HostMDS clients enduring problems

Fri, 12th December 2008, 14:50

It isn't often that I take the time to write about issues going on within the hosting industry, we tend to leave that up to clients and end-users to add their hosting reviews but in scenarios like ipowerweb or buyouts I often can't help myself.

HostMDS drops the ball, but can they even dribble?

The most recent situation has arose where the firm Millenium Data Systems has purchased a slew of web hosting providers, namely Hostingplex, Vistapages & Hostvector. The former two were rated under 30% here on Hostjury for the longest time and Vistapages even once made our horrible web hosting providers list with gusto. 20% isn't saying much -- but over 53 users have reviewed both hostingplex and vistapages, that's a lot of negative commentary. Now, to even begin to describe what's happened since the purchase would be depressing.

Not only have the clients been frequently without email and their websites for days on end but HostMDS (the name of the new firm Millenium Data Systems created to house the brands) even went as far to outright remove their public forums. Note, they're still accessible at but I recommend bringing eyebleach before heading there.

Clients aren't the only ones left in the dark

A difficult situation seems to have turned for the worse though, not only are the HostMDS clients being left in the dark for days (The HostMDS support emails seem to disappear into the void) but Kevin Moonlight, previous owner of Hostingplex seems to have run into a substantial amount of issues as well. On the Inverdigm blog he mentions, and I quote:
Quickly it was found that in fact the owners of the new business did not share the same vision that I personally had, which led to irreconcilable differences, resulting in termination of my employment agreement in October 2008, which of course did not include any form of severance or buyout, I had not even been there 90 days.

- Kevin Moonlight
Source: Inverdigm

After perusing the content further it does mention that the business deal for the Hostingplex acquisition was quick, thorough and almost seemingly without any solid agreements: Kevin seems to be left out in the cold as well, "I did not receive any money and do not hold any equity share in the new company, the sole basis for this decision was that I did not have the resources to continue to where I was trying to take it, and being acquired by MDS would give me access to the resources to fully execute my vision."

A sad situation, dismal at best. I'm not certain what the future holds for Hostingplex and Vistapages' clients at HostMDS but it looks awfully bleak.

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