IPv6 gets a boost from ICANN

Thu, 7th February 2008, 19:26

IPv6 adoption moved forward on Monday when ICANN announced adding IPv6 addresses to six of the world's thirteen root nameservers. What this means, in a nutshell, is that it is no longer necessary to keep Ipv4 addressing systems in order to access DNS. Previously, you had to keep IPv4 running in parallel with v6 since the root servers only accommodated IPv4.

IPv4 addresses are starting to run low, it is estimated there are only 14% left of the 4 billion available, even though a majority of the taken addresses are unused. With IPv6, you have 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses available. That is a lot.

To quote the press release:

“Today’s addition of IPv6 addresses for the root servers enhances the end-to-end connectivity for IPv6 networks, and furthers the growth of the global interoperable Internet,” added David Conrad, ICANN’s Vice President of Research and IANA Strategy. “This is a major step forward for IPv6-only connectivity and the global migration to Ipv6.”

It is still very early, but the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 has begun. This step makes it possible for full Ipv6 adoption. It is nice to see something finally happen.