The life of a webmaster!

Mon, 21st May 2007, 05:01

The life of a webmaster can be an interesting one. Especially when operating a web hosting review site. In an industry stock full of shills, thieves & kids attempting to make money quick while school is out... there's no telling what can happen!

This evening was no different. Exciting to say the least, I received a phone call from the owner of a web hosting company listed here on Hostjury. The caller was unsatisfied that after having four of his clients post on Hostjury that his company still wasn't listed on the top ten list. Little did he know our PHP development team had implemented a new trick to basically ensure shilling on the site was no longer possible

After taking a few moments to reassure him that I would look into it I went back to eating my hamburger. After all, it was Victoria Day weekend and I had fireworks to get to!

After a little while of rest, leisure and even more leisure I decided to investigate

What I found wasn't surprisingly. Four of the five reviews (A new one had been added a few moments after our phone call ceased) were posted by the exact same user utilizing different proxies. No surprise, of course. I won't mention the name but if they ahem, slip up again I'll oust them like Peewee Herman.