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Phi9 Web Hosting name and logo are derived from the mathematical number ‘Phi’ or ‘ϕ’ which represents the ‘Golden Ratio’. Phi exists in nature, architecture, engineering and everyday life; in fact, the double helix structure of our DNA follows Phi. Together with 9, the highest single digit integer, we provide innovation, elegance and unlimited possibilities to rocket your business forward in the digital age.

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John Lynn 30 Oct 15

In my 13 Years of being a web developer, I have searched for a reliable and great hosting service and Phi9 beats them all. To Me Phi9 means: - Premium services offer at cheapest rate.

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Andrew Karl 14 Sep 15

Phi9 has easily been the best web hosting service I've ever used. The prices are excellent and you get a lot of features for your money. I can't say much about their customer support, since I haven't had to contact them once.

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Addie Brian 30 Jun 15

Phi9 were recommended to me by a friend when I mentioned that I was going to start a WordPress blog. Ten minutes after I had paid I had a WordPress site up and ready to go and not only that, the prices were great! I've had to use their Support feature a few times and it has been a quick and easy process to get my problems resolved every time. Will definitely be staying with them in the future.

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Andy Johnson 15 Jun 15

Phi 9 Web Hosting is by far the best Hosting I have ever used. I love their service, they are always prompt with any issues I have and I can actually speak to someone on the phone. The up time is excellent. They ROCK!!!

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Alden Wilson 24 May 15

Compared to other hosting sites, I have found Phi9 simple and non complicated. There are no problems in setting up a site with process being easy to understand. The support are very helpful and take personal interest in solving queries.

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William 9 May 15

I have utilized several hosts prior to Phi9. For the first time, I have found a host that allows me the ability to utilize all of the features that I need; I have experienced ZERO downtime; the customer service that I have received has been exceptional and the pricing can't be beat.

Also I am very happy With Phi9. Support is fast and good and their servers working well.

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Paul Allen 10 Apr 15

Phi9 offers a great service with great customer support, even when it takes a little longer to get things fixed, they try their best to know that you're being helped as quick as they can. They don't hesitate to escalate things if needed, so you know things will get fixed.

Uptime is also really good, I've experienced just a couple minutes downtime in this years of service.

Overall, I can't stop recommending Phi9, also, excellent price on Windows Hosting.

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Ron Tripiano 31 Mar 15

Been with them for several years. Currently have two VPS, hosting several domains and have had nothing but good experiences. Great staff and excellent response time. In terms of up server time is about 99.9% absolutely no complaints.

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Tobias G. Hunter 21 May 12

I have used Phi 9 for a little bit under a year now and I have been thrilled with their service and support. Where my old host said my blog got too much traffic and tried to force me to upgrade, Phi 9 has given no complaints about our traffic. I recommend them for any Wordpress blogger who needs a fast and reliable host and occasional support.

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Sheryl Roush 17 Apr 12

I have never had such an amazing experience with a web hosting provider. I love that their support is around 24 hours a day. Literally, i can email any time day or night and they are there. The 24 hour live chat is great and the Californian team makes it so easy to communicate with them. These guys have been in the industry for years and it really shows. I will be with phi9 for years!

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