the problems that they created. I lost an entire weekend fighting them. The IX response times average between 12-24 hours...

Then again this January, IX updated all of our cgi-bin files in our domain and all of our sub-domains recreating the problems that were caused in November's unnecessary server move. Again, it took over 60+ hours to get our site up and running. I had to find workarounds to get our site up and running, and amazingly, IX tried to take credit for getting our site up and running again even though they had nothing to do with it...

Even though our site is up and running now, we still have many problems. After 176 hours of fighting IX for help, they have yet to correct the Cron job errors that still plague our site...

The last two days, the server has crashed in the evening requiring another call to IX to get the server restarted/reset and our site back online. This was the same pattern that plagued us after the Data Center move last year. And early every morning, the page load response times drag down to a crawl. This seems to start between midnight and 4 AM every single night. The other day, the slowness continued well into the following day. We get an apology from IX each time this happens, but they don't seem to be doing anything to permanently correct it...

IX has tried very hard to blame these problems on our code, which worked fine before the server move in November and again up until January. IX does not want to take responsibility for their actions and it is frustrating and disgusting dealing with them. I cannot in good conscience recommend IX Webhosting to anyone until they improve the skills of their own Technical Support staff. It wouldn't hurt if they hired a few more knowledgeable people to improve their response times too. Waiting 12-24 hours for each new response to a ticket is totally unacceptable. With IX's lack of effort, a resolution to a problem can drag on for days and weeks. IX does the bare minimum to assist its clients and they do it as slow as they possibly can...

Dealing with IX technical support gets real old real fast. I wouldn't wish this on anyone...

Review Rating
Richard Pollock 10 Jan 09

I was initially surprised to read all the bad reviews about my IX Webhosting. I've been using them for almost 3 years now and generally they have been very good reliable and cheap. I have noticed a few glitches but one has to expect that when you have cheap web hosting. I must admit that I have not been hugely active on my site over the last year so it may not be fully in tune with downtimes and so forth. So now I will be keeping my eye rather more closely on them and seeing whether the criticism is worth taking notice of.

Review Rating
Kale 17 Dec 08

IX web hosting has been a nightmare.

I have been with IX now for almost 4 years, the first 3 years was smooth sailing. However this past year IX has become the worlds worst web hosting company. They drasticly oversold, servers are either down or extremely slow, Support is absolutely worthless!!, the server can be down for 6 hours, and they just say it's fine.

For the past 7 months hackers have "seeded" the servers, and more than 80,000 customer web sites are being injected on a 10 day basis.

The worst thing about IX web hosting is that they are extremely ignorant, arrogant, and liars. They blame innocent customers for their own incompetence, and the "Money Back Guarantee" .. FORGET IT!!

Avoid IX Web hosting.

Review Rating
dale 8 Dec 08

I've hosted with IX for over 3 years running 2 seperate business accounts with numerous domains. In the past year I have suffered countless injection hacks tat have rendered websites unusable. I have spent way too much time trying to recover.

Not have shell access means that I had to spend extraordinary amount of time with the file access tool that is slow and clumsy.

They're cpanel access feels very dated, reminding me of the web circa 1998. I am now moving all my domains to a new host and have never been happier.

Take a web admin's advise .... stay away from this company!

Review Rating
Fred 4 Dec 08

I have used IXhosting for about a year and it is degrading rapidly. There live chat is slow and useless. Tickets are always closed with sorry for the problem and we see no problems. Database connections are slow or nothing.cpanel is the worst i have ever had to work with. Moving to new host.

Review Rating
Jen 24 Oct 08

AWFUL!!! My site has been hacked numerous times and the customer service team does nothing to try to resolve the issue. They are very unhelpful.

DO NOT go with this host---TERRIBLE!!!

Review Rating
jonathan ayres 21 Oct 08

Beware of this company. My site was hacked and destroyed. IX knew about the hacking problem as they were having 100 per day. However when their techs sent an email to management telling them to notify all customers the management did not do that and because of that decision my site was destroyed.

Review Rating
TB 16 Sep 08

I have had continuing slowness and 'out of space' issues with IXWebHosting. They keep fixing the problem without fixing the underlying cause. My sites have been unavailable several times due to consequences of these issues. Support is slow to recognize the problems and slow to fix things. They insist that they have 24 hours to simply respond to issues. To speed things up requires a phone call, and even then, the issues are not always resolved for several days. I have no confidence that the problems I have had in the past will not come back again.

Review Rating
Don Demrow 11 Jul 08

I can't believe anybody would have any problem with IX hosting. I have been using them for years, after using other hosting companies, and I will stay with them for as long as I have websites!!!

The only downtime I have EVER experienced was when they moved their servers from KY to OH. They sent several emails to let me know they would be down for a while during the switch, and they were down only for a fraction of the time they said they would be.

I couldn't be happier, and they give you more email accounts, bandwidth, and storage than I think almost ANYONE would ever use!!!

HIGHLY recommended for those who know how to administer websites. Might be a little hard to figure out for the inexperienced user - I have never needed to contact support.

Review Rating
andres 26 Jun 08

Always down, slow support and Any time money back guarantee is a TOTAL FAKE.

Review Rating
Jom 1 May 08

The worst webhost I've ever had! - too much downtimes

- Slow comunication

- awful cpanel

- poor features

- Email gets a lotta spam!!

Just stay away from this hosting!

Review Rating
Matt 15 Apr 08

Average phone wait time: 30 minutes-sometimes much more! Average percentage calling actually got problem(s) solved: 10%. Frankly, I have nothing but bad things to say about my experience with them. DO NOT WANT!

Review Rating
Theo 27 Mar 08

They advertise everything you want to see as far as allowed space on the server, database size, on and on and the prices are cheap. Don't be fooled by all of this. Their service is an absolute joke. We've been a customer with their top level windows plan for the past 2 months. The site has gone down at least once a week and has been down repeatedly in the past couple weeks for hours at a time due to a lack of database resources. Our site honestly feels like it's been down more than it's been up over the past week. If you host here, you better get used to being caller number 30 on hold for customer support when your site is down. The 24/7 chat support is obviously outsourced and often worthless. To top if off, they did nothing to compensate at all when I requested it, claiming they hadn't bypassed their allotted down time for the year yet (which I don't believe at all). Do yourself a favor and find a better hosting company. Trust me, you do not want to host here. I'm already in the process of doing so.

Review Rating
Paul 24 Mar 08

You know after reading all of the negative reviews about this host I have started looking around for a new one. They are slow on support issues, often time I have no idea whatsoever about what they just said to me. My sites are down on average of 1-5 mins per day.

But. . .you cannot beat the price for what you get unlimited data storage an data transfer. 16 dedicated IP's for about $10 per month.

I have had no experience bad enough to find a new hosting co, but I am always on the lookout for another afordable host.

Review Rating
Dirk Bryan 15 Mar 08

I have been with ix for almost 2 yrs now and I was very happy with their overall service. I have had issues from time to time, in which the ticket/livechat was able to fix in a timely manner. Last Dec, 2007, we moved our site to a new server that supported php5 (since php 4 was being depreciated), and we wanted to have the various scripts up to date for security reasons. From this time forward, we have had one issue after another, especially email issues. Tech support has gone downhill from previous experiences after our move. Ix has since moved all accounts to new servers and I can only imagine the issues that must be on going.

Tech support is slow at best. I would give some leeway if they responded in a timely manner saying they were looking into the issues, but I have a ticket open for 6 weeks, where they have repeatedly said there is no problem. But the email mailing lists don't work, and I even setup an email on their server which was to get any emails posted to the email mailing list. It has taken 3 days for the email to get to that email address, and some just vanish. Because of tech supports slow response time, I have gotten a response saying that the logs have been purged due to the time between when I created a ticket and when they looked into the problem. Funny thing is I would send a test email, and immediately submit the details about that email.

They have outsourced the tech support to Russia I think, and there is a language barrier, or just plain incompetence on them. Its very frustrating not having the email working, and there appears to be no end in sight. This was one of the features we picked ix for.

On the good side they do offer lots, and the speed has been ok. There are times when the php/mysql scripts are slow, but not that often. FTP is on the slow side, but it is a shared hosting account. They allow a great deal of flexibility in how you run the website. This may be a source of the problems, but not sure.

I think they are a case of you get what you pay for....

Review Rating
Stephen 6 Mar 08

Horrible! They charged extra fees through a loophole in the fine print on one page buried in their site -- everything else they say seems contradictory.

Also, when my email and site went down, I told them. Their response was "check your settings"!! My settings were fine. They went down about 2 hours every / every other week -- and this is only what I caught.

Also, the same company uses HostExcellence -- don't use them either!!

Review Rating
phil smeby 1 Mar 08

Just stay away from this one, can't believe they actually make money. You will never see your site because it will be down all the time. Their support is like talking to an artificial intelligent computer. They are also expensive for what you get.

Review Rating
David M 24 Feb 08

The worst web host I've ever had! (for about one week). They lie and they are incompetent. The servers go down every few hours! Stay away!!!

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Aamir Kilwani 30 Oct 07

What do you I say about their horrorable service, When you need your server it will be down may be server dont like us, Support always reply with scripts and when they dont get you they will left the chat, Horroable CONTROL PANEL you will puzzle when you will see the funny control panel. They have their own hosting review website and they put IX on the top checkout this url so dont believe.

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C Hunter 26 Jun 07

I was never able to get adequate support from this hosting provider. The web based mail they offer is HORRIBLE! If you LOVE spam, then this is the hosting provider for you! They don't offer spam filtering, and I was forced to shut down my domains temporarily and move them elsewhere to try and get away from the insane amount of spam. No help from their support on this one after several attempts to contact....

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Burn 19 Nov 06

do you like slightly retarded customer service reps?

do you like your support questions to be answered with vague email scripts?

do you like downtime due to your hosts inability to update your billing information for your domain and server?

do you like restrictive and unreliable features?

you do?

then you will love ixwebhost

i paid for two years up front, and have had no real server downtime issues

my site was down for two days because ixwebhosting didnt bill me correctly for my domain (they used an incorrect credit card number)

when i first signed up they

#1 misspelled my domain name horribly (it was fixed a day later, but only after deleting all of my files off the server ad re-setting up my account

#2 filled out all of most contact information incorrectly... my whois info is still desperately incorrect

i gave up on getting all this fixed after dealing with phone reps who have the grammar of a 12 year old autistic child

now i just deal with my

4mysql databases....

4domains (one slightly misspelled)

and a cpanel that feels like it has a permanent digg effect

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