SharkSpace is now part of Eleven2. SharkSpace was founded with reliability in mind. SharkSpace hosts less sites per server on average than other web hosts, allowing for fast page loading times and excellent reliability.

The founder Scott Jones has set an innovative business structure to still bring in more revenue while placing less accounts per server. The concept is quite simple, less server problems equals less support questions. SharkSpace has less support questions due to not overloading servers allowing SharkSpace to afford to put less accounts per server due to their operating costs being lower. SharkSpace only uses the best hardware, software and network provided by the world class SoftLayer Data Center. SharkSpace has provided services to over 100,000 websites.

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G.D. 9 May 10

Avoid using sharkspace at all costs. All costs. The risk you take is far greater than any benefit that could come from it.

Sharkspace is the worst hosting company on the planet. Just 2 days ago, sharkspace's owner and Darwin Awards candidate, Scott Jones, deleted my entire account of over 50 domains, including several client business sites, non-profit organizations, etc. This includes all database information, subscriber mailing list databases with tens of thousands of members, etc. Accident? No. He did this on purpose. I have been a long paying customer of this company, not to mention all of the other long paying customers that I had referred to them. They are making a killing off of me, and this is their answer. I estimate that Mr. Jones will be seeking employment in another field when this situation comes to a close.

Please, if you have any data on sharkspace's servers, move it IMMEDIATELY. Do not allow yourself to be victimized by this company.

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Adriana 19 Apr 10

I have been with Sharkspace for almost a year now (to be exact, 10 months and 19 days), and I have absolutely no complain about their service.

Uptime & Reliability:

I didn't use any software to monitor my site, but I didn't notice ANY downtime until now.

Server & Connection Speed:

Very fast all the time!! Sharkspace do not oversell their servers and therefore their speed is always fast!!

Technical Support & Knowledge, Customer Service & Billing:

Their ticket respond time is always less than 10 minutes! Usually I got my respond in about 5 minutes. But what really important is, they do not reply you with canned replies!! You always get the answer you want in the first reply!! And their problem solving speed is great! Staffs are patient, and they are willing to answer some very stupid questions from me with good manner.

Price value for money:

Sharkspace have 3 different shared plan, I am on the Hammerhead. Their uptime, speed and customer support surely worth the money!!

I build websites for over 6 years, and I had tried numerous of website hosting services. And the longest one I stayed for ONE YEAR. As soon as the contract ends, I moved. Not the mention those I stayed for a few days.

I am not a professional computer person, building website is just my interest. Therefore I have lots of stupid questions and break something myself. In some of my previous host, I was told that I am responsible and if I want them to fix it, I have to pay extra for "professional support" or what so ever. Sharkspace, however, answer my questions and fix the problem I created fast, and frendly. When I moved to Sharkspace, I already with a website and I asked Sharkspace to move them all to them. First, they used the cpanel backup, and got back to my very fast. However, I noticed some files were missing (the file transfer was incomplete), and I contacted them. They offered to do the transfer again with a different way (move the files straight from the server, not from cpanel), and this time, everything is done perfectly!

Although, honestly, I want to be with a green hosting, but no, I am not moving away from Sharkspace unless they kick me out :-) Thank you, Sharkspace!!

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Mike Spurr 31 Mar 10

I would not recommend sharkspace to anyone after seeing the current fiasco that just happened to my reseller hosting.

All clients sites have dropped off the web, all unavailable. No notification what so ever from sharkspace. Furthermore I have now found the notification from them on their forums stating they have lost all the data and are unable to restore the backups. Apparently they are sending new welcome emails and we must start from scratch.

Dont believe me ? Read it for yourself under network issues on the sharkspace forums.




Live Support ? Offline predictably. This is catastrophic hosting failure. The way its being dealt with is a complete shocker and the fact that it could happen at all is ridiculous.

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Rick 5 Feb 10

I've been with Shark Space for a little over a year. I am very happy with every aspect of their service, but I only wish they were a bit more affordable. I'm fortunate enough to have signed up at a time when they had a special promotion and save 50% each year.

I'm writing this review because this week I received an invitation to return to my previous host, and they included special incentives. No thanks... life is great with Shark Space! The other host wasn't that bad... but Shark Space beats them in every way. My previous host was Geek Storage:

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