GoDaddy discontinues ColdFusion Support annoying the "few"

Wed, 14th December 2011, 16:04

When some clients of GoDaddy relealized their sites were down, the emails from support were not exactly soothing... or what they wanted to hear. Alternative web hosts offering coldfusion support have been listed below.

Thank you for contacting Hosting Support. In regards to your hosting account for

You account was suspended while we migrate your account off the discontinued Cold Fusion server. The suspension was necessary to protect your content. After the discontinuation of our Cold Fusion support, content of the .cfm files can be displayed on the internet as plain text which may reveal site usernames and passwords. We will promptly reinstate the hosting account once the migration is complete. Once access has been restore we highly recommend you remove all .cfm files to ensure your content remains secure.

You can find more information about the discontinuation of Cold Fusion support here:

Please contact us if you have any further issues.

The link directs clients to a page which states:

We emailed our customers on September 1, 2011 to let them know will discontinue ColdFusion support on November 29, 2011.
Please understand we decided to drop ColdFusion support only after seriously considering the impact on our customers. We recognize this change might disrupt some of your plans and could even put you in a situation where you have to find other solutions. To you and all our affected customers, we sincerely apologize. We hope the advanced notice gives you the time you need to make any necessary changes.
For those curious about our decision: It will let us make improvements in other areas. The truth is that only a small percentage of our customers use ColdFusion. We regret inconveniencing even a single customer but, in this case, we feel we can more efficiently and positively improve our customers' experiences by assigning our resources elsewhere.

GoDaddy does offer offer dedicated and virtual dedicated servers that support Cold Fusion but licensing is an expensive proposition.

Some ColdFusion clients of GoDaddy are expressing feelings of betrayal, suggesting not enough time was given to modify and code their websites for a transition to PHP databases, while others claim that they only became aware of the change when their sites went down.

Alternative Web hosts offering coldfusion

Add companies HostJury misses as a comment. HostJury makes no recommendation of the providers listed. We invite users of these services to review their experinces.

IX Web Hosting ColdFusion is available with windows shared plans at extra cost of $5/month. Couple of plans available. 10 gig and 5 gig. $15.95 per month with the cold fusion. This appears to be the best offer we found.

CFDynamics   1 gig diskspace and 20 gigs of transfer. $49.95 per month. ( couple  of smaller plans available but lame package constraints)

Hostek Various plans available. Some with limits, other with none (all hosting has limits!)

HostMYSite Appear to offer good package limits. Awaiting clarification on detail

Media3 is offering 3 months free.  1 gig and unmetered transfer (Unlimited... Okay, we've all heard that term before)

DailyRazor coldfusion web hosting