Registerfly lawsuit on the horizon

Tue, 24th April 2007, 16:32

Registerfly clients who have been burned may have another option soon. A new class action lawsuit being arranged by US attorney E. Clarke Dummit is gaining steam.

Over 700 clients have already been named as plaintiffs in the battle. Dummit claims that as many as 75,000 clients have lost their domains and immeasureable amount of damages have been caused.

A site has been setup to organize the suit and can be available below:
Registerfly Lawsuit Site

According to the site RegisterFly's conduct has had substantial, and in many cases severe, impact on individuals and business that currently have domains held by RegisterFly. Repeated efforts by many customers to resolve issues with RegisterFly have proven fruitless. People are continuing to lose their hard won livelihoods as a result of RegisterFly's egregious behavior.

That sounds about right and the lawsuit will be launching full speed ahead soon.