We provide a performance optimised Drupal web stack with development tools like Drush available out the box. It's simple and instant to deploy, so you can concentrate on site development.

Drupal lies at the core of what we do. Everything starts with the premise that there must be total support for Drupal and contrib modules conforming to Drupal's coding standards.

Not every developer has the expertise or time to performance tune their web stack. Hundreds of hours can be spent on hosting configuration and tuning, repeating work that's been done elsewhere thousands of times. We believe that time is better spent developing site features, optimising for SEO or contributing modules to

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Jan 28 Feb 18


Their own website has even basic pages that do not work and lots of basic spelling errors (so one can guess what reliability and code correctness the rest of their services might be).

Support is non-existing: e-mails are left unanswered, and urgent tickets ignored and not forwarded to my mailbox despite the statement otherwise.

The Drupal Solr Search service I purchased does not work at all after correct installation.

I am sad that I did not stumble upon hostjury earlier to read the similar bad reviews about Hudhost Drupal hosting.

I hope that Hud host will turn the tide, and deliver customer service and hosting quality, so that I might continue to use Hudhost for my Drupal project.

I hope Hudhost

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John 26 Apr 17


I was recommended Hudhost by my old website designer as he was stopping self-hosting. I am always happy to support small businesses, given we are one ourselves. But there is a limit to one's patience!

Migration was bumpy 2 years ago and it took about 10 days to get everything ironed out. At the time there was support, US-based I believe. Then I had endless email woes. Basically reputational issues that meant my emails on and off were never received. As these things are hit and miss, I was never sure when I had the issue or not. Hudhost did finally recognise that email was important and upgraded and after that I had much fewer problems, but not 100%.

During all this support disappeared, other than the 1 person running Hudhost it seems. The 24/7 claim is a lie. There is no email, chat, number, just tickets that get seen to after a few days with many reminders.

Finally my patience ran out, when our website got hacked and had a bunch of issues. Very slow or zero reply from Hudhost. I then moved hosting to another hosting service, who have been brilliant, fixed everything in a day, no migration issues, cheaper and even faster! It has been eye opening.

Net - don't use Hudhost I am sorry to say. Nice to support small businesses, but service is key and this is missing in spades.

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Iain Duff 10 Jan 15

For a shared host I was surprised at the speed. I've used them for years and always found their Drupal knowledge and support to be suburb. They actually care about their customers.

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