StopBadWare releases annual malicious sites report

Tue, 24th June 2008, 22:13

StopBadWare just recently released it's annual report of malicious sites. Since their report last year there are a number of changes. This year the StopBadWare project scanned over 200,000 sites whereas last year the total number was just under 50,000.

Stopbadware a joint project between researchers at Harvard, Oxford and Google, found that 52 percent of the more than 200,000 infected sites the group analyzed in late May were hosted at Chinese networks. In comparison to last year there are a few key differences, primarily the lack of U.S. providers mentioned.

Last year their report found that the top malware provider in the U.S. was none other than iPowerWeb. They're suspiciously absent this year around: But not becaues of a lack of trying! During the past year iPowerWeb has lost over 300,000+ of the original domains it was hosting during the StopBadWare reporting period. Of those nearly 11,000 malware sites it's only expected that at least half of them would be missing and abandoned the cesspool that is ipower.

This year China stepped up to the plate and as StopBadWare puts it, "left their backdoor open".

The full report is available for download below:

StopBadWare Press Release
StopBadWare Annual Report