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sagi 12 Feb 18

I enjoyed my stay with domainracer for a while. Everything worked fine up until there were a database server error on their side. As a web development company and reseller hosting provider, our livelihood depend on the hosting services. The issue continued for 2-3 days when most of the time the server stayed offline. Domainracer website, email and cpanel were offline as well. Any attempt to contact them failed (We tried sending a message in facebook, direct mail and even calling the number listed at their whois details through skype). Even after the error was presumably fixed, we saw the issue a few more times before it was fully fixed. The extended downtime caused 3 of our clients to request cancellation of the services.

Once we were able to contact them, they promised that the error was fixed and were "extremely sorry" for the inconvenience. As there were only a few days left before we had to renew our hosting service, and although we didn't yet decide if we want to continue using their services or move to a more reliable hosting provider we asked them politely to change the billing cycle to 1 month so we would at least have the time to move our clients to the new server if we do decide we want to switch providers. Their answer was that the minimum cycle is 3 months. Their answer, combined with the fact that we only had a few days of hosting before paying 3 months upfront left us hostage, practically we had to pay 3 times the price of one month for the chance to move our client's websites to a new server.

We did try to contact them again and requesting cancellation of the service and requested a partial refund for the remaining time but were sent some downtime sheet, implying that everything was according to the agreement. They refrained giving a direct answer and just kept talking around it.

Dont let the cheaper prices fool you, keep your distance from that company. Horrible experience.

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Thirumal Banoth 10 Mar 17

The main thing which i like is tech support is awesome.My personal observation is that their team is friendly and help as I needed was readily available. So they offer good features at low price and on top of it reliable backup service.I also recommend this company to the readers here. May be it help someone who is looking for decent web hosting service.

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Daanyaal Walayat 9 Mar 17

in just simple words this service give the best speed performance. As they are using ssd disk storage to increase the speed. moreover i have a small query related to addon domain they resolved my query in very less time. cpanel also having lots of features. awesome service in very cheap prices they are providing.

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