Judge signs Registerfly's Death Certificate

Sat, 10th March 2007, 15:32

Judge signs Registerfly's Death Certificate

Former CEO of Registerfly, Kevin Medina has regained control of the domain name registration provider. Less than a week remains before ICANN intends on terminating their registrar status.

In a stunning move, a U.S. District Court Judge on March 8th handed over Registerfly to Kevin Medina, the previous CEO who was in control when the company began to waiver. The previous CEO, John Naruszewicz who had ousted Medina out of the company along with another partner was surprised by the decision. There are no plans to appeal the decision he says, "We lost and it's all over," he says. "The company will implode in days and 1 million domain names are going to be lost. It's a damned shame."

Just 48 hours earlier John had posted a longwinded apology on The apology included some slight assurance that the registrar would make it out of the turmoil and address any issues that were outstanding.

In a suit filed Feb. 12, Naruszewicz alleged that Medina had been stealing money from the company since the middle of last year to fund two Cadillac Escalades, a penthouse apartment in Miami's South Beach, an escort service, and liposuction. Medina denies the allegations and felt the Judge's decision was pleasing. "This decision puts me back in the driver's seat," he said. "I believe I have built a lot of customers that will weather the storm."

With just four days remaining to straighten out all of the outstanding issues before ICANN terminates their registrar accreditation the fate of the company is bleak.