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Webhosting UK was established in the year 2001 with a pivotal aspiration to offer the best quality unmatched services and customer satisfaction that was in everyone's price range.

Since it's inception, Webhosting UK has been committed to entrust customers with effective & easy to use web hosting services backed by unmatched 24/7 quality technical support and guaranteed server uptime.

We offer premiere web hosting services supported by the UK's most seasoned system administrators and knowledgeable technical support team. Our team comprises of Red Hat Linux & Microsoft Certified professionals along with tech savvy developers. We have in-house network managers and technicians, our work is not entrusted to any external company. The technologies we use are of the highest standards and are carefully monitored in a multi-tier environment.

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Webhosting UK's overall review score

Hosting Reviews for Webhosting UK

Tracy Anderson 20 Oct 17

Adam Smith was a great help to me, very patient & knowledgeable. Great service.

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R Balcombe 16 Oct 17

Webhosting UK are an excellent hosting service with reasonable pricing, knowledgeable support staff and helpful and committed customer service over the phone. I had a great experience today, with Angel helping me to resolve a storage issue. She was very helpful and responded promptly to my messages.

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Captain Pat Thompson 15 Oct 17

Superb support, problems quickly and efficiently resolved

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Chris Lindsay 15 Oct 17

Good Support

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Bjørnar Magnussen 14 Oct 17

Very quick and helpful support from Shawn Davis.

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Roy Brixton 12 Oct 17

Andy K provided helpful, courteous response and solved my problems

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Rachael Wilson 12 Oct 17

I've been in the graphics industry for longer than I care to mention, but have only recently entered the world of web development. WHUK were recommended to me by a colleague and since day one I have found the service provided to be excellent. All their support agents are very patient and polite, with 99.9% of my enquiries being resolved within a single on-line chat. Anything more complicated is dealt with swiftly by generating a Support Ticket.

Their UI is clear and easy to navigate and the control panel and plugins available are extensive.

I would definitely recommend.

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Aaron Harvey 10 Oct 17

Shawn Davis provided an excellent service. I had changed my email address and had missed an invoice payment. Shawn resolved the issue with the invoice, allowed me to pay it and got my website up and running again. Great experience !

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Neil Behrmann 10 Oct 17

Jordan Blake was extremely helpful, competent and courteous

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Professor Thomas A Markus 6 Oct 17

Excellent service.

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Simon B 5 Oct 17

I've never experienced such a reliable, fast, professional & supportive host!

The Live Chat 24/7 is GREAT!!! The help is fast and understandable.

Kemp.M is one of the best support staff I've ever experienced, he is incredibly helpful! All of the support are.

If you're after a host and one which has 24/7 live chat support, then choose!!!

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Joanna Pajak 28 Sep 17

My host fully understood my problem and went above and beyond to help me. He offered to call me back once he had found the information he required to help me. My problem was fixed without any cost or additional problems.

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Chris Pease 27 Sep 17

I cant comment on the reliability, as i am a new user and have not really used the service yet. I have used the 24 hr support service & Adam was a great help. From my experiences so far, i would highly recommend

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Brian 26 Sep 17

Dealt with Shawn Davis on this occasion who kindly unlocked my account after I used an old password.

His patience while I attempted to sort this with him was exceptional. A great help and it only took a couple of minutes.

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Sunghwan Cho 25 Sep 17

I have a problem with my domain and account, but I could easily solve the problem with the help of the customer service. His name was Shawn Davis, and he was really nice. Thank you!

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Gerry 22 Sep 17

Shawn Davis as excellent with his expert advice in online chat.

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aleksander maczka 19 Sep 17

Shawn Davies was very helpful and the service i have received was very good

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Saba Zahoor Illahi 18 Sep 17

Dear Adam Smith,

Thanks to your company and the excellent service provided by it's delightful employees.

Please feel free to add my endorsement to any promotional materials you have in the future.


Saba Zahoor Illahi

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Aleksey Uzhyk 18 Sep 17

Adam from WHUK hosting was very helpful, fast and efficient. I got what I need in no time. Excellent service!

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Ahmed Hassan 18 Sep 17

Adam Smith, from the billing department, he was helpful and saved my time

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Tony 17 Sep 17

Adam Smith was best Support Agent I have ever had! Great Service! Increase his salary ASAP!

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Jason 16 Sep 17

Issues with my plan where I'd exceeded my allocations.

Dealt with Shaun Davis, Albert R and, Adrian G at WebHostingUK and found all three we responsive and quickly understood the issues I was having.

Albert and Adrian worked through the technical issue quickly and efficiently with easy to understand questions and responses.

Shaun then assisted in arranging an upgrade that was able to pay for and see progress promptly and without issue.

All in all was very happy with the support.

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Graham Walker 13 Sep 17

Excellent technical support

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Zaw Win Aung 11 Sep 17

Mr. Adam Smith, your service is very good :D

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Lynn Kingsley 11 Sep 17

I'm a long standing customer of Web Hosting with no complaints at all.

Their support team are excellent - always very quick to respond, helpful, friendly and courteous - and today was no exception when I had both Gavin and Adam sorting my problems.

I highly recommend this company - and their support team!

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Boo Boon 10 Sep 17

I really like Webhosting UK service. And really appreciate the customer agent "Adam Smith". He is a very active person.

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G. MUNDRA 8 Sep 17

Angel Jacobs was my support agent from WebHostUK and provided the service I have came to expect from WHUK! she is very polite and always quick to respond efficiently. All requests are sorted quickly.

Thanks to Angel .. Five Star *****

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Amber 7 Sep 17

best web hots i have used

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David Wolper 7 Sep 17

Vivian Clarker was highly efficient in dealing with our issues. Very pleased with the handling of these two issues

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desislav 6 Sep 17

I had some issues with the renewal of the domain.

The support agent Adam Smith was very helpful and resolved it in a minute

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Dave O 6 Sep 17

Quickly resloved my issue - Shawn Davis was very helpful and dealt with the problem well.

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Martin Wace 6 Sep 17

Over the years I have had only very good experiences with this company. The support staff are all brilliant.

Today I chatted online with Shawn Davis in the billing department. Shawn was very helpful and dealt with my enquiry efficiently and very politely.

I am very happy to recommend this company.

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Mohsen Essam 6 Sep 17

adam very helpful

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Sami Shehadeh 5 Sep 17

Shawn Davis was very helpful in resolving any issues I had, was very quick with the replies and quick to think of solutions

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Mark 5 Sep 17

Shawn Davis helped me with my enquiry and was very proficient.

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James Brown 5 Sep 17

Great support from the Webhosting team

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D 3 Sep 17

I find the telephone support fantastic.

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Richard 3 Sep 17

I would like to thank Adam for his help and sorting my problem

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Simon 1 Sep 17

The support at this host is INCREDIBLE. I always prefer a host with 24/7 support, well this has that and it's VERY impressive.

A support worker named, 'Kemp.M', has been the BEST support I've ever experienced. I can't explain how good he is! He's very clever, very fast at answering questions via LiveChat or a support ticket, adjusts/edits certain areas, such as the DNS settings if needed, this guy is fantastic!

All of the support are BRILLIANT at this host! But Kemp.M is my number 1.

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Muhammad 30 Aug 17

Amazing Pricing. to start with Ed in sales was very helpful and later I had grt experience with tech support as well. Shawn Davis was amazing and very patient. control panel perhaps need bit of modernisation. but it does the job and matches the price tag. great service on the whole.

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Holger Klinzmann 30 Aug 17

A BIG BIG thank you to ADAM SMITH!

He is a very polite and clever man, who helped me a lot.

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Peter Smith 30 Aug 17

Problems sorted out very professionally and quickly by Jane Miller. She has excellent product knowledge and ability to resolve technical issues in minimal time. Courteous in all respects, a credit to the company.

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Inna Kusion 30 Aug 17

Excellent service, thank you so much.

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Robin 29 Aug 17

Angel J has been very helpful and sorted all the issues I had and delivered all the promises made to resolve my problems on time.


Review Rating
Martin wace 28 Aug 17

I had cause to contact Webhosting UK and my questions were dealt with by a support person called Shawn Davis. e was so very helpful and polite. He dd a great job in dealing with m enquiry.

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Roger Hinton 28 Aug 17

Samson A. dealt with a firewall block problem very quickly, explained the problem and waited whilst I tested the login.

Passed on to Adam Smith who sorted my client area login, reset the password and waited for me to cross-check.

Loss of access was dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Review Rating
Simon Dobson 27 Aug 17

Very competitive hosting.

Extremely good support. Shawn Davis from Billing was very helpful twice today. Upgraded my package very quickly.

Review Rating
James 25 Aug 17

Adam and Stanley were fantastic, very efficient and gave me all the information I needed. I was having trouble setting up my account in the past week but these two helped me immensely!

Review Rating
ahmed 24 Aug 17

It's a very excellent company

They have excellent support and very fast

Thanks Professor Shawn Davis for interesting and quick fixes

Review Rating
Alan Clarke 23 Aug 17

Shawn Davis was my support agent this evening and provided the service I have come to expect from WHUK! I use the chat support often, and always get a resolution. Thanks guys!

Review Rating
Dave Kingaby 22 Aug 17

I've been using this hosting company for several years now and never had cause for complaint. Always very accessible and ready to help on technical issues,latest experience today with Jane at the end of the phone resolved my problem in a few minutes.

Review Rating
matt mooey 21 Aug 17

I had a query to upgrade my hosting plan and Shawn Davis did a great job in making this as simple and fast as possible. Great job.

Review Rating
Kathy Marriage 13 Aug 17

Shawn Davis provided excellent service this evening.

Review Rating
Paul W 11 Aug 17

A very quick response and a simple fix was soon put onto place. Excellent service

Review Rating
Patrick Davison 9 Aug 17

Vivian Clarke was very helpful and patient.

I am not very computer "savvy" and Vivian explained everything very well and talked/walked me through how I needed to resolve matters.

Review Rating
Patrick Bolton 8 Aug 17

I found this company to be very quick and very helpful. The best customer service I have witnessed in some time, a representative named Vivian took ownership of my case from the start and went far above the usual level of service and had the answers to all my questions, good work Vivian! You have very good staff WHUK.

Review Rating
Jack 8 Aug 17

Spoke on online chat with 'Shawn Davis' to assist with transfer of a site onto new host, was available quickly and was really helpful with the queries I had.

Review Rating
Brigida Desebrock 8 Aug 17

I was asked by our tech guy to contact webhosting about a problem we had. We are based in Australia so I was a bit worried about having to phone but Angel was great, realised immediately what needed to be done and followed up promptly .... and continued to provide support. It is so reassuring to know that problems will be sorted so quickly and efficiently. Many thanks.

Review Rating
Ivan Sugiarto Widodo 7 Aug 17

first time for 2 days my problem solved. thank you!

Review Rating
Steve Adams 6 Aug 17

I have been with WHUK for quite a few years and never had any serious problems.The main reason is there support. I have just had an online chat with Kemp M who explained all I needed to know clearly and without fuss. I suspect like most people my web tech knowledge is rather limited so to have a live chat with someone who has patience and understanding is brilliant, they could not have been more helpful if they was in the chair next to me. Problem solved and clearly explained - perfect.100% satisfaction.

Review Rating
Hein Kyaw Swar Tun 3 Aug 17

I saitisfied your supporting. Shawn Davis

Review Rating
Phil Marks 3 Aug 17

Enquiry about domain transfer answered promptly and solved within a few minutes, very good service from Shawn Davis

Review Rating
John Bottrill 30 Jul 17

Andy was so patient. It looks as though, after a year of livechats and failures, the problem of upgrading my website may have been solved.


Review Rating
Mike Lister 29 Jul 17

For the last nine years I have had to call support every month to unblock my dynamic ip address. Often this takes an abnormal amount of time but this month Jordan Blake resolved my on-going problem in record time. Let's see how good Webhosting support will be next month?

Review Rating
Kabore B Debourgeoit 29 Jul 17

Thank you very much. I really appreciated your help

Review Rating
Matthew Evans 28 Jul 17

They always work hard to fix any problem and offer great support 24/7

Review Rating
Steve Phillips 28 Jul 17

Jane was brill, problem fixed in no time !

Review Rating
Ashiram Kavuma 27 Jul 17

Stuart was excellent in serving me and helping resolve all my queries. Great work WHUK

Review Rating
Trish Hodson 25 Jul 17

Jordan Blake was once again excellent in his support. He turned what could have been a rather stressful moment into a very straightforward and calm one. Thank you again.

Review Rating
Yuriy 25 Jul 17

All requests are sorted quickly. Vivian helped efficiently.

Review Rating
Phil Clare 22 Jul 17

Jane Miller handled my query rapidly and explained about how to transfer ownership of the web site. I presume the other users have had their ip addresses unblocked. Some contact numbers on an email I was sent yesterday were invalid!

Seems difficult to get the same password to work when a year has elapsed since the last time I changed it. Thanks for your help.


Review Rating
richard simmons 21 Jul 17

Always brilliant and helpful service. Kemp M sorted me out in no time at all. Have used these guys for several years. Would reccomend.

Review Rating
Sai Sai 21 Jul 17

the best customer support.

Shawn Davis

rating 5 star

Review Rating
Noel Irvine 20 Jul 17

Good and Knowledgable assistance everytime

Review Rating
Gurinder Mundra 19 Jul 17

Jane Miller understood my issues & helped me all the way. she is very polite and provided excellent customer service. Five Star *****


Review Rating
phil 19 Jul 17

had a few issues with emails not getting to hot mail accounts, but after a couple of web chats with support it was all sorted.

Review Rating
Mohamed 15 Jul 17 is a great host. The technical support is always there for me. and the billing department is so flexible. special thanks to Shawn Davis.

Review Rating
Shawn Davis 15 Jul 17


Review Rating
Shegun Olajide 14 Jul 17

I have a challenge with the verification of my domain name with ICANN. I was able to find a solution with the prompt from Kemp M at WebhostingUK. Thanks for the help.

Review Rating
Jon Boshoff 13 Jul 17

Had support help from Angel J today and she sorted the issue very quickly. Many thanks!

Review Rating
Gary Bentley 11 Jul 17

Had support today from Shawn Davis in billing, problem solved A.S.A.P with many thanks


Review Rating
Elliot Bell 11 Jul 17

Adam Smith, Customer Care Advisor was very good at helping me just now with an issue with my cPanel hosting. Thank you Adam

Review Rating
Dora 11 Jul 17

We had a problem this morning with database connection error. I called customer support, Jane helped me and quickly past onto Alexander, it was fixed within 30 min!

Thank you so much I will definitely stay with this hosting company! Dora

Review Rating
yasar ali 10 Jul 17

excellent service provided with follow up calls by angel

Review Rating
Jasmine 9 Jul 17

Andy was absolutely first class in his patience and clarity in answering my question. He helped me to make sense of jargon! Very impressed and I can even say that If I need to ring again I will most certainly ask for Andy!

Review Rating
Angelos 7 Jul 17

Awesome support as always. Today Kemp M. made the difference. He helped me a lot with an plan upgrade. Awesome support. Keep the good work.

Review Rating
Simon 7 Jul 17

Useful call - and 5:30 on a Friday xD

Review Rating
Zuzana Dulla 7 Jul 17

I have had my website migrated from previous hosting company to you. Dealt with Jane Miller who was absolutely amazing, helpful in every step of the process. A very big thanks to JANE!!!!

Review Rating
Chris 6 Jul 17

Very good chat support from Shawn Davis!

Review Rating
Lindsay Wright 3 Jul 17

Many thanks to Shawn Davis for re-instating my account. Hosting is good. I forgot to pay my hosting and was re-instated within minutes.

Review Rating
G.S. Mundra 28 Jun 17

I would like to thank Ms Jane Miller.

Great response, very polite and helpful advice. Five Star *****

Review Rating
Janet J 28 Jun 17

I would like to thank Jane Miller for her help with my query yesterday. Jane was polite and efficient and promised to call me back when the issue was resolved which, unlike some businesses I have encountered, she did promptly. Many thanks

Review Rating
Tim Pickford-Jones 24 Jun 17

Telephone service quick and expert. The PHP interpreter stopped on the server. Nice chap knew what to do and it was working again in minutes. Bravo!

Review Rating
Devika 23 Jun 17

I recently moved my domain to WebHosting UK, as there was no transfer fee and the prices were very good value for money.

I needed support with setting up domain forwarding and changing MX records to set up my business email, and Shawn Davis from the support team assisted me with both the above.

My emails were always responded to quickly and the help requested was provided promptly.

I use a couple of other hosting providers and have so far found the support at WebHosting UK to be better than the other providers that I have accounts with.

Review Rating
Pamela Slater 21 Jun 17

Wonderful help on the telephone on 3 occasions from Andy Kane and Cyril Clive.

Review Rating
Mark 19 Jun 17

Very helpful and reliable

Review Rating
Andrew Mitchell 16 Jun 17

Ms Jane Miller gave me terrific telephone support when I needed it, was patient and explained each step of the process clearly. I felt that she was competent to assist me in trouble shooting and resolving my concern. Thank you!

Review Rating
Cathrine 15 Jun 17

Have just signed up to Webhosting UK and have spoken Andy K in support and he was excellent helping me and explaining everything to me!

Review Rating
John Hollings 15 Jun 17

It took over an hour but my issue was resolved

Thanks to the support team

Review Rating
Paul Sarjantson 14 Jun 17

I needed to update my billing and was struggling to remember my login - Jane Miller helped me every step of the way over the phone. Terrific service, as always from Webhosting!

Review Rating
Trish Hodson 12 Jun 17

Jordan Blake to the rescue again! He resolved my query quickly and clearly - nothing seems to be too much trouble for him and I am once again very grateful.

Review Rating
robert bowman 11 Jun 17

andy kane was extemeley helpfull

and patient. sorted my problem


Review Rating
Anthony Bonney 10 Jun 17

Jane understood my issue and resolved it and I was able to check it was successful whilst on the phone.

My issue is that if I have not used FTP for awhile the server blocks my IP address. Although annoying it is there to prevent potential hacking. I soon will be getting a new line with a fixed IP address which will prevent this happening.

Review Rating
Rhona 9 Jun 17

I have been a customer of WHUK since 2011. Today for the first time I have had to contact them about a problem with my website. It was sorted very quickly by Jane Miller. Excellent service all round - thank you.

Review Rating
Les Glassock 8 Jun 17

I've been with for over five years and have received exemplary service from the start.

But, every once in a while someone on their support team goes an extra mile...and a half. In this case it was Shawn Davis. I faile to pay a bill on time in error and was in danger of losing one of my domain names. Shawn retrieved the situation and got the domain back on line in 10 minutes asking only that I provide proof of the late payment.

It saved me a heap of extra work so, thanks Shawn and the rest of the webhosting uk support team. The entire service is way above average in my experience.

Review Rating
Rob Scott 6 Jun 17

Shawn Davis was excellent. Answered quickly, and got the situation resolved in no time.

Review Rating
Trish Hodson 6 Jun 17

As someone starting out on setting up a business, and all the things that involves, I am so grateful to Andy Kane for his very calm and patient assistance today. IT and website building does not come naturally to me so his help was invaluable.

Andy resolved all the issues I was having trouble with and was able to fix the connection problem I had rung up about in the first place too!

Great service and great support. Thanks.

Review Rating
Jonathan 5 Jun 17

On the very few occasions we have encountered technical issues, the webhosting UK team have always helped to get us going again straight away. I highly recommend them.

Review Rating
Claud 3 Jun 17

I have been with WHUK since 2011 and they consistently provide customer service above, and beyond ... always efficient, knowledgeable and affable I highly recommend their service across the board.

Adam Smith/Pierce I really appreciate your help today...

Review Rating
Simon 2 Jun 17

The support at this host is FANTASTIC! & Fast too!

Shawn Davis was a brilliant help today.

Review Rating
James Waygood 2 Jun 17

Excellent host with a wide range of features at a great price

Review Rating
GHI 1 Jun 17

Webhosting Uk and all the staff including Shawn Davis go out their way to assist and thank you for all the support over the years!

Review Rating
Aysun 30 May 17

My site was down for a very long time, the phone guy had no clue what was wrong, I was promised a call back by jane miller who didn't call back nor did she fix my issue! Only Adam Smith understood the problem and then sorted it for me.

Review Rating
Bilal Amin 26 May 17

I have only been with Web Hosting for few months and can say that the support I received from them was very good.

Review Rating
Oladipo 24 May 17

Webhosting UK COM: reliable hosting services with great support and billing staff like Shawn Davis.

Review Rating
Dr Michael Scannell 22 May 17

WHUK are always friendly and usually sort my problems quickly. In my last Live Chat Shawn W was particularly helpful and patient.

Review Rating
Simon 16 May 17

I've never experienced such as fast, helpful service in hosting. This host is INCREDIBLE!!

This host will help you lots in whatever you need doing, that, i promise.

Review Rating
Ali Downes 12 May 17

Good support and reliable advice. On the most recent live chat support I spoke to Shawn who was very helpful and resolved my issue very quickly.

Review Rating
Calum 3 May 17

Shawn Davis was very helpful and understanding my request. Thanks!

Review Rating
p sagoo 1 May 17

being a small business I thought we had to settle on 'small-business-support' , especially after pretty poor initial support for migration and setup of server with account billing issues, however one cs support agent stepped in and delivered to the point where she provided support one would expect from a whuk advert. I promise you she delivered that and more, took responsibility of all departments, no handing me over to another department, what service, acknowledgement at every juncture, every-time a task and query was dealt with I got personal notification not automated system update. Not left there either, now I have one point contact. fantastic, Excellent service.

Review Rating
Richard 26 Apr 17

WHUK Nearly got 4 perfections there, you pay a little more but what you get is outstanding.

I've used WHUK for many years and have found them to be superb. The hardware and networking is super reliable and I think I have had only a couple of outages in the past 8 years or so. Support from all departments is timely and well informed, in particular tech support is very good, place a ticket and it is dealt with within hours. Although the website is good occasionally you want to order something non-standard and can't work out what to do - in this case Stuart in sales is your man - he has all the knowledge, replies quickly and when he says a job is done, it is done.

Review Rating
Andrew 25 Apr 17

Quick, easy and convenient customer service from Thanks to Shawn Davis in the billing team!

Review Rating
jan van Harten 25 Apr 17

The services of WHUK are really great. Very quick professional response. This morning my request regarding a bill. Almost immediate reaction from the staff member Kemp M. Issue solved in an hour!! Alst the technical staaf is very helpful; quick response all the time


Review Rating
Thomas Wright 25 Apr 17

Excellent service from their support team - Robert extremely helpful. Many thanks

Review Rating
Chris Lister 20 Apr 17

Log in and accounts enquiry

my enquiry was delt with by Samuel S.

He was prompt and solved my issues straight away.

Excellent service

Thank you Samuel S

Review Rating
Keiron Spires 15 Apr 17

Hosting with WHUK

I have used WHUk for a number of years to host a variety of websites. They always respond promptly to any requests, and provide good online support when I need it. The sites are robust and relatively trouble free. Any issues are quickly dealt with.

Review Rating
phil 30 Mar 17

I have only been with the company for a few months.

I have to say the support is second to none right now.

I just had a chat with Kemp M about my domain name transefer, and the issue i had was resolved within mins.

Great customer service.

Thank you

Review Rating
Dean White 28 Mar 17

I cant remember his name but he was good at helping me set up my CPanel.

Review Rating
Herve Dupont 27 Mar 17

Robert M was really quick to answer and to help me out. Being a newbie, I know I am going to need people like him to get me going. He could not be more helpful. Many thanks

Review Rating
Andrew Bishop 27 Mar 17

Wanted to host in Yorkshire and over the moon with the care and attention from this LEEDS base Host. I care about my customers and WHUK care about me. Do not hesitate to engage with WHUK. Jane and Ross are superb! THanks

Review Rating
Saso Stamenkovic 24 Mar 17

I am hosting my websites +10 years on Webhosting UK and after previous bad experiences with other hosts I don't have any reason to change them.

Their technical and billing support is awesome! Thanks you guys!

Review Rating
Eamonn Burnell 19 Mar 17

I received excellent customer services from Kemp M and Allen Gibson during the setting up of my new hosting service. Very impressed.

Review Rating
Robin Hall 18 Mar 17

I use wordpress and often get myself into trouble. Webhosting Uk always do their best to help and are easy to get in touch with and chat to. Arnold K was a huge help today and saved me from disaster. Good job :-)

Review Rating
luke hancock 10 Mar 17

i am happy with the support stuart has given me regards my security concerns of our website.

i now wait to see if whuk can actually properly handle the securing of our website as they say, or not.

we shall see.

Review Rating
Mike Hopewell 3 Mar 17

WHUK as helped me on many occassions. Their live chat is fantastic and responses quick. Too many names to mention, but Steven W helped me last time and explained how I could fix the problem in the future if it encountered again.

Thanks WHUK

Review Rating
Collins Kiptoon 2 Mar 17

Very precise responses are always given by the support team. Adam, in this case, was quick in providing a solution to my query. Thanks.

Review Rating
Andrew H 28 Feb 17

I have been using webhostinguk for 7 years and have found their service extremely good value for money.

When I needed support it was always available and always solved the problem (for no extra cost), even when it was my fault!

I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for webhosting.

Review Rating
paul quinney 27 Feb 17

i have been look after by your web support team . i must say they are absolutely great. after what must seem like hours of questions they are still friendly and help

i last chatted with Gloria as you find with all the team she was spot on

Review Rating
Francis 16 Feb 17

I have no issues with the service we receive from WHUK any issues are always resolved in a timely manner.

Review Rating
Ioannis Stamatoudis 15 Feb 17

support agent: MalvinJ

i couldn't ask for a more professional approach !! thank you

Review Rating
David Hardman 13 Feb 17

Adam from billing - Top Bloke for fixing my invoices quickly and efficiently

Review Rating
Angela 11 Feb 17

Tonight's live chat hosts Kemp M & Sebastian were brilliant! Both were professional and easy to communicate with, whilst resolving things patiently and politely. Sincere thanks to them both A+

Review Rating
mhairi 7 Feb 17

Many thanks Hanford from Billing for sorting out my issue fast

Review Rating
Jill 6 Feb 17

Well done Barry for resolving my issue

Review Rating
daniel Fisher 4 Feb 17

Excellent host with excellent people!

Review Rating
Jordan 2 Feb 17

I am so surprised of their support. They are fast and responsive. I had problem with billing and Adam was help me sorted it out within 5mins. Thank you Adam!!

They deserve more than 5 stars!!!

Review Rating
Joe Lang 2 Feb 17

Super fast and helpful 24hr support just what I need! Thanks Steven W for your help, and all the others.

Review Rating
Jade White 31 Jan 17

Great service and support. I am very satisfied with it. Arnold K helped me a lot and fast today. Thank you

Review Rating
Rebecca 30 Jan 17

Rashid S was absolutely brilliant on the Chat help. Very knowledgeable and nothing too much trouble. Thanks so much

Review Rating
Rajiv Lodhia 28 Jan 17

Service is very good. I had spoke to "Steven W" on Live Chat for an issue I had and it was solved within minutes. Excellent.

Review Rating
Daniel 27 Jan 17

Thank you Steven W for your proactive attitude with support.

This guys rock big time

Review Rating
G F Scheepers 27 Jan 17

Steven from Webhosting UK is excellent, professional and solves a problem quickly, thanks

Review Rating
Audrius 25 Jan 17

I had probably the best support ever, thanks a lot! Adam stay on the line quite long and solve all my issues :)

Thanks. Really.

Review Rating
Jason 24 Jan 17

Ive tried a few hosting companies over the last ten years and always end up coming back to .

Ive noticed for seo purposes its important to have a UK ip address. Ive changed hosting to cheaper alternatives abroad but watched my rankings plummet due to being USA ip address.

Lesson learned. These guys provide excellent service all around and i will not be making the same mistakes again :)

Review Rating
Meir Keynan 23 Jan 17

I took a freinds advise and signed up to

got great price/performance and above all great support.

I have to name Adam as being kind and patiant and walked me through the all proccess.

Job well done! cheers.

Review Rating
Daniel 22 Jan 17

fantastic hosting service, already 4 years and now upgrading whole dedicated server with new hardware..looking forward for an extra 4 years with no interuptions

Review Rating
shridhar 19 Jan 17

i have some problem so i talk to Adam he gives me good Support and solve my problem is give me good support. i am very happy to buy domain and hosting service with this company

Review Rating
James Anthony Phoenix 17 Jan 17 are a great supplier. They readily answer questions and are a very supportive supplier.

Their pricing is reasonable and fair. A gentlemen called Adam helped me just get a new domain registered.

If you're looking for value for money, please take this supplier into consideration!

All the best,


Review Rating
khalil boukhanoufa 14 Jan 17

I would like to mention a very important point that every client should consider before choosing their host which is client support.

I found their support of a great help and i recommend it to anyone who has a limited knowledge of hosting.

Thanks to MarvinJ

Review Rating
Gilberto Cardoso 5 Jan 17

Outstandig service by Adam Smith

Review Rating
Chris 4 Jan 17

Adam Smith has been incredibly helpful today with my hosting/domain issue. He solved my problem with in two minutes.

If the service stays like this I will be very happy. Thank you Adam

Review Rating
Jodie Oliver 28 Dec 16

Fantastic customer service from Steven W in particular. I highly recommend this company.

Review Rating
Glenn Whewell 20 Dec 16

I really cannot fault your hosting or customer service. If I have a problem, it is either solved there and then or the operator advises the best course of action. Great work all round.

Review Rating
Iain Faulds 19 Dec 16

Great support as always. Adam in billing helped me renew a bunch of domains quickly.

Review Rating
On-The-Web-Now! 18 Dec 16

Was with this company for seven years (alongside other services I use). No complaints at all - very economical, reliable service. Friendly help too (from Adam and others). My situation has just changed that's all.

I wish them all the best and can happily recommend to anyone seeking shared hosting (as was my package).

Review Rating
Dennis 15 Dec 16

Adam knew exactly whats I need to do and solved my problem in no time.

thank you so much.

Review Rating
Sarah 15 Dec 16

I got support today from Adam Smith who helped me to upgrade my account, the service was quick and flawless. Always appreciate such fabulous service. Thank you.

Review Rating
Mat 14 Dec 16

Shawn from billing sorted my domain transfer enquiry with minimal time and disruption. Very efficient!

Review Rating
Sue Cochrane 14 Dec 16

Customer Service is defined as assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. Adam Smith of WHUK, however, has taken Customer Service above and beyond that description. In the six years that we have been using WHUK’s services we have encountered issues along the way; for the most part very minor but one or two have prompted a bit of nail biting! Irrespective of the nature of the problem or our lack of understanding of things server-side, Adam has always been there for us – efficient, understanding, calm and patient. He, along with his colleagues at WHUK take Customer Service to a new and exemplary level.

Review Rating
Sylvester Okogun 13 Dec 16

I appreciate your support services Shawn Davis and Web Hosting UK in general. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

Review Rating
carmel 13 Dec 16

It was very helpful and fast. I will recommend you to my friends as well.

Review Rating
Bryony 13 Dec 16

Great service thanks Adam!

Review Rating
Dmitri Kesselev 12 Dec 16

Today I was helped by Shawn from Billing. Very satisfied with service provided

Review Rating
lotfy deabis 12 Dec 16

the hosting company is great as i always mention and the guys in the support are kind ,helpfull ,fast and they know what to do without you even ask! , special thanks to adam smith and all the guys there

Review Rating
Luuk Christiaens 12 Dec 16

Superb service

Review Rating
Donna D 12 Dec 16

Great support from Adam. Quick and efficient! Thanks...

Review Rating
Prem 11 Dec 16

I am very satisfied with the service and support of WHUK.

WHUK is the best I have ever deal with.

Review Rating
zara 9 Dec 16

Shawn from billing team had resolved the issue i had and he went beyond and resolved few other issues, which i mightve come back for it next time. but he realised and recolved it on the spot. thnk you.

Review Rating
Simon Ormesher 8 Dec 16

Always had a good response fast resolution to any service/support issues.

Review Rating
lotfy .D 8 Dec 16

the most i like about the support that they are fast ,they know what to do and how to do it and they are kind and help you out with any issue ,special thanks to Shawn from Billing and to the all guys out there

Review Rating
Fedor Bogorodsky 8 Dec 16

Adam was very good and hight quality assistant

Review Rating
Paul Stubbs 8 Dec 16

Adam Smith was excellent, just solved my problem and got on with it.

Review Rating
Cameron Shiell 5 Dec 16

Adam Smith was helpful, concise and sorted the problem promptly with no fuss.

Review Rating
Ashiram Kavuma 29 Nov 16

Thanks WHUK and Lucy for your exceptional and timely support always!

Review Rating
Chris 28 Nov 16

Perry K saved my ass. EUK always go above and beyond

Review Rating
Bryan 25 Nov 16

I have been using whuk since 2012 and I only have good things to say about them. Suzanne has been such a delight to deal with everytime I had any issue. Hands down, the best customer support in the business. Please keep it up and give Suzanne a raise while you're at it

Review Rating
Zoltan Monori 23 Nov 16

Great value service with a quick and responsive customer service. Adam and Yogesh have both been very helpful and knew their stuff well. Love the chat option, it's great when you're unable to use your phone.

Review Rating
nav 18 Nov 16

made some good savings, so please with that compared to other hosting companies.

Adam smith helped a good deal to have this sorted out.

Review Rating
Chris Hardwick 17 Nov 16

I signed up to WHUK in 2014 to see how they compared to other providers. It did not take long to realise that they were way ahead of their competition in efficiency and service. It has the right customer focus and a caring attitude to ensure that any problem is solved to the customer's satisfaction. WHUK now handles all my business. So to Adam Smith, the Linux team and all in Billing, thank you for helping me on my journey.

Review Rating
Ionut Obreja 16 Nov 16

The live support is awesome and very patient. I hope it stays the same along the way as I just purchased a domain & hosting plan with whuk!

Review Rating
Alan Carter-Davies 16 Nov 16

Support was good but technical issues have forced move

Review Rating
Steve Ward 4 Nov 16

Server went down with all websites. Within minutes Gilbert had us back online - superb. Thanks Gilbert

Review Rating
Barry Quaid 27 Oct 16

Great all round services:-)

Review Rating
marilyn sidebottom 19 Oct 16

Many thanks to Suzanne who on two occasions in the past week been a fantastic help to me when I had a very senior publishing my two websites....she was so nice and polite and we had a laugh about what I had done

Review Rating
Dave C 17 Oct 16

absolutely 100% support and hosting is second to none

Review Rating
Ning 11 Oct 16

Spoke to Jess, she is very good helping me through the issue, satisfied with her services, appreciated and thank you very much.

Review Rating
Maggi Cook 10 Oct 16

I am trying to set up my first web page and have been somewhat confused and fast losing patience and enthusiasm, but then I found Stuart Hancock from WHUK who came to my rescue. In the course of a few telephone conversations with him, he guided me through a process which had baffled me for hours. He was helpful and patient and more especially knew exactly what he was doing. My web site is not yet up and running but I am on track and know that when I run into trouble again, which I shall, I only have to call WHUK. Thank you.

Review Rating
Chris Hardwick 6 Oct 16

Magritte in Support at WHUK had the tenacious professionalism to sort my problem involving a very nasty GMail issue today. The issue was resolved perfectly. Thank you Magritte!

Review Rating
John Pearman 8 Jul 16

Been with WP now for a few years and their back up support has always been very good. Although I only use the basic features I'm aware that I could speak to WP and improve the images on my site. It's well priced for a small business such as mine.

Review Rating
Martin Handy 1 Jun 16

Can't say anything negative about this place. The technician support is the best I've experienced as they really do try even the tough issues that take a while to sort out, it always gets sorted in the end. Very appreciative of WHUK and have had no desire to go anywhere else. My business is much indebted to the organisation. Special thanks to the guys like Robert M, Solomon and Aidan B.

Review Rating
Glenn Sontag 23 Mar 16

Fred Adkins very helpful and helped sort my crazy amounts of spam to nothing within a few days.

Review Rating
Piers Caswell 13 Mar 16

Top notch hosting company. Great hardware, flexible pricing, fantastic customer server, extremely helpful tech support. They will help you with almost any issue, even if it's not part of their core platform set-up. Even when their is a problem/mistake they will do their best to rectify it and even compensate with hassle if it's their fault.

Big thanks to Perry and Steven for helping us out and going beyond the call of duty!

Review Rating
Jide Alawiye 10 Mar 16

Web hosting uk have taken technical support to a new level. Others to please learn from this

Review Rating
Clare 9 Mar 16

Customer serviice is amazing! Cyril is always there for us at the end of the phone with any questions we have or if there is a technical hitch. He has been amazing and the customer service is the best, I wouldn't go anywhere else for this reason.

Review Rating
DPOwens 7 Feb 16

Very good.

Review Rating
H Bajwa 29 Jan 16

*Highly recommend WebHosting UK*

I would highly recommend WebHosting UK for their services, especially VPS / eCommerce hosting. Have been using their hosting services since June 2014 and have been very happy so far. They fix server issues within minutes of contact and are very helpful with advice and upgrades. Currently using hosting for an Opencart eCommerce website and will soon be switching to a Magento website. Have had some bad experience in the past with hosting companies, this has been the easiest & stress free by far.

Review Rating
Ray Howell 27 Jan 16

Had an issue with IIS and an Access database which ShawnM sorted out beautifully as well as politely reminding me about compacting and repairing the database. 10/10 for him.

Review Rating
John McGurk 20 Jan 16

Clear and helpful documentation and excellent support to get my website up and running.

Review Rating
rob 20 Jan 16

A very happy customer. Always great support, had William P today and he dealt with my issues quickly and efficiently A+++. Best hosting company we have ever used

Review Rating
Raffaele 3 Dec 15

I am customer even with previous copmpany since many years ,the reason why i contined to stay with them is that the supportis always available to help solve the issue, GREAT WORK!

Review Rating
andrew savile 3 Nov 15

I was very impressed by the personal service attitude and speedy responses of WHUK service staff to my enquiry. Running companies and thus being a less-than -able IT developer by nature it is critical to have someone very able on the other end.

Review Rating
Daniel 5 Oct 15

Shannon was just absolutely perfect, timing and reaction to our server failure was half the time it use to take me in other hostings.

Thank you Shannon.

Review Rating
mike 1 Sep 15

My host is Webhosting UK and they have always provided perfect service with one hundred per cent up time. Only one glitch when I had a new email address so my payment reminder got lost. Adam was very helpful in getting that fixed. Back on the rails now.

Review Rating
Darren Bowden 10 Jul 15

Customer service has been nothing short of excellent.

Review Rating
D Sparks 9 Jul 15

Contacted Stanley K on online support chat. Very quick resolution to technical issue. Very pleased with the level of support.

Review Rating
Ken Wieland 5 Jul 15

Kyke gave very good support on configurinmg email for mobile.

Review Rating

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