FastComet achieves excellence in the three most important aspects of providing a high-quality web hosting experience - speed, security and customer service. By investing heavily in the latest hardware and software technology FastComet gives you up to 300% better performance for your website in compare to other hosting providers. Utilizing SSD-only storage for files and databases and providing Global CDN access, FastComet focus on achieving just-a-second load time for your website content.

In addition to the excellent website speed FastComet offers enhanced security by implementing both web application and network firewall specifically optimized for open source applications. By providing daily and weekly free backups you can always rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

Technical support is another distinguishing advantage in compare to other hosting providers. FastComet provide 24/7 support for a wide range hosting and non-hosting related issues. It is one of the few hosting companies that provides full-range technical assistance for open source applications such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla and more. This range of services includes free installation, upgrade, transfer and template setup, completely free of charge.

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FastComet's overall review score

Hosting Reviews for FastComet

Allan Johns 18 Jun 18

I signed up with Fastcomet a few months ago. I've had a few issues with the server going offline, or not being reachable. Support has been so-so.

One thing I recently learned however, is that their "dedicated" hosting, isn't actually dedicated. First it's some sort of VPS, as there is no way they

can offer the same specs for all of their dedicated servers (Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 v3 @). All of their "dedicated" servers come with this

same CPU, but each has more "cores" and more memory -- also the storage space, seems a bit awkward too.

Not to mention the server I had (I've since cancelled and moved on) was hosted with Linode, where I could have gotten the same services for far less.

I don't know if this is their way of making tons of money off people telling them they are getting dedicated hosting, when in fact they're just

getting a VPS, but it's very shady, and I've reported them to the BBB, not that I expect anything to come of it. While their hosting was I'd say

about a 7 out of 10 overall, once I learned of this deception, I took my business elsewhere.

Be warned, there is something shady going on with Fastcomet, and I'm inclined to believe that the larger portion of these "positive" reviews are

paid for -- I'll be amazed if my honest, negative post even makes it to the site.

Review Rating
Dominik Eller 25 May 18

My first Wordpress Installation with a non-german provider. I did it in the wrong directory and had no clue how to fix it.

Send a ticket, had a cup of coffee and expected a tutorial over the day. What i realy got was: JOB DONE THEMSELVES, BEFORE I FINISHED THE COFFEE. That is simply FREAKING AWESOME and way avove standard!!!

Review Rating
CartePrépayée 23 May 18

I've been using Fastcomet for 2 years now and I'm as happy as possible.

One time I had a problem with my website and they actually changed the server so that it would work.

Review Rating
Gedma 23 May 18

Great support, really nothing to complain about that. The staff is really professional.

I'm also happy with the features and the pricing is also fair.

Review Rating
Simon 26 Jan 18

Unaquivacly, unreservedly the best hosting service on the internet! I have been with Fastcomet for two weeks, and they have done more me in this time than my last host did in four years. The level of support is sterlingly sensational. The response time to every query seems instant and never more than 10 minutes. The go, above and beyond policy for the client is astonishing. The level of enthusiasm for every task is commendable, and the professionalism, knowledge and desire to assist is genuinely outstanding.

The team at fastcomet do set the standards for customer service they are the benchmark for all to follow. The hosting is of a high standard, the speed of the server is super fast ( ). I challenge you to find a better service, support or hosting company because I have tried at least five in the past ten years and these guys at Fastcomet, set the benchmark. You want a service delivered with zest, zeal and alacrity then sign up today with Fastcomet because it will be the best and most excellent investment you will make in 2018. Take a BOW Team Fastcomet you exceed all Expectations!

Kindly Simon

Review Rating
josh 7 Dec 17

The say they are compatible wit wordpress. that is a big fat lie. Also they only have resources allocated on the shared hosting which is fine, but only 40 people (entry limit) can interact with your site at once or else you get a resources reac hed page. i was patient with them and i upgraded when they asked me too but from their lowest shared hosting to the highest, i could only get 40 user interactions at one. i paid for a year and was with them from september till december 6th because i was loosing customers. i didn't get a refund.

But if you plan on having a successful business and allow more than 40 people interact with your site at once, fastcomet is not for you. but if you are ok with the restricting of 40 then you can stick with them.

Review Rating
FastComet's Response

Dear Ari,

We are sorry you feel this way. We were able to track your account and ticket correspondence with our colleagues and would like to address your concerns accordingly.

Undoubtedly all our shared hosting plans not only support WordPress but are perfectly optimized for smooth performance and optimal speed of a WordPress site. We provide you with all the needed resources for your hosting account, so that you can host almost any kind of personal, small business and community WordPress website and grow freely to attract more and more visitors. We want you to have the resources you need to build a great online presence, and 99% of all customers will have more than enough resource usage to meet their needs.

WordPress, on the other hand, is continuously optimized to minimize the number of database requests needed for regular operation. However, developmental practices used in plugins or themes can increase the amount of database usage needed to run a given site.

While we do not limit the number of visitors that can view your website, we do limit the number of visitors who can simultaneously connect to your hosting account. The number of 40 may seem low to you but is far greater than the number of connections for a normal website.

As you have expressed dissatisfaction with the support you have received from us in resolving a recurring issue with resource limit reached, we want to point out that throughout the whole time we have promptly addressed your requests for assistance via the Ticketing system. We have used the information you gave us and applied our best efforts to provide a fix for them. Upon each response, we have asked you to verify the results on your end and kept the tickets open in case further assistance is needed.

As much as we would like to help with all problems regarding the optimization of a website, our support is focused on hosting-related problems. The biggest part of the website management still depends on the site owner taking care of applications installed and ensuring proper functioning of internal processes. In cases when a website uses a lot of custom themes and plugins there might be issues arising from their malfunction or incompatibility with other applications. We can see that our team on several occasions has identified such issues for your site and recommended to consult a professional developer for a permanent solution, as our complimentary support services do not include optimizing website code.

As mentioned on these previous occasions, on the shared hosting plan your website uses, the resources available are limited, since they are shared between all accounts on the server. To ensure fair usage, there are specific CPU and process executions allocated to each account, and in order to be transparent, we list these in detail on our full feature list page. Unfortunately, we cannot remove these, they apply to all customers who pay the same amount as you do. For websites that need higher resourced, we offer higher plans.

We were surprised to see that although you state that you are not happy with the service and you have canceled your subscription with us, you shared hosting plan SpeedUp RocketBooster is in active mode (21/11/2017 - 25/07/2018). We would like to outline that there is no track of a service cancellation submitted, nor any log for a conversation with a FastComet representative concerning the cancellation of the service and refund refusal.


FastComet Team

Ageel 26 Nov 17

I have been using other host/s to host my websites but I found them not so supportive and their price is also very high for me.

Fastcomet has been very supportive and very quick in anything I asked. Price is relative good.

Review Rating
Lily Nguyen 2 Nov 17

Excellent customer service!!!

I am so happy that I have made right decision to go with FastComet after long searching for hosting supplier. Very quick response, high knowledge and helpful team

Thanks the team and Ivan Popov has been always help me with technical issues.

Lily Nguyen

Review Rating
Brian Allen 20 Oct 17

Jack and Kyle from the tech team have been excellent. Their service has been super fast in resolving the issues I had of reaching the resource limit. Their advice in going forward has been very sound and I feel like I can trust this company. One happy client!

Review Rating
Nice Games For You 20 Oct 17

Mr. Vlad the technical FastComet ,

has solved my problem very quickly and accurately.

Thank you veru much.


Review Rating
Aleksandar Kostov 18 Oct 17

Mr. Jack Mason did a great job for our online store. I really appreciate his efforts and thank him sincerely.

Review Rating
Jacky 13 Oct 17

I must say is in the very top level in this hosting industry, especially to their reliability and support.

I have some experience with their support apartment, I must say that they're very prompt & professional. When I installed my site, I found the homepage of mysite is really loading slowly. When I checked it with pingdom, it even takes 6.x seconds to load the page which I totally can't accept. I do some research myself then, but I have no idea about how to reduce the wait time for the first item in the results. Then I open a ticket to the support, Jack in fastcomet reply to me fast. He told me to wait for some time and would update me if got the job done. Within a few hours. The magic happens, he told me the optimization has done. I checked it with pingdom again right away, unbelievable, it only takes about 2.xs this time. I'm so satisfied with this result. In the end I know, Jack installed some php 7.x extension for me and enable a cache plugin in my admin. That's all, prompt and professional. If you can contact the support in case, you'll find they 're the best & fast after sale support yet, at least for me.

Review Rating 3 Oct 17

Jack Mason helps me a lot.


Review Rating
Deysi 3 Oct 17

Amazing costumer service from Vlad on the FastComet Tech Support Team.

Thank you.

Review Rating
MS 2 Oct 17

I had a few questions about optimising my web space hosted with - and I got really helpful tips from Jack Mason (part of the Senior Support Team at

Thanks again for all that help!!!

I know Support is sometimes time consuming for a host, but really important for the customer :)

Review Rating
Luke Vogel 26 Sep 17

I love you guys!

Your sales, support and speed of service are second to none!

Review Rating
Marwan 10 Aug 17

Special thanks for Anton Chepishev :)

Review Rating
Karl 9 Aug 17

Quick support with great patience and explanation so that even simple amateurs understand. And the support is 24/7

Review Rating
Zakariae 8 Aug 17

The Fastcomet Tech Team is absolutely wonderful. Each one of the members is dedicated in ensuring the highest service level possible. It's a great piece of mind knowing that when something goed wrong somewhere down the line (and it probably will), the tech team at Fastcomet has got your back!

Review Rating

Im very satisfaction with the support team.. since they reply to fast and working hard to resolve the issue... as my trial going on... they working hard... thanks guys...

Review Rating
Zack 1 Aug 17

Very fast support

Review Rating
Eduard 30 May 17

Highly friendly staff with reliable, professional and technical support!

Review Rating
Abdullah Prem 16 May 17

I am using Fastcomet for more than 2 years.

To say about their service. They are good and cheap.By using them I can't label them always positive. yes I face downtime twice or thrice in a month that stand for seconds.

No one is perfect in other words every host is not perfect and they too have some problems. Same goes to Fastcomet. But I continuing their service till now.

Their customer support is super friendly and Fast answering queries.

That's all.

By FastComet User

Review Rating
Kevin 15 May 17

FastComet has been amazing and very helpful in all phases. In particular, their support is awesome, helpful, and most important you can feel like they actually want to help you and not make you feel stupid. I give them a 10 for support and that's what really matters most for small business. Our time is extremely valuable and they treat me like they work for me. Definitely these guys deserve your business.

Review Rating
Ivan Majcen 30 Apr 17

It's the best hosting company I ever work with! These guys really give excellent service!

Review Rating
Olga 17 Apr 17

FastComet does not work well. I paid for hosting for Unlimited Domains. I am allowed to host one domain. For the second domain, you must pay for hosting again. It's not fair. I asked for a refund on the second day after the purchase. I need hosting for Unlimited Domains. They just do not answer. And do not return money. They are deceivers.

Review Rating
FastComet's Response

Dear Olga,

We are sorry you feel this way. We understand that this has been a big concern for you since you posted the very same review over multiple communication channels, various web hosting review directories, our community pages, and Facebook posts during the last couple of days. We truly believe that this was caused by an act of an extreme frustration which we know is not the case anymore. We were able to track your ticket and chat correspondence with our colleagues and would like to address your concerns accordingly.

It seems that based on language barrier miscommunication, you got a totally wrong idea of the whole situation, so we would do our best to clarify it for you. Opposed to your statement that you have not received any reply from us, from the ticketing history, we can see that all team members involved were extremely responsive. What is more, we have made multiple efforts to assist you on how to get started with us, we have even contacted you over the phone to personally on board you as well as to assist you with the addon domain name issues you were experiencing. There were those of our sales representatives that even went the extra mile on dealing with the cPanel of yours in the Russian language it was set. We have contacted you over the phone multiple times to no avail as you requested assistance only in Russian

We can see that the reason for your frustration is that you have thought that hosting an additional website, using our multi-domain name package is a paid service. According to our system, you have recently opened a ScaleRight hosting account with us, that indeed allows you host an unlimited number of domains under a single hosting account. The exact wording of "host unlimited domains" means you can have different websites for each domain, and/or can point more than one domain to any of your sites. All of these websites will share the account resources and cPanel account. This means you have the luxury and comfort of managing all of your websites from the one place and all on the same server!

To add any of your existing domains to your FastComet account you simply need to point your domain's nameservers to FastComet and add the domain as an addon or parked domain in your cPanel account, depending on the content you wish to host on it. However, you must already own the domain names you want to use. If you do not own a domain, you typically want to register (buy) one to use with your hosting. If you want more than one domain name, you will need to register each domain before you can use it.

FastComet offers you a single FREE domain name registration along with every new hosting account. This domain name is registered under your names and remains yours forever, renewed for free, as long as you keep your hosting services with us active. You have already taken advantage of this offer. You have also already created an addon domain of your account associated with a new domain name, that you already own. We can open the website on our end and see the fresh installation of a new WordPress install on it.

To summarize all of this, despite the initial frustration, you have managed to successfully add your free additional website under your ScaleRight hosting account. You are now welcome to start managing it. If you have further questions or need assistance, we would be happy to help via our official Support channels. And we truly hope that you would reconsider your cancellation request as the reason for it seems invalid.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!

Thank you,

FastComet Team

Karl 21 Feb 17

Great support with even a greater patience. Reply and solution 24/7

Review Rating
Jordi Matinez 16 Jul 16

Their customer service is AESOME !!! I have been a godaddy Fan since 2006, but not anymore, I just love this people!

Review Rating
Sayna 25 Jun 16

I use fast comet as my host. I strongly recommend fascomet they are doing great specially for technical support.

Review Rating
Piero 22 Jun 16

Great customer support, very responsive and fast, I would suggest them even, from simply websites to major projects

Review Rating
Martin 6 Jun 16

I use Fast comet as my host, I find that the service they provide, both in the sales side and in the tech support side is absolutely brilliant.

No query is too small for them to answer and they are always willing to help the less techy minded people (me) with rudimentary problems and questions.

First class service all round, no complaints.

Review Rating
Melz 13 May 16


5 STAR Great Price

5 STAR Server

5 STAR User-Interface

5 STAR About Everything!

Review Rating
zakaria 3 May 16

fantastic service, the support has just set new levels in the industry.

Review Rating
Hansly 2 May 16

I'm a user of fascomet, inmotionhosting and ipage.

Fascomet is so far the best, nobody can beat fascomet.

I have no word to explain my satisfaction, this team is always here for you, they reply to ticket less than 5 min.

After a lot of problem with ipage, fascomet team transfer my site for free and so fast with any question, only login url, user, pass and then they do all.

Now my site is fast and no more down.

I highgly recommend fascomet to everyone, no kidding, no bulshit, no hidden fees,no feature disabled on Cpanel like inmotionhosting, 7 days backup/restore for free

Review Rating
Wichita Webmasters 1 May 16

I had gone through 3 different hosts looking for both speed and support. I have finally found it with Fast Comet. Trust me these guys are simply amazing. The support was way more than I expected and speed is insane fast. I have a 2.5mb site now loading in 700ms with Fast Comet, and the last 3 hosts I have tried, I could not get to load any faster than about 2s. BRAVO!

Review Rating
Forrest Smyth 26 Apr 16

I've use FastComet hosting for two years now and I continue to be blown away by their support.

Other hosts I've used promise a lot before you are a customer, but when you hit a snag their support usually consists of referring you to their knowledge base ...beyond that they want to charge you.

I've asked FastComet to help me even with issues of my own making, and they have cheerfully and promptly fixed them for me. I unhesitatingly rate them five stars for support, and four and a half for everything else.

Review Rating
willie williams 21 Apr 16

the pleasantries and quick response have inspired my life to where I am becoming a much better person, thanks


Review Rating
James St-Pierre 2 Dec 15

FastComet is the best host I ever used !

1. LiveChat 24/7

2. Tickets are answered in about 15 minutes !! INSANE ! (Most hosters answer between 24 to 48 hours)

3. They provide all the features you can think of.

4. The cPanel is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !

5. They have tutorials ! Including for most CMS such as Symfony.

6. They fully support CMS. They even support composer over SSH which come with Symfony2.

7. Extremely fast !

Review Rating
Muse Nomade 29 Nov 15

It's the best hosting company I ever came across! No complains! These guys really give excellent services! It's perfect for enterpreneur like me to have such a fast responding, trustworthy hosting company!

Review Rating
Gisela 28 Nov 15

The best hosting, sport

Review Rating
Mike 25 Nov 15

I have my website transferred to Fastcomet in May this year.

The guys here offer a service that can not be compared to any other Host provider.

To be even more precise their service support can not be compared to any Type of Support teams that I had to deal with. Including Cable, Gas, Internet and so on...


Review Rating
Henry Ramirez 22 Nov 15

i dont know about other hosting company, but fastcomet make the big big pic with the support, is 100% when is a problem they will work with the customr to fix the problem, i never see a hosting company tha give that services even for selft hosted wordpress, is the best, ther dont care if s wordpress or html from scrah, they just help to take care the issue.

Thanks guys for the support.

Review Rating
Theodore 21 Nov 15

Great Host :)

Absolutely amazing support and the speed of servers I love it... Very happy with them!

I highly recommend FastComet for Managed Hosting.

Review Rating
Michael 18 Nov 15

There often is no need to contact your hosting support provider when things go as planned but when they don't...

FastComet has proven over and over again to provide the most amazing lightening speed support I have ever encountered. From minor questions to moving of servers they have always come through for me. I recommend FastComet if your web needs are really important - you won't be disappointed.

Review Rating
Francesco 18 Nov 15

I am more than impressed by the commitment, reliability and quick support of the Fastcomet team: they have assisted me before and after the domain migration solving any technical issue. Strongly recommended :)

Review Rating
Andras 18 Nov 15

This is very good host!

Review Rating
Playmusician 18 Nov 15

I have been in IT Management and Support for many years.

Recently we decided to give fastcomet a shot after its glowing reviews to host and support our social engine site.

The Support Team , The Pricing and Features (SSD Speed) is ungodly. They are fantastic and excel in every thing they do.

These guys are top of the line Pros and really refreshing to see a company getting it right & doing it right. I beyond recommend hosting with these guys. They treat you as a valued customer with all the superb features at a low price. A++++++

Review Rating
Abdullah Amer 17 Nov 15

Its have greate support, its 24/7 supporting my accounts

Thank you Fastcommet support

Review Rating
Sanj Sandhu 13 Nov 15

Over the past few years I have moved our website due to lack of support, high volume of spam and speed issues. Since moving to Fastcomet the speed is super-fast. Usually my website took over 12 seconds to fully load, now it’s less than 5 seconds and I have not enabled any optimisations yet that are available for free with their hosting. The price is great too with no hidden extras. My last host wanted £37 pear year just to increase cpu usage by 1%. I found the shared hosting has SSD drivers as standard and Cpanel that is great. The support is perfect and they respond to tickets within 30 minutes. The live chat is very helpful too. It took almost a day of free support to transfer my website and get it running. Later I found the issue was with my cs-cart installation, so a re-install worked first time. I have had several hosting services from Uk2net, Fasthosts, Greengeeks, Sgis, Launchtoday etc. none of these match their service, speed and features for such low costs. I will be moving all my websites to Fastcomet in the near future.

Review Rating
David Z. 30 Jan 15

I was very anxious when I thought about changing my hosting account to Fastcomet as I have multiple websites and the thought of all the work needed to transfer the data and the possibility of an error that will set me back years just gave me the chills.

Long story short, it was a wasted fear and anxiety. The staff at Fastcomet was so good and did everything so fast and efficient, I am speechless.

If you are tired of the Godaddys of the world, and you want a serious host with great customer service you can not find anything better. Period.

Review Rating
GD 5 Nov 14

I have been with one other great ISP that started off the way FastComet is and they are wildly successful now as well.

If there's a such thing as a down home tech company where you feel like you have your own NOC and SOC it's with these guys.

They always respond to tickets in a timely manner, they practice, what I feel are best business practices, and they have a laid back style or they can be highly professional in tone.

I like the former and so while some ISPs stick to a script FastComet adjusts to their clients and provide an excellent quality of service.

Review Rating

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