Judge signs Registerfly's Death Certificate

Sat, 10th March 2007, 15:32

Judge signs Registerfly's Death Certificate

Former CEO of Registerfly, Kevin Medina has regained control of the domain name registration provider. Less than a week remains before ICANN intends on terminating their registrar status.

In a stunning move, a U.S. District Court Judge on March 8th handed over Registerfly to Kevin Medina, the previous CEO who was in control when the company began to waiver. The previous CEO, John Naruszewicz who had ousted Medina out of the company along with another partner was surprised by the decision. There are no plans to appeal the decision he says, "We lost and it's all over," he says. "The company will implode in days and 1 million domain names are going to be lost. It's a damned shame."

Just 48 hours earlier John had posted a longwinded apology on The apology included some slight assurance that the registrar would make it out of the turmoil and address any issues that were outstanding.

In a suit filed Feb. 12, Naruszewicz alleged that Medina had been stealing money from the company since the middle of last year to fund two Cadillac Escalades, a penthouse apartment in Miami's South Beach, an escort service, and liposuction. Medina denies the allegations and felt the Judge's decision was pleasing. "This decision puts me back in the driver's seat," he said. "I believe I have built a lot of customers that will weather the storm."

With just four days remaining to straighten out all of the outstanding issues before ICANN terminates their registrar accreditation the fate of the company is bleak.

eNom Severs Registerfly's service

Fri, 9th February 2007, 21:14

As of February 6, 2007, eNom, Inc. terminated RegisterFly, Inc. as an eNom reseller. RegisterFly will continue to have reseller access for 30 days to resolve any outstanding issues. There are over 2 million domains registered through RegisterFly however no information on the exact amount effected by this notice.

Over the last year, eNom has become aware of an increasing number of complaints from dissatisfied RegisterFly customers. eNom recently sent out an offer to the RegisterFly clients offering them assistance in transferring their services directly to eNom at RegisterFly pricing.

eNom is one of the leading provider's of domain name registration on the internet with over 9 million domains under their control.

1&1 unveils new datacenter

Fri, 2nd February 2007, 19:48

Earlier this week 1&1 Internet, Inc. (1&1) announced a new datacenter facility in Lenexa, Kansas. The new state-of-the-art facility will allow 1&1 to offer low latency connections for the North American contintent.

The center also has excellent fiber-optic connectivity to several ISPs, high redundant capacity and is capable of routing thousands of Terabytes per month without any data jams.

The 1&1 datacenter’s connectivity and security capacities make it possible for the company to unveil it's new dedicated and VPS line and grow past its current 38,000 global servers. “Since 1&1 sold out servers in October 2006, this new line of servers is a welcome and much requested addition,” said Andreas Gauger,  Chairman, 1&1 Internet.

1&1 Internet Inc. is a subsidiary of United Internet, a profitable public company with 6,000 employees and a market cap of $4 billion. 1&1 was established in 1992 and hosts more than 7 million domain names, while more than 38,000 servers run on the company’s five state-of-the-art data centers.

Softlayer launches new datacenter

Sun, 28th January 2007, 02:38

Earlier this week SoftLayer Technologies announced the addition of a new datacenter designed to create maximum automation, efficiency and control in all facets of the outsourced environment. With over 500 watts per square foot and several hundred tons of cooling capacity, the new facility is created for mass deployment of infrastructure with a power rating of 12kW per rack. "Traditionally, legacy facilities average 80 to 100 watts per foot and are designed for 2kW per rack," said Lance Crosby, President and CEO of SoftLayer. "Our new facility was engineered for mass scale hosting that includes a very dense server installation."

According to Mr. Crosby, extensive design and engineering expertise went into the planning and build out of the new datacenter. "This system has been thought out, tested and retested by some of the greatest minds in the business," he said. "We want to consistently provide our customers with the best in quality and service."

Phase One of the new datacenter went online with 5,000 square feet of usable datacenter space able to house over 12,000 servers. The datacenter has a long-term capacity of over 50,000 servers in a footprint of 20,000 square feet.

Sam Fleitman, COO of SoftLayer believes that creating new generation datacenters is a necessity. "The rising challenges of the new Web 2.0 movement, virtualization, and grid technologies include keeping up with network and infrastructure requirements," he said. "Servers are smaller, faster, and hotter; SoftLayer is responding by focusing on lower voltage processors, high efficiency power supplies, and increased circulation and cooling to maximize the density of datacenter resources."

Mr. Crosby concluded, "Our goal is to stop server sprawl, wasted space and power and bring the datacenter back inline with the present and future needs of our customers. We don't waste time, money or resources and therefore, our customers don't either."

GoDaddy Suspends Domains on Request

Fri, 26th January 2007, 20:16

In what is widely being touted as a massive over-reaction, GoDaddy suspended one of their client's domains earlier this week - Fyodor Vaskovich awoke on Wednesday with his domain suspended entirely without warning. Fyodor, creator of the popular NMAP security scanner was surprised to find his site completely down as a result of the suspension.

The domain in question - - is a popular mailing list archive site that hosts over 250,000 pages of content. GoDaddy received demands from MySpace to remove the content due to several of the pages containing user account details for MySpace. GoDaddy promptly complied - and removed access to the domain.

Fyodor posted a lengthy statement regarding the situation on the site after it returned to service:

"I called GoDaddy several times, and all three support people I spoke with said that the abuse department doesn't take calls. They said I had email (which I had already done 3 times) and that I could then expect a response "within 1 or two business days". Given that tens of thousands of people use SecLists.Org every day, I didn't take that well."

GoDaddy which claims to have more than 17.3 million domains under it's management, states that it holds it's self-proclaimed #1 spot by "delivering the highest quality customer service, and by always appreciating and listening to its customers!" ... (!).

1&1 week-long mail server issues

Mon, 22nd January 2007, 03:23

1&1 recently endured a week long mail server issue as a result of an "important update" to their mail server software.

1&1 states that no e-mail has been lost however there will be continued delays in service. A representative from the company stated there are millions of queued messages awaiting their systems to process.

The maintenance was entirely planned according to Press Chief Richard Stevenson, although there doesn't appear to have been any announcements regarding it made on their site. A large number of the 1&1 clientbase appears to have been affected by the issue. Both their SMTP and POP3 services were also down throughout the situation.

1&1 offers a complete range of web services from shared hosting to dedicated. Their guarantee is the highest product quality, top security and "unshakeable reliability".

SoftLayer Upgrades Network

Thu, 18th January 2007, 04:30

Earlier this week SoftLayer announced a multi-million dollar core network upgrade. The upgrade has taken place on two of their backbone providers, Verio and Internap.

Multiple 10-gigabit connections from each of the carriers have been upgraded and additional upgrades for the remainder of their network are planned for the first quarter of this year.

According to the President and CEO of SoftLayer, the growth of voice-over-IP telephony, large scale gaming, and streaming video have driven the need for this upgrade. “The rise of these content platforms has led to a decrease in the packet size of information transmission and therefore has decreased the capabilities of today’s legacy Internet routing equipment,” he said. “How providers choose to meet this challenge will be key.”

SoftLayer was originally started in June of 2005 was formed to deliver low cost next generation on-demand hosting services for small to medium sized businesses. The company delivers unprecedented power and control to securely manage IT environments while providing unparalleled scalability.

Hostjury: New features & details

Sat, 13th January 2007, 15:26

I'd just like to take a few moments to discuss the upcoming features of hostjury & some of our past success with the site.

Hostjury was created in early 2006 to help fill a void in the webhosting industry.
The void was an unbiased webhosting review site that wasn't entirely filled
with advertisements, affiliate ranked items & biased articles.

As both an avid consumer & provider in the industry, I myself was always frequently traveling throughout the web looking for reviews & news regarding webhosting companies.

Each time that I had to select a new provider I had to spend days researching one. Without a central location to find all sorts of information I had to resort to utilizing search engines & forums. Rather than the ability to use one single place to obtain all of the details necessary to choose a provider.

Development began and here we are. Thousands of visitors later and Hostjury is on the verge of launching several features that will change the way information travels within the web hosting industry.

Our upcoming features & changes:

Review Editing

Available shortly all web hosting reviews will allow the original poster to make changes.
In the event that your hosting provider has improved, resolved a situation or even went down the tube: You'll be able to let everyone know.

Host profiles & review response system

All webhosting providers listed at Hostjury will soon have the ability to add web hosting coupons, sales & additional product information.


Providers will even have the opportunity to respond to existing reviews. Companies will have the ability to make 'web hosting offers' built specifically for Hostjury visitors on both our forums and in their profiles.

Hostjury was built to help both the provider & consumer.

New contests!

Hostjury will soon be launching several new contests. We hope to help give away reviewers several thousand dollars in web hosting related products this year alone. We also plan on launching several contests designed specifically for web hosting companies. Prizes will be included but not limited to advertising on hostjury as well as server discounts, web design and many other awesome prizes.

Web hosting interviews & other information

We'd like to make Hostjury one of the best sources of information, news, reviews & interviews. Soon we'll be launching several new articles, interviews (with both web hosting providers & clients!) & industry news. We're currently seeking out some new providers to review so if you would like your company showcased here on Hostjury be sure to send us a quick e-mail to

We'd love to hear from you!

If you have any further ideas that you would like to see put in action or would like to partake in our interviews don't hesitate to contact us. Let's build an excellent site & community together!

Hostjury launches new blog & features

Wed, 10th January 2007, 04:30

Hostjury launches new blog!

We've recently launched a new blog here on Hostjury. We plan to announce web hosting news, changes and articles on the hostjury blog.

With the new system we plan to help give you additional insight into the web hosting industry. Additional knowledge that will allow you to function better as a web hosting consumer or provider.

We appreciate your feeback via comments on this news item.
Welcome to the new year!