Hostjury: New features & details

Sat, 13th January 2007, 15:26

I'd just like to take a few moments to discuss the upcoming features of hostjury & some of our past success with the site.

Hostjury was created in early 2006 to help fill a void in the webhosting industry.
The void was an unbiased webhosting review site that wasn't entirely filled
with advertisements, affiliate ranked items & biased articles.

As both an avid consumer & provider in the industry, I myself was always frequently traveling throughout the web looking for reviews & news regarding webhosting companies.

Each time that I had to select a new provider I had to spend days researching one. Without a central location to find all sorts of information I had to resort to utilizing search engines & forums. Rather than the ability to use one single place to obtain all of the details necessary to choose a provider.

Development began and here we are. Thousands of visitors later and Hostjury is on the verge of launching several features that will change the way information travels within the web hosting industry.

Our upcoming features & changes:

Review Editing

Available shortly all web hosting reviews will allow the original poster to make changes.
In the event that your hosting provider has improved, resolved a situation or even went down the tube: You'll be able to let everyone know.

Host profiles & review response system

All webhosting providers listed at Hostjury will soon have the ability to add web hosting coupons, sales & additional product information.


Providers will even have the opportunity to respond to existing reviews. Companies will have the ability to make 'web hosting offers' built specifically for Hostjury visitors on both our forums and in their profiles.

Hostjury was built to help both the provider & consumer.

New contests!

Hostjury will soon be launching several new contests. We hope to help give away reviewers several thousand dollars in web hosting related products this year alone. We also plan on launching several contests designed specifically for web hosting companies. Prizes will be included but not limited to advertising on hostjury as well as server discounts, web design and many other awesome prizes.

Web hosting interviews & other information

We'd like to make Hostjury one of the best sources of information, news, reviews & interviews. Soon we'll be launching several new articles, interviews (with both web hosting providers & clients!) & industry news. We're currently seeking out some new providers to review so if you would like your company showcased here on Hostjury be sure to send us a quick e-mail to

We'd love to hear from you!

If you have any further ideas that you would like to see put in action or would like to partake in our interviews don't hesitate to contact us. Let's build an excellent site & community together!