Cartoonist Ali Ferzat has his arms broke... and his website suspended

Thu, 25th August 2011, 13:56

Syrian Cartoonist Ali Ferzat, who has won numerous international awards for his work, was reportedly beaten by thugs of the Syrian regime earlier this morning in Damascus. Ferzat was was abducted from his car while he was heading home from his office. Ali Ferzat was left on the airport highway where citizens rescued him and transferred him to the hospital. He had been badly beaten and his arms broken.

Ali Ferzat, an outspoken critic of the Syrian regime, website is showing an “account suspended“ holding page. HostJury is seeking more information from Samanet, Ali Ferzat Syrian web host, whether the suspended account is related to the unfortunate events that are transpiring, or possibly a bandwidth issue related to increased traffic to his website.

Ali Ferzat does have a official Fan club on Facebook.

Ali Ferzat cartoon