GoDaddy agrees to abide by court injunction..but it doesn't host Pastebin!

Fri, 4th November 2011, 20:10

A story originating with The Birmingham News and spreading its tentacles across the web has Go-Daddy agreeing to abide by a permanent injunction barring it from hosting Internet sites which publish information stolen from the Jefferson County Sheriff's computer system.

While it seems like a noble gesture on Go-Daddy's part, it appears somewhat disingenuous as GoDaddy does not appear to host the domain in question!

The injunction was granted by Jefferson County Circuit Judge Helen Shores Lee, after Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale filed a request for such a court order barring GoDaddy Group from hosting sites with stolen information about the county's law enforcement arm.

It appears that's someone hacked into sheriff's department computers and stole personal and professional information about deputies and civilian employees. The information was then posted on a site called, which is a site used by Web aficionados to share snippets of text or computer code. In 2009, someone posted 20,000 stolen Hotmail passwords on the site.

GoDaddy said it is cooperating with Jefferson County and works hard to clamp down on abuses.

From website hosting report. A DNS lookup shows that links to IP address which is geographically located in Chicago, United States. The coordinates of this location are latitude -87.644100 & longitude 41.882500.

" is hosted at SingleHop"

Great detective work Sherlock Holmes!