Steadfast Networks sells shared hosting clients to Fluid Hosting

Thu, 28th October 2010, 18:08

An announcement yesterday on the Steadfast support system announced that after 12 years of service, Steadfast Networks has sold their shared hosting clientele to Fluid Hosting. The announcement was made after a year of researching buyers for the clientele, and should allow Steadfast to concentrate on their core clientele -- dedicated servers and colocation.

Though Fluid Hosting has some quasi-negative reviews here on Hostjury, the company itself seems to run a high quality operation as a whole. As they say 'no news is good news', and there's almost little news regarding Fluid Hosting and there hasn't been in years. The company itself concentrates on H-Sphere -- a particular control panel that Steadfast themselves utilized for a good chunk, if not 100% of their shared hosting clientbase.

The post about the sale is below for you to peruse, what are your thoughts on the sale itself?

I'll get right to the point: Steadfast Networks is selling its entire shared hosting operation to Fluid Hosting ( effective immediately. We have been in the shared hosting business for 12 years now, but the direction and core of our business has changed drastically over those 12 years. Our focus has shifted to managed dedicated servers and colocation, while shared hosting now makes up a very small percent of our business. We do not feel that with so few resources dedicated to shared hosting that we can continue to provide the level of service our customers expect. After over a year of researching options, this sale appears to be the best way to help us concentrate on our core business while, at the same time, assure our shared hosting customers are still given the best level of service possible. This decision is not being taken lightly, as most of our shared hosting customers have been with us for many years, some for 5+ years. Our goal in the end is to assure that everyone continues to receive the high levels of service they have come to expect.

A sale would not be possible if it weren’t for a company such as Fluid Hosting, as we were only interested in selling to a company with a similar platform and the same high standards of service. Fluid Hosting uses the same H-Sphere control panel you have become used to, offers true 24/7 ticket based support, has shared hosting at the core of its business, and has a strong track record of nearly 10 years in this industry. In addition, Fluid Hosting provides phone support without requiring you to open a ticket in advance and offers web based chat support from 9AM – Midnight Eastern Time during weekdays. Both are improvements over our current support offerings.

Starting immediately, Fluid Hosting staff will take over all support/billing/sales inquiries and all payments. These inquiries are to be submitted directly through the H-Sphere control panel or by calling Fluid Hosting at (800) 653-1019. We are confident that Fluid Hosting will handle this transition as professionally as possible. Over the next several months the Steadfast Networks staff will continue to provide assistance to assure that the transition goes on smoothly and all customers are getting the best treatment possible.

Over the next couple days Fluid Hosting will be contacting you with more details regarding this transition. It is sad to see you go, but at this time we are certain it is the best for all involved. As your business/site continues to grow, Fluid Hosting will continue to take a good care of you. We wish you well in your future endeavors.

Karl Zimmerman
Steadfast Networks/NoZone, Inc.

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