x10Premium is the premium brand of x10Hosting! x10Hosting began in 2004 - A free host, bringing web hosting to the masses.

In just 11 years x10Hosting has hosted over 1,200,000 websites and served up more than 730 Terabytes of web hosting goodness across the world in the last year. Let's just say... we know what we're doing.

In 2010 we launched x10Premium. x10Premium is designed to build upon the x10Hosting service, and offer webmasters that extra level of service and reliability that they dream of. Kitted out with all-new state-of-the-art servers, a lightning-speed network, and a 24x7 dedicated support team, x10Premium is the ultimate destination for the very best in speed, reliability, and support.

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Hosting Reviews for X10Hosting

ichwar 12 Aug 10

4 stars for reliability, 5 stars for everything else. This place is excellent for getting lots of help in starting up your site.

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mygz 8 Nov 09

not very reliable, inconsistent.

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Zubair 14 Jul 09

server is downtime a lot.....

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