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Selina Times 11 Dec 12

great hosting experiance so far. been with them good 3 months now i think and have amazing uptime and fast pageloading.

the staff also helped me move everything over and make everything work great for me. i have not had such amazing service inall of my life.

just really wish i had heard of them so much sooner.

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Mike 22 Jul 12

I'm trying to move to them, however their support it hofficic, a ticket has been open for hours, not one reply. However their live support is online but I get the same message, they are busy with other clients... Can't be that busy if they can't reply to the tickets posted since this last night.

Their server seems fine however I've had to upload everything myself, etc. No support so not sure if I should upgrade but move elsewhere.

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Amy Denc 20 Jun 12

In the past I had nothing but problems with web host after web host but a friend told me all about how they were using SolidShellSecurity and never had any problems so I decided to go host with them and give them a shot.

As of now after months and months of hosting with them I have been very happy and content and have no reason to move anymore!

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Tiffany Hiatts 11 May 12

Been searching for a host that would work with me and my big website and I finally found SolidShellSecurity and they have met all my needs. I am very happy and content with them.

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Williams Johnson 24 Feb 12

I needed a new host which not only could host my website but also help me fix some issues and provide management, and SolidShellSecurity did a nice job helping me. They run live chat support which allowed me to get on and ask for help and my responses were next to instant.

I've also found my site to run a lot faster on their servers, as I came from an unlimited host and my sites took so much longer to load(currently hosting 6 sites with them now).

All in all I highly recommend them. I don't feel like a number to them as they took about an hour or so to help me with my website.

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