iWeb looks to put the "fun" back in shared web hosting

Fri, 30th September 2011, 22:18

Shared hosting clients of Canadian web host and hosting infrastructures provider iWeb have received notice that the company intends to spin off all shared hosting related business including domain names registration to iWeb “sister” company Funio. The newsletter states that iWeb will continue handling support and billing in the near term although Funio is slated to eventually become the only contact point.

While the website is still redirecting to, Sylvain Leclair of (still has an iWeb email) states that a new website will be unveiled in the next few days. We asked Sylvain a number of questioned concerning the coming changes, and he was quick to respond:

1)Can you share some of the reasoning that has gone into the decision to migrate iWeb shared hosting clients to a separate brand.

iWeb decided to take this decision because during the last couple of years we have put all our efforts into our dedicated server and smart server line. Accordingly so, we spent less time on shared hosting services. We still believe in the shared hosting services' potential and this is the best way we found to improve our product and services.

The shared hosting and dedicated server markets are different. We believe that we will be able to better target our customers' requirements by providing our shared hosting customers a whole company who will take care of delivering the best out of the service.

2) The newsletter sent to shared hosting clients states that for the moment iWeb will continue to handle billing and support matters. Is there a projected time frame for Funio becoming the single point of contact?

The "transition period" is planned to end at the beginning of 2012, which means when all the operations, customer service, infrastructure management, product development, and every other activity related to this business, will all be handled by Funio's team. We are planning on changing many things like our help desk software, billing system, domain reservation system, and adding other tools that will help us building strong foundations for future growth.

3) Will there be a migration of clients data to new servers that may result in scheduled or unexpected downtime?

No, we have no plan of migrating data to new servers.  iWeb's network is rock solid and our shared hosting infrastructures are stable and reliable. This being said, we know that there is some operational improvement to be done and we will work on those within the next few months.

4) iWeb has acquired a number of brands over the years. Why was Funio chosen as the "new" brand over some of these other company names?

Funio is a simple and easy name to remember which can be pronounced "Fun" + " I / O".  "I / O", as you surely know, represents data transfer: In / Out, such as bandwidth and data on hard drives. It ultimately respresents the technical stuff found in web hosting.  "Fun" represents the way we think web hosting should be: not a pain, but something simple and easy for our customers to control.  The objective would be to build a "fun" customer experience.  We are not there yet, but this is the vision we want to build over time and the direction we are taking.

We also want to apply "Fun" and "I / O" to our working environment.   We know technology matters and that we need an efficient team with strong technical skills (in one word: Geeks!).  At the same time, the Funio team has to enjoy what it accomplishes; motivated and happy employees will be more creative, and they will provide a better customer service and overall experience.  We still have to work on that too.

5)Many clients traditionally use shared hosting and upgrade as their needs grow. Will Funio also include offerings such as dedicated servers and VPS?

We are keeping a close relationship with iWeb, therefore, if customers need to grow to a dedicated server, we could easily transfer from Funio to iWeb. Also, on both sides (iWeb and Funio), we have projects concerning VPS, but this will not come into the roadmap before a couple of months.

And finally in these times of consolidations and acquisitions can we expect to see a press release in the future discussing Funio impending acquisition by one of the hosting giants?

A couple of months ago, iWeb took the decision to continue investing efforts on shared hosting services by building Funio, so we are not planning to be acquired. We will build strong foundations for Funio during the next month and begin our growth phase thereafter.

As has been seen so often in the tech revolution, a willingness to morph and adapt to meet evolving market conditions is key to staying relevant to your clients needs. Having "fun" while your doing it is just a lot more gratifying!

About iWeb: iWeb is one of the largest web hosts and Internet hosting infrastructures provider in Canada. iWeb's operations centers shelter a total of more than 90,000 square feet of latest generation data center and office floor space in Montreal and offers a wide variety of first class web hosting and server management services. IWeb is recognized for the quality of its customer service and its highly competitive prices. In January 2010, iWeb announced the addition of the new 31,000 square feet data center, in the LaSalle borough (western part of Montreal), with the capacity to host 20,000 dedicated servers. This new facility will bring the total dedicated server capacity of iWeb to nearly 35,000 servers.