F1 Overnight Website Challenge Winners Announced

Mon, 18th February 2008, 16:12

Paying a web designer on a non-profit budget can be a difficult thing. Typically the web sites for non-profits are at best outdated looking, at worst usability nightmares. I was glad to read about the F1 Overnight Website Challenge, provided by Sierra Bravo and presented by VISI. What is the Challenge? From the site:

Sierra Bravo has challenged web professionals (nerds like us) from throughout our community to a friendly competition. We will all donate 24 hours to build complete websites for 11 Minnesota non-profit organizations — everyone wins, but we all lose sleep.

One part nerd Olympics, one part community service project and one part race-against-the-clock — Sierra Bravo’s F1 Overnight Website Challenge presented by VISI will partner deserving Minnesota non-profits with teams of talented web developers for 24 hours of fun collaboration culminating in a fully operational website for each participating non-profit.

The winners were announced today, and include:

All worthy causes, to be sure. It is nice to see them add one more team to the initial plan to offer 10 slots. The event takes place March 1-2nd. It will be interesting to see the results. A quick glance at some of the pages shows they are in need of a refresh. Some links aren't working at all currently.

This is a great idea, and an excellent cause. It is clever and smart to limit it to 24 hours. This keeps it from getting bogged down in committee meetings and the like. This challenge is specific to Minnesota. It would be great to see other organizations take up this concept. In addition to the feeling of doing something nice, you get the excellent benefit of free publicity and something great to add to your portfolio. If you are a web designer, consider offering something like this to an organization you like. If you are a firm, this is an excellent idea to copy. It is great to see something positive like this happen.

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