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M7md alebwani 9 Mar 18

I love MyTrueHost excellent Tech Support, never have to wait more then 5 minutes.Since the time I hook up with them I have no reason to fear at all.Their are 24/7 online is real. CPanel is great for use and has allot of user friendly features.We are recomending MyTrueHost!

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Sac K 5 Feb 18

Hello Everyone,

I am using mytruehost from more than 2 years but I got good support on livechat especially from Adam

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Real bad hosting 27 Mar 17

My website has been down for days and they are not even returning my emails. They ALWAYS take FOREVER to respond, whatever the problem you report. This is by far the biggest scam in internet history. I am certain all the good reviews are FAKE You may as well throw your money to the trash, because you will have to move your website to another host and you will lose your email history!!!

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pissed off client 7 Mar 17

I have not been able to open my company's email for a week. I sent them an email and they responded by reseting my login password to THEIR website, which has nothing to do with my website's email. They have NOT responded since. It's like communicating with a wall. They do NOT speak any English and they shoot in the dark to see if it sticks. Not worth the trouble!!!

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Janette Lawson 20 Dec 16

After getting top-notch and satisfied service, I continually recommend MyTrueHost to all my valued friends and partners. I always wanted to have someone who understands my requirements and budget, which I have only received from this top-notch company. I will never forget how the company has helped me with securing my website as well as running it so well all the time, thus, would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an authentic hosting and domain solution.

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Marl 17 Nov 16

Having attempted to move hosts a few times and was always put off by the lack of help for a novice like me. I was helped every step of the way by upport staff and in particular Maria W. The whole process was faultless and I didnt notice any downtime at all.

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Advisor 6 Mar 16

At first they seem friendly but then they will bring out the true colors in them. I literally had to contact them every single day and they fix the issue in less than a minute. After a while they do not even want to spend that minute in fixing the issues. They simply said to find another hosting service.

Why in the world do these people need business when they cannot handle small websites. Like the price, support is cheap too. Support guys are so impatient and do not want to work for what they are getting paid for.

False information posted saying unlimited bandwidth. They will eventually come back saying that website is causing load on the servers and that we will have to host the site elsewhere.

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Nazir 1 Dec 15

I only have a small shared hosting account with MyTrueHost but their support is exemplary. It has always been fast and responsive. I recently needed to install some forum software and there was an issue with some library compatibility with the new software. When it became apparent what the problem was they quickly moved me to a new server with the necessary libraries and made sure that everything was working correctly. At all times the support was responsive and constructive, resolving the issue very quickly.

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Retail 16 Nov 15

With we never signed up with this company. Worthless support who are a bunch of liars. Since the first day we signed up, there has nothing but problems with MyTrueHost. First being they only have 1 email server for everyone they host. Their emails server has been blacklisted by almost everyone for spamming. Including AT&T, Verizon, GMail, and about 10 others. So if you send emails to these providers expect them to bounce back. 2 days later we are trying to send 10 emails out and we cant even connect to the email server. Contact these idiots, and they say there's nothing wrong and while on the chat room we test it out and it still doesnt work. GO to complain and they walk away from the chat and leave you hanging. Do not trust this company, we're moving our site and you idiots can expect everything chargebacked.

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Scott 9 Oct 15

"I would like to say that after having MyTrueHost my site for last 2 years that I know I chose the right company. Best value and best service as they continue to grow. I would and do recommend them to everyone needing an honest dependable company!"

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Noel 7 Oct 15

pls go away from this hosting company they will cheat you.. i have a shared account from them.. my site always encounter a downtime.. the told me my domain has some kind of attack so they can not host my account anymore.. they don't even give me a warning to fix my domain. no Suspensions either instead close my account .. so i ask a refund.. NO LUCK.. my $12 money wasted from them in just no less than 15 days... its a bad hosting company i've ever meet.. GO AWAY FROM THIS KIND OF HOSTING...

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Dr Steve Byrd 1 Aug 15

I am starting a web hosting business and I am a real novice. I found Mytruehost by searching the cheapest web hosting company through Google. At first I thought it was a scam at $1.00 a month, but I soon found out that the company is not only real they are fantastic. The service is the best I ever seen on the net! The staff in the online support are really helpful especially Maria. Who I now consider to be one of my friends. Try the company they offer 30 day money back guarantee, but I am sure you will not need it. Big thank you to mytruehost.

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WFI 9 Jun 15

Been with them for three months. So far so good!Tried another host for 2 days at a higher price and they sucked.Good price and good service

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Anne 9 May 15

The classic IT quote "Fast, Secure, Cheap: Pick any TWO" doesn't hold true with MyTrueHost. Their servers are fast, secure AND cheap - but not with respect to quality of service and support. And the recent addition of their MailFoundry Spam and Antivirus protection puts them in a class of their own. I've used other hosts in the past but there's a good reason why I've been with MyTrueHost for over a year.

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Ajey 20 Feb 15

This is the worest hosting provider i had ever choosen, there support staff uses bad words at us. i got screwed my seeing there low price, free hosting providers are lot better then this company, i recommend never choose these people

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Mike 22 Jan 15

mytruehost Worst Server, Worst Customer Support, site downtime is 60%

Stay away from mytruehost.

mytruehost Review

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Hank Henderson 29 Jan 14

Just wonderful! You have the finest support for clients I have ever seen. You saved the day for me and were so helpful and caring. You went beyond the call. You are at the top of the list in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I can not thank you enough for what you did for me. You all are the greatest. Many, many thanks

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Panks 4 Jan 14

They are not even an average hosting company. The support they provide is really bad . I am current customer and within 3 month my website is down 4 time every time i ask then they have excuse . The real thing is i got a mail from Google support them that's why i am writing this review , Check this mail here :-

They try to login in my account . when i ask them they told me that they don't need client like me and told me that they are terminating my account. Worst kind of hosting company i have every seen, Don't use them.

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Stolex 20 Apr 13

This is without a doubt the best hosting provider out there - no one comes close to their level of friendly, professional, and prompt service. I've used many hosting providers over the years and now my search is finally over! I will be consolidating all my business with this hosting services on forward....MyTrueHost is Best.

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