The Easyspace elephant – Cosmos

Fri, 12th November 2010, 16:47

Glasgow-based web hosting and domain name company Easyspace presented a cheque for £1,050 to the 3D design division at Glasgow Metropolitan College, after a group of first year students designed and decorated a life-sized model of a baby elephant to highlight the plight of the Asian elephant.

Easyspace asked a group of first year students at Glasgow Met to come up with a design to represent both communication and the campaign’s theme, in response to a campaign organised by charity organisation The Elephant Family to increase awareness of the Asian elephant’s troubles. In the last 100 years its population has declined by 90%, to the extent that if current trends continue the Asian elephant could be extinct within the next thirty years.

The Easyspace elephant – Cosmos – was displayed at the Elephant Parade this summer, a public art exhibition of 250 model elephants around the streets of central London.

Ewelina Kawarska, 27, an NQ interior design student, created Cosmos, which was painted with the planets to illustrate the global nature of modern communication and to emphasise the scale of the Asian elephant population crisis.

Her winning design went on display in front of Bank Station, right in the heart of the City, ensuring it was one of the most visible elephants on show. Famous artists and designers who shared the limelight with Ewelina included Jack Vettriano, Marc Quinn, Diane Von Furstenberg and Lulu Guinness.

Sarah Haran, managing director Easyspace, stated: “We were absolutely blown away by the quality of designs produced by the students and wanted to reward the college for its hard work. It was a tough job picking a winner but Ewelina’s creation really stood out.

“In fact, we were so impressed, and felt so attached to our baby elephant, that we purchased Cosmos at the Elephant Parade Auction and had her transferred from London to our Glasgow headquarters. Shet now takes pride of place in our reception area.”

Cosmos with his designer and maker

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