Google to host Royal Wedding Website

Thu, 3rd March 2011, 19:19

The official Royal Wedding website celebrating the marriage of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton has been launched by St. James’s Palace.

The website, officialroyalwedding2011 dot org, is the official information service for anyone interested in the forthcoming Royal Wedding. Regular announcements of wedding details in the run up to the wedding day will appear on the site.


The website will be regularly updated with exclusive content, including photo galleries, features, videos and links to important information for visitors on the day.The UK is gearing up for a very special wedding on April 29, when Prince William and Catherine Middleton will be married in Westminster Abbey in London. Unlike many previous Royal Weddings, this event will have its own website.


The website is hosted by Google App Engine, which is designed to handle large, global peaks in web traffic, and was built by Accenture. Design and creative advice was offered by Reading Room. Although no announcements have yet been made, expect Pingdom to announce that they will analyze site speed!


Royals are not known for leaving things to chance... details like a major change to search algorithms afecting page rank!