Will Sharkspace and Eleven2 merger mean support "niceness"

Sat, 10th September 2011, 12:06

Jon Eichler of Sharkspace web hosting in an email to Sharkspace clients, revealed that the company has now merged with Eleven2 web hosting. The announcement states that for current Sharkspace clients the merger will only bring positive changes with access to more features and a more responsive support team. Eichler also states that no disruption of service is expected, and the pricing structure currently paid with SharkSpace will remain the same at Eleven2.

In a quick response to HostJury's query about the announcement on the Eleven2 company forum, Rodney Giles, CEO of Eleven2 confirmed that the merger would be a painless process for the Sharkspace clientèle:

That is correct, we are leaving all the servers in place. Both companies use WHMCS, and WHMCS provides a nice seamless merge tool, which we will be performing on the 21st, this will merge all the client details, which we have already tested and works perfect. After the 21st all Sharkspace clients will be able to login to custom designed Eleven2 Brain, which is our client billing control panel.”

Glancing at Eleven2 reviews on HostJury, many of the reviews suggest that support has been slow and there appears to be a number of references alleging support has been "rude on occasion". Can I conclude that your statements on the Eleven2 forum thread is an acknowledgement, that on occasion support could have been better, and that "a more personal level of live chat" translates into more "niceness" on the support team?

There is no doubt that there have been few incidents where myself or another team member could have conducted themselves in a better manner, however those days are simply done and I can assure you since about a year and half ago, there are none of those incidents that we regret the way we have handled things. Our support is top notch now and I stand behind everything we do and are very proud of our support team.

Normally when companies complete a merger the size of our deal, they could easily drop off 25% of their staff just due to scale. That is not the case here, we actually have done the opposite and hired more staff members over the last month or so to ensure support is even faster and maintains our high quality. We also have retained every single Sharkspace staff member including all Sharkspace management. They are not going anywhere.

As the hosting industry becomes more consolidated, what do you see as the major challenges faced by smaller hosts?

We look at potential acquisitions all the time for hosting companies in the range of $25,000 a year to multi-million dollar companies. We notice a few scary things and that is their profitability and lack of efficiency in running their organization.
We feel that we are a rare breed being that we are very profitable and being ran very efficient at the same time. We are able to keep our cost down by keeping our customers happy. When we keep our customers happy, they in-turn buy more services from us and stay much longer increasing our profits.

Historically, many hosts have endeavored to increase their numbers to make themselves more attractive (and expensive) to those conglomerates with an insatiable appetite for acquisitions. Any plans to sell the merged Sharkspace/Eleven2 company?

Eleven2 has no plans to sell our business at this time. We are actively on the other side of the M&A table and looking to acquire like minded hosting companies. We have resources available to complete deals very quickly and that is our focus right now. We do not see that focus changing for quite some time.

It has been claimed that "Recognizing strengths and compensating for weaknesses represents the first step in achieving positive self regard." It appears that Eleven2 may be heeding this advice. The future, and the reviews will tell the tale. As Rodney Giles stated, the merging of accounts is expected to happen on September 21.

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