eUKhost Ltd. is operated from our registered office based in Leeds and data centres in Reading, Maidenhead and Milton Keynes.

We employ a number of staff at our office locations as well as in the data centre in order to provide uninterrupted sales and support service to our customers. We believe in offering the most reliable and professional web hosting solutions on UK based servers at affordable pricing.

We were among the first companies in Europe to offer fully automated web hosting solutions and we continue to lead the market through the constant development of our proprietary web hosting technologies.

Whether you need a fast, reliable and affordable web hosting company to host your company or personal website, we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you choose us today.

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eUKHOST's overall review score

Hosting Reviews for eUKHOST

joe amato 28 Feb 17

They have always been top notch in all there departments, patient and professional in every way

Review Rating
assaf 27 Feb 17

great help and service by Stuart Hancock

Review Rating
Criss 27 Feb 17

A big thumb-up in Roman style to Adam at Billing Dept for accomodating my peculiar request of suspending/deleting an invoice until further confirmation.

Review Rating
Stuart Marler 23 Feb 17

Recent support today by Kegan was superb.

Usually support is awful. Allen Gibson suspended my account and broke promises. and so feel 100% let down by this awful company. Customer service is the worst I have ever received.

Review Rating
Tarsem Signh 21 Feb 17

Great technical team :)

Thanks to eukhost and Arnold

Tarsem Singh

Review Rating
Abdul Majeed 19 Feb 17

Excellent Service, migrating to eUKHost has helped us a lot.

Review Rating
Mehdi 18 Feb 17

More than 4 yeas is that I am using eukhost for my websites.and it shows how much I am glad from

Thanks to eukhost and Arnold

Review Rating
Mark 16 Feb 17

Great service from Steven W

Review Rating
Abdul Abdulqader 15 Feb 17

Many Thanks Kemp for your support

Review Rating
luis 15 Feb 17

I'm very happy with the fast service when I need help

Review Rating
teresa burton 15 Feb 17

Great service from Adam Smith thanks

Review Rating
Fokion Tzourdas 14 Feb 17

I was served by Kemp M. He was very fast (revising an invoice) and helpful. Great service

Review Rating
Allan Gordon 14 Feb 17

Excellect support from Rashid @ eUKHost as usual.

Review Rating
Mike 11 Feb 17

The VPS servers we have with the team at eUKhost have been extremely reliable.

What sets them apart in my mind is the quality and speed of their support team. Even when I had trouble and my main guy was in a different time zone, Arnold K was great and managed to correct the issues before they became a real problem.

Keep it up and thanks.

Review Rating
Michael O'Toole 10 Feb 17

had some trouble trying to transfer my domain in from another provider, used online help with Kemp M helping me out. He was really helpful and went out of his way to try to assist me probably the best service I've received anywhere unbelievably good, could tell he actually cares and wants to help.

Review Rating
Paul Iswariah 7 Feb 17

Very useful sort out issues promptly and with great technical ability

Review Rating
Richard Nolan 7 Feb 17

Always a pleasure to deal with and thanks for your help Shawn Davis

Review Rating
Frank Carrington 6 Feb 17

My Host is one of the best ive ever dealt with, support is second to none, and Arnold K is one of the most helpful guys there,resolves any issues I have very efficiently and always very curtious.

would recommend *****

Review Rating
Rajib Roy 5 Feb 17

I am using EUKHost from 2008 and so far i can't find any other company like as good as EUKHost. Five of referred client is also using EUKhost.

Review Rating
hsobhy 4 Feb 17

I'm on eUKhost servers since 2011. I'm happy most of time, face few issues but happy cause there is always some one who watch and fix immediately. For today, Thanks also goes to "Adams" from billing Dep. for the flexibility and fast help :)

Review Rating
Nadia Hanafi 1 Feb 17

Thank you again Rashid S for your very helpful assistance today. You have been patient and clear with your instructions! Many thanks.

Review Rating
ishag 1 Feb 17

I am very satisfied with the hosting and after-sales services

Review Rating
craig 31 Jan 17

Thanks Shawn Davis for his help with domain transfers, again top service!

Review Rating
Jak Akdogan 30 Jan 17

I am very happy with Rashid S.'s help. So patience support me, and finally solved my problem. Thanks Rashid S.

Review Rating
Armelle 29 Jan 17

Thanks to Kegans help my issues have been resolved. Great assistance, thanks!

Review Rating
Bob Allinson 27 Jan 17

Thanks Kemp M for progressing shared hosting plan upgrade without any fuss and in very timely way.

Review Rating
Julia Hart 27 Jan 17

My host is always incredibly quick to respond to help queries, and extremely helpful. Kemp M was very proficient just now.

Review Rating
Nadia Hanafi 27 Jan 17

We have used Eukhost for at least 4 years now and are very pleased with the service. The support is excellent and all issues are dealt with very quickly. I would highly recommend Eukhost!

Review Rating
Sharon 25 Jan 17

Been with Euk Host for about 7 years now and I will not go anywhere else. The live chat service was quick to answer questions and pass me over to two other departments to handle the query.

Brilliant service from Danny, Kemp and Reuben.

Review Rating
Bob 24 Jan 17

Required help after uploading a binary file but just getting 404 at nearly midnight UK time. Spoke to Rashid on chat who got the issue sorted within a couple of minutes. Can't fault the support of the hosting company really.

Review Rating
George Morris 24 Jan 17

The support from Jess at EUK host was excellent. I have dealt with jess a few times and she always sorts the problem. Thanks again:)

Review Rating
Vic Thompson 24 Jan 17

Excellent and extremely prompt service. Easy to use the live chat. Quick service with no problems accessing or using.

The initial host Summer passed me over to Adam who helped me to start resolving the problem as far as he could. Both were excellent, and I am grateful to them for their assistance.

Review Rating
B.zamani 23 Jan 17

We are happy with the services of Eukhost .

Review Rating 22 Jan 17

More thank 4 years is that I am using eukhost server for my website hosting.

I don't know every thing and specially Linux

You can not imagine how many times I did need to support and eukhost support did help me in this way and resolve them fast and easy.

Thanks to Steven W and eukhost

Review Rating
bijan 19 Jan 17

best hosting company in united kingdom high 5 Arnold thanks for the help and support excellent service highly recommended 24 hour support

Review Rating
Thomas Lam 18 Jan 17

Excellent help from Kemp M. Very patient and helpful.

Review Rating
Rupert 17 Jan 17

Excellent customer support. Quick response and sorted the issue in first attempt. 5 Start support.

Review Rating
Chocamon 16 Jan 17

Adam was very nice and helpful.

I am very happy with the chat support.

Review Rating
Emmanuel 16 Jan 17

Awesome support from Reuben G. Problems always solved in a twinkle of an eye. Kudos Guys. +2348038487703,

Review Rating
Kamran Khan 16 Jan 17


Review Rating
Eric Smith 16 Jan 17

Excellent support today for Adam Smith in Admin at EUKHost and the Tech Team. Fast responses to solve our problems. Great work & thank you.

Review Rating
Mateusz Kurek 16 Jan 17

Lucy saved my life :)

Review Rating 13 Jan 17

Top supoport as always. I've been 5-6 years with them and never had an issue that could not be resolved in minutes.

Thank you Kegan for handling my billing requests. Billing support is on the same high level as Tech.

Review Rating
Geoff Brooke-Taylor 11 Jan 17

After a little difficulty getting through to Support, I received prompt and effective help, which resolved the problems. I don't know what/who caused the problems, but Support resolved them quickly and clearly.

Review Rating
Martin 10 Jan 17

Massive help from Adam in billing following site deletion for missing an invoice payment. Friendly and very helpful. Problem sorted in s few minutes. Thanks Adam

Review Rating
thomas knoll 9 Jan 17

Steven W helped me with everything i needed to get the website up and running. He is super capable!

Review Rating
Barry White 5 Jan 17

I have always found Tech Support to be very helpful - and service today from Steven W was no exception. He gave me a no nonsense service and helped me tremendously - particularly helpful as I am struggling with flu

I have no hesitation in recommending Steven and Eukhost as a whole

Review Rating
chelsea 4 Jan 17

Thank you Steven W for all your help, it's very much appreciated! :)

Review Rating
russell johnson 3 Jan 17

Steven W helped me trmendously. Thanks Steven

Review Rating
Peter 3 Jan 17

Malvin from tech support on livechat sorted out email forwarding issue quickly

Review Rating
Parag Tipnis 31 Dec 16

eUKHost support team has always helped us out promptly in caqse of technical or commercial queries. I have sought help from Andrew quite a lot of time and recently from Gloria from billing team and both have been excellent in answering my questions. The best part is whatever the issue, it always gets closed and you never close the chat with something hanging. I would recommend eUKHost for affordable and reliable hosting.

Review Rating
Ziga Uhelj 28 Dec 16

VERY HAPPY with the service

Review Rating
ming 22 Dec 16

hanford is a very helpful manager, thx u

Review Rating
Lesley Close 21 Dec 16

Kegan A was very helpful when I had a billing problem. His attitude was courteous and polite, and he replied as quickly as possible. 10/10!

Review Rating
Muhammad Amir 20 Dec 16

Nice Meeting with Gloria.

Review Rating
John 19 Dec 16

Had some spam issues with a clients login being compromised, Robert M went the extra mile to assist me and idnt quit until the issue was resolved for me. Thanks again :)

Review Rating
Eoin H 19 Dec 16

I have been hosting with EUKhost for a number of years, and their customer support is possibly the best I have ever received from a UK hosting provider. I recently had an issue and Adam had it sorted in under 60 seconds.. it's hard to find support faster than that!

Review Rating
Katherine Armitage 15 Dec 16

Dexter is always extremely helpful every time I have had the occasion to speak with him to resolve a problem I've had. a very polite and patient man, thank you Dexter

Review Rating
Jose 15 Dec 16

Great service from Shawn.

Review Rating
Helen Evans 15 Dec 16

Dexter was the gentleman who answered my call today and i must say what a kind, helpful, polite,person i had another problem and i wanted to speak to him as he was very good and again he sorted out my problem wouuld recommend anyone to give him a call.:-)

Review Rating
keith tooley 15 Dec 16

Dexter has been incredibly helpful today with some issues we have had transferring from one and one.

We got cut off at one point and he phoned back.

So far so good, if the service stays like this I will be very happy.

Review Rating
Ed 15 Dec 16

Things do go wrong with Web hosting but when you find something that's not right you need it fixed by knowledgable people. That's where eUK score. Things get fixed fast with a good phone or chat service in country.

Review Rating
Kevin Marks 15 Dec 16

I've been with EUK for just over 8 years now and the service is simply the best. I recently spoke with Adam who works in billing through the 24hr online chat where I was furnished with a fast professional solution to my problem. Great work by Adam and all staff at EUK Host.

Review Rating
Claire 14 Dec 16

eukhost have the best customer support I've used in a long while, we've migrated all of our services to them due to it.

Review Rating
Frederick Habbe 14 Dec 16

Chat support is quickly accessible which helps in the case of hosting problems but the advice given varies considerably due to different competence levels of support staff.

This often results in a number of different proposals to solve issues. In several cases in the past the advice given did, therefore, not solve my problems and resulted in unnecessary account suspensions.

Review Rating
ammo devsi 14 Dec 16

Great support provided by euk and adam smith from billing department

Review Rating
Dot Traffic Ltd 14 Dec 16

Working with Eukhost for over 12 years I can 100% say that their support team always doing the best in order to provide good service and solution to issues .

With same note I can confirm that we've had during 2016 several downtimes which lasted for 12 and sometimes 24+ hours on our dedicated server, which caused us some damages since it happened too many times during a relatively short period os 6-8 months.. after chasing these issues for several times with support the last time it happened few months ago, we finally found the solution and these downtimes stopped...

My point with this story is that there is a place for improvement since this downtime could have been resolved completely on the first time we contact support but unfortunately it took few more time to fall before the real solution implemented.

With all this being said, our company is generally happy with the level of service and servers at Eukhost and we regularly recommend others to use it.

Another prof is us being clients for many years !

Review Rating
Don Dolby 13 Dec 16

Efficient chat, very helpful

Review Rating
Jon 13 Dec 16

Great help today with the billing account from Adam on Live Chat

Review Rating
Luke McGregor 13 Dec 16

Shawn from billing was very helpful and professional

Review Rating
Mark 13 Dec 16

Shawn from Billing was a good help

Review Rating
Araceli Ruiz de Garibay 12 Dec 16

Fantastic Service given by Adam. Thanks

Review Rating
Christina Doyle 12 Dec 16

Thank you Shawn from billing, you were very quick to respond and very helpful with my problems.

Review Rating
george morris 12 Dec 16

dexter my support at eukhost was fantastic. My emails went down and he sorted it right away. I have used support in the past but dexter was by far the best.

Review Rating
Andrew Taylor 12 Dec 16

I had an issue setting up my domain, but Adam helped me sort it out in no time at all. The live chat offered by Eukhost is second to none, will certainly be using them in future to register domains!

Review Rating
Jordan 12 Dec 16

Adam Smith, Did a great job in helping to fix bugs i've encoutered. Great guy, very helpful and polite. Keep up the good work!

Review Rating
Alan Fox 12 Dec 16

no comment at this time But Shawn from billing was very helpful.

Review Rating
Sree Chakra 11 Dec 16

I requested help. Adam Smith,eUKhost Ltd did it in no time. Pleasure to interact with him.

Review Rating
Mohamed Hassan 11 Dec 16

I would like to say thank you to eUKhost staff. Special thanks to Mr. Adam Smith.

Review Rating
David Sharp 10 Dec 16

Both Dexter and Kyle were stars. Both were very patient and resolve the problem for me. Fantastic service. Both are an asset to the business.

Review Rating
Maria Darkadas 10 Dec 16

I'm very grateful to Dexter for his phone support this morning. Excellent work! Highly recommend him.

Review Rating

Excellent support very reliable and helpful

Review Rating
Oxton Organics 8 Dec 16

Friendly and helpful.

Competitive pricing and features.

Always resolve any problems in a prompt timely way.

Good communication with support staff.

Review Rating
Russell 8 Dec 16

Could ofbeen abit quicker but done very well

Review Rating
Alan Williamson 8 Dec 16

Much lower downtime and fewer issues when compared to previous hosts.

Fast and effective support.

Most recent request handled in no time by Shawn Davis via chat and Dexter by phone.

Review Rating
Adrian 8 Dec 16

Great support from the team (Shawn from Billing - last person I talked to) and great feedback in regards to any query or question I ever had. My issues were solved very quickly. One of the best hosting companies I had dealt with!

Definitely would recommend!

Review Rating
steven wilson 8 Dec 16

Thanks to Adam for superb support!

Review Rating
nasaem aljazira 7 Dec 16

You are very professional and easy to deal with. I would like to thank Mr. Adam Smith for his supporting.

Review Rating
Said 7 Dec 16

Thanks to eUKhost for great online 7/24 support. Special thanks to Shawn from Billing for helping in payment issue.

Review Rating
Barry Senior 7 Dec 16

Quick to respond.

Review Rating
Joel Cohen 7 Dec 16

Polite, professional and courteous

Review Rating
Val 7 Dec 16

Special thanks to Shawn Davis for the quick and effective support. The service I received today was outstanding. Keep up the good work.

Review Rating
Mike Knott 7 Dec 16

Adam - excellent service registering and activation some new domains for me: a two-minute job!

Review Rating
Carol Wightman 6 Dec 16

My website was not allowing me access. I spoke to Dexter who was able to resolve the problem. This took some time but Dexter kept me informed whilst I was on hold and was most apologetic for the time I had to wait.

Review Rating
Gary Weaver 6 Dec 16

Very helpful support staff who always seem to endeavour to sort problems quickly

Review Rating
Mark Davies 6 Dec 16

Adam Sith, top person, going above and beyond what was required, Excellent service once again from a great company and its people.

Thank you

Review Rating
Andrei Rantsevich 6 Dec 16

Reliable and flexible hosting provider.

Review Rating
Silvia Meredith 5 Dec 16

Hi, I've been helped by Adam today and he was very helpful and polite and he sorted my issue very quickly.Thanks you

Review Rating
Nikki Bealing 4 Dec 16

I spoke to Adam at customer support today and he was very helpful and solved my problem quickly.

Review Rating
Paul Seal 4 Dec 16

Great service end to end

Review Rating
Asem 3 Dec 16

I just had a fantastic experience with this company to create a new account. I had some issues with my website but the technical support and sales agent (Adams Smith) did a great job in helping me out. Now, everything is set and I am super happy with the service I got. Thanks so much, Asem

Review Rating
Steve Ward 2 Dec 16

Shawn of billing helped me resolve an accounting problem. Thanks Shawn - great service!

Review Rating
Alan Greaves 2 Dec 16

Shawn Davis from Billing at eUKHost dealt quickly and efficiently with my billing and domain enquiries.

Review Rating
moyez uddin 1 Dec 16

Highly recommended managed hosted service

Have been using EUKhost first time. They consistently go above and beyond particularly their excellent 'live chat'. Particular thanks to Arnold K who helped me today when I had issues accessing my site.

I would highly recommend them.

Review Rating
Darryl Blake 1 Dec 16

I rarely have any issues and on the odd occasion I have, it is quickly resolved via live chat. I just had a billing query which Adam quickly answered for me.

Review Rating
kurt 30 Nov 16

Dexter was very sympathetic and eager to assist in finding solutions to my issues.

Great job, well done Dexter !

Review Rating
Max 30 Nov 16

Great service. fast and competent assistance.

I had contact with Adam, and I solved the problem in 5 minutes.

recommended hosting

Review Rating
Mark Nuttall 30 Nov 16

Dexter was very good

Review Rating
michael 29 Nov 16

overall rating the support team is perfect.

Review Rating
atif 29 Nov 16

i've been using eukhost since 2010. I love the 24/7 support service and staff is always very helpful and go beyond extra mile to resolve the issue.I highly recommend eukhost for their great service. I would also like to thank Kemp from billing who is helping me mid night :)

Review Rating
Balber 29 Nov 16

first class

Review Rating
Don Dolby 29 Nov 16

Very helpful Live Chat with Adam.

Review Rating
Simon Turner 28 Nov 16

Perry K helped me get my site Astrosyn back up and running, he was extremely helpful and patient and probably deserves a pay rise

Review Rating
Chris Pettigrew 28 Nov 16

Perry K saved me. I did not expect him to be able to solve my issue. Perry offered fantastic support and really went above and beyond.

Review Rating
Said 26 Nov 16

eUKhost is a perfect choice. They are available for help customers in all departments. Special thanks to Gloria from Billing for handling my financial issue.

Review Rating
Mark Canning 25 Nov 16

Adam was very professional and sorted out my issue quickly. Great service.

Review Rating
Ifthi Idris 24 Nov 16

Thank you Adam all for your friendly support service. Highly appreciated and happy to be part of eUKhost.

Review Rating
Rubem Barbosa-Hughes 23 Nov 16

I received a very helpful support from EUKHost and the a particular support agent, Perry K was the star in this occasion.

While we tend to rely on clever algorithms to get the bulk job done, I still prefer the human element of the interaction and think it's important to spare some time to praise the right people.

Well done EUKHost for having Perry K in your team.

Review Rating
Paul Nesbit 21 Nov 16

I've been with EUKHOST for the best part of a decade, they offer great service - 24 hours and are also available to call in the uk.

Adam has always been particularly helpful over the years and continues to impress with his level of knowledge and support.

Review Rating
Rikki 17 Nov 16

Great and quick support

Review Rating
Abdelhalim Zeid 16 Nov 16

They never let me down. They are very responsive and have a very good customer support.

Review Rating
James Taylor 15 Nov 16

Spoke to Adam in support - very helpful - thanks!

Review Rating
Alya Ilyashenko 15 Nov 16

Very good service!! Adam was very helpful. Very recommended.

Review Rating
Joyce 15 Nov 16

Adam Smith helped me a lot, thanks!

Review Rating
Sree Chakra 15 Nov 16

Lucy has supported immediately and resolved the issue requested.

Review Rating
Sajib 14 Nov 16

I really satisfied with the support and service of eukhost.

Review Rating
Anit Shah 14 Nov 16

Adam is very good in support

Review Rating
Uche Mbanaso 13 Nov 16

Shawn M was fantastic

Review Rating
Charlie McGee 12 Nov 16

Perry K provided a great service

Review Rating
Attila Szabo 11 Nov 16

Adam provide me a very professional and quick resolution for my issue.

Review Rating
Chris Pettigrew 11 Nov 16

I have 2 servers with EUKHOST as I have found them the most reliable company. The support on offer is also incredible compared to competitors. I want to say a special thanks to Adam SMith for fixing a recent issues so quickly. Incredible service.

Review Rating
teresa 11 Nov 16

Great job from Perry K and fast to solve the problem. Keep on with good work

Review Rating
Peter Farrant 10 Nov 16

On line chat always very helpful and responsive. Will tell you how to do what you need

Adam very helpful today

Review Rating
Robert Reece 10 Nov 16

dexter was excellent

Review Rating
Criss 8 Nov 16

thanks to Arnold-K I have been able to exorcise the evil in my site

Review Rating
Alejandro 8 Nov 16

One of the best hosting services I ever hired. Realiable and with outstanding support: focused and professional. Special thanks for support staff members Adam and Neil.

Review Rating
Lee 8 Nov 16

SO useful, really helpful. No messing about, talked to me straight, no usual sales rubbish.

Best one around. Was with them years ago. Stupid for leaving as they set the bar for everything!

Adam in sales helped speed things up and Dan was top notch!

Review Rating
ivan pullicino 7 Nov 16

The rep is highly recommended. he tried to solve the problem as quick as he can.

Review Rating
philip thomas 7 Nov 16

Dexter Ray dealt with my enquiry today .

He was very efficient and knowledgeable and

made sure that all of the problems that I was having were fixed . He then made a follow up call

to check everything was working well .

Great service , very impressed Thankyou


Review Rating
John Wilson 4 Nov 16

Great hosting company I would rate very high for all area's because of my experience with them for the last 11 years, with lots of contact with tech support normally on a daily basis due to my clients wanting more than the normal edits to there websites.

Adam in the billing department has always been very helpful with any queries or issues with invoicing so a thank you to him in particular.

I highly recommend Eukhost to anybody from novice to expert.

Review Rating
Krisztina botos 4 Nov 16

Adam is a great guy, helped me through all the process, well done!

Review Rating
Efstathios Katinas 4 Nov 16

As always so today, Adam has offered perfect service, and has resolved all issues that i had related to my server hosted on your Eukhost. Keep on the good work. Always there when needed!

Review Rating
Basically Trade 3 Nov 16

Massive thanks to Reuben and Gary. Always superb service and great technical ability.

Review Rating
Mik Pellicci 3 Nov 16

Always been a great help thanks EUKhost (Stuart)

Review Rating
John Dickson 2 Nov 16

I have had the odd problem with logging into either a cpanel or ftp. The support people are usually very helpful although I often struggle to hear or understand them due, I assume, to outsourcing somewhere far away and poor telephone lines.

On this occasion the problems I had were the usual logging in issues and access to the websites themselves with a holding page being visible only. My support worker, this time, was Dexter and he did a very good job in getting things up and running again very quickly.

I do object to the fact that when you wish to access a cpanel my browser tells me it is unsafe because the address does not have a valid certificate, I assume due to https issues. I believe this has been the case for some time. It just doesn't fill you with a lot of confidence.

Review Rating
Paul Mabb 2 Nov 16

Adam was a great help and very efficient

Review Rating
Dave Thomas 2 Nov 16

great support and hosting at great cost....

Review Rating
Oldani David 2 Nov 16

Ive spoke with Adam which help me a lot with a big issue we had. So thanks a lot to Adam for his professionalism. But in general it has been a bit too "procedural" with all the exchange we had. And its almost impossible to reach somebody by phone. But the chat has been very responsive. Thanks

Review Rating
Paul Sanderson 1 Nov 16

I have been using the service for several years and had very few issues with reliability or service provision. Support is always prompt and high quality.

Review Rating
Richard Dormandy 26 Oct 16

Stuart provided a dedicated, knowledgeable, prompt and helpful service. eUKhost has always given excellent support.

Review Rating
Leon 14 Oct 16

Very helpful and easy to work with.

Review Rating
Eddy 13 Oct 16

Magritte helped me today!

Many thanks, you did a great job.

Review Rating
Jason 8 Oct 16

Best hosting provider, since i been i business for 15 years, excellent support, and services, highly recommended.

keep the good services up team eukhost.

Review Rating
Antony 8 Oct 16

The best support ever. I work with them for the last 6-7 years and they have never let me down. I just had an issue with a server restart. Rashid was there to support and fix the issue at no time!

Thank you Rashid

Review Rating
Dean Signori 7 Oct 16

shawn from billing was awesome

Review Rating

james has been so clever and kind to me i dont know what i could have done without him

Review Rating
Hasan Nasr 4 Oct 16

Shawn was very helpful and pleasant

Review Rating
Bardya 4 Oct 16

Thanks so much Rashid for helping me to understand the DNS problems.

Review Rating
Dr Ihab Hashem 1 Oct 16

Efficient reliable and responsive support

Thank you

Review Rating
Wendy Brennan 27 Sep 16

I called in to speak to support and was assisted by Dexter Ray. He was extremely helpful and I am extremely pleased with the solution he offered to my problem.

Review Rating
Ian Jillings 27 Sep 16

I had an issue with a blocked IP address and a very efficient gentleman called Rex Miller resolved our issue in an instant. He is such a polite individual and a pleasure to deal with

Review Rating
Anna Everett 24 Sep 16

Always helpful

Review Rating
Sam 21 Sep 16

Great Customer support from Rex Miller! Thank you for saving me when my Mac died with everything on it - he helped me get access to my Cpanel so I could get back up and running again! Big thumbs up.

Review Rating
Harriet Sneath 20 Sep 16

Dexter was very helpful and got what I needed in super quick time.

Review Rating
Guy Frankland 19 Sep 16

Shawn in billing - helpful as everyone is

phone support not fab today - was on hold for ages and kept bouncing from no.2 in the queue and then to no1 and then back to no.2 - gave up after ten mins of being told i was only 1 min in quese

Review Rating
Ioana 16 Sep 16

Shawn from Billing was very helpful, and his services where top quality.

thank you!

Review Rating
Mike 16 Sep 16

the service is better than expected. Keep it up!

Review Rating
Tanveer 16 Sep 16

(Shawn from Billing

Review Rating
Chris creak 12 Sep 16

Rex Miller is a credit to your team

Review Rating
Laszlo Igali 5 Sep 16

Great and efficient help from Sammy @ eUKhost- great service as always!

Review Rating
Alex 3 Sep 16

Very good support from Dexter.

Review Rating
Tal Azem 31 Aug 16

I just received excellent support through the online chat from Kemp M, who resolved a billing issue for me very promptly.

Review Rating
Marcus Stefani 25 Aug 16

Rex Miller was most helpful, excellent service.

Review Rating
Gayle Palmer 24 Aug 16

Quick response, helpful and concise help. Just what business women who are busy need!

Thanks as ever.


Review Rating
Richard Bishop 20 Aug 16

Dexter was superb. Very skillful in sorting out my problem. Thanks. RB

Review Rating
Emmanuel 19 Aug 16

I just had a great support chat experience with Rashid who helped me to restore my database to complete my website migration from my previous hosting provider.

Review Rating
christian 19 Aug 16

Rex Miller was very good & helpful

Review Rating
Steve Ward 18 Aug 16

We had a serious problem of our main website being down for a few days and customers complaining and developers pointing fingers at each other. Therefore we contacted Euk to discuss the problem and worked directly with Sammy G. She worked patiently and dilligently and amazed our team when she brought the website back to life after many couldn't. I cannot recommend them enough. Thanks Sammy G and Euk...keep up the great work.

Review Rating 12 Aug 16

hi, i was applied 2 normal dedicated server and one high end dedicated server. WHY ? BEcause EUKHOST Support and setup team was awesome. I LOVE IT.

Review Rating
Ruth Sigley 4 Aug 16

Dexter was enormously helpful. Very very patient as I'm computer illiterate. He was calm whilst I was panicking and spoke with my website designer on my behalf to successfully complete my issues. He is a huge asset to eulogist.

Review Rating
DAVID MAX 3 Aug 16

Thank you very much Suzanne for very quickly and effectively solving a problem with redirecting users from old retired webpages to new current pages.

Review Rating
Alison 3 Aug 16

As usual your support has been excellent. Thank you Suzanne & Jess for your prompt responses and fixing our issues.

Review Rating
assad 1 Aug 16

best support

Review Rating
georgina 1 Aug 16


Cant fauly the service and Dexter is so helpful and has been amazing Thank you Euhost!

Review Rating
John Stranks 28 Jul 16

reliable and comprehensive service - support agents always helpful and courteous - thanks to Rex Miller for today's assistance

Review Rating
Giuseppe 27 Jul 16

I just talked to Fred Adkins at eUkhost. He was very helpful and patient, giving me a clear answer to my question.

Review Rating
shelagh cheesman 27 Jul 16

Always reliable. The technical support is easy to contact and very helpful. Special thanks to Fred Adkins for all his patience

Review Rating
Peter 27 Jul 16

Thank you for the fast reply and swift respense to my problem and for the advise regarding SSL certificates.

Review Rating
Sam 26 Jul 16

Rex was a star. I always find EUK to responsive and customer facing. They are patient and keep going until you are happy.

Review Rating
Keith Kingham 21 Jul 16

Rex is very helpful and an excellent communicator. And resolved our problem very quickly.


Review Rating
Ola Adeyemo 21 Jul 16


Review Rating
Balba Chahal 20 Jul 16

Dexter was Brilliant

Review Rating
Ian Brighouse 20 Jul 16

Very good service from Dexter Ray. Problem unsresolved, but BT issue, not Eukhost. Thanks.

Review Rating
S 17 Jul 16

Cyril Clive really helped me with my website. He was patient and explained what I needed to do in a clear way that I could understand. Excellent service from him. I would definitely recommend his help/advice through EUKhost.

Review Rating
Danielle Krage 17 Jul 16

Excellent response times and knowledgeable help from support team have helped me resolve all tech issues so far. Really pleased with the service.

Review Rating
Sun Hulbert 14 Jul 16

Rex Miller is an excellent host, extremely professional and helped me in a massive way, thank you.

Review Rating
Barry Aylett-Warner 14 Jul 16

No-one thinks or comments about a service that works well. It's what happens when a problem occurs that differentiates the good from the average. On the rare occasions that I've had a problem, EUK has promptly and professionally dealt with it as for example Rex Miller did yesterday when he assisted me to re-configure my email accounts. Very happy with the service and support.

Review Rating
Tim Deeley 13 Jul 16

With the problem I had today Rex Miller was able to assist me and I was able to access my site admin login again

Review Rating
David Bugg 12 Jul 16

Rex Miller was extremely helpful and pro-active when we needed to make changes to our account, and arranged for the updates to be completed very quickly.

Thanks for providing such helpful support.

Review Rating
dan 12 Jul 16

great support, reliable and fast. many thanks for a great product

Review Rating
Harris Nicolaou 11 Jul 16

As always great support by Rex Miller and eUK support team! Fast and reliable hosting packages, I have been using their packages for more than 5 years now and I'm very satisfied over all.

Review Rating
Jonathan Stokes 11 Jul 16

EUKhost has been a reliable service. We have had problems and their support has been above average and the people very helpful.

Review Rating
Adam Teskey 11 Jul 16

Rex Miller & Suzanne Jones were helpful and able to solve my problems without delay. They were both easy to talk to and explained things thoroughly.

Review Rating
Mike Warren 10 Jul 16

I have been with EUKHost for 15 years now who host my hockey club website and email accounts. Most of that time has been problem free. Recently I had an email problem involving a 3rd party email host. I contacted support and my problem was resolved within an hour.

I'm very happy with the way in which the problem was dealt with.

Review Rating
Ning 8 Jul 16

Was good support, thank you

Review Rating
Shentons 1 Jul 16

Very helpful advice from Rex- he was clear and talked me through what I needed to do- and it worked! thankyou

Review Rating
Tracy Dewhurst 30 Jun 16

Was very polite and kept me informed with what was going on.

Review Rating
chris turner 29 Jun 16

Really helpful support always!

Review Rating
Will Southon 28 Jun 16

Rex was very good at dealing with my problem. Rang me back and checked the issue was resolved

Review Rating
Ayaz 26 Jun 16

Thanks to Robert M for his perfect assist :) and thanks to :)

Review Rating
Alex 26 Jun 16

Always prompt and happy to help! I am using EUKHOST for a number of years and i gladly recommended them to a few of my clients. On my latest request, Kemp M was very helpful and managed to get my issue sorted in minutes. I highly recommend them!

Review Rating
Paul Gibbs 23 Jun 16

Support was fantastic, Spencer M was so helpful and resolved any issues very quickly

Review Rating
graham marshall 14 Jun 16

thank you Rex for helping me...graham

Review Rating
Andrew Gentilli 12 Jun 16

Rex was helpful and quickly addressed the issue (despite some telecommunication problems). Very good job.

Review Rating
Sam 7 Jun 16

Always very helpful and courteous.

Review Rating
Recordset Solutions Ltd 29 May 16

Great work Rashid.S

appreciate it many thanks

Review Rating
Dr James Thornhill 26 May 16

We had some problems caused by lack of communication at our end, but the provider sorted it out and got us up and running again in no time. Great service.

Review Rating
Robert Pender 16 May 16

Service is always very reliable, but when things go wrong, the online help chat is absolutely wonderful and very quick.

Review Rating
Peter 10 May 16

Many thanks for your fantastic support today!


Review Rating
Vakhtang 9 May 16

I would like to say thanks to Kemp M, from the billing team. He is really highly professional in assisting customers!

Review Rating
Amanda Humphrey 5 May 16

Very professional service, calm and encouraging - thanks very much Amanda

Review Rating
tony wood 5 May 16

Very satisfied generally - however whilst I notice telecomms service providers generally 'up' the bandwidth and reduce price as the years go by - it would be attractive in EUKHost 'up' the storage for same price :)

Review Rating
Dean Passan 29 Apr 16

This is just to say many thanks Harvey @Eukhost for providing a prompt and courteous service in applying an SSL certificate for one of our websites. Great service every time!



Review Rating
David Knight 29 Apr 16

Very helpful person

Review Rating
Vernon Holmes 29 Apr 16

Fantastic service

Review Rating
Satyen 28 Apr 16

Excellent service, and always on hand to support till problem completion. No long waiting times when calling.

Harvey was brilliant.

Review Rating
Sean Baker 27 Apr 16

The support is very good. I was blacklisted when backing up the site via ftp - one phone call and everything was sorted within 5 minutes

Review Rating
Mike Searle 26 Apr 16

Very fast response to a query regarding DNS.I am most satisfied with the action that Rex Millar provided.

Review Rating
Damien Wilson North 25 Apr 16

The hosting company have been absolutely spot on, reliable, good support & features for a relatively low cost :-)

Review Rating
Greg Vincent 24 Apr 16

Dexter has been most helpful. My account was blocked because I had tried unsuccessfully to log in a few times. He unblocked it, deleted an unnecessary user id; and assisted me in creating a new user id and password which now works fine.

Review Rating
Cole 23 Apr 16

Rex Miller resolved my problem within minutes - well done.

Review Rating
srul 23 Apr 16

got a professional support by Percy P

Review Rating
Kirstie Dalrymple 22 Apr 16

I have used the support service and both Harvey and Rex worked hard to resolve my issue- Thanks so much!

Review Rating
Greg Vincent 20 Apr 16

To: Rex Miller

Many thanks for helping me set up an email account and pin number

-Greg Vincent

Review Rating
Ahmed 18 Apr 16

When we overwrote our website. EUKhosts teams got our business operational again. Thanks for saving us time and effort.

Review Rating
Gayle Palmer 15 Apr 16

Chichester Self Catering - I have received help from both Fred Atkins and Rex Miller who both did a fabulous job getting me sorted out with setting things up on the backend of the webhosting etc! I couldn't have done it without them! Thanks chaps! Gayle

Review Rating
Gayle Palmer 15 Apr 16

Another marvellous rescue of a very confused person!

I HATE passwords, usernames, domain names, urls's and all the names, cpanel, billing, webmail descriptions - they are Soooooo confusing! Rex has been a star once more and patiently gone through it with me!

Fingers crossed I understand now!


Review Rating
Asmaa Ahmad 11 Apr 16


Review Rating
Violet Hill Studios 9 Apr 16

eUKhost is excellent, look no further. I dealt with support person Alec this evening. He not only patiently recovered my Wordpress site that completely fell over, he also managed to implement the fix I had been trying to make that led to the issues. Great host and great support - on many occasions. Thanks!

Review Rating
Matt 8 Apr 16

Rashid on Windows tech support was very helpful and patient. Thanks for your help!

Review Rating
Stuart Matchett 8 Apr 16

Rex was excellent and very patient. Your system for login is very poor, with the right criteria it failed to login. we have no idea what a c panel is? The problem we experience is the inbox gets full, I delete and purge emails but it does not make any difference. I can only assume they are still held in the server.

Review Rating
Ron Barksfield 6 Apr 16

Excellent support throughout.

Review Rating
harry 4 Apr 16

I was helped by Perry K from Eukhost. The service is great, with 24 hour support. They always get to a solution quickly.

Review Rating
Rajiv Bhatia 2 Apr 16

I dealt with Rex because I had accidentally cancelled our Hosting Package. Rex was very efficient and helpful and sorted out the problem for me immediately. Our website is back up again, so I am very happy and relieved. Rex was polite, patient and had a very pleasant manner.

Review Rating
Chris Thacker 1 Apr 16

Excellent service from Rex Miller in sorting out issues to get website up and running again due to invoice issues.

Review Rating
Peter Nicoll 31 Mar 16

Customer support was good with Rex Miller, who did follow up when discussing my account features, makes a pleasant change.

Review Rating
Steel 30 Mar 16

Rashid S from windows Tech very helpful, Problem solved..

Review Rating
Harriet Sneath 29 Mar 16

There was a problem with my emails and Rex and Cyril helped me out and it is now sorted. After many phone calls and trying out new methods, Rex moved my website to another named server and all is working well now.

There were a couple of times that I was promised a call back at a set time and it didn't happen but in the end, I was pleased with the result.

Review Rating
Ishraq 29 Mar 16

I was in chat with Robert M.

He was very helpful from the start.The issue was resolved.

Later we got disconnected and then I contacted the Team again and I got transferred to him again and I finally got the chat transcript.

Robert M. is doing a very good job.

I wish him all the best!!.



Review Rating
John Waring 26 Mar 16

Rex Miller proved to be very helpful and patient when dealing with problems encountered when I wished to upload my website. I can recommend him to anyone who needs technical support.

John Waring

Review Rating
Harry 24 Mar 16

Quick response and always willing to help. Will do business again.

Review Rating
Victor Dowd 24 Mar 16

Absolutely delighted with the technical support provided by Rex Miller recently. Keep up the good work and many thanks

Review Rating
Recordset Solutions Ltd 23 Mar 16

Rashid.S, thanks for your help, great work. lance

Review Rating
Jane Dionysiou 22 Mar 16

A huge thank you to Mr Rex Miller who sorted out our problem with our web site so quickly and efficiently.

Thanks Rex

Review Rating
Leon Williams 22 Mar 16

Very happy with the service and quality of the hosting. I'd be happy to recommend too.

Review Rating
imogen 18 Mar 16

Fred Atkins made sure my email was sorted quickly and followed up.

Review Rating
Jane Scheinmann 17 Mar 16

Customer service via Dexter and on the telephone was quick and concise. Thank you very much

Review Rating

Rex Miller helped me to get my emails to get working!!! A star!! Thank you.

Review Rating
luke 17 Mar 16

The support guy Rex was helpful

Review Rating
Ken Clamp 17 Mar 16

I have several hosting accounts with eUKHOST and I have always delighted by the reliability and support. I spoke to Fred Adkins on the support team today and once again he demonstrated an excellent understanding of my problem, gave me good advice and fixed the problem at lightning speed. EUKHOST's support is second to none.

Review Rating
CVS BWF 15 Mar 16

We have enjoyed a fantastic service and support from Eukhost and most especially from Fred Adkins who has gone above and beyond to help us with our new VPS package implementation.

We would highly recommend Eukhost to anyone.

Review Rating
P McGibbon 15 Mar 16

Rex Miller was very helpful in talking me through a billing problem that I had and he resolved it patiently and politely. Many thanks.

Review Rating
Plantenkwekerij De Koster 11 Mar 16

They provide steady services with a perfect customer service. This time Rachid S. assisted me and again I was very satisfied with the support.

Review Rating
saraj pal 11 Mar 16

Good response time from support

Review Rating
Tommy 10 Mar 16

Rex Miller was very helpful

Review Rating
Alan Fagg 9 Mar 16

Moved to EukHosts initially as it is 1/3 of the price of my last hosting company for the same functionality.

However the bonus I have is the excellent telephone support (thank you Fred Adkins). My last host only had email support.

Review Rating
tim pettifer 9 Mar 16

cyril is excellent

Review Rating
Mike Sharp 9 Mar 16

Great service and reliability - Very few problems. On the last occasion we needed help,Fred Adkins on the technical team excelled in customer service and his knowledge and help proved invaluable. Problem sorted in 5 minutes. FIRST CLASS!!

Review Rating
Robert Page 8 Mar 16

Support at EUKHost has always been impeccable. Almost instantaneous response - and ever able to fix my problems immediately. Highly recommended.

Review Rating
John Chapman 6 Mar 16

I keep forgetting my passwords etc but the support staff are always very helpful and get me going quickly

Review Rating
graham barton 5 Mar 16

Thanks for all your support, its great to get 24/7 support. I have been with you for some years.We changed from a US based company which was running slow.

A great all round company that has never let us down.



Review Rating
SG 4 Mar 16

Thank you Jennifer - you were very patient and helpful

Review Rating
Arsalan Obaidullah 3 Mar 16

Rex Miller was very helpful in resolving the issue I had

Review Rating
mark tremain 3 Mar 16

very good

rex miller

Review Rating
Az 2 Mar 16

Very happy with the service I received today from Rex Miller

Review Rating
Paul Armytage 2 Mar 16

Very good service thank you!

Review Rating
Andrew Scott 2 Mar 16

Has dealt with any queries or snags promptly

Review Rating
Dave Hassall 23 Feb 16

This service is rock solid. Every minor issue I have is always my fault. Just exceeded limits on hosting and quite rightly I was penalised. Spoke with support and sales increased data allowance. Everything back up and running. Been with them about 10 years. Would not change - recommend to anyone I know who needs hosting for any reason

Review Rating
David Goode 23 Feb 16

Had another minor problem yesterday and it was dealt with professionally and promptly thanks to Cyril Clive who took my call.

Today I decided to upgrade my dedicated server as the deals are so good. This is the third upgrade I have made now and I am a very happy client and that makes my customers happy too.

Review Rating
Jatinder Pal 23 Feb 16

I made an urgent enquiry this morning handled by Dexter Ray who was very pleasant to deal with a positive attitude. Dexter very quickly put my concerns to rest and proceeded to assist in rectifying my issue.

Review Rating
Kev 22 Feb 16

Had plenty of patience

Review Rating
Ian Thompson 22 Feb 16

Very difficult to get the domains transferred. Finally Fred helped to get the whole thing sorted.

Review Rating
Steve Saunders 21 Feb 16

Support via the on-line chat option is superb, very quick and problems resolved almost immediately every time.

Review Rating
Ian Hemming 17 Feb 16

Can't fault the support we received today to resolve an E Mail issue, super efficient and would highly recommend great service from Harvey.

Review Rating
Don foyle 14 Feb 16

Steady away hosting and really pleasant and knowleable support. Thx Rex.

Review Rating
Dwayne 14 Feb 16

I would like to comend your employee Rex. He was very helpful first rate ambassador for your company. Please promote him

Review Rating
Ridwan Khan 14 Feb 16

Excellent service by (Rashid S) i was in need to setup email for my iPhone and this guy provided the solution in no time. A+++

Review Rating
Antony Economou 13 Feb 16

excellent servers and excellent overall support. Rashid.S just restored a minor network issue at no time. Thank you Rashid.

Review Rating
Eugenia Stamate 10 Feb 16

Hosting is quite good, tech support used to be great, but it becomes increasingly lame.

A special thank to Suzanne Jones who saved me with her cares and professionalism when I upgraded my server.

Review Rating
M 8 Feb 16

been using eukhost from last 2 years. you will get extraordinary support always. each of the support member is very nice and help to resolve the issue very quickly. thanks to Rashid and other team members to resolve my issues,

Review Rating
Criss 6 Feb 16

10 years and so much water under the bridge, it never flooded away. No particular mention to any staff member, because they are all skilled and able to solve ANY problem, quickly, and also they make you understand where the problem was.

Review Rating
Geoff Hughes 4 Feb 16

I have used eUKHost for nearly ten years and have always been very impressed by the service offered. Over the years the hosting packages have got better and better.

The 24/7 support is superb and any issues are always dealt with speedily and efficiently.

Review Rating
shahbaz 3 Feb 16

Thank for great services and support.And when it comes to Windows Technical Support, special thanks to Rashid who always saves my time and efforts!

Review Rating
jon spencer 31 Jan 16

Very helpful and knowledgable Windows support assistance from Rashid. 100% satisfied.

Review Rating
Chris Cawood 28 Jan 16

Dexter Ray helped me no end even ringing me the following day to check things had been resolved as the issue needed to be escalated.

Review Rating
Gayle Palmer 26 Jan 16

Thank you!

Review Rating
Alin Bilt 25 Jan 16

Thank for great services and support. Special thanks to Perry K who saved the day!

Review Rating
Don mapp 24 Jan 16

My Host usually serves me well, but some times they change things on the servers without informing me and then my website goes down.

Their agents try their best, but sometimes cannot get to the cause. Then I get fobbed off with a lame excuse which takes me lots of time to sort out.

Over the years their agents like Perry k are getting much better at sorting out problems.

Review Rating
Suzanne 22 Jan 16

Eukhost is simply outstanding. One of the rare providers that has 24/7 365 days a year support, by chat, email or phone. Their tech support has saved the day for me every time and their able sales team has just saved me about £15 on my server costs. I've tried other and eUKhost are, in my experience, simply the best. Yes, they really are that good.

Review Rating
Lyle 20 Jan 16

Support staff, on the chat are great.

Review Rating
Peter Donnelly 20 Jan 16

Really great service and fast reliable hosting

Review Rating
Jon Booth 12 Jan 16

I have used eUKhosting for over 8 years to deal with all my client hosting requirements as a web designer. Their free 24/7 52 week a year support is simply the best as is their level of technical expertise and the hosting options they offer. I have had great support from Rex Miller and the Technical support team when and whenever there has been an issue. Rex always keeps me fully informed on issues and the Customer service I have received is first class. I would without reserve recommend eUkhost!

Review Rating
John Holder 30 Dec 15

Rex Miller assisted me today, resolving an email issue speedily & courteously.

It was almost a pleasure apart from the frustration of the original issue which we may now have a permanent solution for.

Review Rating
Chris Hoult 26 Dec 15

Perry was quick, efficient and really helpful. I always find the Support team engaged with my issue and really helpful

Well done

Review Rating
Pava 24 Dec 15

One the best hosting company in the world. I am Eukhost costumer more than 7 years and can just confirm that is services is perfect what is most important for hosting provider.

Review Rating
Taufique 23 Dec 15

Just purchase hosting package and the support in handling my queries was very good...

Special thankz to, Bhagyashree for answering my all technical and non-techinical questions.


Taufique Shaikh

Review Rating
Matthew Chatfield 22 Dec 15

Support is unbeatable. 24/7 really is that, and almost instant, well-informed replies at all and any time.

Shout out to top support agent Perry K who's been troubleshooting my servers for years.

Review Rating
Ken Clamp 22 Dec 15

Amazing company to deal with. Just had a live chat with Perry K on the Linux support team and my problem was resolved in a flash. Very knowledgeable and friendly support from EUK as always. Their support is second to none.

Review Rating
Andrew 20 Dec 15

Great support from the guys at Eukhost. Special thanks to Kemp M and Yogesh.

Review Rating
M Simpson 18 Dec 15

Received support from Rex Miller earlier today. He was most helpful and talked us through an issue we had

Review Rating
Paul Jackson 17 Dec 15

Was in communication with Rex Miller in Tech Support. Rex was both courteous and professional in his approach. Our problem with email was resolved hastily. We have upgraded our package too. Thanks again for your support and help Rex. 5stars from us

Kind regards

Paul Jackson

Crescent Lodge

Review Rating
Tony Bourne 15 Dec 15

When I had problems with my website eukhost were very helpful & speedy in helping me resolve the problems.

Review Rating
Simon Wilcox 5 Dec 15

I contacted support because I had been confused by the online invoice payment process. Rex Miller patiently guided me through the process and the various options available to me. He was clear, concise and very helpful. Thanks! Simon

Review Rating
paul 30 Nov 15

sorted out problem quickly and efficiently

Review Rating
Michael Rowland 29 Nov 15

Just now I asked for help from Rex Miller at EUK. He was, as all the staff usually are, friendly and very helpful. I was delighted to get the clear, precise answer to my question about php mail scripts.

Thank you again,

Mike Rowland

Review Rating
Roy Mead 27 Nov 15

Rex was very helpful and solved the problem a step at a time. Perfect.Thank you.

Review Rating
Paul Anthony Judkins 27 Nov 15

very good service to date

provided by Rex Miller

Review Rating
Damian Davis 27 Nov 15

eUKhosts were very good with telephone support when I had a few problems, mostly due to me, in setting up my new email and web hosting.

It's nice to talk to real people when there's a problem, rather than fight through an automated check list.

Review Rating
Kevin Hook 25 Nov 15

First class support when it is needed.

Review Rating
Stuart Perkins 25 Nov 15

Fantastic support when you need it, always a pleasure when using live chat and questions answered promptly. Thank you to Perry K for your help this morning.

Review Rating
Jon Booth 19 Nov 15

Have hosted with eUKhost for several years. I have found that their customer service is excellent. Whilst price is an important feature in chosing a host and eUK host are competitive what really matters is the service and support you recive once you use the hosting company. Free telephone support, online chat and email support are all offered. Staff and helpful and knowledgable and problems and issues are solved quickly. Further eUKhost offer both Windows and Linux hosting packages.

Review Rating
Peter Keighron 17 Nov 15

The phone support has been excellent, quick to answer calls and calling back promptly to check everything is working as it should.

Review Rating
Juan S 16 Nov 15

Your service in every way is awesome and I find it to be one of the best worldwide!!

It wouldn't be fair to only name one of your support staff, as I find your service to reach very high standards across the board, obviously, the result of a highly efficient management team behind the scene! Suzzane Jones stands out for service quality!

Review Rating
Naser 14 Nov 15

really helpful supported by Arthure.Very Good and quick


Review Rating
Julianna 26 Oct 15

Thank you Suzanne for all your help and patience to sort out my website-issues. You were very helpful and it was easy to follow your instruction. I highly recommend you and EUKhost to everyone. Thanks again

Review Rating
kevin 14 Oct 15

I've just had superb help from Arthur in technical with regards to a new full joomla installation. The service is simply the best.

Review Rating
jas 9 Oct 15

I had a problem with my email client on my android phone, i contacted eukhost live chat and perry k was brilliant and helped me a lot and sorted out my issues within 10 minutes

brilliant service as always with eukhost!!

Review Rating
alex 24 Sep 15

I have used EukHost in the past for a different project and I needed help connecting my new website to WordPress - Shannon M was very helpful and did it all for me in minutes, thus saving me hours!

Review Rating
Boma Braide 22 Sep 15

Perry K from Linux Dedicated was very helpful today and solved my problems with my email signature.

Review Rating
Financial Freedom Network 27 Aug 15

Thank you for your services. Very quick at responding to tickets regarding any issues.

Review Rating
Katherine 27 Aug 15

The instant and quick responses for any questions in our website are highly appreciated. Five stars services!

Review Rating
Jon 27 Aug 15

I Have never had cause to complain on either the pricing or support which EUKhost have provided over the many years I have been a client of theirs.

Definitely a top domain & space provider

Review Rating
Ronnie Wright 26 Aug 15

really helpful direction by Shannon


Review Rating
Folorunsho 21 Jul 15

UK Web Hosting is simply the best. They offer a wide range of web hosting solutions for different categories of people. Their 24 hours support is fantastic, you can't beat them. They know what it takes to keep their customers happy and satisfied. I will recommend them to anyone who does not want any headache. Keep up the good work EUKHOST. My regards to all the everyone there.

Review Rating
Paul Rassam 21 Jul 15

For me, the quality of support from Eukhost has been extremely variable over the years that I've been with them but Harvey Jacobs in phone support was notably clear, patient and helpful in resolving a couple of recent problems I had. He is exactly the kind of person you want to have at the other end of the phone in an emergency.

Review Rating
B Singh 20 Jul 15

Very Good and quick

Review Rating
Randy 16 Jul 15

Support is very good no doubt about it. She sorted out the problem immediately.

Review Rating
Dick 11 Jul 15

Really helpful service today from Talford M

Review Rating
Kevin 9 Jul 15

Best Customer Supports. Had issues with mysql table and Talford M help me with it easily. quick response and helpful.

Review Rating
Carl Hackman 8 Jul 15

Great support by the technician Talford M :)

Review Rating
Jason 4 Jul 15

Arnold K helped solved a lot my Vbulletin forum error issue which even the Vbulletin support got very slow with that .

Mario also did early with the database error issue .

Good service ! this is why im with for 6 yrs :)

Review Rating
Deelip 10 Oct 13

Hi Guys,


I have faced worst hosting service experience from last 8 months with eUKHost. They have illiterate people in their team who don't understand the meaning of live server. On an average every month their server get down twice.


At this point of time 10th Oct 2013, 10:20AM IST. there server is down and I am following them from last 2 hours. Their customer support team (Sarah) is saying it will take another 2 hours.





Review Rating
Wirral Talk 21 Nov 12

Well Wirral Talk moved to E UK Host for a short period a few weeks ago and OMG what a nightmare it was. The hosting in general was ok but there security is terrible and any slight attacks to websites there servers cannot stand and at one point there server was down for two days without even stating that it was down on there status page.

The staff at this company are polite but OMG they do not listen at all, even if you go to management they still don't listen.

At one point when there server was down i asked what the problem was because nothing was showing on there status page and i received a reply saying take a look at our status page the server is down, so i said no the status page says resolved and again they said check the status page its just like talking to a robot.

I even had my own IP blocked many of times due to my computer email client searching for emails every 15 minutes this was looked into by management and even though they said it had been fixed it hadn't.

I then requested a refund and cancellation of my account under the 30 day money back guarantee and after monitoring the ticket i opened i found someone changed the department from "billing" to "feedback" and i replied to myself a few times stating that i will take this to a small claims court and they will then have to pay costs. Which funnily enough i received a reply from a female stating to be the owner saying "please confirm you want to to cancel" and she said the feedback department is not monitored 24/7 7 days a week which i had to repeat yet again "no this was changed by a member of your team".


So i mentioned the small claims court again to be asked yet again "please confirm you want to cancel" OMG twice now i have told them i want to cancel and receive a refund and she had also said "as i have previously told you our feedback isn't monitored"

As you can see round and round in circles confirming and saying the same thing all because not one of there staff listen.

So now i have confirmed twice now and still not received a refund.

So this continues...

Can i also add that staff tell you to go to a certain review site and mention there name and leave a good review they also say i look forward to reading your review later its like there pushing you into it.

Review Rating
bluebellmedia 25 Feb 09

This is without a doubt the worst hosting company I have ever used. The customer service is a joke often cutting you off with very poor VOIP and fail to return calls.

The billing department sign emails in names that when asked for do not exist. The techincal department has no idea what there doing and cannot even work out a bad http header request and they also use non standard ssl secure ports . mail servers are slow and they failed to refund my money as agreed at this point. Steer well clear of and do use this is a totally inept company.

Review Rating

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