Hostlatte is one of the world’s leading Web Hosting Company. Hostlatte currently offers a wide range of Web hosting products, including email solutions and high-end servers.

Known for its comprehensive and affordable Internet products, Hostlatte’s unique business model positions it as a one-stop Internet shop. From domain registration to Web hosting, site creation, technical support and cutting edge technology, Hostlatte offers users every available resource to easily and affordably create and maintain an optimal Web presence.

Hostlatte introduced its distinctive approach to the US in 2003. Since the January 2004 launch of its complete product line in the US

Since it was founded 20 years ago, Hostlatte has successfully established its product range in many different international markets.

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Chuck Minear 8 Jun 16

I have to say, I went to Host Latte, after my then host, Bluehost, went crazy with the price increases. I was also experiencing a lot of errors and down time, which I had not in previous years. I needed to change hosts quickly and Host Latte offered unbeatable prices. So I though I would give them a try. In the past year, I have not experienced any down time, access time seems peppy, and uploads are straight forward. The only negative is their interface is a bit clunky and their control panel could be updated. But once I got into my account and set up my FTP client, I have not really had to deal with their interface. If they made that more user friendly, I would have no complaints. For the price, at least so far, I have not been able to beat their service.

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David Garcia 10 May 16

I am running my real estate business with Hostlatte.Com web hosting. I am really very happy with them, I do not a single issue since I am hosting my website with them. Their support team is very good and ready to help at all the time.

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Charles Minreal 18 Apr 16

I am using for hosting my blog site, have a great experience with them. No need to look at my blog until I need to renew or update my blog, perfect services, no downtime. Support staff is quite great and have good knowledge of what they are doing. I am really happy with them.

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Adrien Frayle 16 Apr 16

Best webhosting I have ever experienced. They are best at their services and they know better how to keep the services stable. Speedy servers, quick and knowledgable support staff, what else we need to host a site?

I must say, you need to host your sites with them and experience them, you will Thank me :)

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Gaillard Pascal 14 Apr 16

Perfect hosting services from Hostlatte. My website is loading fast worldwide. Used SEO Tools provided by them for better search engine ranking and really worked for me. Support team is perfect and knowledgeable, responding in timely manner. Really love this host.

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Abdul Azeem 4 Sep 15

This is one of the most incompetent and dishonest companies I have ever dealt with. No customer service what so ever. No phone or email support. Can only deal with them via tickets which is frustrating given they have so many issues. I was a client for more than a year and service was down MOST of the time. I had automatic payment setup via paypal. Paypal will notify me that the payment has gone through but Hostlatte will advise that payment is over due. They would suspend my service every time when that happened. Fought with them a million times and was always promised that this would never happen again but it kept on happening. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! Go with more reliable hosting companies like godaddy or netfirms.

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Alekn 1 Feb 15

Thanks and congratulate Hostlatte for providing best hosting services as compare to my previous hosting experiences. Your support team is also very good for providing excellent support when ever needed 24X7. I have recommended Hostlatte to many of my clients and friends also.

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Isabella 28 Jan 15

Running good,quick respond to emails and very cheap and good prices.

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alextechi 14 Jan 15

hostlatte are a no-hassle low-cost provider. They are up almost all the time and when there are occasional problems they are quick to fix them, either by going through Chat or through email/ticket support.

Thank you so much Sarah, truly you're star.

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Mangesh 12 Dec 14

I wrote a positive review for this company a little over a year ago. Shortly after that review, things went sour really fast. My sites were offline for weeks at a time. When they restore data, they restore a really old copy, without ever contacting you. I've asked multiple times to cancel and get a refund, but they ask me to give them another chance. This is the fourth or fifth chance!! How many do they want? They suck!!

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David G 20 Nov 14

Don't use this company.

Scroll through the ratings below. You'll see a marked difference between 2012 and 2013/2014. At some point the company outsourced and since then, they've gone to sh**.

I just registered a new domain with an account I've had since early 2013. It's been exactly a month since my registration and I haven't been able to even log into cPanel to install Wordpress. I've been working with their support team and they seem nice but there have been to many glitches and errors. Each time the CS response directs me to do something, I'm unable to do it because of some new error; to me this indicates that they don't really know what they're doing.

Adding to the frustration is the fact that they don't respond to your requests until the middle of the night (U.S. time). I think they must be based in India. This slows problem solving to a trickle. Your communication will be limited to one message per day.

Again, they were probably awesome in 2012, but they're currently awful. Choose someone else.

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Robert G 29 Oct 14

tl;dr: Run fast, run far, run now in the opposite direction.

Last August, they experienced a major outage that went on for the better part of a week. Users left complaints and cries for help on their Facebook page. They did not publicly make a statement about the outage until about four days after it started. Once things were restored, some claimed that their site was either completely lost or reverted to an older version. Soon, all comments were removed from their Facebook page and the ability to leave messages was disabled. The post regarding the outage itself was also removed.

On their homepage, they direct customers to check Facebook or Twitter for information regarding outages. They very very rarely actually post anything about outages... maybe once out of every 20 times at best... And it's quite possible it will be posted only on one of those services, not both... And if they do post something, it's highly likely that they'll never update it. As I write this, the last status posted on their Twitter account was from over 12 months ago. It was never updated to indicate the issue was resolved. Obviously, there's been quite a few service interruptions since then that were never reported publicly. Since that first huge outage, things have never improved that much, despite multiple promises that they would. Random downtimes ranging from a few minutes up to 10 hours have become rather commonplace. Sometimes you get an advance notice for a major downtime in the form of an email but again, this is relatively rare. They continue to advertise a 99.9% uptime but I've never seen them actually make this mark. For the last 30 days, my logs indicate I'm currently sitting at 97.48% uptime. This equates to over 18 hours of down time for that period. I have never been given nor offered any form of compensation beyond an apology for the inconvenience and an expression of appreciation for my patience (not that I was expecting anything more).

Support turn around time has gotten noticeably worse. They have a live chat feature on their website but the last I checked, you cannot use it for technical support. IF you live in North America, you can no longer expect to get a speedy reply to a support request as they typically don't respond until the middle of the night or early morning hours the next day. Also don't expect the response to be helpful, or even relevant. That's not to say that it's never helpful but I've had at least one response that even bordered on incoherent... akin to asking "Why is the sky blue" and getting an answer like "Because you need to take Interstate 80". Worse still, I had a response from them that could have easily been construed as a threat that had absolutely no basis, merit, or justification. Reading comprehension seems to be an issue for the person(s) working the support at times. Proper grammar (even on their website) also seems to be a difficulty for them, if that matters to you. Never expect to get more than the bare minimum answer; it's unlikely they will provide any relevant information to a request beyond what you explicitly ask for. Even then, they can sometimes sound like a politician trying to avoid providing a direct meaningful answer or response.

They do have a knowledgebase on their site but to say it is lackluster is being overly kind. They have published a grand total of 76 articles to it to date, 53 of which are related to sales and licensing. Compare this to another random hosting company I pulled up which indicates that they have 758 articles published in their knowledgebase, almost 10 times the amount as this host. The saddest part is I think it used to be worse not that long ago.

They apparently have problems securing their servers properly and as such, continue to impose restrictions and take away features (that they still market as being included their website of course). A comment posted to one of their semi-regular coupon promotions on Facebook was an instant classic in my book. It read, "Just curious, has anyone else had their cPanel hacked? Note to hostlatte: a default password of 'temp12345' is probably a bad idea." They do offer an "anytime money back guarantee" but amended that advertisement sometime in the last year (without any notice) to exclude anyone that used one of those coupons when signing up.

There have been a handful of other minor problems, like a couple of odd configuration issues that I haven't ever come across on other webhosts, but frankly, those inconveniences are just a drop in the bucket at this point.

The ONLY positive about this host is that they can be incredibly inexpensive for what you get... when it works. I cannot emphasize enough to thoroughly exhaust all other options before handing any money over to this company and then, do so if and only if whatever you will be serving from their servers is completely unimportant / non-critical.

Review Rating
App-Seed 8 Oct 14

I am hosting my website with hostlatte more than 2 years now, I had some issues in past but they are the best service providers I have experienced as they provided me compensation for the period of outage and also assured me that there will be no such outages in the future. I think they are best.

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Andy 2 Oct 14

We are using this host more than 2 years now, they had some issues previously but they are recovered now :)

They are still good for me and help me a lot in hosting and managing my websites. Their support team is good and friendly to interact with.

Thanks Hostlatte!

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Steven 20 Sep 14

Terrible experiences over the past 3 years, but it always seemed more difficult to switch hosts than just to stick it out. Website outages, disappearing emails, double-invoicing, etc. Currently, they failed to renew my domain and so my website is down and seemingly in a permanent state of limbo. I'm jumping ship. It's time. If I've lost my domain name over this, I suppose it serves me right - I should have bailed at the first signs of trouble 3 years ago.

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Son Le 1 Jul 14

First off... STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS. With that said, read on if you want to know details.

I started my service with them after a black-friday deal for 3 year tri-contract & renewal. One year in, I had several outages. Restore jobs were half-assed on my site and broke my wordpress site. Support was great at first, then slowly just disappeared. The only time they seem to answer is if you say you're about to quit. They also screwed up my billing and will not refund me the money, instead giving me "credit" for it. Even after giving credit - I did the calculation and they still owe me money! They actively refuse to refund or credit the remaining funds. I had dedicated IP to use with their email system. They guaranteed that I would not have spam issues or other ISPs detecting our emails as spam. The first IP we received was blacklisted several places. The second IP we received had reverse DNS not set up correctly on their end. After several weeks of back and forth emails with their support person, she kept pointing that it is a problem on their end. Just as I was giving up, I showed her a website I used to check reverse dns to see if it's setup correctly and she admitted that they did not have it set up correctly.

I should have left after the first outage, but wanted to give them an opportunity to redeem themselves. Three times I did this - those were mistakes, I should left. Now i'm trying to get my money back and they are being difficult.

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Dmitry 13 Apr 14

Avoid them like a plaque!

I've hosted email server with them, they were NOT able to provide uninterrupted service even for email! Common issues: emails are not delivered - connection is ok but when send/receive nothing comes, cannot connect to POP3 server at all, support is not good either. I would only imagine how much more frustration would cause hosting website with them...

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Blanker 1 Apr 14

TERRIBLE SUPPORT> Cannot rely on them. Days of downtime.

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Brett t 30 Mar 14

Hostlatte is a hosting company to avoid. They offer very little in the way of tech support. Their support staff is not very knowledgable and they tend to not be very friendly. Additionally they have a lot interuptions in their serice and are slow to fix the issues. They recently wiped out my site, restored to a four day old backup and wasted about 8 hours of work I had put into it. Save your money and spend a bit more to get a reliable , knowledgable hosting company

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A Gart 27 Mar 14

Their support is very poor. The only way to reach support is by opening a ticket which has now taken over 5 hours without a response. They suspended my account for no apparent reason and I cannot get to them to reactivate it.

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Bian Wang 22 Mar 14

The worst business (not just web host) we've ever dealt with.

First, the service is unreliable. The site went down on a monthly basis, yet they don't allow automatic backup scripts to run.

Second, there is virtually no support. You cannot find anyone to talk to after an outage. There is a chat window on their web site, but never ever anyone responded.

Third, they breach the contract. They offer a money-back guarantee. I was so fed-up with their service and decided to cancel it and asked for a money-back. They refused and never responded to my repeated inquiries. They are cheaters.

Go elsewhere, such as Namecheap, where you get actual service.

Review Rating
Harry Younas 17 Mar 14

Hostlatte is Great and very active with clients. I've never had a problem with hostlatte - great customer service and very reliable. The reason for my review is the absolutely fantastic service I received from your Support Team. The behaviour of the support team has been Excellent. They are very professional. The 24/7 chat support is great. Real 99.9% server uptime. Never had site down issue at all in last couple of years.

I will recommend this host to my friends.

HostLatte really ROCKS!

Review Rating
steve greene 28 Feb 14

it was shit

Review Rating
Brett T 23 Feb 14

Tech support at Hostlatte is lacking. They either don't read the tickets or they lack the technical training to understand and address the issues correctly. Even though their service is affordable you will save more time and money by going to a better provider.

Review Rating
Lucien 18 Feb 14

I'm not an actual client, but this could be considered a review of Hostlatte's support.

I was interested in their hosting, so I tried to contact them to ask a couple of pre-sale questions; first I tried the Live Chat, where I spent 20 minutes...before remembering to consider the different time zones.

So, I contacted them via Ticket; the reply came after more than 3 hours after my submission....with only one question answered out of two. So I re-asked the second question, and the reply to that never came - and I waited almost 8 hours before posting this.

If that is the attention they give to a potential client, who might spend money to buy their hosting, I dread the amount (more like the lack thereof) of attention they would give to an actual client.

I was almost buying a package from them, but now I sure ain't going to.

Review Rating
Harry 12 Dec 13

am hosting my website since last 2 years, overall performance of is really good. you must give them a sure you will be happy.

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Joshua Liebman 3 Nov 13

HostLatte has talented people who are able to offer convenient pricing. The problem is the customer service communication. The service itself is not poor, although they block themselves from communication by refusing to provide a phone number for clients to contact them with issues, and do not provide a reason for doing so. Therefore, my perception of their service is purely through their email correspondence, which is frequently peppered with spelling and grammar errors and no human name is associated with the correspondence. I would like to see this improved in order to continue utilizing their services.

Review Rating
Amar 29 Oct 13

Great Experience, you should give it a try if you're new to hosting a website!

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Ankit 28 Oct 13

I'm using this host since last 2 years, it suits my needs and keep my website up 365*24*7. The prices are real cheap, support is good, overall good performance of

Review Rating
Damarius 11 Oct 13

Site is awful, has been down and no one is assisting is resolving the problems.

In the process of getting a refund.

Review Rating
Roger 19 Sep 13

You get what you pay for. Hostlatte is cheap but has terrible uptime and support

Review Rating
JE 10 Sep 13

I really wanted to like hostlatte - unlimited space, very low price, and they really looked like they were on top of things earlier in 2013. However, as you can read in other August posts here, they had a major crash in early August. We all know that can happen, but the sign of a good company is how well they keep their customers informed, and how quickly they recover. For hostlatte, they failed this test miserably. Their only means of communication was their facebook site. All the postings from this event have been removed because they were not flattering. HL did post a few "we're very sorry" and "we're working on it" messages, but that's about all. And most sites were down for over a week. I wasn't affected too badly because I have my domain registered elsewhere and so I moved to another host, but I was sure glad I could. People with their domains registered through HL were out of luck.

On top of all this, I had a family member in the hospital at this time, which meant I was having to go through all the host shuffling late at nigh. I know that has nothing to do with HL, but it just goes to prove that things like this happen at the worst possible time.

Until hostlatte acknowledges that they really flubbed up how they handled this outage, and lets their customers know what they are going to change and improve, I will no longer be using them.

Review Rating
Jetty 8 Sep 13

looks like server keeps going down... specially over the weekends

Review Rating
Sandip Chatterjee 29 Aug 13

HostLatte has been excellent as a shared hosting provider so far. They have been responsive to my support questions and are definitely priced right.

Review Rating
David Lees 26 Aug 13

Moved site away to new host due to reliability issues / outages and lack of support / communication

Review Rating
Kevin 24 Aug 13

This has been a great hosting company experience ! As long as the price stays the same, I will be here for a long time. Thank you.

Review Rating
BJ Wallace 21 Aug 13

I was with ICDSoft for several years before this with very minimal support required and maybe 1 full day of actual downtime. Coming from them and going to Hostlatte has been nothing but a headache.

Aside from having to contact support over little things that I would hope I would be allowed access to myself, such as PHP memory limits, which states in their FAQ "up to 256mb" yet I had to ask to be bumped past the 32mb I was stuck at, or being able to access port 3306 for MySQL remote connections, I was treated to a server crash in early August that lost all my files, emails, databases, etc. After getting everything back up again I had to jump through all those same hoops again. requesting bigger PHP pool, ports open, etc, etc, rinse repeat.

What's worse is the complete lack of care when it comes to their support. Not only does it take upwards of days to get a response, but a couple of times it's to point out things that was never mentioned in the ticket which then requires me spending time explaining what was already explained the first time because they didn't care to read what I actually wrote. Which then takes more time for them to re-read (or read the first time, realistically.)

Example: I logged in with wrong user/pass too many times and I was locked out of my account, fair enough, my fault. The issue arises when I have to install a VPN on my private network to mask my real IP address in order to file a ticket because I am also locked out of all of That is annoying. The cherry on top is when I finally file a ticket explaining my situation, that I'm running a VPN to file a ticket and "HERE IS MY REAL IP ADDRESS." and my response, hours later, is "The IP address you are currently using isn't being blocked, thank you."

Clearly they didn't read the message where I detailed the exact situation. This has happened on more than 1 occasion and if it wasn't so cheap and I wasn't already past a realistic refund date I would have. If I have anymore issues I am just abandoning them, going back to ICDSoft and setting up a page about how bad Hostlatte is.

Review Rating
Duy Huynh 19 Aug 13

They claim to backup their data often however they had a RAID array crash, HDD failures and lost all of my website data. It was more than just me; nearly all customers were affected. Hostlatte then did not keep customers up to date with the situation for nearly a week and after that, it was shoddy support at best. Horrible service and reliability.

Review Rating
haroon 16 Aug 13

Have been with them for a long time I guess almost 3 years. My site went down for the first time last week, but their support helped me restore everything. They do keep their promises.

Review Rating
CP 12 Aug 13

Their server crashed without backup and took down all my websites for over 1 week to only tell me that they do not have any backup and I'm SOL.

Review Rating
jim 9 Aug 13

I reviewed hostlatte a while back and gave them all good reports. After a recent server crash in which supposed redundancy also crashed and my site / email being down for a couple of days, I have found that the restore they did was from an old backup. I have a ton of files missing because it was only recently I published with no backups on my side - I lost it all thinking they had my back.

I would not recommend them as they are not responding well to service requests. My guess is they have no answer to the restore fiasco.

Review Rating
Sunil Misra 8 Aug 13

My website has been down since Sunday (8/3) today is 8/8 and it is still down. There has been no communication from the company, no apologies, no answers. Have tried to contact them using all the available means, no response to anything. Absolutely horrible, stay as far away from this company as possible.

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Christian 8 Aug 13

MY site just went away. Deleted from cpanel, when I ask for support. Took 10 hours + to respond to tell me my site is pointed correctly. Do not purchase from these jokers.

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satish 7 Aug 13

I have had several issues in the past with hostlatte, for example simple PHP scripts that work on other hosts not working here etc. The emails and site were down on couple of occasions but came back up within hours so I ignored it.

But this time, the emails and site has been down for FOUR days. There was minimal communication from hostlatte on when it would be restored. Now they have restored the website to the January version! All my later changes are lost.

Don't go by the (manufactured?) positive reviews. I did that and paid the price.

Review Rating
Zach 6 Aug 13

I've had Hostlatte for about 6 months now, with minor issues. Now, their servers have been down for 3+ days with no real answers or customer support. I strongly recommend going elsewhere for your hosting, even if it is a bit more expensive.

Review Rating
Chris Staines 31 Jul 13

I signed up to HostLatte through a promotion, thinking they would be a good stopgap between jumping to a major host. I have actually been /very/ satisfied with their up-time (minor hiccup earlier this year), their new unlimited plans (storage & bandwidth!), and their support. I highly recommend them for anyone who prefers to have a host who, "gets out of the way," to allow focusing on the site itself.

Review Rating
Rebecca DeLong 18 Jul 13

I signed up with a great coupon deal (which I see them regularly offer), so my monthly costs of hosting and domain registration (the once a year fee) was/is actually quite low, and definitely fair.

I have not had any issues so far with my website's hosting. With any personal matters (for instance, payment issues/password issues), they have gotten back to me quickly and have always been helpful. I've never walked away unsatisfied.

I would definitely recommend it.

Review Rating
jim morgan 18 Jul 13

Tech support must not sleep at all. I submitted a ticket and had resolution within 10 minutes. COMPLETE RESOLUTION. Not try this and let us know going back and forth tech support. Complete one stop shopping!

Review Rating
Swaminathan Venkatesh 15 Jul 13

I've been with HostLatte for just over 6 months now. I am using it to host my personal website (which isn't complete yet).

The highlight so far for me is their support. It is too good. Any query I raise, they help me out incredibly well and that too in a timely manner.

Pricing wise, I signed up utilizing an offer, so got it cheap.

So far, I have only good things to say about HostLatte.

Review Rating
Mangesh Sangapu 15 Jul 13

I cannot get to control panel from work. Rep said it might be firewall. Otherwise, sometimes I noticed the website loads quite slowly.

I'm very happy with customer service. Very well informed and helpful. I have recommended HL to my friends.

Review Rating
J Essic 13 Jul 13

I chose hostlatte because I needed unlimited space for a reasonable cost, and I got a really good deal from them. After 6 months, hosting has been great, with only two drawbacks - they don't provide a domain alias, which was a hinderance for setting up my site, and their email server is config'd to only send out 100 emails per hour. My old host did not have an email limit and didn't throttle them, so I wasn't used to this restriction. In the end, I decided to keep my old host and use their email server, but I need hostlatte for it's low cost unlimited space. I also noticed the first couple of months that they always had live and very responsive support via chat. Now, nobody is ever on chat, and all support is via email, and much slower. I hope that isn't the start of a trend in service degradation.

Review Rating
Mike 12 Jul 13

I'm new to the world of hosting sites, but they have been fantastic! I did notice some down time once, if it wasn't for that, they're get a perfect score. I make sure I tell everyone about them when I can.

Review Rating
Chris 12 Jul 13

Great host and service at an unbeatable price. Been very satisfied so far and expect the same in the future!

Review Rating
Tyler J. Warsop 12 Jul 13

Have had few issues with reliability with Hostlatte, and the few issues I did have were responded and fixed VERY promptly. The support staff is amazing, and that really sets them apart from other hosts I've worked with. Highly recommend.

Review Rating
Sonny Huynh 12 Jul 13

Couldn't ask for a better host! I run a low traffic blog, have not noticed any downtime on the shared server. I severely messed up my website one afternoon and needed to restore from one of my backups. Contacted HostLatte about restoring the backup and within 15 minutes my site was back to normal.

Customer support is top notch, most if not all of my queries were responded to within the hour.

Usually I would say that "you get what you pay for", however with HostLatte "you get MORE than what you pay for". Great price, great support, great host!

Review Rating
Subhadip 27 Jun 13

I'm using this host for an year. Initially having some downtime issue but after few weeks It is solved and all my domains are running smoothly. Though sometimes access is very slow but overall performance at what price I got is very much satisfactory to me.

Review Rating
Jason Petermann 19 Jun 13

I have enjoyed using Hostlatte very much. Setup was a breeze, and the pricing was hard to beat. They have been reliable as far as uptime goes. I do not believe I have been down at all.

I have had to deal with their customer service two times, and both times were the best experiences I have ever had with a web host. They answered and/or corrected the issue promptly (Usually had a response in less than 5 minutes).

Overall, they have provided the best experience I have ever had with a web host.

Review Rating
Eric Zhang 7 Jun 13

I've been using hostlatte for a few months now, and the price per point is extremely good. I've had 99.91% uptime on my site in the past 2 months. Everything loads very fast and cPanel is great.

Review Rating
Mary 6 Jun 13

Great host! Answers question with fast TAT. Easy & simple to use interface too:)

Review Rating
Joe Morales 25 May 13

I've been using their service for six months so far and I absolutely haven't had any problems. I was able to grab an amazing deal for hosting and man, I don't regret it at all. They are a small company for have a huge potential.

Review Rating
Cory 11 May 13

I've had some problems getting certain board software up and running, but after a quick message to support everything seems to be working great.

Review Rating
Aman Sharma 17 Apr 13

Great hosting site, great customer support. Happy to be a part of your clientele and look forward to sticking with you guys in the near future!

Review Rating
David Shabtai 10 Apr 13

Works great, have not had any problems.

Review Rating
Riccardo Masutti 5 Apr 13

Probably the best web hosting around the world. Awesome.

Review Rating
clint 17 Feb 13

top notch customer support. i cant express this enough, how important that is for me. compare to my previous provider (who apparently outsourced to india) hostlatte has customer support with actual english speakers.

on top of that, all my support inquiries were usually replied to within 10 minutes.

i have been very happy to be their customer, they are very friendly, patient and helped me out a lot. great company, and great employees :)


Review Rating
Mark Layton 14 Feb 13's support was very efficient and very friendly. I received a helpful and friendly response with a few hours, if not minutes. I haven't had any issues with the performance (in fact I noticed an increase of performance from my previous host) of the server or downtime, highly recommended hosting service!

Review Rating
Sean 13 Jan 13

I signed up for a promotional rate to build a page for my wife's small business.

The service has been great, and support has been phenomenal. I just got a response to my question on SSL implementation immediately, which has been the case most every time I've sent a support request email.

Five stars in my book!

Review Rating
Rick 19 Dec 12

So many good things to say about it's hard to know where to start.

This service and help is above excellent , e-mails were answered quickly with helpful advice and solutions to my problems.

As a senior citizen whose memory is not as great as it once was Sean @ Hostlatte was extremely patient and understanding.

Sean @ Hostlatte is very knowledgeable in how to set up your website and e-mail and goes out of his way to help you.

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