Mass Exodus at IPowerWeb

Fri, 15th June 2007, 05:23

It seems as though there's something grand going down at IPowerWeb. Earlier today their systems apparently suffered about 10 hours of downtime as their primary DNS systems went dark. This outage comes tightly on the heels of the recent Washington Post announcement that over 35% of IPowerWeb's systems have been the target of a massive exploitation.

Shortly prior to this event there was a lengthy amount of downtime (Some users stating up to 16 days!) for a number of users of their system. There's no precise numbers available of how much of their clientbase was effected but things aren't looking too swell.

Several users have commented on a recent HostJury blog entry making statements like, "Support has vanished". Another chimes in with "Goodbye ipowerweb.", shortly after detailing her experience about her sudden loss of all of six years worth of e-mail folders & address books.

And trends on sites like IPWalk show that they're not alone. From May 29th until June 5th IPowerWeb had lost more than a thousand domain names from it's hosting service. With today's events coming hot on the heels of recent problems I suspect even more would have made the exit earlier today.

Since December of 06 IPowerWeb has lost a total of 41 thousand domain names. Grim wouldn't be the word I'd utilize to describe it. At least things are looking up for some at the IPowerWeb camp. Rumors have it that the company was sold for a XX million amount recently and someone's Daddy is getting a new pair of shoes!

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