HostPc acquisition finally confirmed by TurnKey

Tue, 4th January 2011, 19:19

What many insiders (former clients) had already suspected was confirmed by New York‐based web hosting provider TurnKey Internet when it announced its acquisition of another NY web hosting provider, HostPC. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed but TurnKey is hoping this acquisition expands the TurnKey Internet web hosting brand.

HostPC customers now have access to improved performance, software features and overall speed with upgrades completed in December. “HostPC has trusted its network and server infrastructure to TurnKey Internet for years. TurnKey Internet presented a perfect fit to take HostPC to the next

level. This includes new higher speed servers and premium features at no additional cost, including R1soft continuous data protection backups, Softaculous auto installer, and a choice of cPanel or DirectAdmin Web hosting control panels.” said Joseph Mack, former CEO of HostPC.

Adam Wills, President and CEO of TurnKey Internet stated “HostPC web servers are already housed in our New York Datacenter, so clients will not need to make any changes going forward and will enjoy the new performance and features at no additional cost.”

Enough Press Release Jargon

In early September of 2010, clients of HostPC began to complain not only about the lagging response times to support quearies, but also of the cyrptic responses they did receive. Invoices from the paypal email also directed to TurnKeyInternet instead of HostPC.

As one former client stated "Oh well...too little, too late. I waited until a day before my renewal was up (middle of last month), then bailed.  A simple and truthful explanation of the reason behind some of the problems would have kept a lot of folks there. On the other hand, perhaps the goal all along was to weed out those who were grandfathered into the really cheap plans. Their cheapest plan is now $4.95/mo., which is still reasonable. But I don't need or want the illusion of "unlimited", so I'm fine with an even lower price." end quote

Clients of the new HostPC or the old TurnKey Internet are invited to share a review of their experiences.