GigaPros is a privately held professional web hosting company based at Los Angeles (California). We have been officially launched on Mar-05-2008 and since then, we have been growing steadily. Our main goal is to provide our customers with zero-oversold web hosting services and we guarantee it with a written policy. Just take a look at our Zero Overselling Policy and you will find us as the FIRST provider in the hosting industry, who clearly publishes the shared hosting limits!

Long Beach, CA, USA.

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Marlon Bonnet 25 Oct 16

I am a web developer so I work with all the new technology out there, so I am constantly in need of new plugins installed and account changes. The GigaPros customer support are always very helpful and replying extremely fast.

I've been hosting with large companies, and the major problem with most webhosts is customer support and overloaded servers. I am pleased to say GigaPros team have helped me a lot in the past year, they are very reliable and trustworthy.

Recommended Web Host!

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Antoni Gorski 10 Oct 16

Gigapros have been a great host for me. The sites I host are generally low-traffic. So, I have no experience with their VPS hosting. But, I've never had a problem with the shared servers. The pricing is great for the features.

With any new setup you always run into issues getting used to the hosts control panel, getting your applications set up, getting things working, etc. - they were very helpful.

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Cattaneoweb 29 Sep 16

Gigapros is great. I got absolutely awesome hosting for a very cheap price.

I signed up, which was pretty straight forward. Then came the time to test their system by trying to upload a couple of pages. This decent host also offers excellent value for money with lost of great features for what I consider a very reasonable price.

My site has never encountered slow-down nor has it ever been offline without explanation...

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Ruslan Mulin 1 Sep 16

Glad to deal with Gigapros team. Their hosting services are superb and their customer support is professional.

Double thumbs up, great work! Steady so!

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Siren Magduglu 22 Aug 16

Think that the main reason for choosing gigapros shared hosting was the best price for such great amount of resources (disk space, bandwidth) and also many useful features for successful running of any web site. Their network uptime is great. They offer instant account activation - this a great plus for gigapros team.

I especially like their Hacker Guard + Alert feature that prevents all hacking attempts and alerts you instantly!

It is also 100% Mobile Ready, so I have the opportunity to manage my hosting account.

Gigapros is easy to use hosting provider and I would highly recommend its hosting to other webmasters.

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Delfio Greco 15 Aug 16

Other hosts I have used promise a lot before you are a customer, but when you hit a snag their support usually consists of referring you to their knowledge base. And beyond that they want to charge you.

Network and Server uptime are perfect - site is up and running fast.

I have asked Gigapros to help me even with issues of my own making, and they have cheerfully and promptly fixed them for me. I unhesitatingly rate them five stars for support, and four and a half for everything else.

I am happy and enjoy using this decent hosting service.

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Valdivia 4 Aug 16

There often is no need to contact your hosting support provider when things go as planned but when they don't...

Gigapros have proven over and over again to provide the most amazing lightening speed support I have ever encountered. From minor questions to moving of servers they have always come through for me.

I recommend Gigapros hosting if your web needs are really important - you won't be disappointed.

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Cartier 25 Jul 16

I have had a good hosting experience dealing with Gigapros web host. When I have a problem - their technicians get information which I can give them and determine what the problem is and fix it for me, while in most cases, you are in an IM session. I mostly use IM and when not available I know I can leave a support ticket - they are all over it. Also great pluses:

- cheap and reasonable prices

- good customer hosting reviews

- their representative whom I contacted via live Chat offered me a concrete guidance through the sales process.

I highly recommend their hosting service to everyone.

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Milos 29 Jun 16

Time is money, so don't waste your time and choose this host. Uptime, speed and support have been great.

I am so happy to deal with Gigapros, and highly recommend their cheap and reliable hosting service.

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John Manitaras 1 Jun 15

These guys are so incompetent it boggles the mind, I can barely even believe that everything I have written below is true, it seems so rediculous now that I have written it down! But it is all true :(

Billing: I signed up for a monthly subscription, then some months later I switched to an annual subscription and paid up front. I continued getting charged the monthly amounts even though that subscription was finished. I told them about it, they reversed the charge and said the issue was fixed.. then the next month it happened again. And again... AND AGAIN. I think it wet on for more than 6 months until they finally fixed it for good!

Backup: Lost my whole site once when their server went down and it was revealed that there were NO backups at all. They do backup now though

Domain Registration: I bought an annual subscription which included lifetime domain registration.. and then the domain expired after the first month even though the hosting subscription was still active. I told them about it again and again.. for many months. They just kept telling me it was expired and there was nothing they could do.. until finally one day I got someone more helpful who re-registered the name for me. This also took about 6 months to resolve!

Server Management: This week my wordpress site started givine a database error (out of nowhere, I had made no change). I told them about it, and they fixed it within a couple of hours. Then the next day the error was back. They fixed it again, and the next day.. the same! I am now on the 4th day and hoping they will fix it for good this time - but I doubt it

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Van Langen 11 Dec 14

I am a developer that does web sites for clients. I have had my own account with Gigapros for about 5 months, no problems. Based on positive reviews and pretty good experience with my site, I signed up a client whose previous web hosting contract was expiring.

They have wonderful features coupled with very cheap hosting packages and management system and SmarterMail webmail access are amazingly rich and intuitive interfaces. The application packs they now support also help facilitate almost effortless setup of great commonly used web based applications.

You, guys, will not go wrong with Gigapros hosting, highly recommend them.

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Nicephorus Pokrovsky 21 Nov 14 are simply the best at what they do. No doubt. The downtime is absolutely microscopic when there is a problem.

For all that you get with their hosting, the price you pay is well worth it. For shared hosting, the support alone is worth what you would pay. With everything else you receive, Gigapros is beyond worth buying.

Control panels are amazing, the system is very solid altogether.

Knowledge Base - you've gotta use it to understand. 90% of my questions answered in a simple, accessible google like environment. It's beautiful.

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Josko Varga 10 Nov 14

Finally I've found a good home for my web sites, Gigapros is the best solution for hosting any kind of web sites.

Over the years I have upgraded servers various times and booked additional machines from time to time. Setup was very quick and support helpful. There was only one time where a new account manager refused to give me good service. I complained with the retention department and received a new account manager on the same day.

Server uptime 99.99% and support i rarely use it since i am a webmaster. Highly recommend Gigapros to anyone!

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Pryor Crete 11 Sep 14

My experiences with Gigapros have been 100 percent positive.

I am not a techie and anything beyond publishing with MS Front Page is a mystery to me. The folks at Gigapros answer my questions QUICKLY AND COMPLETELY and fix any problems quickly.

Features wise they do offer a lot of features for free and some for pay, the main thing, which I found to be very important for me is the fact that they don't restrict the number of e-mail acc/subdomains/mysql db's/etc - the only restriction in their case is space & bandwidth.

I have been very satisfied and will continue to pass the word along others.

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Deolinda Lucio Arias 1 Aug 14

I have been completely impressed with Gigapros service from day one. When other reviewers are cheering about the support, they are not exagerating. It is the best. Their tech support always answers my questions within 5 minutes. And they have even given me PHP support mySQL support.

Great features. Their prices are great but not the cheapest.

I realized that they are an absolutely amazing company. Now go sign up with them!

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Peter 29 Jun 14

Site has been down for 24 hours, and technical team has no clue how to restore server. If you are serious about your online business, this is not the host you want to go with. Very unstable hosting env

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L. H. Irizarry 18 Mar 14

I can point out that Gigapros is the best. They have great tech support and I am 100% satisfied.

Always willing to assist me over and over again with even the smallest request. I have not had one day of trouble from this hosting account, and only contact them to help me set up issues with my domain. Very kind, easy to work with.

That's what I call service. I can't really judge the reliability yet, but I'm happy with everything.

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Lubos Smida 12 Mar 14

I have to say Gigapros is really good. Their tech support knows what they are doing and can solve issues fast.

Any questions I've had have been answered quickly. They've gone out of their way to help me even when the problem was my own lack of knowledge.

The service itself seems to be faster than other hosts I've used in the past.

The price is also pretty impressive, I like their free bonuses like free domain name, free website builder, etc.

I would highly recommend this web host.

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Eric Fleet 15 Feb 13

I have had five server outages in three months, some of them taking hours to resolve. Today, I found out my services were cancelled because of lack of payment. Now, our credit card gets billed automatically. No problems with payment. Got a confirmation that it had been billed. But Gigapros didn't get the charge in on time, so the server was pulled for non-payment.

What an incompetent engineering and business group they have.

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Daniel 17 Jan 12

Tech support has no phone!!! Not even their sales team can reach tech' support except by IM and "support tickets." This is cause for delays and unreliable support.

Signed up for their "Red5 hosting." Selected an OS type from their dropdown menu (Ubuntu) then found out that Red5 was NOT preinstalled as promised and couldn't be with this OS. They had to start over and recommended CPanel, which they charge an extra $15.95 / month for (most hosts do not charge for Cpanel). They promised to install it that night but it didn't happen. They then billed me for $0 and then sent another email asking me to pay before they would activate CPanel. Took Another 24 hrs to set up the service. What's up with this company? Something is off...

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