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Founded in early 2003, CirtexHosting has been bringing Professional, Affordable and Quality Webhosting to users all around the globe. CirtexHosting offer everything larger companies do & even more, but for only a fraction of the cost. Cirtex Hosting provide Shared Hosting & Reseller Hosting Solutions for both individuals and businesses. New York, USA

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AlexM 5 Aug 16

Awful customer support! Pay them for domain and hosting, domain suddenly was disconnected. Took an 1.5 hours to resolve an issue. Hate it

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Daniel P 5 Feb 14

This is the first time in my life I've ever filed a review of anything. This is telling. I'm so frustrated with the absolute garbage level of service from this company, that I need to inform others so they do not have the same experience.

DO NOT USE CIRTEX. That is all.

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Oleg 19 Sep 13

From: Cirtex Abuse <>

Date: 2013/9/19

Subject: [#ZMJ-483-99379]: Urgent Cirtex Abuse Department Notification:

To: **********

Dear *********,

While disk space on accounts may be unlimited, because disk space, server CPU, bandwidth and memory are shared resources, excessive consumption of these resources can interfere with or completely prevent normal service performance for other users whose usage is considered to be normal. We regularly runs customer bandwidth and disk space utilization studies through a series of statistical analyses and use the results of these studies to define normal. Although the actual results of these analyses vary from month to month, one thing remains constant: more than 99% of our customers fall into "normal" range.

Unfortunately, we may have to suspend your account *************.ru due to excessive use of disk space. Your disk consumption is currently at 158.60 GiB, and our normal average right now is currently about 30 Gigabytes used. This puts your account far outside of the normal range of what we would consider normal or even above average consumption many, many times over.

If the disk use is not brought down to more reasonable levels with 48 hours, we will have to suspend your account for resource abuse.

We are giving you 48 hours to take action before disrupting your site's operation via suspension, as we cannot continue to service the account on a shared server at this level. Please note that if you do not respond or make any changes to your site, the site will be suspended Friday, September 20, 2013.

Often, people pile up things that use disk space without being aware that it's taking up such a large amount. Some things to check are:

- unused email accounts that are no longer checked, but still piling up email. Simply delete them, and all that mail will be gone.

- backups stored in the shared account. Download them, and delete them, and make sure that you don't let them pile up in the future.

- remove any files being stored. Remember, shared hosting accounts are to be used to run web sites, and cannot be used for file storage per the Terms of Service.

If you simply have a really popular site with lots of stuff, that's awesome! We'd be happy to talk to you about VPS or Dedicated Servers! Please visit for the different accounts we offer which may be much better suited to your site and its storage needs.

Please let us know if we can help you with anything, and please make sure that you respond to this message within the next 48 hours.

Thank you.


William H.

Abuse Department Supervisor

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Byron Tedder 27 Jun 13

I've been with Cirtex on their Hostv VPS servers for over three years. But not any more. The first two years were pretty good. Everything worked well, with little downtime. While you can't get any phone support, the email-based support was pretty responsive (not helpful, but quick to respond). You're still pretty much on your own. Then after a couple of years the VPS began having problems. My monitoring tools would show the site going down periodically for anywhere between 5 and 90 minutes at a time, often 3+ times a week. Every time I contact them, there would be an excuse. "We're rebooting the server..." Really, does it take 70 minutes to reboot the server? As an e-commerce site, every minute my site is down means I lose business, not to mention reputation. Other times they would say, "We have no record of your site being down". Since we have no other recourse, we contacted them via email or ticket every time the site went down. We're not talking about a few times, we're talking about dozens of times over the course of just a few months. I would have left them sooner if I didn't have a critical aspect of my software product tied to the IP address of the server, and I had to figure out the best way to migrate that system to a new server.

After more than six months of excuses, I get an unsolicited email from Cirtex saying an emergency migration to on of their new SSD servers is absolutely necessary. So, they knew all along and are finally admitting it--their "legacy" hardware was failing and they were using bubble gum to fix it along the way. (Ironic that their "legacy" hardware was advertised as "state of the art" for new customers).

Here's what they said: "Your site will be down for 48+ hours, and you'll have new IP addresses." They tried to sell it as if it was a good thing because they were "upgrading" my plan. The thing is I have software-based services that are tied to the IP address I purchased from them, so with less than 12 hours notice, I almost lost everything. Fortunately, I had already been planning to migrate everything to an Amazon EC2 server, I just wasn't ready to do this quite yet when I received this notice. I stayed up for 36 hours straight to do the migration to EC2. So I was trying to migrate to EC2 at the same time they were trying to migrate from legacy to SSD.

During their transition there were many broken promises (lies) along the way too. "Oh don't worry, there won't be any down time...". "Oh don't worry, we'll keep the old server online for several weeks after we make the transition...". "Oh don't worry, it won't cost you any more than you're paying now...". All lies. Fortunately, I was able to complete the transition with my site being down only about 12 hours.

However, the biggest, most inexcusable issue was the fact that the people doing the transition made some major mistakes (either incompetence, they don't care, or both). As a result, some of my proprietary source code was made public for almost a full day. Apache was not processing and serving php pages. Instead, these pages were being "downloaded" to the user's browser, giving the world full access to the contents of the files. Did they care? Nope. They didn't even check to see if the site was working after they made their transfer. Oh, and the day they did the transfer, they invoiced me for over 400 dollars, despite the fact that I'm not up for renewal. And since they had my card number on file, I had to cancel my card to prevent the charge from going through.

My whole experience with Cirtex/HostV has been a nightmare. I'm so glad it is over. If you're considering them, run the other direction.

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Chance Angell 26 Jun 13

these guys are unintelligent and unreliable. They don't understand the concept of uptime, and make decisions based upon some model that does not involve their customer's needs or best practices. avoid at all costs. ALso beware of the bevy of 'other names' they do business under, including cirtex, hostv and I think asmallorange.

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John Paul Jones 19 Jun 13

Oh hell no. I was attracted to cirtex hosting because of the price as well.

After transfer all my accounts over, I've had numerous downtime....they can confirm none of em. and will not own up to the downtime because of them.

They Lie!

They will send you viruses on your site.

They will suspend you because they said you have viruses on your site.


I've read a few comments on here that people were having a good time with them. Well these are the people that work for Cirtex Hosting. Not regular customers.

These guys...all of them in cirtex hosting are horrible!

I'm so frustrated with them...Its driving me crazy. I had to find a way to get them back.

My latest issue with them:

- I convinced them to credit me for an extra week, because they transferred me to a different server, and my service has been worst than before. The insisted that the downtime that I experienced was because of me.

In the past year, I've submitted 22 trouble tickets.

many were because all my domain's emails were getting authentication issues. then, their server will blacklist all my customers IP address because of numerous attempts to login and failed.

They are a company from HELL!


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webbeetle 3 Jan 13

Well, I'm with Cirtex since 2005 - there are some reasons I haven't changed, despite

- some serious down times in my second year

- malware infections twice

- unsatifying replies from support.

Their prices are very good, and even from other highly recommended hosting companies you read similarly bad experiences - since I don't make money with my sites, reliability is less important than my outgoing costs.

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Frustrated 14 Dec 12

You may be tempted to use Cirtex Hosting because it is cheaper, but whatever you do, DON'T DO IT!

They are absolutely the worst web host company ever. Our business was without email for days, our website was down too, and we were completely lost. The Cirtex customer support is a total mess since English is obviously not their first language, so expect a lot of what you are trying to convey to get lost in a fog. They will tell you to try this and that with NO success, and if you really want to see the red flags flying, try using their webmail page with a Google product. You get lots of emergency messages telling you their site isn't secured and to proceed with caution. That's just what you want to see when dealing with your business emails. Right?

As I said above, you may be tempted to save a buck and go with Cirtex Hosting. The prices seem great and they have a slick looking company website. But it is all a glamorous facade. Once inside, you'll realize it is a dump it really is.

Don't do it!

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Georgi Getov 10 Dec 12

You cannot use this hosting for video. The download speed is so low it cannot stream a single 720p video, and there is a cap on the php max upload size to 100MB that cannot be changed.

Other than that maybe the hosting might work, but NO WAY you can use it for video site.

Review Rating
Tami 8 Dec 12

I have been with them for little over two months and have had nothing but problems. From "host lookup" to "can't connect to database" to, as of today, my sites being down for 48 hrs and counting, they have been awful. That doesn't include them sending me a bill after only two weeks of hosting. Or the FACT that my inbox is full of cirtex hosting support tickets. I've NEVER had hosting this bad before. This is literally the first time I have EVER WRITTEN a review of a hosting site. But I am thoroughly PISSED OFF! Stay away from them. They are WORTHLESS!

Review Rating
Escha 5 Dec 12

Have just been sent an invoice from Cirtex for an automatic charge to my credit card, for an account I closed more than a year ago. They are completely untrustworthy charlatans and should be closed down by the authrorities. DO NOT under any circumstances use this company.

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Graham Webb 30 Oct 12

I never normally review anything but i've been so frustrated with how SLOW cirtex hosting is that i felt i should share my experience.

I host a hanful of private sites and 2 professional for friends. Some days speed is ok, but lately i've been having real problems with sites sometimes taking 30s - 60s to load and also getting itermittent database errors.

Support simply tells me the sites are loading fine and theres nothing they can do. It has got to the point where i have had to abondon my final year hosting (paid 3 years upfront) with cirtex and i've moved to a new, hopefully more reliable host

Review Rating
KellyeWicker 24 Oct 12

The team of cirtexhosting is really technically-gifted and providing all the best to their customers. For half-year period I am receiving extremely fast and stable hosting for my website. When I need to get help I feel free to contact support and sure that it will be fast and professional. Absolutely quality service for reasonable prices.

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Ohlhaver 15 Oct 12

I have to say that CirtexHosting plans totally satisfied my demands. I've always got polite response from support and pingdom shows my uptime is 100%. So, I can't say nothing bad about their service and recommend to anyone who needs high quality host.

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dfl 23 Jul 12

they could not have worse support if they tried. i have had nothing but downtime, screwed up services and TERRIBLE SUPPORT(both tech and billing). also, they advertise unlimited but if you go over50gb they threaten to turn off your site unless you buy vpn. so it is also bait and switch.

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David 29 May 12

I've been with them a couple of years now and I've about had it with them. Now I'm going to have to transfer all my files and website to a different company. Cirtex is terribly slow, sometimes I can't even access my FTP, email, or cPanel depending on what day it is and it's pretty much just luck of the draw of what I can access. My main problem is the their hosting is so slow it's pathetic. Bottom line...don't waste your time or money with this hosting company, you can do much better with another real hosting company.

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IBRAHIM 24 May 12

Stay away...Nothing else to be said.They are terrible...

Review Rating
Michael 11 Apr 12

I've read these review and I will say that there support has been responsive however they never seem to truly fix the problem. The speed of my website is extremely slow and I haven't even launched it yet. As many people has stated previously, if you're playing with a toy, then use cirtex. If you're trying a run a business, try godaddy. I have had my corporate site with them and I haven't had any problems with godaddy. I tried to work with cirtex because the fee to move my film's website to godaddy is $300. However, I have no choice at this point.

Review Rating
Adam Cornelius 9 Apr 12

As you can judge by most of the other comments on here, this site is terribly run. The uptime on their servers is unacceptable and getting into you're ftp folders takes longer than needed. I have been with other hosting and most of them are way ahead of these clowns when it comes to speed and efficiency of service.

STAY AWAY you can buy better service for maybe a little more but you get what you pay for.

Garbage Service.

Review Rating
Angry 21 Feb 12

**** AVOID THIS COMPANY***** my site was down for 8 days without warning, lost lots of money. The most painful thing is that Cirtex deleted my whole site. All my work gone forever!!! The support team is useless and the communication is rubbish. They have no answer to where all of my data has done... just keep telling me to submit tickets. Absolute joke don't waste your time money and effort.

Review Rating
Another Victim 7 Feb 12

The worst!

Save your cash, site/email is always, always have to wait about a day for it to be fixed. I'm looking for a full refund also!

Review Rating
Erick 26 Jan 12

I really wanted to have my site running immediately after signing on with Cirtex (back in September 2011) but they have yet to fix the buffering problem.

I want a refund!

Review Rating
Manzurul 20 Jan 12

I normally don’t do web hosting reviews but decided to do this one so that other persons will not fall prey to the company known as Cirtexhosting

Very bad hosting company. Please beware of them. Im using them,but soon going to change. My Site does not work and when it work, speed is very slow!

Please don't wast your money and time!

Thank you


Review Rating
lior 12 Dec 11


BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!

Unlimited= FALSE

You can only have 50G.


Review Rating
Paul Smith 1 Dec 11


No support.

They never answer the phone or reply to email.

Live help doesnt work on their website

Review Rating
Megop 19 Nov 11

bad hosting ever, they will care about you only first 30 day becuase of 30 day money back guarantee, then you will be suspended, and will not find anyone to hear you, and they will filter your email from their autoreplyer in order to prevent you to receive any ticket number. if you need a reliable hosting go to hosting that provide any time money back guarantee.

Review Rating
Admin1 17 Sep 11

I've been using Cirtex for a couple of years. Their pricing is very affordable but there hosting is very slow. Half of the time I can't even get on my own website and it takes forever to load. To me that is unacceptable, not to many people are going to sit there for 5 minutes waiting on a webpage to load. If your running a business I don't recommend using Cirtex at all.

Review Rating
Stephen 7 Sep 11

Stay well clear of Cirtex, Lost thousands of $$ in sales when server went down (still down 8 day later)support are useless Not technical give no updates as to what is happening. 3 years of data gone forever which included invoices. There advertising is false, they DO NOT BACKUP. Do Not Spend Money On Hosting With may look good on paper... in reality its a joke.

Review Rating
Nak 7 Sep 11

My websites for over 5+ years have now been lost! They don't take back up at all. Please DO NOT conduct your business with cirtex hosting, cirtexhosting. You will lose all your data if the server decided to die! I repeat, they don't backup your website!

My websites have been down for over a week now! I'm losing money, SEO ranking and 5 years of hard work.

I have saved a forum thread from Cirtex hosting for everyone to read:

Review Rating
kyle jones 1 Sep 11

wow.. today my site that have had up for over 1 year has just been lost. all contesnt has been erased. and all the backups that i store on the server have been deleted. dont waste your time with this company

Review Rating
Neil 1 Sep 11

One of the worst hosting companies ever, they might be cheap, but expect the hosting to be down allot of the time, if it is personal site, go for it, but if it is for a business spend the extra $ and go with a hosting company that will be online, these guys are a joke for a business hosting

Review Rating
Andy 18 Aug 11

AVOID AVOID AVOID!!. I ordered hosting from Cirtex after 5 days i am now looking for another host. the site went down within a few hours of the domain name transferring over, then back up but extremely slow. The site is now currently down again. I am a web developer and deal with many hosting companies. Cirtex are without doubt the worst i have ever had the displeasure of finding.

Review Rating
CirtexFrustrated 15 Aug 11

Wow, I should have really read some reviews before signing up with them. We have had a premium host account for a week now and have had about 90% downtime. Yes, dealing with "Simon" as I type. I have submitted a ton of support tickets and they keep telling me it's fixed and apologizing.

We paid 6 months in advance and now we have to find someone more reliable...actually, ANYONE would be more reliable than Cirtex. RUN as far as you can away from this company.

Review Rating
ED 1 Jun 11

i had the same happening to me on our company site.

We should launch a class action against cirtex. Our other site (not hosted at cirtex and has not had any issues since its begining - I agree, i pay slightly higher than at cirtex hahaha) is (admins i m not advertising here, i m seriously needing to contact other people that are in the same case as us to set an unprecedent action for these types of hosting companies to stop stealing the money of workers such as all the people who commented on - Thanks).

Just for the fun of it, i ll put you the short ended discussion i had with one of their reps :

XXX: it still does not work on your site

XXX: i mean your support ticket system does not want to accept my tickets anymore

XXX: simon, i m loosing patience now

Cirtex Rep: we will back to the server ASAP

XXX: its 14 days its lasting already....

Cirtex Rep: Thank you for choosing CirtexHosting. Have a great day!

Cirtex Rep has left the chat conversation

Click Here to Leave a Message

(lol) i ll let you get your own opinion on them :)

Review Rating
Roger Bunch 21 May 11

I normally don’t do web hosting reviews but decided to do this one so that other persons will not fall prey to the company known as Cirtexhosting. I first used Cirtex some time around August 2010 and service went smooth for a while. Then everything began to slow down. Page loads would at times take forever and my Cpanel would hardly load. Work that normally took thirty minutes was now taking me over and hour to complete.

I began to investigate this problem and found many other complaints on this host. During that time my email went down and I was nearly a week not getting emails until they admitted it was a problem on their server. Shortly after that their server “Web5” went down and remained offline for 72 hours as of the time of this writing. Customer support is shady as to what is going on. First they said equipment failure but all would be back on a few hours. That day passed and then they claim hard drive corruption as the cause.

Customer service even went so far as to simply terminate a chat session early with a client who was upset. He never answered the questions, simply said thank you and good bye. I get the impression Cirtexhosting is being ran by a few high school kids in a basement somewhere. Often at times their own website does not work which should tell you something.

Looking at the terms of service, Cirtex makes it clear that they DO NOT perform backups of your data. If such a problem as the one we have now arises, your data is simply lost and you can not get any retribution whatsoever. Cirtex offers a money back guarantee only failure or downtime if it is not due to a certain set of factors they include on the TOS. Looking at those factors it becomes clear they have included any possible aspect of failure therefore clearing themselves of any liability.

Some of the folks at Cirtex are friendly but friendly does not host your web pages. The bottom line with Cirtex is, you get what you pay for. Its cheap and so is the service. My website is still down after 72 hours and we face the possibility of loosing all data we had. If you run a website that requires security of your data or if you run a large website, stay away from Cirtexhosting.

~ Roger Bunch ~

Review Rating
Marius M 19 May 11

Worthless company that has no means to live up to expectactions; customer suport non-existant, uptime?, no access to email, cpanel, as for the sites running on their servers; a complete waste of time and money. Buyer (webmaster) beware!

Review Rating
Comedy Guy 13 May 11

Run! Run as fast as you can to another host. Cirtex was good and cheap 3 years ago but today the wheels have completely come off this train. Telephone support is non-existent, live chat is seldom available and when it is you usually get a message to just email support. Email support is VERY slow and with a business site down for 24 hours, thats a real problem - especially when they try to email you back at the non-working email address!

I had 7 accounts with Cirtex and I am moving each and every one to Hostgator. The move and the subdomains took me a full week of work to move. In the end it was worth it.

If you want $3 a month hosting for your hobby page, go for it. But if you need reliable email, hosting or any level of tech support. DO NOT USE CIRTEX!

Review Rating
Carrie Fischer 9 Apr 11

I had a problem from day 1. My stats never worked. See how much and where my web traffic is coming from. Site crashed 2 times last 3/31/11 Still have not restored it. 5 min. job for them. Won't let me do it.! lost 6 months worth of work. I'm manually putting my site back up. Today 4/8/11 Cant get into my e-mail, back data, my site has Warning site on it. What the ---- ! they say submit a ticket. What a joke!!

They send you an e-mail, haven't heard from you in 24 hrs. closed ticket.I'm Screwed!! I never complain! Do Not waste your time or money!!

I have my 1 site up with gator hosting,4 months. Never a problem! I'm now in the middle of moving my other 2 site from cirtexhosting to gator hosting. They have a great support team 24hr live. over 100 techs. Not to expensive 14.95 a month. But you will avoid what I went through. Thats Priceless!So Upset! no one there cares. Always google company before signing on with them. Have a Great Day!

Review Rating
Susan 31 Mar 11

I have not been able to sleep and it's 4:30 in the morning. I just started a company in January and use my website as a sales tool to market my business. Today I lost 2 major accounts and 3rd and 4th prospectives accounts because my site was down due to CIRTEX and my clients were unable to access my database (which I pray to God still exists). I have not been able to get anyone on the phone and I don't think the online support people care. They do not answer questions and leave he chat conversation without warning. I have having heart palpitations, it has been almost 24 hours that my site has been down, I have no answers, no clue as to where all my hard work is and am riding life on a lick and a prayer at this point. Without my site, I can't work. If I can't work, I can't make money. If I can't make money, I can't live. We are in the thick of a recession, an this company CIRTEX couldn't give a damn about you or your business. Cirtex Hosting is one fat ZERO. I want every dollar I ever spent on them back, or bill them for my time today and the horrendous loss my business took because of CIRTEX.

Review Rating
Lori 1 Mar 11

I wish I'd seen this site sooner. We started with their Hybrid VPS. It was so awful that we switched to a dedicated server. We paid extra for a RAID driver so we would have full redundancy. Within 2 weeks one drive had failed. No worries, we thought, we have RAID, so it should switch over. No. It's been 30 hours and not only do we have no explanation as to why RAID was either never set up or not set up properly after we paid for it, but they have yet to set us up with a temp drive. So our site has been down for 30 hours and counting.

We are currently in the process of transferring to a new host, DedicatedNow, which had a server provisioned for us within 4 hours. Fingers crossed. Please be warned that IF something does wrong with Cirtex, they will NOT be able to fix it.

Review Rating
Pablo Cornehl 18 Feb 11

They can't give support to anybody. Example: My last issue with them, no matter that i've provided the solution amany times, they'vre done what ever they want and loosed my database content.

They dont read at all the tickets provided by the costumer and answer something randomly or just say that is a problem with your isp.

The uptime time is less than 90% in a month.

Review Rating
CMA 1 Feb 11

The WORST hosting service i have ever seen in my life... cirtex guys are doing hosting business with a seriousness of vegetable business... in one week almost 2 days our all mail ids were down. they down our sites and emails without any intimation and when we contact chet support , ask for issue a support ticket. After 2 days, solving the issue , they reply the ticket saying 'we do not find any issue with your site' ...really mother fuckers !

Review Rating
Zack Hamiltion 29 Jan 11

I thought I would share my review with you for Cirtex. At first I thought Cirtex was OK, but they have been improving and its a lot better now. Like anything else there are down days but they are not often and usually their support is on it right away. Most of all I am happy that we are seeing more interest from top level Admin which is handling concerns these days one on one.

Review Rating
tony king 25 Jan 11

Please stay away from this company they have the worst customer service I have ever seen. They advertise a customer support number, try and ring it you will not get through to them as they do not answer the phone. When I questioned them on live chat they told me that they do not have telephone support. Stay away if you have a good website and dont want any issues with emails and downtime.

Review Rating
Phillipe Lesonas 15 Jan 11

For me Cirtex hosting is one of the best out there. I like the support they give when you are having trouble. They also have great forums with people ready to help you with the problems you are facing. Great technical advice for someone not so technical.;)

Review Rating
joe 30 Dec 10






Review Rating
Francesco Vitali 29 Dec 10

we have never experienced incompetency like it. Second day using their service and the Grand Opening of our website has been down for over 18 hours, no warning at all. We have spent many and many of hours dealing with the issues they have created.Don't even answering our calls.We lost our reputation from day first because of their service. I would not continue to host my sites with Cirtex even if they are the one and only company in the whole Universe.



PLEASE take our advice VERY seriously.

Review Rating
Howard 10 Dec 10

Great host!

I host a site of adult pics, and the provider makes my experience good. Minor troubles always exist, but it has never come to something irresistible or damaging.

Also good support and uptime.

Recommend it!

Review Rating
Nielsen 3 Dec 10

For more than a year with cirtexhosting and happy. They seem to have much better service being a foreign provider than any of our local hosts we tried. Good uptime, great informative support, highest packages usability due to large number of useful features absent at the other providers, upgraded cPanel control panel.

Everything's plain and stable. Just a great recommended host.

Review Rating
Celebs Masti 26 Nov 10

Good service. Their support is always helpful and sites never gone down since they have been published.

Good For Video Hosting.

Review Rating
Widemart 18 Nov 10

Good service. Cirtex brings out stable service. Their support is always helpful and sites never gone down since they have been published.

Have rather big traffic amounts, but the account resources make it no problem. Suppose this provider can be recommended.

Review Rating
Kimmy 12 Nov 10

STAY AWAY! FROM CIRTEXHOSTING.COM cirtex website hosting has no quality assurance at all. If you buy their FFMPEG shared webhosting, you will be sharing your web server and IP address with pornographic and spammer websites. The business policy developer at cirtex ought to be fired because he is an idiot!

I regret hosting with cirtex hosting. I just found out that our website shares the same ip address with many of the internet's worst pornographic websites and spammers. Nasty sites like with amputated no leg no arm women having sex are all hosted on the same server as ours.

1 - Visitors cannot access our website, because their internet browsers, give them a warning messages that our website is an adult rated website.

2 - Emails from our website to visitors are being blocked or sent directly to spam box because IP address is Tagged as spammer.

3 - Webmasters promotion companies cant promote our website, because my IP address is tagged as unacceptable pornographic material.

4 - Certain times, your website is so slow and keeps timing out. It coincides with the time in china, India and Russia. when these porn sites consume so much CPU resources that it affects the speed of websites hosted on the same server.

5 - Internet browsers like internet explorer keeps giving warnings to visitors that your website is tagged as adult website. Some people Turn away.

I asked Cirtex support to separate our servers from porn and spammers. They told me to Buy Dedicated Hosting insrtead of asking the porno and spammer sites to buy dedicated hosting.

Some smart thinking FFPEG hosting companies like have separated porno servers from normal ones.

So all you with shared web hosting plans on cirtex, check who else is sharing the same server with you?

Check it at:

The reputation of your website is at stake. You don't want your your website tagged as an adult website when it is not

Review Rating
Dusty Room 9 Nov 10 has THE SLOWEST FFPMEG SERVERS EVER!. your website will keep on timing out when visitors attempt to access it. Believe it or not some times average web page load up time is 14 seconds, that is if it does not time out. Do not bother hosting your ffmpeg site with cirtex Hosting. They have over sold themselves with their cheap FFMPEG hosting plans and have failed to upgrade their servers to match demand. If you contact Customer service and complain about slowness, they will tell you that you signed up for shared Hosting. Such that some other website on your shared hosting is hogging resources. They then tell you that if you want faster, you must upgrade to dedicated server. Their Money Back Guarantee is worthless, it appears that after the 30 days of you signing up, then they transfer you to different over sold out servers. Note that if you check with domain tools, you will find that your website is sometimes sharing a server with over 600 other websites. And what is so annoying is that some of those websites are Video advert for income websites. Also when you try to send bulk mail to your members of your site, Your Messages either get rejeceted or will always go as SPAM> The reason being, that other websites sharing your server and having same IP address have been tagged as SPAM Sending websites. SO DO NOT HOST WITH CIRTEX HOSTING THEY ARE SCAM!

Review Rating
Randy 22 Oct 10

We are happily hosted with cirtex for quite a long period to be able to say this company is good.

We do not require big amount of resources, but though we have never experience any troubles with accessibility or uptime.

Family buiness runs, the site helps. Suppose this can be good example for other similar sites.

Review Rating
Izzet Gunbil 30 Sep 10

This is the worst hosting company we have ever encountered. They lost all of our data that we accumulated in two years and could NOT recover the data loss. What they said was "SORRY" we can offer you 3 month credit!!! An insulting joke as we lost two years of work!

Please take this review seriously, CIRTEX HOSTING and HOSTV hosting is the worst in the industry. Our website was also down for days at a time.

Review Rating
Zagham Naseem 3 Sep 10

very bad hosting company. Please do not buy hosting from them. My Site mostly not work and when it run, it run very slow.beware of them.

Review Rating
Eurico 19 Aug 10

In over 15 years I have never experienced incompetency like it. This week my website has been down for over 72 hours, no warning at all. They are cheap, but I have spent dozens of hours dealing with the issues they have created. I have today lost over 5 hours of development work and I have had enough. I would not continue to host my sites with Cirtex even if they paid me.




Review Rating
mrz 16 Aug 10


Review Rating
Sven 5 Aug 10

I have been using cirtex since I tried it in 2008. This is pretty long term considering I changed about ten companies during four years.

Cirtex does well all the time before and after your officially becoming a client, so I am really pleased to use their hosting. Never down. Twice happened troubles with accessibility, but quickly resolved.

In cirtex people know what and what for are they doing, this is what I think.

Review Rating
Xargyrides 12 Jul 10

Using the reseller account from cirtexhosting for already two years. Currently am very pleased with the service I receive, and the amount of clients and business growth tempos are confirming the good dealing status.

The company gives just an excellent plans and supports its performance on always-on-top level.

Surely nothing is really ideal, and even here there appeared some speed lowdowns, but considering I am located mostly in Europe, while the servers are somewhere in the NY, the quality allows to named this company professional.

Review Rating
Tricia Vincent Sivers 8 Jul 10

For me as for the non tech guy that is very important to understand that someone is here, next to me and ready to help any time. That is what Cirtexhosting has been providing for me.

I'm 100%certain they provide the best customer services and support!

Review Rating
tony 18 Apr 10

This host is not the best ,but it's not bad

i have few websites with other hosts and i don't see any big problem about cirtex ,

Review Rating
Cumbria IT 15 Apr 10

Although the price seems right and the support guys answer quickly ( in most cases ) , the uptime for the hosting we have on Nerdy server is working out at 70% - 88% uptime over the last few months, When an issues arries the support allways says its routine maintenance then were running checks and finally the server will be online asap , and after that line they no longer respond to tickets or live chat and your website stays down for a few more hours ( been upto 14 hours down ) we have tried asking them to move us to another server to no avail so now its time to start legal process as they have a 99.5% guarentee that has been constantly broken if for nothing else than false advertising .

I wouldnt recommend them to anyone else

Review Rating
Hamilton 6 Apr 10

Got shared account from cirtexhosting after getting to know they can be used for video streaming sites and after four months I am happy with the service.

Really good to have pretty big adult site and pay few bucks for it monthly, while I first expected to have a need in VPS. Cirtex supports various scripts and gives excellent as for shared account performance even if traffic is loaded very high.

Support of the provider works fine: promt replies with polite and clear answers coupled with exceptimal uptime and speed are making this company really a good choise for adult and other video stuff, while shared hosting is usually not good.

As I may see, people report the same - good for video, and I agree, cirtex is really good.

Review Rating
pork 4 Apr 10

Way too many problems. Last year I believe it was around September. My site was down for a week. I contacted support and got the run around. I did some investigating and found out that everyone who hosted with cirtex was down also. I heard they were doing some SSL update that went poorly. I was very frustrated and went to another host. That being said I had problems with the other host as well and eventual went back to cirtex.

I’m back to having problems again. Too much down time for me. I have an adult site and down time is lost money for me. Their support most of the time is very good. They have always assisted me in a timely fashion but I need more reliability not apologies.

I’m looking around for another host once again.

Review Rating
lapppt 1 Mar 10

Cirtex got hacked again on 27/28 Fenruary 2010. My website just went down contacted them but they said they reinstalling the operating system and will be up within 6 hours. I asked if their server have been hacked initially they denied.

Later they admitted that the servers have been hacked by someone and got a root access. He deleted many user account and all the server back logs. Also he corrupted the raid level partition.

They further said they do not have back ups and they offered me a refund without even thinking how much I have invested on my website. It is very dissapointing when a host treat you like that. No care at all on what have been lost, no care concern at about our security.

I was recommended to them and migrated few mothns ago due to their video scripting. But this has costed me. My advice to anyone, staye away from this company. If you high security of your website and better customer service look for another company. It is three days since my website went down, have emailed but no response.

What a company.

Review Rating
anthony 16 Feb 10

Significant down time this is the third of fourth time the site has gone completely off for more than 4 hours and still isn't fixed. You can't speak with a representative, support is always online and they will sometimes ignore your instant chat requests. The price is good however the service is bad. If you run a business your reputation will be tainted if you use cirtex and they give nothing back no matter how many days of service you use. Once their servers where hacked for a few days it cause my sites to be offline and they refunded nothing.

Review Rating
Terry Goodlad 9 Nov 09

This is the worst experience I have ever had hosting a website in the 12 years I have been doing business on the internet.

I host a clip-share video sharing site and since installing clipshare and launching the site over 3 weeks ago we have been fraught with server side problems. I chose cirtex because Clip-share recommends them at time of purchase.

Level one support is no support at all. They didn't even attempt a fix, they just shuffle me off to the software provider who has even worse support but at least they were able to explain why it was a server problem.

I contacted Cirtex again and after becoming insistent I was elevated to level two support who started at least to attempt to fix the problem but was unable to after a week of trying and irrelevant testing (they would test for things that did not need fixing and tell me the problem was solved).

Finally after becoming insistent again I was elevated to level 3 support and they were able to solve the one problem by moving the site from their "happy" server to the "snowy" server. But now we had a different problem that over a week in now they can't seem to solve. the disturbing thing is now that they can't seem to solve it they are testing and proving the issue is fixed with video clips that are not the type that we are having the problems with apparently just to clear the support ticket but not solve my problem.

Every support email I send is responded to between 8 and 72 hours.

I sell advertising on this site and its costing me revenue and my reputation.

Again, this is the worst hosting company I have ever experienced in my 12 years doing business on the internet.

Review Rating
Francisco Ordaz 9 Oct 09

My account was down for more of 24 hours, I request my refund and CS said

The data restore will be completed for all sites on the happy server within 8 hours

That was the same answerer 24 hours ago; I move my websites to another company.

This company wants your money, I don’t recommend this company at all.

Review Rating
Jens Peder Lynderup 25 Sep 09

Cirtex Hosting has been a living nightmare. I was attracted by a low price and good features. However I have had nothing but bad experiences with Cirtex Hosting and now we are moving although we have paid for longer time. The online service is really no service. All they do is to refer you to write a mail or post a ticket. An answering machine would be cheaper for them and do the same. My mails are a mess. One day it works - next day it does not. 4 times I receive all my emails from the start of my hosting - resulting in a lot of duplicates in my mail system. It will take me forever to sort.

I can only recommend to everybody considering hosting with Cirtex Hosting: pay more and sleep better with another hosting company

Review Rating
Andy 3 Sep 09

I have had short periods of time before when my site has been down the first six months (2009) so I decided to upgrade my package as I thought it might be bandwidth etc. of my video hosting site causing the problem, but the first 3 days of August my site was down,yesterday it was down for half the day and today its been off all day what a nonsense,the only good thing I will say is I got a full refund for last month,but its really not point and its not helping my advertising campaigns..

Review Rating
Brett Precozie 3 Sep 09

Our website has been down for 6 straight days. I was just in contact with the CEO - I found his info and made a direct contact because the Cirtex service is awful. I mean they won't respond at all and keep making excuses. The CEO claims that a Turkish hacker got into their Slinky server and they are "investigating." Meanwhile our web store has been down for 6 days!!!! How can a professional hosting service allow anything to knock out a server for 6 days? Our SE rankings are dropping and a big part of our revenue is gone and they can't even answer our emails.

Review Rating
Joe 20 May 09

I've been using Cirtex for a couple of sites over the past few years. The prices are not too high, and the cpanel interface is really easy to use and loaded with features.

I've never had any problems with downtimes or errors. The only time I had to call the customer service was my own fault cause I lost my password and locked myself out of the account. But they were helpful and had me back up and running in no time.

Overall using Cirtex has been a pleasant experience.

Review Rating
rob 27 Apr 09

this is got to be the worst hosting provider in the whole world

Review Rating
Chuck Fu 10 Apr 09

Hello Cirtex Forum

Just want to say that the support team at cirtex really have a heart.

Yeah things are not perfect, but what is in this messed up world.

My site was down but with a couple of email (tickets) it was back up and running. I’m not saying we hit a few bumps but they where there for me.

I know others that are with big companies and it like you’re a number

At least here they call you by your name.

Some ppl on CS (that what I’m running a video site) gave these guys very very bad press, but i say at least they don’t leave you in the dark, they have answered every mail and ticket I have sent them.

If they didn’t know something they asked others and found out the answer.

Anyway keep you the great work and personal touch



Review Rating
Jason 23 Jan 09

I have experienced a high degree of down time with Cirtex. It hinders many of my work days and I get aloof responses to service tickets when I submit them through my dashboard. No resolutions and no Apologies. Very poor reliability and unprofessional support.

Review Rating
Howard 21 Jan 09

The cirtexhosting Co is of know help and liyes to you and then know help ther Tec. are lame this Co is trash in my book I have to move thanks to ther trash

Review Rating
TJ Shumate 13 Jan 09

I have tried cirtex twice, and both times there are "cannot find server errors". I believe the servers are way overloaded. Not reliable enough for high traffic. For a starter site, it is impossible to get off the ground to move to a dedicated server.

Review Rating
Matt Lynch 22 Nov 08

I read these reviews about a year ago and was sceptical about cirtex. I went for it anyway as the price was good.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The outages are rare, just had one now which was back up within the hour. Has been the only one in over 8 months. For the price its awesome, you can host unlimited sites and I have to say the cpanel features are top spec.

I just thought I'd balance these poor reviews with mine as I think some reviews on here are a little harsh.

Cirtex are a great little hosting company that has done me no wrong, I have, and all hosted there, you can check the whois record, and I am pleased with the cirtex as my host.



Review Rating
Michael P. 16 Nov 08

I've been with Cirtex Hosting for about 1 year now. I've hosted around 8 websites on my account since I began, a couple of have failed and are long gone, but I still maintain 3 to this day.

I've been bounced around from server to server with Cirtex Hosting, because of overloaded servers (we're talking 600-700 accounts per server, with huge data spikes almost constantly). Cirtex Helpdesk is usually quick to respond, but they're solutions almost never work, and my websites suffer because of this. When the server goes down, it's usually down for hours.. and Cirtex usually blames it on something they can't control, claiming that they don't have to honor the 99.5% uptime guarantee they've set fourth.

For the most part, I've been very disappointed with their servers and support. They're reasonably priced and offer many useful features, even on shared accounts, but I can't recommend them to anyone because of the poor customer support.

Review Rating
Will DeWind 16 Nov 08

I have used cirtex to host a variety of projects over the last two years. I have always been impressed by their reliability, features etc. Their support team is not great, but always manages to get the job done, just sometimes takes a few more e-mails than others. Their cPanel is great, though, a bunch of really easy to install free software (zencart etc.) They also support a wide range of things others don't like Ruby on Rails. Also, the price is amazing, considering most of the features exist on even the most basic plan. Overall I definitely recommend trying cirtex out, they offer 30 day money back guarantee.

Review Rating
Shiro 15 Nov 08

Absolute garbage. 24/7 support is email support. They offer chat - sometimes. They offer msn messenger - but msn messenger just refers you to their ticket desk. Phone support - ya right. They have a phone number, but if you phone it, it directs you to an email address.

99.5% uptime? Ya right. My site has been down for over 3.5 hours now, which means that this month they have not achieved their so-called-guarantee of 99.5% uptime.

I've been with them 3 weeks. I'll be switching over the next few days. Worst support I have had with 4 different hosts over the last 7 years. I miss bluehost's support. Bluehost's servers may not be the fastest, but their support is great - true 24/7 chat AND phone support. Not this fake support that Cirtex pretends to offer, but doesn't.

My recommendation - DONT go to Cirtex.

Review Rating
Andy Hudson 12 Nov 08

I only moved to Cirtex because they could host a video sharing site. Unfortunately I moved the rest of my sites and it proved to be a huge mistake. Downtime was horrendous and support took ages to get back to you. I was sending a support ticket on average every 2-3 days.

Sign up with them and you will appreciate every other host you try.

Review Rating
Donny 11 Nov 08

I've had absolutely nothing be amazing service with this provider, and that is hard to come across with the amount of low-quality hosting services today.

I have yet to find a more reliable service on the market, and I have been skipping between over a dozen providers in the past 4 years. This is definitely a company you can settle down with. Highly recommended.

Review Rating
Andrei Ivanoff 30 Oct 08

Extremely disappointed. NO PHONE SUPPORT, WHAT? NO PHONE SUPPORT... WOW, can you repeat it? YES, NO PHONE SUPPORT...

Well, they have charged me for 12 months on my credit card without my authorization.

We've started a legal investigation against this company. BE CAREFUL!

Review Rating
Yushjas 13 Oct 08

This is the most terrible web hosting I have ever hosted. The page loading is very slow. The server downs for 4 to 5 times a week, and now all of my sites unable to load getting errors (I have 4 websites hosted with them).

Review Rating
Cirtex Hosting's Response


First of all let me apologize for any inconveniences caused but we're always working on improving our services. Sometimes downtime does happen but we do our best to reach 100% Uptime and guarantee 99.5%+ Uptime.

If you have any issues or queries feel free to contact us via our FORUMS or HELPDESK.


ian 2 Oct 08

oh.... too slow their support is realyy good but the server is too slow i only used 500mb and 0 bandwt. cuz i just started but my server is hardly moving

Review Rating
Cirtex Hosting's Response


The speed issue you are experiencing is most likely due to your ISP or a temporary issue that we posted about on our network-status forums. Please contact us via HELPDESK if you wish to get issue resolved and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you!

Mustafa Tuna 13 Sep 08

hello all CirtexHost Lovers!!

Fist of all I Just cant believe the negative comments made above.

I have been with Cirtex Hosting almost a year now, sure like any other hosting company once in a while they have down times and no matter who your provider is they will have down times.

What I dont get is why some of you make a mountain out of mole hill.

Their support may not speak very well english but if they know what they are doing that does not matter and They do Know what they are doing.

If you have trouble speaking to them try writing, I found writing to them detailed explanation works and works much much faster than if I were to speak with them.

I also like many of you own a lot of site and waiting my sites renewal and believe me you I will move all of them to Cirtex hosting.

They have created a nice homey atmosphere for web sites funny way of putting it right well I feel extremely comfortable to be working with them and recommend them highly.


Review Rating
Phil 12 Sep 08

I migrated to cirtex hosting from my last ISP after Walt (the owner) died. I did a lot of work there, and it was taxing on my time, but Walt was my friend and I stuck through it, I had researched for about two years and some change, all over the place, google, altavista, WHT, even looking at the shady places outside the US, for a host that could handle a pair of drupal's and a custom links database on a shared hosting server. I finally decided I wanted to have more spare time, and not be constantly messing with system administration on an unmanaged server like I currently was at the time.

I decided on a price and started really weeding out places, and ended up going with Cirtex.

I have not had any problems that I couldn't solve by beginning to write my problem down, and suddenly realizing the solution because I forced myself to write out the question specifically. Usually I bail out on getting support because I figure it out on my own this way.

When I have had to use support, (when I first started) it's was reasonable and satisfactory.

I've had


running there since...April 16th or April 17th 2007.

This was at a time when it wasn't clear which hosts would be able to handle drupal.

I had tried the default godaddy hosting, when I registered my domains and quickly learned about tables LOCK. That ended that.

Since being at Cirtex, I haven't had any problems that were not reasonable, I don't consider a small downtime when they switched servers a deal killer. Nor a re-boot for a kernel or restarting a service...In short their uptime is about the same as my uptime on my server at home that I develop on.

I have saved time, and it was reasonably priced my sites appear to be stable. Also I mention it's a company that's been around for awhile. (that was another pre-requisite I had, I didn't want some teenager who selling me four year contract and his own domain was only registered for one year.)

Full Disclosure: I don't work for Cirtex, and I don't know anyone there personally, or via IRC or anything, but I do believe in giving kudo's when it's due, and that's a rarity these days.

Review Rating
Chris 12 Sep 08

Yes, during my migration from another freaking host, my sites were down and up but let me tell you this, their support is great and fast.

In the end, they got all my sites up in no time.

I have many websites at Cirtex and all of them are fast and stable.

I did not even have to do anything to migrate all my sites to Cirtex as they do it for me very well.

I even promote their hosting on all my video websites like,,,,,

and many many more.

So if you want a reliable hosting site, just click on my link.

Thank you Cirtex!!

I even have a website called #1 website in the world-9million unique visitors) and I give Cirtex an A++++++ .

At the end of the day, I am making $$$$$$$$ from my sites and all thanks to Cirtex.

Review Rating
J 12 Sep 08

Cirtex was the 3rd host I joined and since then I've had no reason to move on, the support has always being prompt and fixed issues as quickly as possible - and if they couldn't provide an instant fix they had an honest approach, told me how it was, and moved my ticket up to the higher level techs instead of tip toeing around the problem.

I can only recall 1 major downtime, but this was due to upgrading the server - and we was told well in advance so arrangements could be made.

I think that's about all I can say really.. oh and the price is very competitive!

If you're unsure then do as I did and give them a try since they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, I don't regret it - hope this helps someone.

Review Rating
jamie 15 Aug 08

Terrible hosting my sites been down half of the time since in joined only 2 weeks ago

support is terrible

can't believe drupal likes them.

Even in there so called testomanal section the reviews that like them half of there sites are down.

madness ,

Review Rating
Ben 10 Jul 08

Horrible. I had multiple billing problems, multiple down time problems, and received 0% useful support. Their stated up-time is a joke at 99.5% which they don't even meet. is you think this is just make believe.

Review Rating
michael paul 20 Jun 08

They double charge your credit card, setup very slow,support tickets won't be replied in two days at least.

Review Rating
Cirtex Hosting's Response


The issue was due to double paypal subscription in which the Customer subscribed to Paypal twice via billing and thus had double payment.

We were unable to process the BILLING Request as billing is not full time on WEEKENDS however we refunded and issue was resolved in the end.

Thank you

prober 2 May 08

YouTube clone hosting? Don't use Cirtex (HostV). I used this host for less than 3 weeks. My site was down 3 times in 10 days! I had not even installed any of the YouTube clone scripts yet!. It was just my regular ol' site with no mult-media yet.

Cirtex overloads everything. I tried getting a refund b/c of their 99.5% uptime gurantee. But this is no guarantee at all. A guarantee implies money back, no? Well, not w/these clowns.


Review Rating
Cirtex Hosting's Response


We're always doing our best to keep our customers happy and everything stable.

This REVIEW is definitely not valid as we never, ever deny a REFUND if a customer requests cancellation, we even apply free credits or refunds during downtimes to existing customers when we have issues.

Please email if you're still having any issues getting refund as I'm sure you did not contact us.

Thank you

Laurentiu 3 Mar 08

Sometimes the service is ok but there are some weeks with slowdowns and downtime.

Pretty ok for the price but not for mission critical sites.

Tech support doesn't speak proper English, you may be required to submit multiple replies to get things done right.

They also have packages for busy sites (semi-dedicated kind) that cost more and are not listed on their homepage.

Those plans work for sites that get digged and with proper caching you can stay online.

Review Rating
James Mowery 21 Feb 08

I previously left a review on HostJury about CirtexHosting. Man was I overly optimistic three months ago. I feel it is my duty as a webmaster and blogger to explain why this company could not even PAY to have me stay with them.

This company has given at least a quarter of its users nearly 40 hours of downtime in the past few weeks.

What's worse, is that they would constantly take sites down without warning. There was no thought of downtime in my mind, and then problems start happening. Their customer support is clueless half the time, and most of them can't write proper English. It is the most pathetic excuse of a company I have ever seen. It just frustrates me beyond belief.

To make things come to a peak. This afternoon, my site dies. Okay... No notification, they moved everything to a new server. Great! Oh wait, THEY DELETED 4 MONTHS OF DATA FROM MY SITE!!!

Thank god I had a backup from a month ago. That would have been hundreds of hours of work down the drain. This company nearly cost me my business.

To make up for it, I was offered two months of service for the downtime, and additional free service for my sites data being compromised..

It is a slap in the face to think they could justify the horrible support and experiences I have had.

Please, everyone who reads this review, NEVER... EVER sign up with this company. You must listen to me. I swear to you, it will save you so much stress and anger.

Review Rating
Paul Schmidt 7 Jan 08

I'm looking for another hosting provider. Servers are down way to often. Mail never arrives or comes days later. Tech help is borderline useless. See "james jernigan" post, that is accurate and I can't word it better. The feature list is long. FTP in small batches as it hangs if large amounts of data are sent. Increased reliability would negate the need for most support and therefore would raise rating.

Review Rating
Cirtex Hosting's Response


First of all let me apologize for any inconveniences caused and I can guarantee to you that we're always improving to make things better!

Please bear with us and note that if you contact support and also use our forums + helpdesk we'll go out of our way to help you resolve your issues.


James Mowery 5 Nov 07

I joined CirtexHosting about half a year ago. I have since then had my ups and downs with the company for my site, Tech In Demand.

For the price, you are getting a great package. The servers are sometimes over crowded, but the uptime is very impressive.

Support has degraded since I have joined, but they do tend to get things fixed relatively fast. It is acceptable for the price.

To summarize, this host is great if you are just getting started making a site and want many features for a dirt-cheap price. Once you get serious with your site, it will be time to move on.

Review Rating
Cirtex Hosting's Response


Thank you for your kind comments, we're always improving our services and will continue to do so.


james jernigan 14 Sep 07

I started with cirtex in 2004, and am still more of a beginner in web work. I have about 17 domains, mostly aliased to 3 different sites. My domains are basically brochures, static sites with a few pictures, no flash, no cgi, little storage, and not that much bandwidth. cirtex had done fairly good for the first couple of years, but this last year i was having multiple site outages, and email failures more than once a week.

multiple trouble tickets resulted in "it's fixed now" followed by "no, now it's really fixed", and then by "we don't see any problems" and finally by "we think we have solved the problem now". The support desk is manned by folks with english as a second or third language. The support forum is filled with complaints, many of which are deleted instead of answered. Avoid if you have any real reliability needs, and if you don't, why are you even up on the net?

Review Rating
Jeffrey M Stander 23 Jul 07

Support is by people who are obviously not fluent with English. Strange things happen, e.g. outgoing mail server crashes, instability in PHP5 support. I started out with great expectations of reliability and state-of-the-art software but am becoming dis-illusioned.

Review Rating
Cirtex Hosting's Response


Thank you for your kind comments.

Our level 1 support team is very responsive but are outsourced so we apologize if there was any difficulties, however rest of our team is all fluent in english.

We're always improving and PHP5 support is also being updated constantly to better support all softwares and scripts.

Thank you

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