Fused Network Introduces Charity Promotion

Mon, 2nd April 2007, 11:15

Toronto, Ontario—(April 2, 2007)— Fused, a provider of web hosting and dedicated hosting solutions, announced today it has begun marketing its new Fused Together promotion, enabling affiliates of the company to donate referral commissions to charitable causes.

To participate in the program, users refer other customers to Fused using a special tracking link. Should referred customers ultimately purchase services from the company, a commission based upon the value of the product or service they purchased will be donated to a charitable cause, chosen by the affiliate.

“One of our highest priorities is to not only be a commercially viable organization, but also one that exercises corporate responsibility and positive stewardship. We are looking forward to supporting the incredible work of charitable organizations throughout the world by offering referral commissions in a donation format, as opposed to a direct pay out to affiliates,” said David McKendrick, Fused Network Operations Manager.

Fused Network hopes to eventually donate $50,000 in commissions to charity throughout the length of the program, and it will run the program indefinitely.

All individuals, whether or not they are customers of Fused Network, are eligible to participate in the program. Additionally, there are no costs associated with participating—affiliates need to solely refer customers to the company to earn commissions.

“As an innovative organization, we felt the need to do something different—something that not only increases participation on a wider scale for a greater good, but also something that can profoundly affect the world around us, from offering assistance to Darfur to working to treat AIDS,” said McKendrick. “We believe our customers will appreciate the role we have taken. We are stepping up to the plate.”

The Fused Together promotion has been in development for the past 6 months as the company prepared for the program’s implementation. In coming months, the program may be revised to increase further participation.

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