Latest in domain name news

Thu, 31st January 2008, 14:08

There have been a couple of interesting news items about domain names and registrations lately:

Domain Study Results Released

1and1 released an interesting study last week, titled “U.S. Businesses Rush Their Choice of Web Address”. They found 42% of Small and midsized businesses spend less than one hour on the decision of choosing their web address, the same amount of time they spent deciding on which coffee maker or paper shredder to purchase. 60% sought no second opinion. More than half (57%) did not consider a .biz or .net address. 58% had to modify their choice because the domain they wanted was not available.

I find it interesting that 28% want an improvement in their domain name wording or suffix. 37% felt that their revenue would increase as a result of a domain change, but 23% felt a domain change would involve a lot of work. This looks to be an excellent area for consultants to focus on.

1and1 offers domain registrations, so it is no surprise they have promoted these findings. That said, the statistics paint a telling picture. The domain you choose is far more important and will have a much bigger impact than the paper shredder you decide on.

Netfirms and .ca Registrations

On a related note, Netfirms announced their recommendation that customers secure their .ca (Canada) domain registration. 2007 was a record year for .ca registrations, with 160,727 new .ca domains registered. One quarter of those (45,523 new .ca domains) were registered through Netfirms, making them one of the fastest growing .ca registrars. Their $9.95 registration fee, among the lowest in the industry, certainly helps.

One Millionth .fr Domain Registered

EuroDNS announced the .fr (France) registry reached one million registration with the registry of on January 11th, 2008. Registrations by private persons account for 30% of total registations, since the .fr domain was opened to individuals in June 2006. A study reports 72% or respondents feel favorable toward the domain. You can only apply for a .fr domain if you are a French business or a French Resident 18 years old or older.

Have you been happy with your domain name choice? How did you go about deciding on the name? Do you feel there is a benefit to having a country specific domain? Leave a comment to let us know!