Daily News Roundup 02-27-08

Wed, 27th February 2008, 16:08

News roundup from around the web today: has an interesting article titled “Traffic's up, Website's down”. It tells the story of Plastic Jungle, a website dedicated to trading gift cards. They redesigned their website in November, received a lot of publicity, and then on December 26th the site couldn't handle the traffic and went down. They are unsure of how much business they lost. The article goes on to look at Media Temple's grid hosting and the concept of
paying as you go for large spikes in traffic. An informed piece and a good read.

INC also has a short but informative write up detailing different hosting plans, titled “A Host of Options”. The article defines shared, grid, virtual private and dedicated servers, listing the major providers and the price. Definitely helpful if you are unfamiliar with the terms.

We've covered green hosting here before. Infoworld has an article “Web host The Planet reaps big savings on small changes”. The Planet spent $50,000 and three months making small improvements to datacenter cooling, using best practices. They estimate the savings to be $1 million in power costs this year. The low tech measures they took, such as adjusting tiles and adjusting airflow, allow them to run at 77 degrees/ 45 percent relative humidity and decreased their cooling costs by 31%. This is great to see, far better that buying carbon credits.

Finally, cPanel announced their 2008 cPanel Conference, happening June 11-13 2008. Priced at a very reasonable $60, the conference will covers such topics as Troubleshooting, cPanel for Admins, Security, FreeBSD related topics, Security and much more. They will also showcase the upcoming cPanel Server Suite for Windows.

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