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Omnis Network was formed in 1999 by a team of proven web services industry veterans with the simple goal of providing affordable, enterprise class web services. Initially, Omnis Network provided web hosting and domain registration services. Omnis have since expanded to offer a full array of web services to both individual and professional clients.Omnis Network is an icann accreddited registrar.

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Chris 17 Apr 15

Incredibly poor service. Review would have been average, were it not for the amount of down time, viruses, rude support staff, and all round bad service.

Never, never go to Omnis. I joined in 2008, when they were really good. Now nothing works well, or fast. They create more work by being awful.

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Lisa Murphy 9 May 09

Great uptime and customer support keeps me a happy customer. I’ve been with Omnis for a few years, and have more than one web site with them. I like their prices, and I never had any issues with spacing from them. So I think they are being honest with their offers for unlimited storage and emails. I usually contact their tech support via email, and they always get back to me within a day. They have even called me on the phone when my account was almost expired. I know they are doing it to make sure customers make a payment, but I have had another hosting company say nothing when my account expired and I ended up losing the domain altogether. So I appreciate Omnis and the extra little things that they do for me.

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Al Hamilton 4 Apr 09

I've been with for over ten years! In my 61 years, I've never experienced the level of service consistently rendered by My website has never been 'down', any technical issues I've created, they've fixed instantly or overnight! I'm such a 'devoted fan & customer', I've signed up two other clients I represent with websites on! The service & features they offer is unparalled! EXTREMELY SATISFIED with I Highly Recommend Them to Anyone needing a Presence on the world-wide-web!

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KimberlyB 18 Feb 09

have been hosting with omnis for a few years. I actually have a few different websites with a few different web hosting companys (just to be safe). Well today, Omnis was able to solve a problem with a hosting account that was hosted on a competitors server! Kudos for them going above and beyond helping me with a frustrating issue I have been having for a while. I am now in the process of transfering my other accounts to them.

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Wayne A Lewis 20 Jun 08

Rude, threatening. If you even complain they will take down your site. They know that this is my campaign account, email and all, but act like gods, and make threats to shut you off and hold up any transition to another hosting company ,thus effecting your ranking s and such. In my case, my whole political campaign. STAY AWAY, or be preprepared to hacker fight.

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Justin 26 Apr 08

I've been with Omnis since 2002 and in those years i have had pretty much trouble free service. only a couple of times has there been any problems.

Once a fan or ac went out and there server shut down, but was back up in a couple of hours.

Not a perfect record, but for the price a good choice.

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Ben 19 Jul 07

Wow, what is there to say about's hosting except "stay the hell away"? I moved from them a couple years ago due to some catastrophic failures on their end, resulting in weeks of lost data. Sure it's a shame on me for not backing up my own site as much as I should, but Omnis grossly misrepresented their monthly backups by calling them "nightly backups".

When it came down to reimbursement, we were given a week of free hosting (or something like that). Honestly? I should have been a year of free hosting for what they did, the way they blamed the customers for the problem, the way they refused to communicate with all of their increasingly frustrated customers in the forums, etc... GAWD what a horrible experience.

Combine this with FREQUENT downtime (it was daily some weeks), and you've got a miserable host indeed.

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