AISO contractors posting fake hosting reviews

Thu, 7th February 2008, 17:16

Companies & their employees just don't seem to learn. After our exposé on fake hosting reviews from ipowerweb, surpass hosting and a number of others - you would think companies would take the hint and avoid posting fraudulent reviews to Hostjury.

Sadly, they don't take notice and continue to post feverishly. Today we had the opportunity to catch an employee a contractor of AISO (Affordable Internet Services Online) posting a review of their services. Directly from their own network, he even went as far as giving them a less than perfect score to make it seem a bit more legitimate.

After mentioning AISO in an article about green web hosting companies I assumed they took notice of the traffic & decided to get a few folks to post reviews. It's depressing to say the least as something like this won't go unnoticed.

A company that seemingly has such great care for the environment would willingly attempt to defraud potential clients & lie to them in order to get a sign-up or two.

Here's an image of the fake review that an AISO contractor posted:

AISO fake reviews

This industry is depressing. The length at which hosting providers seem to go to -- to defraud, scam and lie to potential clients is disgusting.

Just so we're clear, as it states on the add review form:

We do not accept reviews from hosts, employees, families of employees, contractors or anybody else associated with a host - if you're connected with a host in any way you should not under any circumstances be posting reviews.