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Angel 18 Dec 13

While their offer seems attractive in different locations and reasonable pricing, DME has extremely high amount of issues. VPS setup took 6 days, support takes at least 4 to 5 days to answer and lately they accidently terminated my box with all data lost. Total failure. This has happened twice already and uptime is poor. Soemtimes server is down for two weeks and no reply from support to tickets. This host should not have any more chances to do business.

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alexspring 24 Mar 13

BE CAREFUL !!!!! Im very afraid to have web site any date on this server after talking with stupid one man owner who is running this service. DONT BUY ANY SERVICE FROM HIM. Im really afraid their way treating our date and information...... BE CAREFUL !!!!!!!

I think totally same as others that this company is the worst ever. They have good prices, but if you consider that your sites will be down or practically down for 10-30 hours a week it really is no bargain at all.

The support is crappy, this one man provided service also very poor. Its all fake and rude, very stupid man running this service. Go away from such one man poor company. Be careful !!!!!!! they claim that the site is up when it is down. Then they will try to blame you for overloading the server. I asked for a refund after my sites were down for 2 days and they said it was a network error at one of their datacenters.

I found out later that my server was not even located at the datacenter that supposedly had the error.

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Steve 21 Sep 09

They have great prices and the worst servers. I got their service to use for development purposes only and it was 17kbps slow on a good day. The server then stopped responding on bad days. At that speed, you are better buying the lowest DSL and running your own server. Dealing with their support got you no where claiming it works when they tested it. And when I canceled it still charged my paypal account for an additional month before I forced paypal to stop all future transactions with DMEHost. Don't waste your time with this company, pay a few buck more and get a company that actually knows what they are doing and have the equipment to offer what they promised. They are a classic example of overselling their servers.

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Damir 23 Aug 09

Great, Cheap host that is always willing to work with clients. Sure, support can be slow at times but atleats they are experienced and if you, yourself, know what you are doing you won't even need assistance :)

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istanto 7 Aug 09

DMEHosting suck always down and down without any news and explanation why it's down terrible hosting ever!

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Ryan 5 Jul 09

Worst company ever! They setup my automatic payment for the 30th of each month but I come to find out they tell me later it was supposed to be setup for the 29th of each month. So without telling me they suspended my server for days before realizing I made the payment and making it active again.

Support is outsourced and is impossible to get in touch with the owner to get the issue resolved. They are too stubborn to realize the mistake they made and lost a customer over 1 billing day they refused to fix.

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Gary 30 Jun 09

EMail hosting has been down for three days now. I've repeatedly asked for info. All I get is either no response or "admin is looking at it. a hardware issue." Hardware issue? Seems to be evidence that they do NOT have redundant systems. Did one bad memory DIMM bring them down for days on end?

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Jean 14 May 09

After 2 days with DMEHosting my website is down, also the livesupport!?!?

No answers to support tickets, 2 days now just a 404.

I really would love to give a better rating but this is really inacceptable.

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