SoftLayer Upgrades Network

Thu, 18th January 2007, 04:30

Earlier this week SoftLayer announced a multi-million dollar core network upgrade. The upgrade has taken place on two of their backbone providers, Verio and Internap.

Multiple 10-gigabit connections from each of the carriers have been upgraded and additional upgrades for the remainder of their network are planned for the first quarter of this year.

According to the President and CEO of SoftLayer, the growth of voice-over-IP telephony, large scale gaming, and streaming video have driven the need for this upgrade. “The rise of these content platforms has led to a decrease in the packet size of information transmission and therefore has decreased the capabilities of today’s legacy Internet routing equipment,” he said. “How providers choose to meet this challenge will be key.”

SoftLayer was originally started in June of 2005 was formed to deliver low cost next generation on-demand hosting services for small to medium sized businesses. The company delivers unprecedented power and control to securely manage IT environments while providing unparalleled scalability.